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  1. Hi sarogathyp, Thanks for you help, I will make note of the above script and adjust it. Thanks, JarrodsC
  2. Hi Sarogahtyp, thanks for your prompt response. initServer.sqf Executed only on server when mission is started as per the wiki. I want the mission to be already started. Players can join in and leave the script is ran on a timer 30 seconds before the round starts and then that will run until either all players are killed or 300 seconds have passed. Thanks, JarrodC
  3. Hi Sarogahtyp, Thanks for explaining that for me I appericate it. If you don't mind I have a question for you. Looking at the 'Event Scripts' none of these seem to do what I need it to do. I need to check for how many players are on in each side at random intervals in the match. I plan to have 'Rounds' per say after a set time the script needs to tally up the total players spwan blufor players in a certain area and spwan Opfor Players at a location with Ifrits as well. Is there prehpas a way I can get my pre-existing script to only run on the server? Thanks, JarrodC
  4. Hi Pierremgi, I am not running any AI on the server. I am trying to account for only actual players? Within saying that it doesn't seem that explains why this script is spawning a extra ifrit? If it is running on each PC the total should still be 1? Thanks, JarrodsC
  5. Hi I have been trying to create a Attack and Defend so far I things have been moving along nicely but I have been having issues with spawning Ifirts for the Attackers. When I am just testing the script by myself it will only spawn one ifirt because there is only one Opfor player. But if someone else is playing with me it will spawn two Ifirts. Even though there will still only be one Opfor Player. TL;DR Trying to use allPlayers select {side _x == east}; to count the number of players on OPFOR to then spawn Ifirts for them. For some reason it always spawns one extra then what it actually needs? TeleportArea.Sqf This at the moment is mostly pointless but in the future will hold all the different areas for spawning. TeleportArea = "TeleportArea\TestArea.sqf"; NatoUnits = allPlayers select {side _x == west}; OpforUnits = allPlayers select {side _x == east}; execVM "RoundStartTimer.sqf"; TestArea.Sqf player removeAction weaponSafety; NatoUnits = allPlayers select {side _x == west}; OpforUnits = allPlayers select {side _x == east}; _Pos = [11362,11442]; { _x setpos [11682 + random [-5,0,5],11917 + random [-5,0,5],1] } forEach NatoUnits; { _x setpos [11362 + 10,11442 + 10,1]; GetinVechicle = VechicleSpawn createVehicle [11362 + 10, 11442 +10]; _x MoveInDriver GetinVechicle; } forEach OpforUnits; [300] execVM "GameTimer.sqf"; The highlighted areas in TestArea is what I belive is causing the issue. But I don't know why. I am fairly new to Arma 3 mission File scripting... Infact this is my first Mission file. So I do apologize if this may seem trival. Thanks, JarrodsC
  6. JarrodsC

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    You refer to your playtime in years opposed to hours (AL life reference) you refer to "Redbull" as "RedGull" You buy a seprate SSD just for Arma 3 so you can get better load times