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  1. Flinty

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    Some really great stuff there, looking forward to getting my hands on it! Keep up the great work
  2. Flinty

    The X-02 Project

    Post it here. Also a small heads up, most of the more experienced heads on the forums don't usually respond well to the "ideas guy" persona. Why not give it a go yourself, there's dozens of tutorials out there, why not take a stab at it?
  3. Provided the permission is given from the legal owner of the 3D model, there should be no issues. However, you've mentioned that it is from another game, and in a lot of cases, 3D models used in other games belong to the Company not the artist. Best checking up on that, however I can't foresee any issues. I recommend asking the folks on the Arma 3 Discord (IP Rights Violations Channel). -Flinty
  4. Recent Twitter & Steam Post. Community Spotlight #6 on Twitter. Morning Resupply Mods;
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Just remember, when you get into bed, someone is working late so you can sleep in peace... Mods;
  6. After a bit of gentle prodding from a friend, I've decided to start posting some content here again. For now, here's some of my twitter stuff; Carrier Strike Group 14 - Morning Sortie Remember to take a buddy when heading out on those early morning patrols! Mods;
  7. Flinty

    GF Sea Uniforms

    Yes, this is seen on all my devices. It's an issue with your image links. Try using Imgur or perhaps set a link to an album of images.
  8. Flinty

    GF Sea Uniforms

    As seen here; https://gyazo.com/94ec52823ffdd086db249be2a7de5b67
  9. Flinty

    GF Sea Uniforms

    No, I mean the actual preview images on the thread
  10. Flinty

    GF Sea Uniforms

    Images don’t work?
  11. Looks amazing, I’d almost be tempted to say this feels kinda like a Metro style map with the tunnels and apocalyptic setting
  12. Flinty

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Just seen this thread, nice to see some of these things make the public eye mate, keep up the solid work!
  13. Thanks, stunning pictures!