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  1. Different location, same setup, different network, issue resolved! Possibly a routing or port issue. To anyone encountering this issue, I suggest to start your troubleshooting on that level.
  2. Hello hello, today I come to you wise council with my problem: Unable to sucessfully upload a composition to the Workshop Now, I tried all of this already: Different compositions, restarting ArmA, Steam, PC , disabling and reenabling Steam Cloud-Sync(req. for Workshop uploads), different ArmA 3 Profiles, with and without mods, I still get this error: Which translates to: Process failed. Action completed sucessfully. If I check my Steam Workshop Content page, an empty item is found: .rpt content: Thank you in advance
  3. I really like the mod and the work you have put into it! My suggestion would be that if you get hit another time either while being wounded, but not deadly or after being healed up you'd shout again. From what I tested you only shout 2 times per life, when you get wounded the first time and when you die, adding shouts for everytime you get wounded would make this mod much more usable for people that orientate on milsim and usage with mods/scripts that change the wounding/revive mechanics of the game and it could be a temporary solution for ACE.
  4. Retch

    Multiplayer FPS problems

    Does that problem only occur on that specific mentioned server or on any? Are you using something like ACe or some other view range / object view range changer?
  5. Retch

    Profile reset when Arma 3 starts.

    The first file is called %.vars.% what for me looks like it has to do with the virtual arsenal, I may not completly understand you problem, but if you could provide a rpt.file we might be able to see if there is a reason for what you experience. You can find you rpt.files here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Thank you Retch
  6. Retch

    Mr. Skellingtons CBRN Defense Units

    Just got pointed out to this, gonna try it out straight away!
  7. Retch

    Newb questions about zues.

    Yes simply select the AI, hold down CTRL and then connect the line to the player, that adds him to the players group AND faction.
  8. Retch

    Problem with multiple Zeus curators

    Make sure that in the modules it allows p2-p5 to have acess to all objects+modules including unofficial ones. That should fix the problem, for you they are running as a kinda spectator/ helper slot. Tell me if you need further instructions but it should be straight forward. Retch
  9. If you are just looking for the location they are stored its this: Savefiles: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3\Saved Self created missions: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3\missions Profilefiles: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3 If you have several profiles the path is slightly different adding in: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\%profilename% and then the resprective location. I hope I could help you Retch
  10. Retch

    Session Lost

    Hey jake, are you playing with any friends on the server that can say why you got kicked off. (See Error message in the chat) Also what could help us is if you could upload a RPT-File when you encountered the issue, you can find it here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Arma 3 In the meantime I suggest you to browse the forums and see if there are other people that had the same issue like you, maybe they found a fix for it. This is a thread where someone got a session lost message maybe this can help you, or someone else will post here if they know the solution. Thank you Retch
  11. Retch

    This isn't a mod issue it seems...

    First off config and more. And secondly if I understand the system correctly its just like KokaKolaA3 said, if you do not own the Apex Expansion and the server requires it you will be unable to join the server. If it's different please correct me. Retch
  12. SInce one of the last updates, it should work like this: You can only see the markers placed in e.g. Side-Chat if you are in the same one. So if you would then switch to e.g. Direct_chat you can no longer see it, unless you switch to the correct one. For 3LGStevo, it might be that custom radio channels are not supporting the above mentioned system, since the update. See if you can disable your custom radio channels and check if the clients still encounter the same issue. If thats not the case, Im quiet certain R0adki11 could help you out or you can open a report here. Thanks Retch
  13. If you could please provide some RPT-Files, that should make it easier to find the problem and see if everyone hast the same issue. Also check what Addons the server requires, whic map/mission it is running. Thank you Retch
  14. If you have an issue next time just see if you can google it mostlikely someone already had that issue. Here is a thread for the same issue, they solved it by simply restarting Steam. Make sure to reinstall BattlEye, otherwise you'll have problems joining servers. Have a nice day Retch
  15. As kridian said, check out the memory allocator provided on iceman's thread and report back if that fixed the issue for you or if it caused a change in your situation, I suggest on the other thread. It works for some people and the more can give input the faster the problem can be pinpoint. Thank you and good luck Retch