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  1. Breaching Charge

    The charges can be found in the arsenal under Explosives. You can use the magazine class name AMP_Breaching_Charge_Mag to add them to a character or container inventory.
  2. Breaching Charge

    Added compatibility for doors on JBAD houses which are used on maps like Lythium.
  3. Force Vehicle lights on?

    Just have an identical empty vehicle with
  4. Breaching Charge

    Updated to work with walls from JBAD Buildings, which are used on maps such as Kunduz.
  5. Breaching Charge

    I'd need a randomized stick object to "hold it up" =p
  6. I wanted to ask, but you already answered =)
  7. Breaching Charge

    FIxed the charge rotating after setting trigger, and added bikey.
  8. Breaching Charge

    Great! I'm already using the first 2 to open the door. I'll have a look at hiding it. Maybe I'll have the current SLAM modeled one destroy walls and fences and hide doors, and a smaller one only destroys fences and open doors. Edit It seems like it only works for very select things, doors not being one of those.
  9. Breaching Charge

    I didn't investigate this. Do you know of a mod or script that does it? I'll look into it.
  10. Breaching charge that sticks to surfaces, demolishes walls, and opens doors, with minimal collateral damage. Requires ACE Explosives Downloads: Steam Workshop Github Class names: AMP_Breaching_Charge_Mag Minimum safe area reference To lock a door: _house setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_1", 1, true];
  11. Currently the guns are limited to 15 degrees off straight forward. They cannot be made to point forward at all. And of course, they start in the position like your picture, pointed sideways and down.
  12. Sounds awesome. My main point was that the door guns should be able to point forward on the troop-carrying versions, and be fixed forward on the DAPs.
  13. Here's what I'm after.
  14. They are limited to 15 degrees short of forward or backward. They should be able to point straight forward and even a little past. For the DAPs at least, the door guns are in fact fixed forward. Also for the DAPs it'd be awesome if the pilot or copilot could trigger the miniguns (or have their own minigun weapons that use both doorgun memory points).