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  1. Citadel Protection Group

    PG Services (PMC)

    Sent you a PM
  2. Citadel Protection Group

    PG Services (PMC)

    That's a good idea I'll give them a contact, Just don't want the models to go to waste on my hard drive doing nothing.
  3. Citadel Protection Group

    PG Services (PMC)

    Hey I have a few 3d models of SUV's I purchased and planned on making into a PMC vehicle pack but never got around to learn how to add them into Arma if you want them, There's a Chevy Suburban, Range Rover and Toyota Sequoia
  4. Citadel Protection Group

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I purchased a couple of 3d files a while back with intentions to add them into Arma 3, however due to a busy schedule and the lack of knowing how to add them into arma I have pushed them to the side. If anyone is interested in a 3d model for a GMT900 Suburban and Toyota Sequoia let me know and I'll send you the files
  5. Citadel Protection Group

    [WIP] Terrain "X-Cam-Taunus"

    The map is looking very nice, can't wait till I can get my clan on it. I love how much attention to detail you guys have taken.
  6. Citadel Protection Group

    ADF Uncut

    I have a slouch hat model I made in 3DS Max if you guys want to add it to your mod message me