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  1. INCONTINENTIA'S UNDERCOVER / CIVILIAN RECRUITMENT This is a complex and performance friendly undercover simulation for players and their AI subordinates. Work as a guerrilla cell, go undercover, recruit comrades, and cause mayhem. SP / Coop and Dedi compatible. (For those of you who've used my previous undercover scripts, this release is a significant upgrade and represents a few hundred hours' work and testing over the last version, so hopefully you'll see the improvement!) Requires: CBA FEATURES General Virtually every factor that can affect your cover (within engine limitations and the caveats mentioned below) has been accounted for. Optimised to the max; should not noticably affect performance at all - no noticeable performance impact even during a stress test of 45+ undercover units simultaneously undercoverising several enemy patrols. Operates primarily on each client - server / client interaction is therefore kept to a minimum even when multiple players are undercover at the same time Compatible with RHS, ACE, ALiVE, Zeus, ASR, bCombat, TPWCAS, VCOM... pretty much everything its been tested on (some factions' helmets and bandannas may not be recognised but the overall effect of this will be minimal - if you desperately want all features, use vanilla or RHS versions of these assets) Comprehensive undercover / incognito simulation - Works on players and their AI group members Quick, easy setup: most aspects of the script are automatically implemented based on the settings you choose Can run in the background even when the mission isn't focused around undercover operations - automatically reduces checking overhead when unit isn't undercover so it should be practically unnoticeable No need to turn the script on or off - it just works No checkboxes, compromised notifications or any other "gamey" stuff; just an optional hint when you're obviously hostile and when you aren't - the rest is up to you Responds to whether the units are in vehicles or on foot, dressed as enemies or civilians, whether the unit's face fits or doesn't fit in with the faction they are pretending to be, or whether it is day or night, with each situation requiring players to behave appropriately Suspicious enemies may challenge or watch and follow undercover units if they act weirdly; the more weird stuff you do, the more likely they are to see through your disguise (you can even use this to your advantage to draw enemies attention away from another unit while they do something suspicious - just don't get too cocky or they will open fire on you) Players must "act" their role; doing weird stuff will raise suspicion and could blow your cover - if you point your weapon at an enemy and they see you doing it, they will get suspicious very quickly. Equally, if an enemy sees you crawling around or planting explosives, you're not going to stay undercover for long. Enemies will detect if undercover units are the nationality of the group they are impersonating; covering your face with a scarf or bandanna will reduce this but not as much as choosing undercover units whose faces fit in with the people they are trying to impersonate All actions have consequences, good or bad. If the MRAP you're driving gets a bit close to a patrol, moving into the back of it and out of sight of the enemy might just save your skin. Equally, putting a balaclava on when you're a civilian will attract a lot of attention - which is especially not good if you're already carrying a military rucksack. Once undercover units become compromised, enemies will remember the vehicles they are spotted in and clothes they are wearing - change your clothing (both uniform and either headgear or goggles) and if no enemies see you doing it, your new disguise may stick Easily switch disguises: take enemy uniforms from nearby crates, vehicles, dead bodies and the ground (and order AI subordinates to do the same) Quickly conceal and un-conceal your (and your subordinates') weapons if you have the inventory space - without faffing with inventories Different configurable detection systems for regular and asymetric enemy forces Stealth kills work - If nobody sees you firing a shot, your cover will remain intact BUT, enemies do remember suspicious units - if you kill someone and other enemies of that side already know who you are and that you are nearby, there is a chance your cover will be blown regardless However, your cover will return if you kill everyone who knows about you before they can spread the word Different behaviour for regular and asymmetric forces Define a side as asymmetric and they will not be able to share your identity outside of the local area, but they will be better at spotting imposters Define a side as regular and your cover will stay blown for much longer and for a much wider area once compromised... but they may not have such a good nose for imposters (Optional) Civilian Recruitment Undercover units can recruit civilians to join their group The more enemies you kill, and the more chaos you are associated with, the better your reputation will become The better your reputation, the more likely civilians are to join you Kill enemies without getting spotted and there is a chance they will lash out against civilians, with a potential to cause a civilian uprising (optional) Automatically arm ambient civilians with weapons and items which they may use if recruited or during an uprising Try to steal civilians' clothes from them (but be prepared that your reputation will take a hit or you may become compromised) (Requires ALiVE) Turn recruited units into a profiled group to be used by AI commander of the same faction as the undercover unit (add to object init: this addaction ["Profile group","[player,'profileGroup'] remoteExecCall ['INCON_ucr_fnc_ucrMain',2]",[],1,false,true]); USAGE Add all files from Incon-Undercover folder into your mission folder. If you already have a description.ext or initPlayerLocal.sqf then add the code to your existing files. (Make sure to delete any previous version of my undercover scripts). In description.ext, if the class is already defined (for instance, cfgFunctions), just add the #include line to the given class. Configure your settings in the UCR_setup.sqf file in the INC_undercover folder (pay close attention to these, one wrong setting can lead to some weird behaviour). For each out of bounds area, place a marker over the area with "INC_tre" somewhere in the marker name (e.g. "MyMarkerINC_tre" or "INC_tre_sillyMarkerName_15"). The script will handle the rest. But if you want, you can also include other markers by listing them in the relevant array in UCR_setup.sqf. Add in Incon Persistence if you want your band of merry men to persist between ALiVE sessions (this is now a separate script but automatically persists reputation). For each playable undercover unit, put this in their unit init in the editor: this setVariable ["isSneaky",true,true]; Non-player units in the undercover unit's group do not need anything; the script will run on them automatically on mission start. Caveats / Compatibility: Only one side can have undercover units at a time (so no east undercover and west undercover units undercoverising each other at the same time) Only one side can be defined as asymmetric at a time and only one side can be defined as regular - and both must be hostile to the undercover unit's side. So if having a three-way war, one side must be asym and the other regular. If having a three-way (...war), it is recommended to not have any incognito factions as an engine limitation means that incognito units (i.e. those disguised as the enemy) will be seen as friendly to all - could break the immersion if you're dressed as OPFOR and GreenFOR don't shoot at you when they should. For mission makers - just be aware that the following could affect your mission: enemy units may wander from their original positions to follow undercover units if they become suspicious. Also, when compromised by regular forces, an undercover unit's description will be shared across other enemies in the local area after some time if they don't kill everyone who knows about them Works on all tested mods. If you find an incompatibility, tell me! Credits Massive thanks to Spyderblack723 for his help creating some of the functions and correcting my mistakes / oversights on the original release. Also for generally being super helpful over the past year as I've got into modding. Grumpy Old Man, Tajin and sarogahtyp are responsible for creating a performant detection script, which I then adapted and used as a basis for the undercover script, so thank you to those guys too. Also thanks to das attorney, davidoss, Bad Benson, Tankbuster, dedmen, fn_Quiksilver, marceldev89, baermitumlaut and Duda123 for some top optimisation tips. And huge thanks to accuracythruvolume for testing and feedback. Download version 1.21 release candidate here CHANGELOG
  2. Thanks! That's intended behaviour actually. It's to stop the action menu from constantly pinging up with new things all the time and to reduce the need for some of the checks for optimisation purposes.
  3. Alright, so I've managed to get a few multi-session Alive missions with this latest version and I'm pretty happy it's working as intended. I can't really be bothered to update the description and all that but 1.21RC is the most stable version released yet and hasn't had a single error or unintended behaviour in testing so far, so I'd recommend anyone using this script to treat this as a full release. You can never say it's completely bombproof due to the hacky nature of trying to work around the Arma engine, but it's probably as close as I can get without coding a full AI mod.
  4. Hola. Heads up, I managed to track down an elusive bug that made enemies unresponsive after long play sessions. That's unfortunately an engine issue with the way it handles groups / respawns and setCaptive (although I can't find a reliable repro). But the plus side is I caught it and have written a hack / workaround for when it happens. So now, the script should work indefinitely on longer play sessions and will revert the undercover unit to the correct side each time the engine fucks it up for jokes. Here's version 1.21RC. Changelog: Fixed the issue with unresponsive enemies on longer / multi-session missions Any editor placed unit with "this setVariable ['isSneaky',true]" in its init will automatically be switched to the undercover unit's side and will function correctly as an undercover unit (after a short init period, so don't place near friendlies).
  5. Thanks dude. Yeah that sounds a bit suspect maybe. Good catch. In the meantime, if it's irritating, you can stop them spawning with backpacks at all in the setup I think.
  6. The latter I'm pretty sure has nothing to do with incognito. Sounds more like ALiVE. As for the former... I'd have to do another iteration of the script for that to work. How it works at the moment is, the AI needs to radio in not just that they are under attack, but also that they have a description of the units attacking them. This basically means they have to get a decent look at you and they can then relay your description. Might be that they only see your hat or jacket, or nothing at all (depends on how long they have clear line of sight). If you're killing everyone inside of 30 seconds then you're doing it right! I think it's fair to say that in a real life encounter the chaos of an ambush would prevent much relaying of detailed assailant descriptions within the first 30 seconds. That's just my take on it though; feel free to convince me otherwise. If it's too easy, I'd suggest first switching off easy mode, then there's always an element of guesswork which can make it possible to miss one last enemy who is able to get the description out without you knowing. I can also have a look at the script again in the new year and see whether I can add in more customisation.
  7. Answered on the Git I think but all vehicles are treated the same, whether land, sea, air, spaaaace, whatever. If the vehicle is used by the faction, it will be treated like any other faction vehicle. So civilian cars act the same as civilian boats, and OPFOR aircraft show as OPFOR aircraft. It's pretty reliable, but if it's a niche custom faction then do check the vehicles are behaving as they should. If not, you can always add them. You can also add specific vehicles to any array as you want, so that means you could permit other types of aircraft to the faction defaults.
  8. Just for anyone else reading this, I'm bug hunting with Nichols now so the potential issue above isn't being ignored. Check the Github for progress. Seems a recent Arma update might be playing havoc although this is unconfirmed as yet.
  9. Incontinentia

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    That's no longer the case, the current version of Vorpx has full geometry 3D for Arma 3. It works and looks just like native VR in any other application. See my post a couple of pages back.
  10. So basically you have an object (like a whiteboard or an arms cache or something) that when you point at it, an option to "Profile Group" comes up in your action menu to make your recent recruits leave your group and form a group of their own that is equipped as per your faction to be used by an ALiVE opcom commander. In the eden editor, double click the object you want to have this option added to and paste this into the init box: this addaction ["Profile group","[player,'profileGroup'] remoteExecCall ['INCON_ucr_fnc_ucrMain',2]",[],1,false,true]); If everything else is setup correctly and you have ALiVE up and running, with an AI commander on your side, it should all work.
  11. I can't remember that exact trigger code you'd need but the unit variable is INC_isCompromised if you want the target to run only when units have been spotted. So maybe an area trigger with something like (untested/written while hungover): count (thislist select {(_x getVariable ["INC_isCompromised",false] && {_x getVariable ["INC_AnyKnowsSO",false]})}) > 0 That should trigger when a compromised unit is in the given trigger area and the enemy know about him. Hope it works! And sorry for the slow reply...
  12. Incon Scripts for Arma 3 INC_Scripts_A3 is a collection of scripts for Arma 3 mission makers. They are primarily designed to be used with ALiVE and ACE in SP / Co-op scenarios. (Check individual readme files in the respective addon folders for more information). INC_Intel Enemy units drop intel when they are killed. Allows units to hack into enemy radio networks and see nearby groups on the map, as well as track cellphone contacts. Also reveals enemy installations. Requires: CBA Status: Initial (early Alpha) release. Download from GitHub. Description: Incon Persistence Provides persistence for non-playable AI teammates (in player group) between play sessions when ALiVE data is present using iniDBI2. Saves full unit information for up to 11 AI teammates and loads it when there is corresponding ALiVE persistent player information. Requires: CBA, ALiVE, iniDBI2 Status: Full release. Download from GitHub. Description: Usage Unzip all files into your mission root folder. If you already have a description.ext or init.sqf, add the lines from these files into your pre-existing ones. Inside the INCON\INC_undercover and INCON\INC_intel folders, you will find the XXX_setup.sqf files. Edit these to your preference. Also read the readme in the respective folders to find out how to set up the scripts fully for your mission. Credits Massive thanks to Spyderblack723 for his help creating some of the intel functions and correcting some of my mistakes / oversights on the original release. Also for generally being super helpful over the past year as I've got into modding. Also huge thanks to Dixon13 who helped write the original intel spawning script on the ALiVE forums.
  13. Just so anyone reading this is aware, RDS should work fine (I've used it with this script). Also, if you comment out any lines in the setup.sqf, the script will always break completely. That should never be necessary anyway (look at the comments next to each line in the setup to see how to not use an asym faction). As far as respawn timers go, I've checked and 3 seconds is fine too? That's what I've been using and it's working reliably for me in the last few days (not one failure over several sessions). The checks and things you'll have to do manually for the most part. I've included an extra debug hint to show when undercover has completed init in the latest version but for compromised stuff, open and close your inventory and you'll get a action to check your disguise, that's where the hints show up.
  14. Alright, download the next version here: Incon Undercover Version 1.2 See the commit history for a full changelog but in summary, this version adds high security areas and several refinements to the compromised and cooldown routines. It also adds a global suspicion level scalar which makes it easy to adjust the base suspicion levels of enemies.
  15. Cheers! Also one more alteration to the compromised script... now a compromising group will only share your description if it has actually seen you in incognito / civilian clothes and knows what those clothes are. In other words, it waits until it has a description before sharing that description. So if it has compromised you briefly but then doesn't get a decent look at you, it won't be able to share your description to other units. This again opens up some interesting "ghosts in the forests" type game play options. I think any further dev cycles will probably just clean the code up or add more configuration options. There is a part of me that wants to make this into a mod but I have no idea how...
  16. Alright, well I got vehicles working, also it's pretty configurable. Essentially, you can now make it so if you are in a high security uniform you have different disguise rules to wearing normal enemy uniforms. Some possible configurations include: Banning weapons from the high security area but allowed in other areas Non-permitted items arousing suspicion (such as vests, headgear, HMD, etc) in the high security area but allowed outside Units wearing high security uniforms not being allowed to carry weapons anywhere at all or arousing suspicion by wearing the wrong items (useful if the high security uniform is a civilian one) Instant hostile or just highly suspicious when caught out A configurable suspicion level per item... so if it's too sensitive, you can tone it down or ramp it up so any unusual item will pretty much lead to being instantly compromised... This probably sounds like mumbo jumbo but I had the scenario of a scientist / visiting businessman in mind. In this instance, a scientist carrying a weapon or wearing a helmet would be inappropriate, so you can set the script up for this scenario if you want. But equally, you can make sure that only officers (who could bring weapons in) can enter the high security area. It's pretty flexible and opens up quite a few possible gameplay / mission design options. As far as vehicles go, you have to specify which ones are allowed in. If they are enclosed (like a tank / APC, for instance), it won't matter what uniform the unit is wearing, but for more open vehicles you will attract a lot of attention if you aren't wearing the right uniform. For performance, I haven't gone for the full amount of checks that regular incognito units in vehicles get (where in the vehicle they are, whether turned out or not etc.) but it does a good enough job for what I suspect is a niche of a niche feature. I've also included a global suspicion level modifier as a cheeky bonus. This won't affect things like people dressed in civilian uniforms carrying weapons / entering off-limit areas / killing enemies etc., but it does mean that the global sensitivity for attracting attention if you look out of place can now be tuned to the mission. This can be used to simulate areas where people are perhaps more jumpy for instance. The last new feature to come in the next update is a more refined compromised script. Before, if anyone knew who you were at the time you were compromised, it was assumed that they also knew you were behaving suspiciously too, even if they hadn't necessarily directly seen that suspicious behaviour, and would therefore also be able to share your description if not killed before the timer ran out. Now, only groups who have actually seen you behaving suspiciously will be able to share your details. This means that if you walk around and recce an area full of enemy patrols while in disguise before quickly and quietly taking down one of those patrols before they radio in, the other patrols in the area will only find out about it if they actually see you doing it. Unfortunately, an engine limitation means pretty much all information is instantly shared between group members so if you are going to engage, make sure you kill the whole group before they can get the word out if you want to maintain your cover (or make sure the group members you kill don't see you doing it). As a result of this change, the compromised state now ends much quicker, making stealth kills much easier. You can in theory walk past one guard, go around a corner, kill a different guard (with a suppressed weapon / subsonic ammo), and walk back around the corner past the first guard without him knowing it was you who did the killing. To balance this out, if there are a number of groups who do know about you in the area and people start dying inexplicably, you will quickly start attracting a lot of attention. This is even more the case if those groups know roughly where you are at the time people start dying. This level of suspicion will drop off quicker the further away you are from the scene of the crimes. So in the above scenario (the tale of two guards and one corner), the chances are very high that the living guard would pay you close attention if not compromise you immediately if he saw you again. But there's a lot of randomness in this so equally he might not suspect you enough and instead just let you go about your business. Basically, what we have now is fairly close to Hitman-style gameplay in Arma (in my opinion, it's actually a fair bit more detailed in some areas). Took a fair bit of work, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I'm going to do a bit more testing then release later tonight I think.
  17. Haha yeah, seeing as it was your request, I should probably ask -- did you want enemies to be instantly hostile or to be super suspicious instead? And did you want vehicles to be included in the check?
  18. Thanks Nichols. I'm a bit pressed for time with Arma these days but I may well take you up on the when my next flurry of activity starts. For anyone interested, I've been adding the option for "high security" areas which require specific (user-defined) uniforms to enter without raising suspicion. See the setup.sqf file for how to put them in. This was a feature request from a while back.
  19. Incontinentia

    [Release] Incon Scripts A3

    Turn them "on" -- it allows the mission to load fully before players join, reducing the chance for errors to disrupt the ALiVE data initialisation when a player joins.
  20. Incontinentia

    [Release] Incon Scripts A3

    Ah I filled it with dependencies / complex stuff already! Not sure I'll have the time to produce another as I'll likely be away from Arma again for a fair while soon. But any ALiVE mission with player persistence set to full (all options saved to database) should produce the desired results reliably if my tests are anything to go by. The biggest issue I can see is if there are errors when loading the mission, either through a mod or whatever, that causes ALiVE data to hang. The persistence script will not initialise until after ALiVE data has also fully initialised, making it dependent on ALiVE persistence functioning fully. This is intended as there's no use having a persistent group if nothing else persists -- much better to debug the mission and make sure ALiVE data works properly. I've just done a bit of a refinement of the script on Github; it's not a release just yet but if you download the repository as it stands that should be the most simple, effective version of the script. I've tested it a couple of times with success on the latest ALiVE / Arma / CBA.
  21. Incontinentia

    [Release] Incon Scripts A3

    I've actually just built a new test mission and cannot replicate the issue... maybe try checking "Persistent Battlefield" and "AutoInit" in TADST (top right, "details" page), and see if that has any effect?
  22. Incontinentia

    [Release] Incon Scripts A3

    I'm a bit confused about this to be honest. I've come across it once or twice when going over some of my old ALiVE missions. My days with Arma are pretty limited at the moment but it has baffled me. Up until I updated everything a coupleof days ago (ALiVE, Arma, ACE, CBA etc) persistence worked nearly completely reliably so I have a feeling the bug is not mine.. although I might be able to find a workaround. Persistence is designed for the civilian recruiting part of undercover so there won't be any incompatibilities on the front but I think perhaps in the latest version of ALiVE there's something that's stopping player data from loading properly. I'll see if I can find a repro. Is this every time for you or just sometimes?
  23. Incontinentia

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    Is it me or has Arma lost it's ability to handle custom aspect ratios entirely? Seems Direct3D with Vorpx no longer works. Edit: now fixed.