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  1. It's all SFM with keyboard and mouse. I'm pretty sure the flight model hasn't been tweaked from the vanilla ghosthawk. If you're knowledgeable about that and want to help, please let us know!
  2. ampersand38

    Ride Where You Look

    1.3.1 Add CBA settings for icon colours Fixed too-high icons for most vehicles!
  3. ampersand38

    Free Fall Off The Ramp

    1.0.1 Added: Can now sit back down Can clean up static dummy from flying aircraft Support for FFAA C-130 Support for RHS and FFAA CH-47 without AI flight. AI don't seem to want to fly helis at altitude. Fade transition and message on Begin AI Flight Improved: Jump light position offset on Flying aircraft Minimum distance to 6 km At 4 km, AI Pilot "Stand Up" message, auto ramp open and red light Fixed: Plan AI Flight does not show on mission-script-only version. AI Flight speed now respects aircraft stall and max speeds RHS C-130 model jumplight not going green 1.0.2 Added support for CUP aircraft: C-130, MH-47, MV-22, Mi-6. CH-47 with ramp gun won't let you walk past it. Fixed AI Pilot vehicle chat spam.
  4. Improve your HALO and HAHO experience! Stand up from your seat, walk to the ramp, and step into the air! Steam Workshop GitHub How?! No, this is not walking on moving objects. This method seeks to improve on Immersive HALO Jump, which also uses a static prop on which to walk, but moves players from and back to a flying aircraft: Fly in a plane with player or AI pilot Create a static prop 2 km behind the flying plane at the same altitude When players "Stand up", they are moved to the same relative position on the static prop Ramp animations and Jump lights are synced from the flying plane to the static prop When players step off the ramp they are moved back to flying plane, and given the plane's velocity Players' AI teammates also on the plane will eject at 0.5-second intervals, and will open their chutes at the same altitude as the player does This means that for the jumpers, their position on the map or GPS will seem to "lag" behind the aircraft. It's best to have a marker tracking the aircraft so the jumpers can watch that instead. Ideally they are focused on the ramp and the jumplight, while a player jumpmaster is watching the map. Features Multiplayer and dedicated server compatible Compatible with following, no dependency or compats required: V-44 X Blackfish from Apex CUP C-130, MH-47, MV-22, Mi-6 RHS USAF C-130, CH-47 USAF mod C-130, C-17 FFAA C-130, CH47 Easily plan a Free Fall insertion with an AI plane by setting the Initial Point, Release Point, and Altitude, with auto ramp jump lights. Script version demo missions and "server-only" script version Other Notes The Xi'an does not let you walk on it. Please let me know which other aircraft that let you walk on the ramp and cargo bay should be added. Plan AI Flight can be used when in a cargo seat with an AI Pilot. AI helicopters don't seem to want to fly at altitude, so those are player-pilot only.
  5. ampersand38

    Time Slowing Menu

    Time for Door Kickers in Arma 3!
  6. ampersand38

    Sling Load Rigging

    Prettier ropes being worked on with lost and ovi wan kenovi https://imgur.com/a/7tWuVUS
  7. ampersand38

    Sling Load Rigging

    1.0.8 Fix teleporting cargo with latest ACE
  8. ampersand38

    Dismount Where You Look

    2.0.3 Code Optimizations thanks to CoryF88 Prevent exit while in Zeus
  9. Driver Dismount Sensor adds a sensor panel to show nearby dismounts to AFV drivers, improving situational awareness and reducing the risk of running over personnel, especially when limited to 1st person view. Steam Workshop
  10. ampersand38

    Sling Load Rigging

    1.0.7 Fixed rigging over water, thanks pterolatypus
  11. ampersand38

    Dismount Where You Look

    2.0.2 Fixed script error with GM and SOG vehicles (thanks to Fusselwurm)
  12. Tandem freefall and parachute landing with a tethered cargo bundle for precise delivery of supplies and equipment with a HALO insertion. Steam Workshop Requires ACE GitHub Features Tandem Jump with cargo in aircraft Vehicle-in-vehicle and ACE cargo compatible Maneuver in free-fall with cargo tethered to jumper Maneuver under canopy with cargo tethered to chute Cut tether at any time via Self Interaction > Equipment > Cut Lowering Line Tether is automatically cut on landing Server & Client Reliable rope scripting requires mod to be running on server and all clients.
  13. ampersand38

    Arma3 Videos