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Found 9 results

  1. MGI HALO JUMP Hi all, Here is a little script to make an object as HALO JUMP base. All AI group units with 100 m of the caller will perform the jump. Other players are not concerned. Required: at least one object to add this HALO jump action. parameters: JUMP ALTITUDE / SAFETY ALTITUDE / THIS (object init field) / AI GROUP example: 0 = [this,2000,90] execVM "MGI_HALO.sqf" // in init field of a pole. or simply: car1 execVM "MGI_HALO.sqf" // 2000 ,90 and true are params by default. MGI_HALO.sqf : MGI_HALO = { params [["_pole",objNull,[objNull]],["_jump_alt",2000,[0]],["_jump_safety",90,[0]]]; MGI_compHALO = compileFinal " _plyr = _this; MGI_fnc_orient = { _obj = _this select 0; _p = _this select 1; _obj setVectorDirAndUp [ [ 0,cos _p,sin _p], [[0,-sin _p,cos _p],0] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D ] }; _plyr setVariable ['bpk',unitBackpack _plyr]; _plyr setVariable ['lockInv', _plyr addEventHandler ['InventoryOpened', {true}]]; if (backpack _plyr != '') then { _whs = createVehicle ['WeaponHolderSimulated_Scripted',getpos _plyr vectorAdd [0,-2,1],[],0,'can_collide']; _plyr action ['DropBag', _whs, typeOf (_plyr getVariable 'bpk')]; ['EHid','onEachFrame', { params ['_plyr','_whs']; if (backpack _plyr != 'B_parachute') then { _plyr action ['dropBag', _whs, typeOf (_plyr getVariable 'bpk')]; _plyr action ['AddBag', _whs, 'B_Parachute'] }; call{ if (stance _plyr == 'UNDEFINED') exitWith { _whs attachTo [_plyr,[-0.1,-0.05,-0.7],'leaning_axis']; [_whs,-180] call MGI_fnc_orient }; if (stance _plyr != 'UNDEFINED') exitWith { _whs attachTo [_plyr,[-0.1,0.75,-0.05],'leaning_axis']; [_whs,-90] call MGI_fnc_orient }; }; if (isNil {_plyr getVariable ['bpk',nil]}) then { ['EHid', 'onEachFrame'] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler }; },[_plyr,_whs] ] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler }; "; waitUntil {time >0 && count allPlayers >0 }; _pole addAction ["<t color='#00ffff'>HALO jump for group (AI)</t>",{ params ["_target","_caller","_id","_parameters"]; openmap [true,false]; titleText["Select Map Position", "PLAIN"]; _parameters params ["_jump_alt","_jump_safety"]; ["Jump","onMapSingleClick", { 0 cutText ["","black",0.01,true]; params ["","_pos","","","_jump_alt","_jump_safety","_MGI_forSquad"]; _caller = player; _MGI_units = (units _caller) select {local _x && alive _x && _x distanceSqr _caller < 100000 && isnull objectParent _x}; { [_x,_forEachIndex,_pos,_jump_alt,_jump_safety] spawn { params ["_unit","_index","_pos","_jump_alt","_jump_safety"]; private ["_bpk","_bpktype","_whs","_para"]; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _unit call MGI_compHALO; }; uisleep 2; _unit allowDamage false; _unit setPos [(_pos select 0)-60 + random 30,(_pos select 1) -60 + random 30, (_jump_alt max 200) + (12 *_index)]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) > _jump_safety -50}; uisleep 0.2; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _bpk = _unit getVariable "bpk"; _bpktype = typeOf (_unit getVariable "bpk"); _whs = objectParent _bpk; _unit addBackpackGlobal "B_parachute"; }; 0 cutText ["","black in",1,true]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) < ([_jump_safety max 90,_jump_safety] select (isPlayer _unit)) +20 or (!isnull objectParent player) }; if (!isplayer _unit) then { uisleep 0.8; _chute = createVehicle ["Steerable_Parachute_F", getpos _unit, [], 0, "can_collide"]; _unit moveInDriver _chute; } else { _unit allowDamage true; if (!isTouchingGround _unit) then { _unit action ["OpenParachute", _unit]; } }; _para = objectParent _unit; waitUntil {!isnull _para}; _para allowDamage false; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; (isTouchingGround _unit && isNull _para) or surfaceIsWater (getpos _unit) or !alive _unit}; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _unit setVariable ["bpk",nil]; waitUntil {isNull _para}; deleteVehicle _para; sleep 0.5; if (!isNull _whs) then { detach _whs; _whs setPos (_unit modelToWorld [0,-2,1]); _unit action ["AddBag",objectParent _bpk, _bpktype]; sleep 2; deleteVehicle _whs; }; _unit removeEventHandler ['inventoryOpened',_unit getVariable 'lockInv']; } else { uisleep 2; _unit allowdamage true; }; }; } forEach _MGI_units; openmap [false,false]; false },_parameters] call bis_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; waitUntil {sleep 1; !visibleMap}; ["Jump","onMapSingleClick"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; },[_jump_alt,_jump_safety], 5,false, true,"","vehicle _this == _this"]; _pole addAction ["<t color='#00ffff'>HALO jump solo</t>",{ params ["_target","_caller","_id","_parameters"]; openmap [true,false]; titleText["Select Map Position", "PLAIN"]; _parameters params ["_jump_alt","_jump_safety"]; ["Jump","onMapSingleClick", { 0 cutText ["","black",0.01,true]; params ["","_pos","","","_jump_alt","_jump_safety","_MGI_forSquad"]; _caller = player; [_caller,_pos,_jump_alt,_jump_safety] spawn { params ["_unit","_pos","_jump_alt","_jump_safety"]; private ["_bpk","_bpktype","_whs","_para"]; _unit call MGI_compHALO; uisleep 2; _unit allowDamage false; _unit setPos [_pos select 0,_pos select 1, (_jump_alt max 200)]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) > _jump_safety -50}; uisleep 0.2; _bpk = _unit getVariable "bpk"; _bpktype = typeOf (_unit getVariable "bpk"); _whs = objectParent _bpk; _unit addBackpackGlobal "B_parachute"; 0 cutText ["","black in",1,true]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) < _jump_safety max 90 or (!isnull objectParent player) }; _unit allowDamage true; if (!isTouchingGround _unit) then { _unit action ["OpenParachute", _unit]; }; _para = objectParent _unit; waitUntil {!isnull _para}; _para allowDamage false; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; (isTouchingGround _unit && isNull _para) or surfaceIsWater (getpos _unit) or !alive _unit}; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _unit setVariable ["bpk",nil]; waitUntil {isNull _para}; deleteVehicle _para; sleep 0.5; if (!isNull _whs) then { detach _whs; _whs setPos (_unit modelToWorld [0,-2,1]); _unit action ["AddBag",objectParent _bpk, _bpktype]; sleep 2; deleteVehicle _whs; }; _unit removeEventHandler ['inventoryOpened',_unit getVariable 'lockInv']; } else { uisleep 2; _unit allowdamage true; }; }; openmap [false,false]; false },_parameters] call bis_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; waitUntil {sleep 1; !visibleMap}; ["Jump","onMapSingleClick"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; },[_jump_alt,_jump_safety], 5,false, true,"","vehicle _this == _this"]; }; 0 = [this,2000,90] spawn MGI_HALO Now, you can choose in game if you HALO jump solo or in group (AI fellows within 100 meters). EDITED : version nov 19th 2020 Have fun
  2. Hello, this is a simple script to halo jump a player. Does it work in Multiplayer? Yes, MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer. What does this script do? This script allows a player to HALO on a given point on a map. How do I use this script? Place the script in Select an object on the editor and place the following line into its init to allow HALO from the action menu: (remove <t color='#37A9E7'></t> to show it as plain white like any other action) //If script is in scenario root directory this addAction["<t color='#37A9E7'>H.A.L.O. Jump</t>","[player] execVM 'halo.sqf';"]; //If script is in other scenario directory this addAction["<t color='#37A9E7'>H.A.L.O. Jump</t>","[player] execVM 'yourFolder\halo.sqf';"]; halo.sqf //Uncomment following line if used as function //_unit = param[0]; //Uncomment following line if used as script _unit = _this select 0; _haloAltitude = 1000; //Opening map and handling click openMap true; mapclick = false; onMapSingleClick "clickpos = _pos; mapclick = true; onMapSingleClick """";true;"; waituntil {mapclick}; _haloLocation = clickpos; _unitLoadout = getUnitLoadout _unit; cutText ["H.A.L.O. in progress...", "BLACK OUT", 1]; sleep 1; openMap false; _unit setPos _haloLocation; _unit addBackpack "B_Parachute"; //Halo [_unit, _haloAltitude] call bis_fnc_halo; sleep 2; cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 1]; waitUntil {(getpos _unit select 2) < 2}; //Giving loadout back sleep 1; _unit setUnitLoadout _unitLoadout;
  3. Tandem freefall and parachute landing with a tethered cargo bundle for precise delivery of supplies and equipment with a HALO insertion. Steam Workshop Requires ACE GitHub Features Tandem Jump with cargo in aircraft Vehicle-in-vehicle and ACE cargo compatible Maneuver in free-fall with cargo tethered to jumper Maneuver under canopy with cargo tethered to chute Cut tether at any time via Self Interaction > Equipment > Cut Lowering Line Tether is automatically cut on landing Server & Client Reliable rope scripting requires mod to be running on server and all clients.
  4. Improve your HALO and HAHO experience! Stand up from your seat, walk to the ramp, and step into the air! Steam Workshop GitHub How?! No, this is not walking on moving objects. This method seeks to improve on Immersive HALO Jump, which also uses a static prop on which to walk, but moves players from and back to a flying aircraft: Fly in a plane with player or AI pilot Create a static prop 2 km behind the flying plane at the same altitude When players "Stand up", they are moved to the same relative position on the static prop Ramp animations and Jump lights are synced from the flying plane to the static prop When players step off the ramp they are moved back to flying plane, and given the plane's velocity Players' AI teammates also on the plane will eject at 0.5-second intervals, and will open their chutes at the same altitude as the player does This means that for the jumpers, their position on the map or GPS will seem to "lag" behind the aircraft. It's best to have a marker tracking the aircraft so the jumpers can watch that instead. Ideally they are focused on the ramp and the jumplight, while a player jumpmaster is watching the map. Features Multiplayer and dedicated server compatible Compatible with following, no dependency or compats required: V-44 X Blackfish from Apex CUP C-130, MH-47, MV-22, Mi-6 RHS USAF C-130, CH-47 USAF mod C-130, C-17 FFAA C-130, CH47 3CB Merlin unarmed variants FC CC-130J AMF CASA CN-235 MF Vehicules A400M SAB C-130 Easily plan a Free Fall insertion with an AI plane by setting the Initial Point, Release Point, and Altitude, with auto ramp jump lights. Script version demo missions and "server-only" script version Other Notes The Xi'an does not let you walk on it. Please let me know which other aircraft that let you walk on the ramp and cargo bay should be added. Plan AI Flight can be used when in a cargo seat with an AI Pilot. AI helicopters don't seem to want to fly at altitude, so those are player-pilot only. Ramp and light control actions are restricted to group leaders and players in the pilot's group.
  5. I am trying to script realistic halo jump from a plane's ramp. I have this but it gives me syntax error (missing ; 😞 flg addAction ["Teleport",{ openMap true; onMapSingleClick " openMap false; _grp = createGroup [east, true]; _an = grp createUnit ["pook_AN12B_OPFOR",_pos,[],0,"NONE"]; [_an,2000,_pos] call BIS_fnc_setHeight; _grp setBehaviourStrong "CARELESS"; _an flyInHeightASL [2000, 2000, 2000]; player moveInCargo [_an,1,true]; onMapSingleClick '';"; }]; Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hi everybody, A year has passed since I issued the HUD Tactical glasses V 2.3 Thanks to all of you who took time to play with this add-on and feedback for improvement. This add-on is a pack of tools such as AUTO-REPACK, FATIGUE MANAGER, ENHANCED GPS, ENHANCED MAP TOOLS, TACTICAL ICONS, ARSENAL TEST, HALO JUMP,.. and much more! (details below and more info in readme.txt) Forget the "too heavy backpack" penalty, adjust Zeroing, use map tool for MK6 mortar computing, treat yourself at full with a 2nd FAK, auto repack your magazines,... Your settings are persistent from mission to mission. MP environment compatible. I hope this will please to you but I’m aware nothing is perfect. If you have any specific demand as server owner, just ask me. This add-on is not a heavy one! Just test it. Download here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673533220 View video here:
  7. Everyone starts up in the air with parachutes (units are named flead, fmark, far, fmedic, and fuav) : //Waaaaaay up in the sky: flead setPosATL (flead modelToWorld[0,0,2500]); fmark setPosATL (fmark modelToWorld[0,0,2500]); far setPosATL (far modelToWorld[0,0,2500]); fmedic setPosATL (fmedic modelToWorld[0,0,2500]); fuav setPosATL (fuav modelToWorld[0,0,2500]); They fall, and open their parachutes at default altitude. The next part of the script creates triggers to check each unit to see if it's a player, then opens the player's chute automatically too (I'm just posting fmark's trigger, but there are four - one for each playable unit (flead is not playable)): //Auto open parachute at 350 M: _fmarkChuteOpenTrig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos "dropZoneMarker"]; _fmarkChuteOpenTrig setTriggerArea [2000, 2000, 0, false, 350]; _fmarkChuteOpenTrig setTriggerActivation ["WEST", "PRESENT", false]; _fmarkChuteOpenTrig setTriggerStatements ["(isPlayer fmark) and (fmark in thisList)", "fmark action ['openParachute']; deleteVehicle thisTrigger", ""]; Since the wind blows the AI all around, I have four more triggers to make sure the NPCs make it to their drop zone (again, only posting one of the triggers for you to see): //Make sure AI lands in the drop zone: _fleadDropZoneTrig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getMarkerPos "dropZoneMarker"]; _fleadDropZoneTrig setTriggerArea [2000, 2000, 0, false, 80]; _fleadDropZoneTrig setTriggerActivation ["WEST", "PRESENT", false]; _fleadDropZoneTrig setTriggerStatements ["(!(isPlayer flead)) and (flead in thisList)", "flead setPosATL [getMarkerPos 'fleadDZMarker' select 0, getMarkerPos 'fleadDZMarker' select 1, getPosATL flead select 2]; deleteVehicle thisTrigger", ""]; Once the player is 100 meters from the ground, the script checks to see if all 5 units are still alive. If everyone survived the jump (even using allowDamage false does not keep the stupid AI from dying on parachute jumps), then as soon as they're all on the ground, they get a waypoint (the group _fgrp) was defined already, I just didn't include it): waitUntil {getPosATL player select 2 < 100}; //Go to the next script once everyone's on the ground: if ({alive _x} count units group player == 5) then { waitUntil { (isTouchingGround flead) and (isTouchingGround fmark) and (isTouchingGround far) and (isTouchingGround fmedic) and (isTouchingGround fuav) }; //Waypoint to rally point: _wp = _fgrp addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "rallyPointMarker",0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "SAFE"; _wp setWaypointVisible false; The problem: the AI do not treat this waypoint like a LIMITED, SAFE waypoint. They are running around with their flashlights on, and they act like they're trying to secure the area around the waypoint (they take FOREVER) before they finally reach the waypoint. Additionally, all of the successive waypoints (even though identical Speed and Behaviour) act like this. The only way I've found to fix this is to start the player on the ground. If the player doesn't join the rest of the group for the parachute jump, it all works just fine. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.
  8. I'm looking for help making an animation look nice. I've got a scenario where players have the option (via action menu) to jump down from a wall thats about 5m height. I've found the animation for jumping from the back of the cargo truck which fits in nicely: AcrgPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_getOutHigh The problem is that the animation doesn't start from a point an jump forward. Rather, it starts at the end-point, teleports the player back and up and then starts the jump animation. Now naturally I've worked out the right sort of distance and height the jump occurs from so I can just teleport the player to the end-point and initiate the animation. However, the teleport is noticable, and it looks...well kind of awful. I'm hoping somebody has a method of overcoming this or perhaps knows of a different way that doesn't use this particular animation. Here's what I have so far: /////////////////// FIND INFO ABOUT UNIT /////////////////// _unit = (_this select 0); _bearing = getDir _unit; _startPosATL = getPosATL _unit; /////////////////// ASSESS JUMP VIABILITY /////////////////// _jumpDistanceLateral = 1.75; _startHeight = _startPosATL select 2; _endHeight = 0; _jumpEndPoint = [_startPosATL,_jumpDistanceLateral,_bearing] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _jumpEndPoint set [2,2.6]; _lineStartZ = (_startPosATL select 2) + 0.5; _lineEndZ = 0.5; _lineStart = [_startPosATL select 0, _startPosATL select 1,_lineStartZ]; _lineEnd = [_jumpEndPoint select 0, _jumpEndPoint select 1,_lineEndZ]; And then: if (!lineIntersects [_lineStart,_lineEnd]) then { _cam switchCamera "Internal"; camUseNVG true; sleep 0.5; setAccTime 0.1; _unit allowDamage false; _unit switchMove "AcrgPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_getOutHigh"; _unit setPosATL _jumpEndPoint; }; sleep 3; _unit allowDamage true; setAccTime 1; player switchCamera "internal"; camDestroy _cam; Note that the camera and time slowing is just so I can observe what it looks like from the point of view of someone else. YES this mission is multi-player so I can't just ignore it and stick to first person. YES I have run the sequence with time ACC set to 1.0 and yes the teleport is still visible at this speed.
  9. Hi, i have this problem since ages, all tanks in random moment seems to have unexpected manner to jump like Hulk in the random direction. I know that most of ussers have the same issue with TRACKED vehicles, my question is - does anybody fix it somehow? Problem is totally ruining gameplay, it happen with all tracked vehicles with and without mods. Problem seems to be totally ignored by feedback tracker, and player need to face with the problem by himself. I see Bohemia is doing some changes, but most annnoying is, they marked solved the issue with tank reversing and it is not fixed. So we have now tanks jumping and crew which cannot reverse the vehicle. What is this, HOW IT COULD BE NAMED SIMULATOR?! Simulator of hulk vehicles? Lets paint all of them green and it will be better lookin.... All tracked amphibious vehicles cannot swim, but developers promissed that will be fixed with Tanoa I am not trolling, i'm just angry that devs are ignoring most gamebreaking issue since all Arma series (yes i know about FPS, but untill new expansion will come out, it will not be fixed), and keep pushing new stuff instead of fixing the basics. And now all RHS Escalation vehicles freeze as well and there is no way to move them. I'm not sure about vanilla tanks Arma version 1.52 Gigabyte Radeon R9 270 oc [2GB] i5 4690, 4 x 3,5 Ghz [3,9Ghz in turbo] 8GB RAM 1600 Mhz [ 2 x 4 GB HyperX in dual mode] 1 TB HDD, 7200rpm All drivers up-to-date (as allways, full version, no beta)