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  1. Theseus Services

    Theseus Services has been updated to version 1.5.0! A few screenshots of the Walther P99 retexture: https://imgur.com/a/CaA51A4
  2. Theseus Services

    @Eutyches follow ACE3's development guide, it is analogous for Theseus Services (except that you do NOT need CBA): https://ace3mod.com/wiki/development/setting-up-the-development-environment.html
  3. That's not true, it disables all outgoing communications (direct or radio), but nothing incoming, you should still be able to hear voices around you if I remember correctly. Either way, if you believe it's an issue, head over to the ACE3 issue tracker.
  4. Only Core. Specifically: "CABuildings" "CAStructuresHouse_A_FuelStation" "CAStructures_E_Ind_Ind_FuelStation" "CAStructures_PMC_FuelStation"
  5. Theseus Services

    Theseus Services has been updated to version 1.4.0!
  6. Thanks! ^^ If you are using ACE3, then it's ACE Medical that is disabling communications (ACRE2 or TFAR) while you are unconscious. If you are not using a communications mod, well then it can't disable anything (does vanilla medical even have unconscious, I don't think so).
  7. Not at the moment, there are plans to rework/improve it. Not ACRE2's feature, but those of the medical system you are using. Maybe you should rethink tactics and check your buddies more often. ;)
  8. It wasn't looked in yet properly, every time when Tobii Eye Tracking and ACRE2 were in conflict (it's trying to use same internal Windows functions btw) people simply disabled it and no one ever said about actually wanting to use it. That combined with Tobii Eye Tracking actually being disabled for a bit in vanilla Arma 3 some time ago, looked like it doesn't work at all, thus we never bothered. If that changed now, make an issue on GitHub and join our Slack. I can't promise a quick fix, or a fix at all, but none of us have the device and to even test possible fixes we need someone who is able to test them.
  9. Make an issue on GitHub, should be possible to switch between all I think.
  10. There is, but it's a bit complicated and might change in the future (not public API). You should be able to do something like: private _throwableMag = ace_advanced_throwing_ammoMagLookup getVariable (typeOf _activeThrowable);
  11. XEH Throw will be thrown, there is also an EH specifically for Advanced Throwing.
  12. I pasted some links above, just going in there and changing how it works is not the solution and we would not be happy with it. It must support different uses, including how it currently works.
  13. Yeah, wish PhysX in Arma 3 would come with proper documentation and good sample configuration... No need man, but thanks!
  14. Sure, but that falls into the water as soon as you use any launcher where you can't edit that. It's generally bad practice, but I do understand the reason behind it, don't get me wrong.