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  1. That won't change and is by design, unless people want their AI mods broken. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Wide is not full-screen though. And isn't one type enough for those people? What sort of differences can you even make at that point. Either way, everyone will never agree to the same thing, you can only go to the extent of majority, further is pointless, after-all, no one is forced to use it.
  2. What @Strike_NOR said, additionally there are settings to tweak it (as has been said MANY MANY times before), with which you can basically make it look like old NVGs by dropping them all completely.
  3. Read the "Mission Makers" section, it explains exactly that. Eventually you might have to switch for your missions (sooner the better), there is a converter linked in the post as well.
  4. Clearly missing a note talking about Linux on the releases page on GitHub.
  5. ASR AI 3

    Interesting, shouldn't have happened, there is no reference to that file anywhere, only paths are here.
  6. No, what change of direction would cause it to be phased out? We didn't change any direction of ACE3. View restriction component is in ACEX though, and is simply using CBA Settings just like anything else, instead of deprecated modules.
  7. ASR AI 3

    It was "cba_settings.sqf" since release, there was a brief time in development where it was "cba/settings.sqf" only IIRC.
  8. You question was answered by @alganthewho wrote the system, and I am not in position to talk about it because I don't have much experience with the code behind it. Also your post had nothing to do with CBA Settings, which the post I was replying to was talking about (and claiming in-game interface doesn't exist where there is even a screenshot showing it off on the documentation we linked with the update). So you just put yourself into the group I was referring to (those unable to read one sentence description that came with the update) intentionally?
  9. Now go read the actual news post and documentation which we linked in said news post, and you will realize it's exactly as easy as modules, you don't have to mess with any code. People, learn to read please, or go back to primary school.
  10. Does anything work? Are ACE Interactions not there? Are they there but just no drop ability? Did you enable Fortify mode using the chat command? If that doesn't help, make an issue on GitHub.
  11. That disallows file patching for connecting clients, it does NOT enable it for server (but I see you have it enabled with -filePatching). Do you have a line "Could not read cba_settings.sqf" or something like that (it has no "[CBA]" prefix because it's Arma reporting it it can't find it)? Where exactly is your userconfig folder placed, full absolute path.
  12. Yeah, try that, we had reports of that before and Arma itself had trouble in the past, but I am unsure if that was resolved. If that fixes it for him, an issue on GitHub would still be nice with a crash dump attached so we can investigate closer.
  13. Sounds like something very specific. Any chance he can make an issue on GitHub with as much information as possible (hardware, operating system, other software, crash dump files... etc.)? Crash dump files would go a long way to see where the crash is originating from. Joining our Slack would be even better so we can communicate in a faster manner and maybe get him to test more specifically. EDIT: Is he by any chance running Tobii EyeX tracker?