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  1. Amazing as always!
  2. I got it to work with your post @Melody_Mike, thanks for the help my dude!
  3. Wow I totally checked out the wrong file, I just read the correct one and you're right, I'm gonna play around with it in a bit!
  4. That still doesn't work out for me, I'm trying to edit the script I posted in the spoiler, to UNLOCK the door I am looking at, instead of kicking it open and playing an animation on the door so it rotates open with the speed accelerated by x8
  5. No, it's a dutch military thing 😉 Also the lock command seems to be for Vehicles, I'm trying to unlock a single door on a building which I am looking directly at (CursorTarget or CursorObject)
  6. Hiya folks, I'm trying to make a Picklock script, where you look at a door and it executes the script and gives you a certain % chance of unlocking it. I want to base this off of a script pierremgi helped me out with a long time ago, I'll list it below. Now instead of the door being breached, I want it to be unlocked. I have tried to work with "bis_disabled_Door_1", only that only refers to a specific door of an object, while I want the cursorobject door to be unlocked. I'm getting kind of stuck here since I have barely worked with doors in Arma. If anyone could help me out here, that'd be much appreciated!
  7. KutPax

    Addaction MP help

    I'll write the full code here (slightly different than the above): if ( _ctrl2 lbText ( lbCurSel _ctrl2 ) isEqualTo "Large Equipment Crate" ) exitwith { _nearestAirVeh = nearestObject [BoxLoaderSkeet1, "Air"]; if (isNull _nearestAirVeh) then { hint "No Helicopter near the Box Loader."; } else { [_nearestAirVeh, 2000] call ace_cargo_fnc_setSpace; _nearestAirVeh allowDamage true; _BoxSpawnerPos2 = (getposASL BoxLoaderSkeet2); _HeliMovePos1 = (getposASL BoxLoaderSkeet1); _nearestAirVeh setPosASL _HeliMovePos1; sleep 0.1; _BoxLoaderVehicle1 = "Snake_Crates_Large_Equipment" createVehicle _BoxSpawnerPos2; _BoxLoaderVehicle1 setPosASL _BoxSpawnerPos2; [_BoxLoaderVehicle1, _nearestAirVeh] call ace_cargo_fnc_loadItem; hint format ["%1 Added to Aircraft", _ctrl2 lbText ( lbCurSel _ctrl2 )]; _nearestAirVeh allowDamage true; }; }; Basically: It spawns an object (In this case a crate) on _BoxSpawnerPos2 (Which is an invisible object which supplies the script with a position) Then it teleports the helicopter on _HeliMovePos1 to ensure that the helicopter is close enough for the box to be loaded in with the ace function And now this is where it calls the ace_cargo_fnc_loadItem function, only this does not work in a Dedicated Server, which led me to believe I had to remoteExecCall it. I haven't had the chance to attentively read your tutorial which you've linked me to, but I''ll be sure to do that tomorrow when I'm done with work. Thanks in advance!
  8. KutPax

    Addaction MP help

    (The following question is something different than the addaction question) I'm trying to make the following for remoteexeccall (correct me if i'm wrong here) _nearestVeh = nearestObject [SpawnerObjectName, "Air"]; _Vehicle1 = "CrateNameHere" createVehicle _Pos2; [_Vehicle1, _nearestVeh] call ace_cargo_fnc_loadItem; I've tried the following (Doesn't work): [[_Vehicle1, _nearestVeh]] remoteExecCall [ace_cargo_fnc_loadItem]; Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?
  9. KutPax

    Addaction MP help

    I'll give that a go, thanks! (Can't test it until tomorrow, I'll let you know!)
  10. KutPax

    Addaction MP help

    Addaction has a .sqf attached to it, which activates the .sqf with the vehicle spawn script listed above (with player execVM) Lemme know if you need more info or if this is enough
  11. KutPax

    Addaction MP help

    I execute the script with player execVM
  12. Hiya, I'm working on something where I want an addaction to be added to a vehicle, but i'm having trouble with the locality. _ScanArea = 25; _yeet1 = nearestObjects[SPAWNTARGETOBJECT,["Air", "landVehicle"],_ScanArea] select 0; _SpawnerPos = (getposASL SPAWNTARGETOBJECT); _VehicleType = "VEHICLECLASSNAME" createVehicle _SpawnerPos; _VehicleType addAction ["Title Here","Scripts\Test.sqf",[],1,false,true,"","_this distance _target < 5"]; When I test this out in Singleplayer or in local MP, the action does get added to the vehicle, but when I try it out on a dedicated server, the action won't be added to the vehicle. I'm hoping someone can help me out with this and explain it a little bit, so I can improve my MP Scripting skills! 🙂 Thanks in advance
  13. This is what I've got now: if ( _ctrl2 lbText ( lbCurSel _ctrl2 ) isEqualTo "Test Listbox Item 1" ) exitwith { _nearestAirVeh = nearestObject [testskeet1, "Air"] select 0; if (!isNil _nearestAirVeh) then { hint "No Heli near testskeet1"; } else { hint "Heli Found near testskeet1"; [myObjectVarHere, _x] call ace_cargo_fnc_loadItem; }; }; Only I'm getting the following error: error select: Type Object, expected Array.String,Config entry