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Found 34 results

  1. We are a Halo Marine unit, currently at the start of the Insurrectionist wars! We are a diverse, Friendly unit, and welcome both new and old Players! Browse the Attached Poster above and if you like what you see, Come and Join!
  2. I know we’ve all been asking this question but when will we be allowed to get mods for things like halo and Star Wars. I’ve heard that there’s been some kinda copyright issue with some of the mods before. but I don’t see what’s the issue if Arma 3 has it then why not reforger, and I just want a official reason why from the team that looks through the mods because I feel like it’s unfair to the modder and community that we wait and work only to be denied.
  3. -- WHO WE ARE -- Discord: https://discord.gg/X58DwGZz Operations: Saturdays at 7pm EST (Fun ops: TBA) Upcoming Campaign: Battle for Earth We are R.A.V.E.N, a primarily North American Halo-Sim / Optre unit. We work with a heavy focus on recon and info gathering; While trying to keep a light-hearted, yet mature environment. There is no “yes sir, no sir” atmosphere and we don’t have ranks, just command roles. When in-game, members will be required to wear their proper tags, follow the orders given to them, use proper radio communication, and operate as their assigned role. When out of game, members are encouraged to relax and enjoy themselves while participating in community events. -- OUR OPERATIONS -- Every operation hosted by our unit will be run by one of our “illustrious” Zeuses featuring multiple factions and individuals. Each mission is interactive and story-driven. Seemingly simple choices that are made early on in a campaign can have lasting effects that directly alter the events that follow. We require that all members attend a minimum of 2 operations each month to maintain active status. If you are unable to attend ops for a stretch of time you will be put in reserves and can rejoin to active status at any time. Our unit acts as a private military company (PMC) employed by the UNSC and other parties. We play missions set in various parts of the HALO timeline from the main games, to the background lore, and to parts of our own unit-specific storyline! -- WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT -- We are a PMC group set inside the Halo Universe so we have the freedom to explore not only missions in the various games, but we can also carve our own path and story. Unlike other Halo-Sim units we don’t have a set side and so frequently find ourselves fighting UNSC, Innies, Covenant, and many other groups. Our style of Halo-Sim means we don't have to worry about all the semantics or rigid military structure that other groups focus heavily on such as: requiring prowords, grid references, land navigation, multiple squad formations, saluting, etc. Just stick with your squad, do what you are told, and shoot the bad guys. Our operations offer a wide range of settings in various environments. We tend to have a heavy focus on reconnaissance, but break up the pace every few ops to help keep things new and exciting. In other units, you become just a number and you make little to no impact overall as you throw your body to the wall. Here, we know everyone's name, listen to all ideas, and work as a team to carve our path throughout every operation. Currently we have two separate formations; Kestrel and Thunder. Kestrel fills out our infantry squads and is the core of the unit, providing individuals many diverse options for equipment and specialist roles. Thunder is our (primarily) aviation wing and they provide logistical and combat assistance to our main ground forces. We have several different trainings that will be available such as the basic combat training (BCT) required to be taken by all who join the unit, short training to get certified for a new specialist role, and much longer trainings and qualifications for applicants for our more advanced specializations such as Shooter (reconnaissance/sniper) and Thunder. Members are not stuck in their specific role, we allow our members to change their role at any time if they are no longer enjoying it. . We do not micromanage your gear. While there are basic kit requirements for whatever role you have there is an incredible amount of flexibility to what you can carry. Players can make their character truly unique and take the gear that THEY want to use. -- HOW TO JOIN -- Our basic requirements: Be Mature (no age requirements here). Must speak English. Microphone Preferred but not required. Have a valid copy of Arma 3 If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to hop in our Discord and talk to us there. There is more specific information posted there and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have for us.
  4. MGI HALO JUMP Hi all, Here is a little script to make an object as HALO JUMP base. All AI group units with 100 m of the caller will perform the jump. Other players are not concerned. Required: at least one object to add this HALO jump action. parameters: JUMP ALTITUDE / SAFETY ALTITUDE / THIS (object init field) / AI GROUP example: 0 = [this,2000,90] execVM "MGI_HALO.sqf" // in init field of a pole. or simply: car1 execVM "MGI_HALO.sqf" // 2000 ,90 and true are params by default. MGI_HALO.sqf : MGI_HALO = { params [["_pole",objNull,[objNull]],["_jump_alt",2000,[0]],["_jump_safety",90,[0]]]; MGI_compHALO = compileFinal " _plyr = _this; MGI_fnc_orient = { _obj = _this select 0; _p = _this select 1; _obj setVectorDirAndUp [ [ 0,cos _p,sin _p], [[0,-sin _p,cos _p],0] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D ] }; _plyr setVariable ['bpk',unitBackpack _plyr]; _plyr setVariable ['lockInv', _plyr addEventHandler ['InventoryOpened', {true}]]; if (backpack _plyr != '') then { _whs = createVehicle ['WeaponHolderSimulated_Scripted',getpos _plyr vectorAdd [0,-2,1],[],0,'can_collide']; _plyr action ['DropBag', _whs, typeOf (_plyr getVariable 'bpk')]; ['EHid','onEachFrame', { params ['_plyr','_whs']; if (backpack _plyr != 'B_parachute') then { _plyr action ['dropBag', _whs, typeOf (_plyr getVariable 'bpk')]; _plyr action ['AddBag', _whs, 'B_Parachute'] }; call{ if (stance _plyr == 'UNDEFINED') exitWith { _whs attachTo [_plyr,[-0.1,-0.05,-0.7],'leaning_axis']; [_whs,-180] call MGI_fnc_orient }; if (stance _plyr != 'UNDEFINED') exitWith { _whs attachTo [_plyr,[-0.1,0.75,-0.05],'leaning_axis']; [_whs,-90] call MGI_fnc_orient }; }; if (isNil {_plyr getVariable ['bpk',nil]}) then { ['EHid', 'onEachFrame'] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler }; },[_plyr,_whs] ] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler }; "; waitUntil {time >0 && count allPlayers >0 }; _pole addAction ["<t color='#00ffff'>HALO jump for group (AI)</t>",{ params ["_target","_caller","_id","_parameters"]; openmap [true,false]; titleText["Select Map Position", "PLAIN"]; _parameters params ["_jump_alt","_jump_safety"]; ["Jump","onMapSingleClick", { 0 cutText ["","black",0.01,true]; params ["","_pos","","","_jump_alt","_jump_safety","_MGI_forSquad"]; _caller = player; _MGI_units = (units _caller) select {local _x && alive _x && _x distanceSqr _caller < 100000 && isnull objectParent _x}; { [_x,_forEachIndex,_pos,_jump_alt,_jump_safety] spawn { params ["_unit","_index","_pos","_jump_alt","_jump_safety"]; private ["_bpk","_bpktype","_whs","_para"]; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _unit call MGI_compHALO; }; uisleep 2; _unit allowDamage false; _unit setPos [(_pos select 0)-60 + random 30,(_pos select 1) -60 + random 30, (_jump_alt max 200) + (12 *_index)]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) > _jump_safety -50}; uisleep 0.2; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _bpk = _unit getVariable "bpk"; _bpktype = typeOf (_unit getVariable "bpk"); _whs = objectParent _bpk; _unit addBackpackGlobal "B_parachute"; }; 0 cutText ["","black in",1,true]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) < ([_jump_safety max 90,_jump_safety] select (isPlayer _unit)) +20 or (!isnull objectParent player) }; if (!isplayer _unit) then { uisleep 0.8; _chute = createVehicle ["Steerable_Parachute_F", getpos _unit, [], 0, "can_collide"]; _unit moveInDriver _chute; } else { _unit allowDamage true; if (!isTouchingGround _unit) then { _unit action ["OpenParachute", _unit]; } }; _para = objectParent _unit; waitUntil {!isnull _para}; _para allowDamage false; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; (isTouchingGround _unit && isNull _para) or surfaceIsWater (getpos _unit) or !alive _unit}; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _unit setVariable ["bpk",nil]; waitUntil {isNull _para}; deleteVehicle _para; sleep 0.5; if (!isNull _whs) then { detach _whs; _whs setPos (_unit modelToWorld [0,-2,1]); _unit action ["AddBag",objectParent _bpk, _bpktype]; sleep 2; deleteVehicle _whs; }; _unit removeEventHandler ['inventoryOpened',_unit getVariable 'lockInv']; } else { uisleep 2; _unit allowdamage true; }; }; } forEach _MGI_units; openmap [false,false]; false },_parameters] call bis_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; waitUntil {sleep 1; !visibleMap}; ["Jump","onMapSingleClick"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; },[_jump_alt,_jump_safety], 5,false, true,"","vehicle _this == _this"]; _pole addAction ["<t color='#00ffff'>HALO jump solo</t>",{ params ["_target","_caller","_id","_parameters"]; openmap [true,false]; titleText["Select Map Position", "PLAIN"]; _parameters params ["_jump_alt","_jump_safety"]; ["Jump","onMapSingleClick", { 0 cutText ["","black",0.01,true]; params ["","_pos","","","_jump_alt","_jump_safety","_MGI_forSquad"]; _caller = player; [_caller,_pos,_jump_alt,_jump_safety] spawn { params ["_unit","_pos","_jump_alt","_jump_safety"]; private ["_bpk","_bpktype","_whs","_para"]; _unit call MGI_compHALO; uisleep 2; _unit allowDamage false; _unit setPos [_pos select 0,_pos select 1, (_jump_alt max 200)]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) > _jump_safety -50}; uisleep 0.2; _bpk = _unit getVariable "bpk"; _bpktype = typeOf (_unit getVariable "bpk"); _whs = objectParent _bpk; _unit addBackpackGlobal "B_parachute"; 0 cutText ["","black in",1,true]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) < _jump_safety max 90 or (!isnull objectParent player) }; _unit allowDamage true; if (!isTouchingGround _unit) then { _unit action ["OpenParachute", _unit]; }; _para = objectParent _unit; waitUntil {!isnull _para}; _para allowDamage false; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; (isTouchingGround _unit && isNull _para) or surfaceIsWater (getpos _unit) or !alive _unit}; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _unit setVariable ["bpk",nil]; waitUntil {isNull _para}; deleteVehicle _para; sleep 0.5; if (!isNull _whs) then { detach _whs; _whs setPos (_unit modelToWorld [0,-2,1]); _unit action ["AddBag",objectParent _bpk, _bpktype]; sleep 2; deleteVehicle _whs; }; _unit removeEventHandler ['inventoryOpened',_unit getVariable 'lockInv']; } else { uisleep 2; _unit allowdamage true; }; }; openmap [false,false]; false },_parameters] call bis_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; waitUntil {sleep 1; !visibleMap}; ["Jump","onMapSingleClick"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; },[_jump_alt,_jump_safety], 5,false, true,"","vehicle _this == _this"]; }; 0 = [this,2000,90] spawn MGI_HALO Now, you can choose in game if you HALO jump solo or in group (AI fellows within 100 meters). EDITED : version nov 19th 2020 Have fun
  5. Hello, this is a simple script to halo jump a player. Does it work in Multiplayer? Yes, MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer. What does this script do? This script allows a player to HALO on a given point on a map. How do I use this script? Place the script in Select an object on the editor and place the following line into its init to allow HALO from the action menu: (remove <t color='#37A9E7'></t> to show it as plain white like any other action) //If script is in scenario root directory this addAction["<t color='#37A9E7'>H.A.L.O. Jump</t>","[player] execVM 'halo.sqf';"]; //If script is in other scenario directory this addAction["<t color='#37A9E7'>H.A.L.O. Jump</t>","[player] execVM 'yourFolder\halo.sqf';"]; halo.sqf //Uncomment following line if used as function //_unit = param[0]; //Uncomment following line if used as script _unit = _this select 0; _haloAltitude = 1000; //Opening map and handling click openMap true; mapclick = false; onMapSingleClick "clickpos = _pos; mapclick = true; onMapSingleClick """";true;"; waituntil {mapclick}; _haloLocation = clickpos; _unitLoadout = getUnitLoadout _unit; cutText ["H.A.L.O. in progress...", "BLACK OUT", 1]; sleep 1; openMap false; _unit setPos _haloLocation; _unit addBackpack "B_Parachute"; //Halo [_unit, _haloAltitude] call bis_fnc_halo; sleep 2; cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 1]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) < 2}; //Giving loadout back sleep 1; _unit setUnitLoadout _unitLoadout;
  6. Improve your HALO and HAHO experience! Stand up from your seat, walk to the ramp, and step into the air! Steam Workshop GitHub How?! No, this is not walking on moving objects. This method seeks to improve on Immersive HALO Jump, which also uses a static prop on which to walk, but moves players from and back to a flying aircraft: Fly in a plane with player or AI pilot Create a static prop 2 km behind the flying plane at the same altitude When players "Stand up", they are moved to the same relative position on the static prop Ramp animations and Jump lights are synced from the flying plane to the static prop When players step off the ramp they are moved back to flying plane, and given the plane's velocity Players' AI teammates also on the plane will eject at 0.5-second intervals, and will open their chutes at the same altitude as the player does This means that for the jumpers, their position on the map or GPS will seem to "lag" behind the aircraft. It's best to have a marker tracking the aircraft so the jumpers can watch that instead. Ideally they are focused on the ramp and the jumplight, while a player jumpmaster is watching the map. Features Multiplayer and dedicated server compatible Compatible with following, no dependency or compats required: V-44 X Blackfish from Apex CUP C-130, MH-47, MV-22, Mi-6 RHS USAF C-130, CH-47 USAF mod C-130, C-17 FFAA C-130, CH47 3CB Merlin unarmed variants FC CC-130J AMF CASA CN-235 MF Vehicules A400M SAB C-130 Easily plan a Free Fall insertion with an AI plane by setting the Initial Point, Release Point, and Altitude, with auto ramp jump lights. Script version demo missions and "server-only" script version Other Notes The Xi'an does not let you walk on it. Please let me know which other aircraft that let you walk on the ramp and cargo bay should be added. Plan AI Flight can be used when in a cargo seat with an AI Pilot. AI helicopters don't seem to want to fly at altitude, so those are player-pilot only. Ramp and light control actions are restricted to group leaders and players in the pilot's group.

    Zombie Survival Course

    by GEORGE FLOROS [GR] Description: Survive - Loot and Clear the Areas. 31 Different Enemy Faction. Fight VS Zombies or NPCS.Supporting almost EVERY map (ArmA 1/2/3). Gameplay with a lot of options (MODULAR environment). Features: Respawn VCOM AI Psycho's aid system JIP compatible Game Mode selection 31 Different Enemy Faction Supporting almost EVERY map (ArmA 1/2/3) Long lasting Gameplay with a lot of options And much more Installation: Place the mission file in the MPmissions folder inside your Arma 3 installation. Your ArmA3 installation should be in yoursteamfolder/steamapps/common - Optional VCOMAI userconfig - The mission is using the VCOMAI . To use the extra settings see the Install Instructions of VCOMAI folder . Usage: Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with Zombie Survival Course: Heros Survive http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31161 CUP Terrains Complete http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30045 CUP Weapons http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27489 CUP Units http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29301 CUP Vehicles http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29716 RHSUSAF http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27149 RHSAFRF http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27150 RHSGREF http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30998 Operation: TREBUCHET http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28614 Notes: It is supporting almost EVERY map ! (ArmA 1/2/3) , just by changing the name on the end of the mission name like : Zombie_Survival_Course.Stratis to : Zombie_Survival_Course.Tanoa 3 Game modes to choose A. Clear Area , ( Suggested for Zombies ) B. Clear Area + Destroy Communication tower ( Suggested for NPCS ) C. Capture + Hold Area ( Only for NPCS ) It is possible even to play with Virtual Arsenal available , if you enable it from the Extra Mission options . The Loot spawn system from Heros Survive is DISABLED . The Loot Script by BangaBob will be running instead + it works on any map . To Check + test the spawn of the items , there is also an option on the parameters , on the Loot Probability , to Enable Debug Weapon = 0 Magazines = 1 Items + Heros Survive items = 2 Vests = 3 Backpacks = 4 Heros Survive items = 5 2 extra pics to see the spawn of the items Select your desired Environment There is included in the selections , also Loot for , Community Upgrade Project [ CUP ] to activate it you must have the certain addon [ Weapons + Units + Vehicles] . For changes , go to the mission parameters . Your Selections may have effect on the performance , check more the parameters settings. If you want to enable the Heros Survive (SURVIVAL mode) , enable from the parameters and also you MUST have enable this addon , in order to play this mode! If the Survival mode is enabled , you will see on the right side the survival icons . Every time you are starting the mission , the starting position will be on random. If it stops generating objectives , then you should restart the mission. - Optional VCOMAI userconfig - The mission is using the VCOMAI . To use the extra settings see the Install Instructions of VCOMAI folder . Credits & Thanks: A3 Wounding System Script by [TcB]-Psycho- =BTC=_TK_punishment Script by BTC Giallustio TAW view Distance v1.4 Script by Tonic AI HALO Jump Script by cobra4v320 Heros Survive Scripts by heros Loot system Script by BangaBob Advanced Rappelling Script by Duda Advanced Urban Rappelling Script by Duda Advanced Towing - Script by Duda NRE Earplugs Script by NemesisRE VCOM AI Driving Script by Genesis92x Vcom AI 2.81 Script by Genesis92x Mag Repack Script by Outlawled Monsoon Script by aliascartoons Snow Storm Script by aliascartoons Real Weather by code34 Generic Dust Particles Script by Goon Generic Snowstorm Particles Script by Goon Situational Music Script by DemoCore Addon-Free Stat Save System [BETA] by Stealthstick/Zooloo75 Randomly generated roadside IED's by brians200 Engima's Civilians Script by Engima Engima's Traffic Script by Engima findSafePos Script by Joris-Jan van't Land taskPatrol Script by Joris-Jan van't Land Thanks to All script contributors Thanks to everyone who tries to do the best for this game! Thanks to BIS for such a great platform . Thanks to BIS Community and BIS Community Forums . Thanks to Armaholic Community and Forums . Changelog: v2.3 Added Headshot + Killfeed Script v2.0 Optimize Unit Spawn distance , for Roaming Selections Optimize for Suiside Bombers Spawn Minor fixes v2.2 Downgraded A3 Wounding System Script by [TcB]-Psycho- to 15102016 ,because of errors v2.1 Optimized Unit Spawn for Roaming Selections Updated A3 Wounding System Script by [TcB]-Psycho- to v24062017 Added Suiside Bombers (civilians) v2.0 added options for: Civilians , Vanilla / APEX or CUP Civilian traffic , Vanilla / APEX or CUP ( vehicles ) Ambient life , Vanilla ( animals ) Roaming ZOMBIES Roaming NPCS ,Vanilla / APEX / CUP / RHS Roaming NPCS vehicles ,Vanilla / APEX / CUP / RHS / TREBUCHET Weapon Jamming Vehicle Crew Display Killing Civilias feed AI chatter Ambient Radio Chatter BIS_sandstorm v1.2 Minor fix (error with Ryanzombies) v1.1 Fixed some issue with Zombies and Demons classnames Added compability with , Operation : TREBUCHET v1.0 - Zombies and Demons Forum topic: - BI forums - Armaholic forums Armaholic Zombie Survival Course v2.3
  8. The 89thJTF is a Marine MILSIM unit providing dedicated members a tight knit community, inside and out, of Arma 3 and the Operation Trebuchet mod. An expanding unit, we welcome all members willing to be a team player and follow the rules, with that we are especially looking for those willing to take on medical and leadership positions. We host our main operation on Fridays and Sundays at 1900EST, with sporadic fun ops throughout the week. If the 89th sounds right for you, please follow the discord link below and @instructor in the orientation request channel to get started! https://Discord.gg/89thJTF
  9. I am trying to script realistic halo jump from a plane's ramp. I have this but it gives me syntax error (missing ; 😞 flg addAction ["Teleport",{ openMap true; onMapSingleClick " openMap false; _grp = createGroup [east, true]; _an = grp createUnit ["pook_AN12B_OPFOR",_pos,[],0,"NONE"]; [_an,2000,_pos] call BIS_fnc_setHeight; _grp setBehaviourStrong "CARELESS"; _an flyInHeightASL [2000, 2000, 2000]; player moveInCargo [_an,1,true]; onMapSingleClick '';"; }]; Any help is appreciated.
  10. The 89th Joint Task Force wants you to help defend humanity! Founded in the early 2500's to combat the growing insurrection threat across the outer colonies, the 89th JTF served as a premiere expeditionary force in readiness for the UNSC. Even now, in late 2525, aboard the 6th Battle Group, we stand ready to put down rebel threats and alien incursion alike. The 89th Joint Task Force is a MILSIM-Lite OPTRE unit. With a good handful of our members and leadership either active military or prior-military, we're able to tune the unit to scratch the more realistic itch our members have while also keeping it casual enough for our more easy going members. We are also new player friendly; whether you are new to Arma or an Arma Veteran, our extensive Instructor Corps will be happy to teach you everything you need to know to join the fight. As a Joint Task Force, we are comprised of a Marine platoon and 2 detachments: Anvil Company: The Marines, the boots on the ground. Here is where you are the most versatile and always on your toes. As the backbone of our force, you will be responsible for the bulk of combat operations as well as any other directives passed down from command, whether it be humanitarian aid or the collection of intelligence through local assets. Within Anvil Company there are a variety of roles to be filled, such as Anti-Tank gunner or Auto-rifleman, and many more. Every member of our force started here, earning their stripes as a grunt on the front line. Legion Squadron: Our birds in the sky. Comprised of very experienced Arma players, they are an integral part of our task force, providing various needs such as close air support, assault support, and logistical flight operations. Operating a variety of UNSC air assets, Legion is able to adapt to most tasks at hand, helping ensure the success of JTF forces below. Goliath ODST: The Helljumpers, Going in feet first, Goliath operates closely with the Marines as a force multiplier, while also retaining the ability to operate as a standalone force. Able to perform any task handed to them, they often supports the Marines with medical capabilities, or should the need arise for a small surgical force to operate behind enemy lines Goliath has no qualms. -- This sounds great! What do I need to join? - Minimum 18 years of age; anyone younger may join but they must go undergo a deeper evaluation to assure they can display the appropriate level of commitment. - A working mic and headset. - Ability to speak and understand English. - A level of patience and the willingness to learn. - A commitment to being a consistent member and team player. Activity minimums for the active component is one(1) main operation a week, and for the reserve component two(2) operations a month. What We Offer: - 2 Main Operation Days every Friday & Sunday at 7:00pm (1900) EST. - A dedicated server and TS open 24/7 - Fun, Story driven Zeus-ran campaigns with attention to lore detailing, as well as fun/side operation sporadically hosted by a number of our dedicated zeuses. https://discord.gg/SfBbMXMv6S
  11. The Boys Milsim Hello. The Boys milsim is a highly beginner friendly Arma 3 "unit" that is not strict in its rules or requirements, as we just try to have fun with the game. Most of the current staff team have 5000hours or more on Arma 3 so if you are in doubt about something, just ask and i am sure someone is able to help. We do polls on what people would like to play as during missions and what universe our campaigns should take place in. (to make sure that people have fun) we also do votes on what day and time we should host the missions to make sure that the most people can join in. We host mini-ops throughout the week whenever people come to us and ask Timezone : GMT / Zulu time Op times: Our ops take place on either fridays or saturdays depending on what people vote for All you need: A copy of Arma 3 A working mic and understandable English We do not care if you have just bought Arma 3 or is a 10k hour veteran as everything can be taught very easily. All we care about is the attitude you bring and the mental maturity you show. We are always looking for more people to join the fun, so jump on in and try it. Discord: https://discord.gg/4aRVFUFu
  12. The Boys Milsim Hello. The Boys milsim is a highly beginner friendly Arma 3 "unit" that is not strict in its rules or requirements, as we just try to have fun with the game. Most of the current staff team have 5000hours or more on Arma 3 so if you are in doubt about something, just ask and i am sure someone is able to help. We do polls on what people would like to play as during missions and what universe our campaigns should take place in. (to make sure that people have fun) All you need: A copy of Arma 3 A mic and understandable English We do not care if you have just bought Arma 3 or is a 10k hour veteran as everything can be taught very easily. All we care about is the attitude you bring and the mental maturity you show. We are always looking for more people to join the fun, so jump on in and try it. Discord:https://discord.gg/4aRVFUFu
  13. LOW and EXTREME ALTITUDE PARAJUMPS by Richard Von Quest VERSION: beta v0.6.0 UPDATED: 04 June 2021 DONATE: Support Project // INTRODUCTION: This is the Stand-Alone Module of my HALO/PARA Infiltration System from my SpookWarCom Project. This Module will allow the player to setup transport and perform a combat parajump into any area of the map you desire. Both low-altitude parajumps, and high-altitude HALO jumps are supported. For the more extreme HALO jumps, special equipment is needed to survive the harsh and dangerous environment of the low-oxygen, sub-zero atmosphere. I must stress this is a fictional project. Some creative liberties are taken for better gameplay and immersion. Do not expect a 1:1 simulation of a true military freefall operation. This is a GAME. NOTE: This is a complete overhaul and full re-write of the last versions. Numerous features and old options have been temporally removed to speed up this release. They will be added back in later. "Feet First into Hell" // EQUIPMENT: Dragonfly HALO ReBreather Rig System HellJumper Altimeter NEXTGEN Watch Thermal JumpSuit, H3 Helmet, O2 Bottle Automatic Opening Device (AR3) Electronic Auto Opening Device (ASTRA) Backup Reserve Parachute Sentinel Safety Reserve Trigger Device 3D Models and more coming soon... // FEATURES: Player select FlightPlan, JumpPoint, Cargo Custom Audio, Effects, Lights, Atmosphere Fog-of-War Human Flight Error, Drift, etc SAMs, RADAR, and Flak Enemy Air Defenses Hypothermia, Decompression Sickness, etc Parachute Cut-Away (SHIFT+CTRL+L) Travel Time, Cut Scene, Chute Failure, etc Bury Gear to Hide it from the enemy And many more under development... // AIRCRAFT: XC-130 Hercules "Nightmare" (Black-Ops Edition) // NOTES: This Forum Post glitched and I lost the details I typed up for this page - will re-type it later. Sorry! // KEYBINDING: Shift + D // REQUIRED: - CBA A3 - Community Base Addons // DONATE: HALO/PARAJUMP PROJECT Von Quest Industries // LICENSE: // CREDIT & THANKS: *BIS - for an amazing (and frustrating) hobby! *dr_strangepete - early stages and gear-saving *cobra4v320 - early stages and gear-saving *Mikero - Dev Tools; Utility *Alwarren - Dev Tools (Blender) *Sabre[DUST] - helping with the C-130 *killzone_kid - tutorials and info
  14. BreadTruck96

    Arma 3 OPTRE: 89th JTF

    The 89th Joint Task Force is a MILSIM-Lite OPTRE unit. With a good handful of our members and leadership either active military or prior-military, a lot of what we do is very streamlined and informative. It also allows us to appease the more serious Mil-Sim members while still keeping our more casual members happy. We are also new player friendly; whether you are new to Arma or an Arma Veteran, our trainers will be happy to teach you everything you need to know to join the fight. We are primarily a Marine unit, however we are supported and supplemented by an aviation detachment as well as an ODST team. Roles available for training and use in operation vary from a number of ground combat MOS's, such as grenadier, auto rifleman, anti tank gunner, and more. https://discord.gg/SfBbMXMv6S
  15. Has anyone figured out how to make it so you NEVER enter that 100m halo animation???
  16. Dragoncree

    Arma 3 Halo Milsim Unit

    The 11th Shock Trooper Battalion is a brand-new Halo ODST Arma 3 unit. Hello ladies and gentlemen we are the 11th shock trooper battalion based in US eastern time with Operations and FTX running every Saturday at 8:30 est. We have just recently been formed so we are a small-time unit looking to recruit new blood into our community. 11th STB prides itself on creating a fun and enjoyable space to enjoy Arma 3 and the halo mods that come with it. The campaigns we will run will be story driven with complex and engaging story lines but if you are less concerned with that and more game play, we do boost a creative mission builder team with dedicated people who put hours of there time and energy into breathing life into complex and interesting layout to test your skills. The skills you will be learning include: Assault: Main form of Anti Vehicle and Anti Air for ODST ground forces Support: Your Auto-rifleman class utilizing LMGS and HMGS Marksman: Long range designated sharpshooter Urban: Your breacher and room clearer Medic: Combat lifesaver RTO: Voice for ODST ground forces Rotary: Rotary air vehicle training Fixed: Fixed Wing air vehicle Training times are set to the squad leaders’ preference. We are looking to hold at least 3 to 4 events a month with an attendance of 20 people at the moment. The 11th STB is are open to any and all no matter you level of experience with Arma and use a heavy Milsim style play with some roleplaying. Our discord and information to our community can be found here on our discord https://discord.gg/2Y72X4MvBh
  17. ChaosCompany

    Chaos Company [EST]

    Discord|| TeamSpeak||Website Chaos Company is a Semi-Realism/Casual ArmA 3 Operation Trebuchet (OPTRE) unit loosely based on the Halo universe. We focus on providing a fun, well-structured and organized virtual Military and Halo experience to all players stretching from newcomers to veterans. Enlistment Requirements: 17 (With Waiver) 18+ Years of age Ability to attend at least ONE Official Operation a month A working microphone and Teamspeak 3 Unit Makeup: (See our ORBAT) Chaos Company consists of: -1 Marine Platoon, 2 Combat Teams -ODST Squad -Sniper Fireteam -Engineer Fireteam -Combat Support Squad (tasked with Armor, Artillery, and Aviation needs) Scheduled Main Operations: Over time, the leaders of this unit have recognized that a singular day of the week is not compatible with all members of a community, therefore we alternate our Official Operations each week. These days are announced each preceding month and are conducted at 20:00 / 8:00 PM EST to accommodate all members. Other: Mini-Operations and Special Events throughout the week Interested in becoming Leadership? We promote from within! -Fireteam Leaders -Squad Leaders -Officer Candidates We fill these positions in both our Marine and specialty elements. Training: We strive for all training to be practical, useful, and quick. In too many past communities, we see training that is not useful for the player and is oriented around Senior Leadership bureaucracy. Our training is experienced and new players, with many instructors and a custom training map to help automate training. Required Training -Basic Training Voluntary Training -Weapon Qualifications -Specialty Trainings Leadership Training -Team Leader -Squad Leader -Officer Candidates
  18. **UNSC 15th Expeditionary Force** The 15th Expeditionary Force is an OPTRE Semi-realism-multi-branch unit comprised of Marine, Air Force, and Naval personnel. With the 15th we offer: - Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (With this we encourage brotherhood and teamwork above all) - Marine Force Recon - Certifications and Specializations on multiple weapons/armor (All which include advanced training ranging from JTAC to CQB Specialists to Sapper Specialization etc) - Active Community with operations daily - Promotions are done weekly so you always have a chance to rank up if you do well - Air Force Pararescue (PJs) - A story driven operation formed over multiple weeks done on Saturdays - Office of Naval Intelligence Agents (Section 1) - Spartan Program - First Contact Operation Planned - Game Maker applications open - All Time Zones are covered for OPs - Task Force Radio is used with RTO cert/classes available during the week - And many more when you join the 15th! -Capt. Karambit, 15th Head Admin OUR DISCORD
  19. **United Nations Space Command/Task Force Nova** ______________________________________________________________ **Description** Here at Task Force Nova/UNSC we focus on a serious professional enviroment. We are a very serious group targeted to more mature audiences. We do not tolerate any un-serious behavior. Our group is focus'd twords the Marine Corps of the UNSC, we provide a MOS along with a friendly enviroment. When you join you must Attend Basic Combat Training (BCT). **Motto** Everyday we grow strong as a individual, now we must grow together. **Content Pack** https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1767156070 **Arma 3 Unit** https://units.arma3.com/unit/unsc-milsim **What we Provide** A strict serious atmosphere. A serious group of players. We do NOT tolerate any un-serious attitude during Operations. We will be using TFR (Task Force Radio), in the near future. Organization. **Operation Schedule** We host 2 main campaigns normally on weekends. We try to host 2-3 Operations during each week (mon-fri) **Invite Link** https://discord.gg/FQnYbqU -Captain Roswaal L. Mathers
  20. Greetings! The 122nd ODST Division is a new unit, looking for people who are active and are 17+ or older. The era the unit will be taking part in is the war with the Covenant (along with fighting insurrectionists as well) and the possibilities can range from dropping behind enemy lines, to supporting militias on occupied worlds or can range to planetary defense or invasion of an occupied world. we are also interested in playing with other units. Information The unit is a community between milsim and casual play, in-game during unit events, members are expected to play with a sense of realism from loading in and grabbing gear to the ending with a debrief. Campaigns will be 4 missions long (1 mission per week), Major Campaigns will be 6-8 missions long (1 1/2-2 months long) operations will be on Sundays at 6pm EST (5pm CST) and training will take place on Friday at 6pm EST (5pm CST). Campaigns will have different endings depending on the outcome of the previous missions before the final one, and can depict of moving the unit to another planet or retreating and changing the outcome of its position in the UNSC's fight against the covenant. Outside of operations members are encouraged to play games with each other in team speak and build a camaraderie between each other to build a tight understanding that can be used in operations without conflict arising. If interested please come join us on our discord is: https://discord.gg/PEw5eM
  21. The 7th fleet is always looking for new recruits who are interested in having some Arma 3 fun. We are a fairly laid back unit however we take ops more seriously, but we understand we're all here to enjoy the game and have a good halo/arma experience. We have operations every Sunday and basic training on Tuesday evenings ( we can be flexible with this) we also have a 24/7 OPTRE Liberation server (Exile coming soon ;) ) , we can host fun ops whenever and we have very close relationships with multiple other Arma 3 OPTRE units and love doing joint ops! we are a very open minded group of individuals and we are welcome to any ideas our members have for operations or unit changes. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING US CONTACT US AT: https://discord.gg/24AAkU Thank you, CW2 B. Lubinsky
  22. Hi, im looking for a script that does as the title says. Thanks.
  23. HI I found this script for parajump: openMap true; onMapSingleClick { onMapSingleClick {}; player setpos _pos; _height = 1000; [player,_height] spawn BIS_fnc_halo; hint ''; openMap false; true }; This lets Player to Jump anywhere on the map, but: 1. Doesnt add Parachute 2.Doesnt alow to carry parachute and backack I changed it to this: openMap true; onMapSingleClick { onMapSingleClick {}; player setpos _pos; _height = 1000; [player,_height] spawn BIS_fnc_halo; player addBackpack "B_Parachute"; hint ''; openMap false; true }; Wich solved the first problem, but iam kinda stuck with the second. I tried attachto, but apparently thats not the correct way or iam not understanding how to use it. ANyone tried something simmilar?
  24. If you are looking for a Halo MilSim Server then look no further! Eclipse Halo RP is a server dedicated to the community, and fun above all. We are currently looking for new Marine recruits to fill our ranks and to grow our community. We host weekly Operations as well as Training sessions. We don't ask for any time commitments, IRL COMES FIRST! We have many different branches such as, Armored, Air Force, Marines, ODSTs. We want you to be the role you want to be! After your BMT you are able to select training for a MOS (Job) that you would like! We welcome any and all skill groups. If you're just starting out on Arma and need a place to learn and have fun Eclipse is the place to be! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you in the server! -1st Lt. Karambit, UNSCAF Eclipse Head of Recruitment Eclipse Discord: https://discord.gg/cx7pqAX
  25. -Made with permissions of Article 2 Studios, All models other than BI made get credit to them, Will require OPERATION: TREBUCHET for models and weapons- (Steam workshop (Always Up-To-Date) OPCAN 2.0 is the Revival of OPCAN after all original files were lost. While not fully completed, over time new assets will be added like factions and equipment. Changelog V1.4.5 End -Final build. Release of current dev build (Unfinished assets included). No more updates coming V1.4 -Halo infinite scheme added -WIP colonial guard scheme -Redone all RL camo schemes -MRS-10L-S1 (MAR-10 Reskin) -I think there was more but i forget V-Revival 1.2.1 -Quick hotfix for headwear -Changed facewear textures to match new camo V-Revival 1.2 -Added NVG slot helmet attachments -Redid halo Reach camo patterns -Removed medical helmets based on base OPTRE schemes (since they added their own) -Added more attachments to security vest -Added CIV "TURBOGEN Rake V-5" (Apex Prowler reskin) -Added Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 3 Themed CBU uniforms V-Revival 1.1 -Added M52A "Security" Configuration -Added M52A "Medical" Configuration -Added M52A "Assault" Configuration -Added M92 "Bolt" GMWS (a Jets SAM reskin) -Added Insurrectionist variants of static AA -Added CH252 "Medical" Variants -Added "Slim" variants of most uniforms V-Revival 1.0 -Rebuild of the entire mod to work with current build OPTRE -Removal of halo 3 marines (More info on later) -No factions as of now -Multiple armor and uniform reskins for the CBU series -Multiple ODST armor reskins -For once i added a friggen key -Reskins of Jets DLC Praetorian-1C (or whatever its called), the M48 Buzzsaw Current Screens