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  1. Currently the guns are limited to 15 degrees off straight forward. They cannot be made to point forward at all. And of course, they start in the position like your picture, pointed sideways and down.
  2. Sounds awesome. My main point was that the door guns should be able to point forward on the troop-carrying versions, and be fixed forward on the DAPs.
  3. Here's what I'm after.
  4. They are limited to 15 degrees short of forward or backward. They should be able to point straight forward and even a little past. For the DAPs at least, the door guns are in fact fixed forward. Also for the DAPs it'd be awesome if the pilot or copilot could trigger the miniguns (or have their own minigun weapons that use both doorgun memory points).
  5. I'd like to contribute some config tweaks. How would I go about submitting this kind of thing? The tweaks are concerning the UH-60 door guns, improving range of motion, allowing them to point straight forward, especially useful in case of the DAP versions.
  6. High Command Module - MP

    Maybe you can place certain limitations on your Zeus scenario, like only map view, only group leaders accessible, etc.
  7. Trigger Attributes

    Side changes can be done by having the units join a group on the desired side IND > BLU, or CIV > OPF. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/joinSilent
  8. I think it's too much to expect a man-portable mortar to have automatic aim and elevation via a "tablet" targeting computer. Using the optical sight, it already calculates the elevation required. We just need to be able to input a range somewhere else, and have it give us the required barrel elevation.
  9. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Spawn it on solid land and then teleport it aboard ship.
  10. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    You gotta hold down Space until the Launch circle goes all the way around.
  11. Here's a HUD-type weapon sight on an Afghan Air Force MD 530F. Would be nice to have something similar.
  12. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    The covers are the "stealth" tabs that go over the hinges. The last parameter "true" makes it instant, so it snaps up instead of beginning to animate at mission start.
  13. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    The UCAV Sentinel does not have a throttle percentage indicator. Both carrier-based aircraft will likely need much better turning on the nose wheel. Currently they can turn about 45 degrees. Real carrier jets have nose wheels that basically pivot to 90 degrees.