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  1. Mod assets have been transferred to @nzdfcrash to implement into his NZDF MKII Mod Thread can be closed.
  2. Recruiting for Citadel Defence Group Citadel Defence Group Governance; Director - To join the CDG Board of Directors Board Secretary - Reports to the board of directors and is responsible for keeping the records of the board and CDG Leadership Roles; Chief Operating Officer - Experienced Modder that will take lead and day to day operations of mod development and be responsible for building teams to complete projects. Tuatara Manager - Project lead for Project Tuatara, reports to COO. Advisory Roles: Military Advisor - Either serving or retired military personnel that is able to advise on projects authenticity. Join us on Discord if you are interested https://discord.gg/r6pENCR
  3. Hey all. I'm looking for a couple of people to help move forward with this project, send me a PM if interested.
  4. That may be seen as cultural misappropriation and may be seen by some people as offensive, which is often in the media in NZ when people overseas use the Maori culture for their own benefits.
  5. Sounds good mate, be interesting to use with the upcoming DLC Just gonna leave this here for those interested.
  6. Yottahertz_

    Krokom, Sweden

    Amazing quality and attention to detail, the ploughed fields and farmland especially.
  7. RNZAF A109 Alpha Preview (Special thanks to PetraCephas)
  8. If you guys wanna chat about the mod or contact us directly jump on our discord myself and modder (Disco) are leads of the project(s) and are more than happy to have a proper conversation about it, and take in suggestions.
  9. Head over to the Discord and we'll have a chat https://discord.gg/r6pENCR
  10. WHAT IS PROJECT TUATARA? Project Tuatara will be an NZDF addon aiming to replicate modern weapons, equipment, vehicles and uniforms of the New Zealand Army, Navy and Air Force. The plan is to first introduce high-quality Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniform textures based on RHS:USAF or Vanilla Arma then begin with vehicles. Below are some of the items in service with the NZDF today much of which I'd like to bring to the mod; VEHICLES RNZAF Lockheed C-130H NHIndustries NH90 AgustaWestland A109 LUH SH-2G(I) Seasprite T-6C Texan II RNZN HMNZS Otago & Wellington (Protector class off-shore patrol vessel) HMNZS Te Mana & Te Kaha (Anzac class frigate) HMNZS Taupo, Pukaki etc. (Protector-class inshore patrol boat) HMNZS Canterbury (Multi-role vessel) NZ ARMY Rheinmetall MAN MHOV variants NZLAV (LAV III) Pingauer Unimog WEAPONS RIFLES LMT MARS-L (LMT CQB16) LM308MWS M107A1 anti-materiel rifle .338 MRAD bolt-action sniper rifle M4 carbine (NZSAS) (Retired) 7.62mm Arctic Warfare Sniper Rifle (Replacement Process) 12.7mm Arctic Warfare (Replacement Process) SHOTGUNS Benelli M3 PISTOLS Glock 17 HK USP (NZSAS) SUBMACHINE GUNS HK MP5 (NZSAS) MACHINE GUNS FN MAG 58 7.62 mm FN Minimi 7.62mm LIGHT MORTAR M6C-640T ANTI-ARMOUR FGM-148 Javelin SRAAW M72 Carl Gustaf M3 CAN I HELP? Yes, as it is early stages it'll be great to build a team to make this happen. Send me a message on the forums or join the discord below. HOW LONG BEFORE THE FIRST RELEASE? As I've only just started, be prepared for a little wait yet, I already have a C130H readily available but the rest is still in the planning process. DISCORD TUATARA
  11. Yottahertz_

    RMMV (WIP)

    I'm thinking of doing an NZDF based mod and this would fit perfectly
  12. Yottahertz_

    [WIP] Terrain "X-Cam-Taunus"

    Guys drop your saturation and contrast down a bit things look much nicer....
  13. Yottahertz_

    [WIP] Terrain "X-Cam-Taunus"

    That's a pity that the new graphics engine has caused you guys to put the map on hold, I hope you figure something out soon.
  14. Squad name: Citadel Protection Group Timezone/location: GMT+12 (NZST) & GMT +10 (AEST) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): tactical COOP Contact email: see website Website address: http://citadel.yottahertz.net/ Short description: Recently founded Oceanic based private defense contractor realism unit. Language: English