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  1. Great work on adding the options menu btw, much easy to change and test when on the server now. Thanks again for all your hard work. Getting an error on new version, Appears in the editor . filelocation\VCOMAI\defines.hpp, line 59: .RscText Member already defined. #define ST_HUD_BACKGROUND 0x80 Great work on adding the options menu btw, much easy to change and test when on the server now. Thanks again for all your hard work. Gav
  2. Is there a way to alter the accuracy of the artillery/mortar crew? I love using arty against players, but it kinda sucks for them if it's so accurate. It'd be great if there was some way to control the random variance of it using the VCOMAI_defaultsettings.sqf or alternatively have some control over how often the arty fires, so for instance, only allow AI arty support calls every 5 minutes? edit... reducing the ammo count and skill of the mortar crew seems to help at least. Gav
  3. my two cents would be to lower the AI precision to 0.2 and increase the skill to about 0.7/0.8. This way the enemy will flank well and surprise your team but at the same time not be ninja-shots. You can have more bad guys in the mission and it's lots of fun shooting people / surviving such a large engagement. Then as you become less green you can increase their accuracy. Take a look at the VCOM AI mod/script. Really easy to use and set up, make for more interesting engagements. You can just use a scripted version of it so no need for downloading mods. Kavala has always run like poo for me on my machine, so i tend to use few enemy in the city. Gav
  4. great work... watched your youtube video earlier today, great work on optimisation. Will include it in our groups mission this weekend. Running about 100-150 AI on the map, can't wait to see how it holds up. Gav
  5. gavc

    Taranis PMC [EU TZ]

    We are starting a new campaign "Burning Sands" this coming Wednesday. Anyone is free to join. Drop by out discord and say hi. All contact details can be found on our website. http://www.taranispmc.com/operation-burning-sands/ Gav
  6. check your mission.sqm file and look for the listings of mods/dlc's that the mission is calling. Handy for rooting out mods you've accidentally loaded while editing missions. Gav
  7. Taranis PMC is looking for you! Yes, you! Whether you are new to Arma or an experienced player we are looking for all new members and are able to provide training and assistance for those who wish to learn. Because of this, we are happy to take on people of any age group, do note that we are a mature group, mostly in our 20's - 40's. In Taranis PMC, we play in a serious fun mil-sim style so we can have a laugh and a joke but when it comes to the mission we like to maintain a serious but relaxed approach. We are currently a small group looking to expand our roster. We are accepting members of any age and experience, once you have a microphone and are willing to play as a team. We do not have a any mandatory training, but many of us have been playing for years and we help you out if you feel you need it. Just ask. Same goes for mission making and using Zeus. We have scheduled weekly operations, playing Alive, Custom and Zeus missions. We also run impromptu operations between our scheduled events. The majority of us are EU, however, we also have members from US and Aus time zones and the ping is relatively good to our server. We own a full dedicated server box with very high specs and can run up to 200-300 AI easily without issues with headless clients. Our Website Discord Our Unit page Relaxed Environment Monthly vote on mods to change in our preset. Everyone able to Zeus or create missions. Anyone able to lead teams. No ranks, everyone is equal. Personal Training available. Serious Fun, win or lose. No Mandatory attendance, play when you can. No DLC Required (although we do play on Tanoa .every now and then) If you wish to know anything else then feel free to contact me via PM on here or join our discord and come chat in general or PM Salzi, S4m or Myself. GavC
  8. just fyi.... discord doesn't support positional audio yet. Hence no mods like this for it yet. well i read that about a month back. TFAR rocks. Gav
  9. gavc

    Help Making a Base Template

    Take a look at Polpox's animations.... Apart from that just have a few friendly units on patrol around the base using the simple waypoint system in eden. A nice feature can be to have some personalised notice boards using this command and you're done. Just keep in mind that when you go overboard with placing items it can affect other players performance, lots and lots of items in a base can really kill FPS. regarding how the layout of the base is, well i can't really help there, no real world experience here either. I'm sure there are pics out there of bases, as well as other peoples base templates. G
  10. gavc

    Random Missions

    Maybe have a look at this... If you had specific self-made missions in mind then that's not hugely complex but it would involve getting to know a fair bit about scripting, maybe spawning compositions etc etc. Sarogahtyp has a nice spawning AI script that works well, it remembers waypoints so you can set your mission up in the editor and then set them to spawn via a trigger once a task is completed. Take a look at both this and this and it might help you out to start with. I'm not great with scripting myself and struggle even with setting up tasks and triggers so i can;t really help any more than this... Gav
  11. thanks for such a thorough explanation. I needed it. Gav
  12. What i'm trying to do is determine the speed of a vehicle and then implement whatever code dependent on the value returned. I tried lots of different stuff but eventually just dropped all my code in order to just output hints, as i couldn't even get them working. I finally figured out which part was breaking my brain... and i think it's how i'm retrieving information.... So in the editor i place down a civilian car, give it no variable name, and call a script using EXecVm. _this = execVM "riggedcar.sqf" In RiggedCar.sqf i wanted to first find the car object so i used _car = nearestObject "Vehicle"; if (speed _car >= 50) then {hint "You're going too fast!"}; So in order to get the speed of the car, do i need to pass the speed from the execVM to the script, is "speed _car" recognised within the script or should i have defined the variable within the script itself... something like _carspeed = speed; I tried Velocity too, at least i got that to output 0,0,0 but it wouldn't change when the car moved. Also, as this is just an If statement and i want it to run over time should i be using a while loop, or an eventHandler in order to test the cars speed every second or so? Any help would be appreciated, even if it' to point me in the right direction, examples of passing information/variables or calling properties of a object etc. Gav
  13. Even with my abysmal scripting knowledge and a little help we managed to get this working to make some great ambushes on our insurgency mission. Thanks again for the update. Gav
  14. Hey, great work. Super easy to use. I am getting this error though when the unit spawns in... Error Reserved variable in expression file functions\sarogahtyp_SSC\fn_spawn.sqf [saroSSC_fnc_spawn], line 319 Here's line 319.. i'm a script noob so it looks fine to me. - missionNamespace setVariable [(_x select 31), _unit]; Anyone else run into this? Basically i'd like a group or specific unit to have a name i can call from other task scripts so we can cache everything and then spawn them once players are nearby and have them kill the HVT and complete their objective. I'm not sure it's storing the unit variable name we type in from the editor. regards Gav