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  1. ampersand38

    EricJ Release thread

    I haven't touched that part. start with allowing 360 traverse and up to 85 elevation (regardless of irl limits), perhaps.
  2. ampersand38

    EricJ Release thread

    Likely the center of mass is not over the plate (change this), and it doesn't move with the traverse (can't? change this), so when the wheels rotate out from under the center of mass, it tips over. I had to deal with this from helping with project RACS arty pieces.
  3. ampersand38

    Zeus Enhanced

    Entities placed by Zeus are local to the Zeus player's client, unless/until that changes.
  4. ampersand38

    Zeus Enhanced

    Area Markers, yes. Icon Markers, no.
  5. ampersand38

    Zeus Enhanced

    Make sure your Zeus module has all addons allowed, and your ZEN Faction Filter settings are not hiding what you're looking for. If it's not those, please provide more detail as to what you're expecting to see and what you're actually seeing.
  6. ampersand38

    Breaching Charge & Door Wedge

    Added Tree Felling
  7. Snapping for Eden and Zeus Steam Workshop Easily align objects in the editors. Features - Object-to-object snapping - Translation, rotation, and surface - Custom-defined and auto-calculated snap points: thin objects get 1 point at each end, thick objects get 4 corner points. - Does not create mission dependencies - Client-side for Zeus - Hints: nearest snap points shown in red if too far to snap, yellow and green for successful snap - Works for all objects inheriting from class Static Eden - Enabled with Translation Grid (use a small grid size) - Rotation snapping to nearest 90-degree-angle enabled with Rotation Grid - Surface mode for walls on hilly terrain enabled with Surface Snapping Zeus - Enable snapping with Curator Compass - Enable Rotation snapping with Curator Clock Keybinds To enable keybinds, turn on the CBA Addons setting, then set keys for toggling each mode in Modded Keybinds (Not CBA keybinds, those don't work in Eden). Bonus keybind for opening the Attributes menu for selected entities. Contribute custom snap points to the GitHub.
  8. In case you haven't seen this yet: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2961167812
  9. ampersand38

    TGP Simple Cockpit Slew

    Updated! Control Helicopter and UAV Turrets from the pilot seat! (Yes RHS Little Birds). Add HOTAS-compatible keybindings Add keys for taking control and collision lights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSjdsS7ncBA
  10. ampersand38

    TGP Simple Cockpit Slew

    There's potential!
  11. Steam Workshop GitHub Get in the right positions to take the right shots. Lean Out Lean over a window or ledge to shoot along or down the wall! When your weapon is deployed on a surface, press Infantry > Adjust Stance Up (Ctrl + W) to go into leaning mode. Use View > Raise/Lower Turret (E/Q) to adjust the lean angle. Be sure to decrease the lean angle before exiting! At maximum lean angle, exiting or being killed will result in you falling over the ledge! Works for Zeus-remote-controlled units, so mission makers can setup AI in defensive positions.
  12. ampersand38

    Battle Buddy AI

    Grenade Icons for demonstration purposes only.
  13. ampersand38

    Sling Load Rigging

    1.1.5 Added Unsung Redux -46, -47, -53
  14. ampersand38

    Zeus Enhanced

    To help test, join the Discord https://discord.com/invite/kN7Jnhr
  15. ampersand38

    Battle Buddy AI

    Steam Workshop AI squadmates that better help you fight. Magazine Passing When you load the last magazine of any particular type, or when you try to reload with no compatible magazines remaining, nearby AI squadmates who have a compatible magazine will pass it to you. If you are in an FFV vehicle seat, AI squadmates in the same vehicle will be able to pass you a magazine. Use settings to configure how far they can do so, and how you want to be notified. Works in Singleplayer and MP. If you are in a group local to the server, or is led by another player who does not have this mod loaded, the AI in that group will not pass magazines to you. Salvo Fire AI squadmates fire a devastating salvo on your lead. Currently only grenades (UGL and launcher soon to come). 1. Select squadmates (currently only by [`] or F1..F10) 2. Switch to the weapon 3. Squadmates report "Ready to fire" 4. Fire! Steam Workshop