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  1. Swifty offers very fast patching thanks to delta-patching and is easy to use. Totally recommended. B)
  2. Screenshots from the new v1.3 version we recently tested with Ascorius & Juvial. :) We had made our way to eliminate the defector, but had been ambushed by 14 enemies in close-combat and nearly lost the whole squad. Only three of us remained. In the following 10 minutes we desperatly tried to get away while multiple enemies chased us. While the bullets whizelled around our heads, Ascorius (Squad Leader) tried to figure out a safe escape route, while Juvial (lMG) and me (Marksman) covered him. You can see him checking the map on pic one while we take care of the enemies. Thanks to Riki for taking the pictures. He died a heroic death half a mile back in the slaugtherhouse. Roughly 5 minutes after those two screenshots we had ran into another 13-men patrol of enemies and nearly managed to get away, when we finally got pinned behind some small rocks and eliminated. :butbut:
  3. As OWD I welcome the announcement of your mod for ArmA III. I already look forward to it!
  4. I feel (actually hear) it differently. I hear clsoe footsteps, ambient sounds and even distant, directional gunfire just fine. IMHO ArmA III sounds way better than ArmA II. On my 5.1 Hi-Fi System (attached to PC) the guns sound very realistic and the whizzes and cracks from nearby shots make me take my head down even in RL. Even on my headset with Stereo (when I play late at night) it sounds a lot better than ArmA II. Maybe there is something wrong with different hardware/driver settings? I'd take the ArmA III sound effects over ArmA II ACE any day. My sound system: Soundcard: Creative X-Fi Gamer Driver: Latest Speakers: Teufel Concept E Magnum 450 Watt 5.1 System Headphone: Sennheiser RS 120 II
  5. I'd love to have an ACRE like radio in ArmA III, even if it would be optional. That way those who want to have a more realistic gamepaly could simply activate it in the options.
  6. System98

    The Grenade Thread

    I agree with squishall. There was another grenade-thread around the forum somewhere, but I fail to find it now. €dit: Found it! --> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147659-The-Grenade-Thread Maybe both should be merged so we can get the discussions together. A user posted a nice video there from a grenade-throw concept for ArmaA II. €dit: Basically you'd not be able to throw a grenade within a second by just pressing a key like now. The player would switch to a "grenade mode" instead like in previous ArmA games or OFP. Although this might seem uncomfortable at first compared with the "Call of Duty" grenade model we have right now, it would allow different styles of grenade uses. Throw them in a wide arc, lob them over an obstacle, lean sideways and throw them around a corner (with incidcator points so the grenade doesn't lob back from the wall like in ArmA II & OFP constantly...). If the palyer would have to switch to a grenade mode it would also account for the time you'd need in reality to grab a grenade and prepare for throwing it. I've caught myself with the current system taking 10+ grenades with me and literally spamming them whenever I see an enemy in range. :butbut:
  7. System98

    Weapons jamming considerations

    I actually like this idea. But this should also apply to AI soldiers so the game stays fair. :) There was something like this done in AA3 and when it happened, the avatar turned the weapon so the player could see the problem. That might be possible in ArmA III too. That way the player could see that the mag is not empty, but that the weapon jammed/doublefed and knew that he now has to tap reload several times to fix it or something like that. Picture: http://dslyecxi.com/images/bestoftactical/aao_jamming.jpg (174 kB)
  8. System98

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    The more I think about it and the more I play the game, the more I do agree with the bolded statement. A reduction of the muzzle rise so the player doesn't have to constantly fight the game mechanics would be nice. In intense fights, it is really complicated to concentrate on pulling down the mouse correctly, aiming, calculating predicted fire etc. at once. It would be good to have the avatar to do most of that for the player so we can concentrate on the rest of the game. Be aware, I don't want some stupid auto-mode as those hollywod-like action shooters like MW have where you don't have to do anything. But I feel right now it is overdone in the game. Maybe a mixture of both systems works, let me elaborate: 1. While shooting bursts/auto, you have to adjust the muzzle rise via pulling down the mouse to compensate the muzzle rise, but not as drasticlaly as now. In the crouched positions the weapon should be way steadier and not hop out of target that extremely. Bursts or auto fire from the standing position would still be very inaccurate as it should be. 2. After you stop shooting the avatar could automatically bring the weapon back to the aimed at area or at leats a tad down from the new position. That way single shots would be easier to handle because the avatar would bring back the weapon for the player while spray & pray style shooting would still require the player to "control the weapon" during shooting. What do you guys think?
  9. System98

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    I also think the recoil on some weapons is a bit off. I've shot over 50 different weapons from 9x19 mm to .50 BMG until today. Last year I've shot the AK-47 and AK-74 in full-auto and it was easy to control the recoil with the AK-74 in 5,45x45 mm. The AK-47 without a muzzle brake in 7,62x39 mm was a different story. It noticeably climbed and went a tad sideways which made it neccessary to shoot smaller burst instead of full-auto only. The 6,5x39 mm Grendel should have a bit less recoil than the heavier 7,62 mm bullet of the AK-47. Since all weapons in ArmA III Alpha with this caliber use a muzzle brake AFAIK, the recoil should be quite manageable. Yet, it's sometimes hard to hit a standing enemy soldier on 50 m if you stand yourself. I don't want 100% accuracy, but if the player uses a crouched stance, the accuracy should get noticeably better than it is now. For example: Full Standing - Accuracy like now with big recoil as player doesn't lean forward and it's ahrder to control the recoil that way Standing, but leaning forward a bit (one stance lower IIRC) - recoil should get better, as the recoil will now be compensated a lot by the shooter leaning towards the rifle and the recoil will be absorbed by the shoulder region much better Lower stances - the lower the stance, the easier should it be to control the recoil (like it is now already) Right now recoil is good if you go prone and ok if you sit, but the standing stances have too little effect IMHO, especially the ducked ones where the character already leans forward noticeably. Also the MK200 still has a brutal recoil if you go prone. It would be great, if the player could really "use" the bipod to make it more steady. Even in burst-mode, the first 1-2 bullets might be where you aimed, but the next 2+ will go waaaaay off. Just my 0.02 $. :) Regards Shad
  10. System98

    Warfare with planes? Takistan?

    Me and my friends had been wondering the same. We would love to play with aircrafts and UAV/UAB but we can't figure out how to get aircrafts or the UAV/UAB in Operation Arrowhead Multiplayer. We had been able to fly Jets in regular Arma II though. We have desperatly searched the Web and the Forum for answers, but we never found one. It seems that the Hangars aren't capturable anymore like in Arma II. Is that the problem and how can we play the large Warfare map together with Jets (aka: how can we fix the Jet-issue?). Help would be highly appreciated. :confused: