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  1. I never though that the F-35 was really an attractive aircraft but you have changed my mind, she looks great mate!
  2. Thanks for the help guys, I'll give this a shot when I'm in game next!
  3. Hi all, been lurking on the forums for a while now but this is my first request for help with triggers. I am trying to make a line that spawns a live grenade (preferably a 40mm he grenade) and drops it from a drone flying above. Basically replicating what groups are doing in the middle east with rec. drones, any help will be appreciated. I have tried "G_40mm_HE" createVehicle (getPos drone) (drone being the name of the object it's spawned to) I've used this in the past for other classnames used for explosions on the ground, but I think I'm having trouble with the grenade being 'live'. Thanks in advance all. Cheers