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  1. Ah, of course. I was just a hopeful bird for a day. :P That's a well done build for the motivation as well. I could tell it was RHS/Base A3/PSZ stuff. I was just wondering if he knew something I didn't. My only qualm now is if I can tell it was all that when I first spotted it... I play ArmA and surf Armaholic too much :wacko: :lol: Regardless, I patiently and eagerly await news of this mod. I love it too much :wub: As always, best of luck to the devs. And I hope everyone had a good Easter. B)
  2. Is for real? :627: And a happy Easter for everyone!
  3. I currently have 1700+ hours into ArmA 3 as of right now. I can, with confidence, say that around 80% was due to WLA. Between the SP and MP variants I had countless hours of fun that I have you to thank for. I'm new to the ArmA community in the sense that I've only really started to interact with mod developers and mission makers. I can tell you I've been following WLA since it first became WLA and left the title Whole Lotta Stratis for which was the ground work for WLA if I'm not mistaken. SaOK, I haven't been in the active community that long and I gather you've been a part of it for quite some time. I hate to see you go. :( I think this affects the mission selection of the community a bit more profoundly as well. There are not to many missions quite like this out there that allow for this kind of stability and zero dependencies (add on top of this the amazing modular capability you've made). The reason why I point that out is because this mission allowed for a great amount of freedom to the individual player to make something to play. I run LAN games for a relatively small coop group, and we don't really play any other missions... because no other promises this kind of experience. Many other missions require ALiVE (or something like it) to run something like this and that is sometimes so harsh on my PC that it crashes in the loading screen because they are meant and designed to be run on dedicated servers... something not everybody can afford or utilize. Meanwhile, I can run WLA with a bunch of friends in coop with practically zero problems. The only other missions we play are "Hearts and Minds" and "Antistasi Altis." Both are also amazing missions with the same criteria I just mentioned... although, I can't save in H&M because I can't become the admin to save in LAN. :/ The 3 missions I just mentioned are the only missions my group regularly plays. So, it kind of sucks to see that it won't be ported to newer maps or updated anymore. I swear, if people sat down and did a full-length playthrough in WLA, the sheer amount of experiences they had in one campaign would guarantee enough material to write a full book-length fanfiction for ArmA 3. I still most certainly will be playing this mission for a long time to come and want to thank you for making this masterpiece. I honestly want to argue against you're leaving but I feel it wouldn't change much and that it would be in bad taste. I wish you luck on your new project. Pozdrawiam.
  4. Really like that Tropic Multicam. ;) Using the mod currently and wasn't sure if you had anywhere else to report any problems, so I'm just going to leave a notice here. -Your retextured NATO helms don't display an armor value for the new system (The Light Combat Helmet, Combat Helmet, and Enhanced Combat Helmet). Now, maybe they do have armor and I can't see it (as helmets are not exactly meant to stop bullets) so all I can say is that they are not showing an item value descriptor. The MICH is fine and has its correct values and obviously the boonie hat and patrol cap are fine even without a listed armor value. -The standard NATO plate carriers do not have correct armor values to their counterparts (Vests 01 and 02 to the Carrier Rig and Carrier Lite). They both display the "No Armor" value for their descriptor. Your NATO Special Rigs, NATO GL Rigs, and GA Carriers are all fine. Again, I just figured it would be helpful if I reported this to you, although you might have already known. Nonetheless, I'm loving these camos. Well done. On the side, I want to ask something. You obviously have the NATO and AAF uniforms and vests retextured, would you possibly consider doing CSAT uniforms and helmets in these as well? I know that a lot of people don't really care for CSAT but it would be nice to have some retextured variants of those uniforms in these camos. I would certainly use them. :lol: Either way, thank you for making these. Pozdrawiam! :cheers:
  5. I wasn't anticipating its appearance in first release, I was just wondering if it would appear at all. If they do bring it in, that would be awesome. :P Oh, and I don't mind waiting for SF stuff or even if it appears at all. The regular army is definitely the most important and is what my community has been needing. The SF stuff would just be icing on the awesome cake! :D Best of regards to the devs for working on this. Pozdrawiam! :)
  6. Congrats guys! I have already seen many asking about equipment, but I was wondering if we might at some point see AN/PVS-21's or maybe those are too specialized or few to warrant their implementation? It also must be taken into consideration that you would have to model them too. :/ AN/PVS-21 I eagerly await this either way. ^_^