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  1. ampersand38

    Dismount Where You Look

    2.0.2 Fixed script error with GM and SOG vehicles (thanks to Fusselwurm)
  2. Tandem freefall and parachute landing with a tethered cargo bundle for precise delivery of supplies and equipment with a HALO insertion. Steam Workshop Requires ACE GitHub Features Tandem Jump with cargo in aircraft Vehicle-in-vehicle and ACE cargo compatible Maneuver in free-fall with cargo tethered to jumper Maneuver under canopy with cargo tethered to chute Cut tether at any time via Self Interaction > Equipment > Cut Lowering Line Tether is automatically cut on landing Server & Client Reliable rope scripting requires mod to be running on server and all clients.
  3. ampersand38

    Arma3 Videos

  4. ampersand38

    Ride Where You Look

    1.3.0 - Choose seat for ACE dragging/carrying/escorting unit (ACE not required) - Use nearEntities over lineIntersectSurfaces more frequently - Respect locked seats
  5. ampersand38

    Sling Load Rigging

    The slingload dummy is only 1m x 1m, enough to be stable on the ground. For ViV you'd want a dummy with an appropriately sized viv cargo space so spacing works out well, maybe via a system of various sized "pallets". For that kind of recovery you might be better off just restoring the vehicle in-place to a not-wreck or a container so it can viv, and also disabling/locking it so the only option is to transport it to the depot. Of course there's always attachTo, and ideally the engine would allow viv of wrecks =p
  6. ampersand38

    Sling Load Rigging

    1.0.6 Enable rigging vehicle wrecks.
  7. ampersand38

    Ride Where You Look

    I can't seem to reproduce it. Can you record a video or talk me through the exactly inputs?
  8. ampersand38

    Sling Load Rigging

    1.0.5 Fix Manual RIg of elevated cargo objects
  9. ampersand38

    Ride Where You Look

    Update with tweaks for Hatchet H-60
  10. ampersand38

    Dismount Where You Look

    Re-written for 2.0.0 with exit position ICONS! 2.0.1 Fix script error on keypress when not in a vehicle.
  11. ampersand38

    Sling Load Rigging

    @beeper That's quite the ambitious lift! I'll look into offset hook placement for elevated cargo 😃 If you can confirm reproduction of this behaviour as well, that would be awesome.
  12. ampersand38

    Tire Deflation Device

    1.0.1 ACE explosive placing compatible Use stringtable Tweaks: - Decrease hit - Decreased indirectHitRange - Disable ace fragmentation - Disable ace explodeOnDefuseChance - Add force slow to reduce skid distance