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  1. Hi everyone! Update's out on the SW if anyone's still subscribed to that! If not, click here. Note: Due to the addition of the loadout system, we've removed the preset Light, Medium and Heavy AH-6 classes from the editor. So now there's only 1 main AH-6M class to pick from. You can then choose a loadout by either using the dynamic loadout presets(make sure to select whether a gun/rocket is operated by pilot or copilot) or coming up with your own combination. For now the previously used classes are just hidden to avoid breaking any missions that still use them. In a future update we will be remo + Added - Removed @ Fixed ^ Improved + Dynamic Loadout system(please provide feedback either here or on the BI forums about ideas for a better UI Layout for that thing) + Ability to have more than 1 type of rocket warhead in the rocket pods(This makes the UI clunky, so let me know if this is at all worth the clunkiness) + Flechette Hydra warhead(let me know if this sucks the performance out of servers) + Illuminating flare Hydra warhead + MPSM Hydra warhead + Recoil for Miniguns and GAU19 + Hydra rocket dispersion + Radar altimeter digital readout + Radar warning receiver + Editor preview images + Fire extinguisher + Wreck model + Tail number selection in attributes menu + Nose art is now selectable in the attributes menu + Interior/maint rotor/ammo box textures - Bobblehead from the action menu(You can add it via attributes menu) - "EXPERIMENTAL" decal. @ DAGRs and Hellfires should be working again(yay?) @ Countermeasures also work ^ Optimized textures and models ^ Crosshair on the attack bird is now "better" ^ Flight model
  2. Do you have examples of how it performs in multiplayer? That's where you really see PiP performance drop(and the use case that @nodunit was referring to, i believe).
  3. These were my first impressions on working with dynamic loadouts. Keep in mind i only spent a night checking it out, so i could be talking nonsense or there probably exists a solution for one or all of the comments already, but here it goes: 1. One thing that would probably prevent it from being used on aircraft that have copilots is the fact that the owner of a weapon is locked to the pylon set in the vehicle class. So you wouldn't be able to, on an Apahce for example, swap between rockets and hellfires because ideally those would be fired by different pilots. It would be cool if that property was set or tied to a weapon or a magazine instead of the pylon created in the "TransportPylonsComponent" class. That way it would be up to the player to decide via the loadout selection whether the pilot or copilot fires the weapon, regardless of pylon position. 2. On the magazine side of things, it would be nice to see the system expanded so that we could load different types of magazines into the same pylon(different rocket warheads loaded into the same rocket launcher). On a similar note, in real life, some rocket launchers are loaded onto missile racks(e.g. a hellfire launcher can launch a hellfire but it also can house a rocket launcher that fires its own rockets). I don't know exactly how this could be implemented. I think the problem here, if i'm not mistaken, is that the current system can only spawn in one parent for the selected magazine. Maybe it would work if "hardpoints" could spawn in an actual model(similar to pylon magazines, with the ability to have proxies). 3. One thing i noticed while testing is that the system doesn't account for space restriction. So on the Wipeout, for example, loading 3x missile next to 1x missile looks all right, but loading 3x next to another set of 3 makes them clip through each other. There would need to be a way to dynamically limit what you can load depending on what the neighboring pylons have on them(this reminds of the "dynamicViewLimits" in CargoTurrets). Also there are some missing sounds and particle effects when you use machineguns, but i assume that's all being worked on. Finally, i can't say how happy i am that we can have animations on proxies now. Really cool to be able to load different guns onto an aircraft and have them work properly. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks to everyone for using the mod and giving us precious feedback! We're working to release a new update soon. That's an awesome video! Thanks for sharing it! The two versions will be pretty much the same. We're working on both versions so there won't be a lot of differences among them. The standalone version will be the one with a more constant update schedule(not that there are that many updates needed for the future).
  5. Thanks for the compliment. I really enjoyed that video :D P.S.: Thanks also to everyone who upvoted that copilot issue. It's been fixed in the dev-branch and should be fixed in the next main branch A3 update.
  6. sykocrazy

    ASDG - Mk. V SOC (WIP)

    They were not MK Vs. Always remember that this is a hobby and unfortunately we as modders can't devote as much time as we'd like to work on these projects So don't give up on Hatchet just yet! :D
  7. Hey guys, please vote this up so we can get BI's attention! http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=27345 Thanks!
  8. jones140 said he'd work on compatibility if it was well executed. So, maybe?
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys! If we figure out how to make both types of collision lights work then we will definitely use them. Hi, thanks for trying out the mod! Feel free to send me a PM with more details about how you intend to use the mod. Thanks again!
  10. Someone sent in a bug report about the collision lights not showing up. We left this out of the changelog, so i should make this clear. For this version, we removed the standard collision lights in favor of IR position or formation lights. So you can only see them when using NVGs. We want some feedback to see if people prefer this to the standard ones as we have not yet found a way to have both be activated separately. Thanks!
  11. Thanks to everyone for using the mod! And thanks to Foxhound and kecharles28 for the uploads. Soonâ„¢ Here you go. My bad, forgot to link it on the update post, that's been fixed. It's also on the first page. Thanks for trying out the mod!
  12. V0.00003 Hotfix Click here to download! As always, use our feedback tracker to report any bugs/suggestions/etc. Fixed: - Sling loading works again! - Instrument gauge dials easier to see Tweaked: - Damage model - Hellfire damage radius - Helicopter sound - Various optimization tweaks - Easter egg now easier to activate(action menu) Removed: - TOW functionality from guided rockets since ACE3 lasers work again. So now even when using ACE you can lock onto laser, cycle to desired rocket, lock on and fire!
  13. Ok, to make the bobblehead appear, do the following: hahahaha very nice!
  14. We planned on adding the squad.xml flag to the nose of the chopper, where now in the attack birds you see the "six guns" decal. I can throw that into this hotfix as well.