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    When not working I have been a long time gamer since around 1985, Commodore 64, Amiga, PC & Xbox. Previously a part time informal Game reviewer for BBC Ceefax. Had this game profile name originally as CommandoUK, then CommandoUKSF for well over 10 years now.

    ARMA 3 - Served as the Regimental Sergeant-Major of Task Force 6 (SOF), a NATO Special Forces Milsim virtual reality unit with members from UK, US, NZ and Europe.
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  1. commandouksf

    Von Quest Industries

    Hi Von Quest, Using submarines for covert missions, some ideas maybe for the SOCOM desk Tapping into ocean floor communication cables Retrieving enemy lost towed array sonars Examining and retrieving nuclear weapons from downed aircraft or damaged enemy submarine Retrieving enemy test missiles from ocean floor Reconnaissance of enemy port, getting past anti submarine nets etc. Planting Von Quest tracking devices on enemy ships/submarines Great to see SpookWarCom evolving so much too.
  2. commandouksf

    Zero Dark Zero

    A really good list, matches all our our usual OPFOR too.
  3. commandouksf

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hi, Some of you wanted some pointers on how to use this Mod. I will show you how I use it for both SP and MP game play. Firstly there are quite a few mods I need for my Special forces/BlackOps style of game, to manage them all easier I use ArmA3Sync launcher and mod manager http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 The usual Mods I run in addition to SpookWarCom are ALiVE http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23684 and some Special Forces weapons and uniforms often by Massi http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21912 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19345 You can of course use whatever weapons and uniforms suit you. I select a Map and place onto it the ALiVE modules (using the Arma 3 editor) and desired enemy forces (usually not CSAT) for the fictional Country wanted, there is an entire ALiVE wiki and Quick Start to help set this up http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Quickstart Additional: I was asked what ALiVE modules I put down, they are: ALiVE (Required) ALiVE Player Options ALiVE Virtual AI System (For OPFOR) Military Placement (Mil. Obj) Military AI Commander Military Close Quarters Battle Military Placement (Civ Obj) (For AI Transport) Player Combat Support Player Combat Support (Transport) For the AI transport remember to carry a Laser Designator to get the option (default item) The QuickStart link above shows what to link to what..... I found ALiVE quite a steep learning curve when I first used it, please follow the Quick Start guide as I did and try to get an ALiVE populated map going as a first step, select the 'Enable Debug' option and change to YES for all OPFOR modules. ALiVE works best on Altis but I've been using it on many other maps too. Try ALtis until you get it up and working. When you go into game and open up the map with the debug ON you should visually see the map now being populated by ALiVE, also use the MCC mod to travel around the map in invisible mode to view the actual enemy soldiers, who only spawn in when you are in designated range that you set, 1500m or whatever. Once you are sure ALiVE is working 100% change debug back to NO or OFF for gaming purposes. With SpookWarCom I most often use three modules namely the HALO, Diver and SOCOM ones, also placed down using the Arma 3 editor. For the HALO mod to work I have had to also run the USAF mod containing the MC130 aircraft http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25512 The reason I use ALiVE is to generate random enemies, so every mission is different. I also use ALiVE for AI extractions by helicopter from the ground or sea. Also experimenting with the Skyhook extraction system! http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21763 I use the SOCOM desk to generate random SF/Black Ops missions on the map, then decide what weapon loadouts and insertion method is best suited, it might be HALO, Submarine, SDV, CRRC, helicopter etc. In MP we use the HALO mod a lot and can all jump together. From a personal point of view the SpookWarCom and ALiVE mods are a perfect combination for this style of Arma 3 gameplay. Hope this helps a little, it is all about creativity, imagination and maintaining immersion to have fun.
  4. commandouksf

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hi Von Quest, Some quick feedback from a short test using the C130. All HALO/PARA jump options with vehicles worked for me, so pleased to see the SDV too. Was able to land in the water and dive away. In SP mode I repeatedly kept landing near Altis airport and going back to the C-130 for more options, the only problem that happened was I eventually lost the option to view the map somehow. However, this only occurred after multiple repeated jumps and I don't think it happens for a regular use in game. The Diver desk worked too. Hope to test further with ALiVE over the next week. Very pleased once again, thank you.
  5. commandouksf

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hi Von Quest, This is a feature request for the future as I can see you are really busy now with all the exciting new features mentioned above. :) Would it be possible with SWC to be able to choose which enemy faction gets generated please? What i mean here is in a similar way to ALiVE where you can choose an enemy faction be they RHS Russians, Taliban or whatever instead of CSAT. At present we use SWC on ALiVE AI generated maps with all sorts of non CSAT enemy forces together with SWC, but it is a little strange for role play and game immersion when getting missions generated by the SWC SOCOM module with only CSAT soldiers getting additionally spawned in or CSAT/Iran in the target description for the map briefing rather than a generic name such as 'enemy officer' for example, if what I am typing is making any sense...... This is not a priority and may or may not be possible, but definitely desirable. Many thanks once again for all your hard work and much appreciated effort.
  6. commandouksf

    Australia Version 5.09 Release

    Yes, a brilliant map and easily the best yet. We too are just waiting for the next release of ALiVE (slightly overdue now) to be able to use it for our missions/campaigns as it has been indexed apparently by their team. Will continue to use it as a personal favourite too. Lots of effort has gone into it and we all really appreciate that. Thanks.
  7. I set the insert height to minimum 2m AGL and jump out, then use the console to instruct the pilot to fly away. For extractions on land or from swimming in the water I do the same 2m AGL insert command and climb back on board. Not sure which other mods support fast roping at this time, possibly AGM. Hope this helps
  8. As always another very fast and great answer to the problem. Thank you very much :) Looking forward to the next release of ALiVE for so many reasons, albeit the current version is brilliant too.
  9. Is it possible with ALiVE to currently set AI forces to defend a FOB area and not to move outside the set zone surrounding the FOB? I'm wanting FOB or Police stations defended by AI whilst our 'human' patrols move out on missions. Have tried using the AI Commander control type Occupy/Invasion/Insurgency settings without apparent success, the friendly AI keep moving out of the FOBs. This is a different request to using the BIS defend module which has waves of attackers. Thanks again for any help.
  10. Please would your team index the Mogadishu map to work with ALiVE, thanks :)
  11. commandouksf

    Bushmaster PMV A3 [WIP]

    Very nice work indeed, looking forward to using this in urban built up areas for our British SF raids. Thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated Feature request: Would it be possible please to add a Long Range radio for crew members into vehicle for TFAR. Thanks :)
  12. I've always been a fan of your work, thanks for this latest must have mod. :) However I'm getting slightly confused as to what the best combination of sound mods is for SP and MP, whilst utilising the RHS mods too with current era weapons and vehicles. I'm now currently using JSRS 2.2 (Works both SP and MP) LAxemann Enhanced Soundscape LAxemann DynaSound - Sonic Cracks Standalone Whilst I have JSRS 3.0 AKA DragonFyre, it apparently only works in SP and with the changes BI have made to their own sounds recently I don't know if I should be using BI sounds with your two mods and ditch JSRS 2.2 or use 3.0 instead or neither? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks :unsure:
  13. commandouksf

    Zero Dark Zero

    Von Quest beat me to it ;) , but as he says you need the aircraft from the USAF mod he has given you the link to, as the default SpookWarCom mod on its own has the Vampyre drone aircraft only. When running the USAF mod at the same time as SWC you can choose any of the aircraft options and they will work. Recommend the MC130 as it works best and has greatest number of drop options currently. If like me you only want specific aircraft in a combined clan or single player mod pack to keep overall size smaller then you have to look into the USAF pbo files to select the right one to extract (you don't need to worry about that if running the USAF mod in its entirety) Hope this helps too
  14. commandouksf

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    He certainly did, thanks for the confirmation, I can stop looking now....lol
  15. commandouksf

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Well, what can I say but a brilliant Mod and very kindly released by you for us all to use. As you know I've been following this particular Mod with great interest and using it now is so much fun. Congrats to everyone who worked on it, Some very innovative new features. :) The Coyote really looks the part, too and 11 occupants, wow.......... Happy days......have been all over the Bovington map looking for that concrete knife edge from your unit's screenshot, guess that must be your own work too? Or have I simply just not looked hard enough?