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  1. diesel5187

    UCAV Sentinel Enhanced

    There are a few reasons 1. I don't play vanilla and use ace weapons as my default. 2. The vanilla missiles and ace missiles are not set up for a flight time longer than 40 seconds, after that, they detonate in midair not reaching their target. Since I primarily use ace I changed one variable in the ace maverick missile that lengthens their lifetime so this problem is not encountered again. I can however, dig into the vanilla missiles and lengthen their life and set it up so it ace is not a requirement sometime in the near future.
  2. This mod enhances the UCAV Sentinel drone to make it a more deadly and effective ISR / UAV platform, the changes are as follows: -Reduces max speed of the AI to 650kph so you don't speed past the target as quickly, manual flight will allow you to fly faster than 650kph. -Changes the zoom capabilities of the turret camera Zoom levels are as follows: 0.5x 2.5x 5.0x 10.0x 20.0x 30.0x 40.0x -Extends the ACE AGM-65 "Maverick" missile time of flight, this ensures the missile does not prematurely detonate before reaching the target. You can find the aircraft under: BLUFOR > NATO > Drones > UCAV Sentinel Enhanced I highly suggest a mod like TAW View Distance to increase your view distance past 12 km.
  3. I fly these IRL, I volunteer as tribute for testing and feedback.
  4. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    It's great to see it's functional, we have plans to look into it this weekend. We'll let everyone know what we decide.
  5. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    This feature would in fact be awesome, but i'm pretty sure it would only apply to the MELB, as you said, one can dream. This is more of a feature BI could put into the game, there are a lot of people who really enjoy the AFM and want to see more done with it, this feature could very well get more community members to support it. This would be awesome! We have thought about it, but there would be a lot more work to do to make this work in DCS. Maybe in the future, time will tell. We've talked about it but we haven't come to a conclusion just yet, probably when the bird is 100% done we might integrate with other mods. ----------------------------------------------- sykoCrazy, Jones, and I are every glad to hear of all the positive feedback and ideas different community members have for our little project. I'm currently working on the AI so they are more proactive in attacking but even with the vanilla aircraft, they are not very good. Many times you have to tell them to attack multiple times before they actually engage. I'm attempting to bring a level of lethality that stays in line with what you can read in some of the 160th books, these guys are no slouches, and if the AI are flying it, they shouldn't be either. I'll keep tweaking and hopefully have some good news for those that have been requesting this feature.
  6. Well that's the hard way, my question is if MCC has the capability, it is a very powerful tool after all.
  7. I've tried using google, and I'm sure this question has been asked before, is there any way to create a respawn point on a community created mission that does not have one?
  8. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    As of right now this is still a work in progress, we will take your feedback and keep at it until we find the best solution which fits most of the player who use the mod. Yes, as far as we know, the real helicopter does not have one. It also increases the difficulty of flying and using the platform effectively. If it is there, it's because we have some evidence to support it, but if you have some information on it please share! We would like to get this mod as close to the real life version as possible.
  9. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I said, pure fucking magic. LMAO We all at some point sleep through them, if not you're not trying hard enough.
  10. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    When does it pitch up? At top speed? Then yes, this happens in real helicopters, it's due to dysymetry of lift between the advancing and retreating blades and gyroscopic precession.
  11. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    Make that 2. They can post if they want, the last PM came with a video.
  12. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    Happy to say that we have 1 person who was able to find the easter egg.
  13. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    you must activate it Can't wait to see it!
  14. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    There is no way you found it that quickly. :rolleyes:
  15. diesel5187

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    Good luck on the search! It is not easy to find.