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  1. Thanks! That's intended behaviour actually. It's to stop the action menu from constantly pinging up with new things all the time and to reduce the need for some of the checks for optimisation purposes.
  2. Alright, so I've managed to get a few multi-session Alive missions with this latest version and I'm pretty happy it's working as intended. I can't really be bothered to update the description and all that but 1.21RC is the most stable version released yet and hasn't had a single error or unintended behaviour in testing so far, so I'd recommend anyone using this script to treat this as a full release. You can never say it's completely bombproof due to the hacky nature of trying to work around the Arma engine, but it's probably as close as I can get without coding a full AI mod.
  3. Hola. Heads up, I managed to track down an elusive bug that made enemies unresponsive after long play sessions. That's unfortunately an engine issue with the way it handles groups / respawns and setCaptive (although I can't find a reliable repro). But the plus side is I caught it and have written a hack / workaround for when it happens. So now, the script should work indefinitely on longer play sessions and will revert the undercover unit to the correct side each time the engine fucks it up for jokes. Here's version 1.21RC. Changelog: Fixed the issue with unresponsive enemies on longer / multi-session missions Any editor placed unit with "this setVariable ['isSneaky',true]" in its init will automatically be switched to the undercover unit's side and will function correctly as an undercover unit (after a short init period, so don't place near friendlies).
  4. Thanks dude. Yeah that sounds a bit suspect maybe. Good catch. In the meantime, if it's irritating, you can stop them spawning with backpacks at all in the setup I think.
  5. The latter I'm pretty sure has nothing to do with incognito. Sounds more like ALiVE. As for the former... I'd have to do another iteration of the script for that to work. How it works at the moment is, the AI needs to radio in not just that they are under attack, but also that they have a description of the units attacking them. This basically means they have to get a decent look at you and they can then relay your description. Might be that they only see your hat or jacket, or nothing at all (depends on how long they have clear line of sight). If you're killing everyone inside of 30 seconds then you're doing it right! I think it's fair to say that in a real life encounter the chaos of an ambush would prevent much relaying of detailed assailant descriptions within the first 30 seconds. That's just my take on it though; feel free to convince me otherwise. If it's too easy, I'd suggest first switching off easy mode, then there's always an element of guesswork which can make it possible to miss one last enemy who is able to get the description out without you knowing. I can also have a look at the script again in the new year and see whether I can add in more customisation.
  6. Answered on the Git I think but all vehicles are treated the same, whether land, sea, air, spaaaace, whatever. If the vehicle is used by the faction, it will be treated like any other faction vehicle. So civilian cars act the same as civilian boats, and OPFOR aircraft show as OPFOR aircraft. It's pretty reliable, but if it's a niche custom faction then do check the vehicles are behaving as they should. If not, you can always add them. You can also add specific vehicles to any array as you want, so that means you could permit other types of aircraft to the faction defaults.
  7. Just for anyone else reading this, I'm bug hunting with Nichols now so the potential issue above isn't being ignored. Check the Github for progress. Seems a recent Arma update might be playing havoc although this is unconfirmed as yet.
  8. Incontinentia

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    That's no longer the case, the current version of Vorpx has full geometry 3D for Arma 3. It works and looks just like native VR in any other application. See my post a couple of pages back.
  9. So basically you have an object (like a whiteboard or an arms cache or something) that when you point at it, an option to "Profile Group" comes up in your action menu to make your recent recruits leave your group and form a group of their own that is equipped as per your faction to be used by an ALiVE opcom commander. In the eden editor, double click the object you want to have this option added to and paste this into the init box: this addaction ["Profile group","[player,'profileGroup'] remoteExecCall ['INCON_ucr_fnc_ucrMain',2]",[],1,false,true]); If everything else is setup correctly and you have ALiVE up and running, with an AI commander on your side, it should all work.
  10. I can't remember that exact trigger code you'd need but the unit variable is INC_isCompromised if you want the target to run only when units have been spotted. So maybe an area trigger with something like (untested/written while hungover): count (thislist select {(_x getVariable ["INC_isCompromised",false] && {_x getVariable ["INC_AnyKnowsSO",false]})}) > 0 That should trigger when a compromised unit is in the given trigger area and the enemy know about him. Hope it works! And sorry for the slow reply...
  11. Just so anyone reading this is aware, RDS should work fine (I've used it with this script). Also, if you comment out any lines in the setup.sqf, the script will always break completely. That should never be necessary anyway (look at the comments next to each line in the setup to see how to not use an asym faction). As far as respawn timers go, I've checked and 3 seconds is fine too? That's what I've been using and it's working reliably for me in the last few days (not one failure over several sessions). The checks and things you'll have to do manually for the most part. I've included an extra debug hint to show when undercover has completed init in the latest version but for compromised stuff, open and close your inventory and you'll get a action to check your disguise, that's where the hints show up.
  12. Alright, download the next version here: Incon Undercover Version 1.2 See the commit history for a full changelog but in summary, this version adds high security areas and several refinements to the compromised and cooldown routines. It also adds a global suspicion level scalar which makes it easy to adjust the base suspicion levels of enemies.
  13. Cheers! Also one more alteration to the compromised script... now a compromising group will only share your description if it has actually seen you in incognito / civilian clothes and knows what those clothes are. In other words, it waits until it has a description before sharing that description. So if it has compromised you briefly but then doesn't get a decent look at you, it won't be able to share your description to other units. This again opens up some interesting "ghosts in the forests" type game play options. I think any further dev cycles will probably just clean the code up or add more configuration options. There is a part of me that wants to make this into a mod but I have no idea how...