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  1. Quick on are you planing to add All Fortifications and warfare buildings to zeus Would be great to be able to place them on the fly i know its alot of adding classnames to cfg patches but would be great addition
  2. Thank you our Intention with Flight model is to make it as Realistic in arma But also Try and keep it as fun as possible {Personally my self i love Flying this Around Its just Good fun}
  3. We are aware of the Floating issue we are trying to work towards a AFM stable fix but at this time the AFM isnt High on our priority's As for the Tail numbers this is something I belive is planned down the line but Requires a few other things To be Created First @Teddybear1 i will look into a zeus CAS module may take me some time
  4. Thanks @Phronk for kind words as for the collective issue i put it up on the Feedback Tracker i will get them To have a look into this tomorow
  5. Would like to say everyone is in for a real treat with this, but be patient. Really great work Syko and Diesel. :cool:
  6. Would Tripwire Flares be something you think about creating
  7. jones140

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Amen to that when you google arma what do you get its life or dayz. RHS is taking arma to the level of what it should be i barley see a milsim community video that they dont use RHS
  8. dagit missed that last line thank you anyway
  9. Would you ever consider adding ACE3 intergration later down the line?
  10. Would you be willing to add a brush for making AI Stand up I could see it being very helpfull in Town or bunker areas and as we all know ai love to lie-down and glitch through walls floors basically anything they touch hopefully this is simple thank you anyway also Great job on mod
  11. jones140


    I belive its already in editor it is in zeus i know that
  12. jones140

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    sadly no this isnt possible 1 it would require editing models witch cannot be done 2 i believe the engine doesn't allow it i have been shows some wip stuff but nothing reliable and not very usable
  13. jones140

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    This thread is better than the news i come here everyday theres something new and it doesnt make me sad but seriously look great :)
  14. i would like to ask if anyone would be willing to spend the time talking / helping through making a terrain start to finish have basic experience in arma3 modding i have or can get all software needed . like to think i have some great idea but i am struggling with written tutorials very eager to learn as terrains in arma have always fascinated me i have ts3 skype steam ect any response would be great :cool:
  15. jones140


    yes i run windows 10 and have been for a few months i didnt get into windows 8 but am enjoying windows 10 works with steam and arma3 perfectly