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  1. Jones.S140


    @lucapec i believe i added them to the CIV_F faction so they should spawn by default i dont know if the Default BI just uses all Men in the CIV_F faction or they use a list and just pick from that just in case u didnt know i have Men with stones and cans/bottles ect already there also compatibility for Mods like RDS/Project opfor ect so there civs have stones as well to help with missions ALSO news Still Really looking for anyone willing to do a few animations for me for crowds that would fit into Cans Angry Civs ect PM me if your intrested Also looking for ideas of any new objects anyone would like to see [That would fit in] to add to cans mods and any futher idears Had a few long term plans ["Civilian Backpacks and objects Give Civs baskets pipes tools ect that they "hold" add more life to them"] Also little teaser of stuff i got bored and made as a test learning new sound shaders
  2. Jones.S140

    Night Vision Problem

    you are using ace Mod https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/nightvision.html this is there new night vision simulation
  3. Jones.S140

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    Might be worth updating Minefield module with new mines/UXO,s and maybe adding explosives for a easier way to add stuff to defuse
  4. Jones.S140

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    as it Stands now from what i am aware We have 1 base model for the helo and all weapons guns benches fuel-tanks ect are proxy's so you can turn them off on ect for variants EG the MH-6M is the OH-6 With benches proxy active SO converting this to jet DLC system is possible. However keeping base models for quick placement and zeus is something we would like to keep. also i am not aware of how we could hide weapon racks and replace with benches in jet DLC weapon menu to allow for just one vehicle [mabey a armed and un armed version ]
  5. Jones.S140


    Steam workshop link for anyone who would like it :) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898902841&tscn=1491406681
  6. Jones.S140


    i have so far tested with ACE CBA i dont see tfar causing issues or enhanced movement still to test splendid smoke but i havent had any problems so far i am also preparing another update with a bit more DUMB can fun soon TM
  7. Jones.S140


    Thank you for report i will look into it could you tell me if you are using any other mods EG ace cba
  8. Short awncer Yes make sure your game is up to date arma3 changes they're p3d versions and when mod makers or BI pack something for instance version 73 and your game doesn't know how to read it well it doest work
  9. Jones.S140


    -UPDATE 0.4-- +Added Vanilla Civs with stone/cans/bottles ALL eden and zeus compatible +Added Optional Compatibility PBO for RDS civilians, Project opfor and APEX civs with stone/cans/bottles ALL eden and zeus compatible +tweaked fire damage slightly still not great EDIT: if you have any other civilian mods that your would like CANS items added to just list them down i will make a patch DOWNLOAD
  10. Jones.S140


    I Would love to do this i haven't animated anything before but will have a look into it soon there are some great people doing anims in arma3 at the moment i might see if i can get in contact with them
  11. Jones.S140


    --UPDATE 0.3-- +Added a model for Molotov [it's really bad i am not a modeler ] +Added Damage to Molotov [not great but hey you can burn those fools] https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwNE3oNWMiBDa3NUZVFSZFRNcnc
  12. Would anyone know how you would make a object loadable preferable simple init line
  13. 1 thing on water if we could get brown would be lovley BUT http://asiatrips.travel/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Tam_Coc_River_Vietnam.jpg http://www.adventureassociates.com/oldsite/media/asia/cambodia/RiverWomen.jpg Vietnam is a big place not all the water is brown :P
  14. Jones.S140


    Finally got damage on Molotov to something useful But then...... BI :P so i used particles to visualize where the damage will be as i tested . For reference all these particles are "Suppose" to be on the same level as normal fire RED flames mark damage spots have to keep them small to keep damage down . http://i.imgur.com/uq3R9yh.jpg As you can see they stack on top of each other or Are in wrong place Even on flat ground they can not be in correct place. looks like scripts might be only way to go