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  1. ampersand38

    Ropes and parachutes

    Yeah I've been working around it by having a separate object be the rope-top, and then attaching that object to the chute.
  2. ampersand38

    Military Tandem Tethered Bundle

    1.0.1 Fixed jumping with ACE cargo.
  3. Interesting. does this help? https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60
  4. ACE interact on the heli > Load Cargo, then select the stretcher
  5. ampersand38

    Blind Fire

    It's a cut down character model holding a the same weapon, and the player is given a fake weapon, with a fired EH that makes the dummy fire 😃
  6. ampersand38

    Blind Fire

    Point and shoot around corners and over walls! Keybinds in Options > Controls > Blind Fire Default: Blind FIre (Toggle): Alt + B Aim Left: Alt + Q Aim Right: Alt + E Works with rifle, launcher, and pistol. Ammo count, nght vision, IR lasers, and flashlights preserved. Action menu will make you stop Blind Firing. Steam Workshop
  7. Release Hotfix Added: + Adjust pylon position action https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/251 Fixed: ^ SFM handling too sensitive ^ Pilots cannot go into full screen camera ^ Rotor collision too low ^ AFM pedals animation reversed xD ^ Cabin doors PhysX, can now shoot/throw through open cabin doors ^ Left gun no muzzle flash ^ ViV was not working Tweaked: * Main gear now droop further * Decreased interaction radius for Master Caution * Prevent LOD switch on ADS when FFV * Cabin doors are flush with hull when opened * Turrets are no longer customizable in Garage
  8. Merry Christmas! Release 0.4.0! Added: + FLIR for Copilot and PiP MFDs https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/230 - Improved slewing - Stabilize Camera to position or object, default Ctrl + T - Scripted camera vision mode, default N - PIP effect mode (since N is player nvg) on Transport Night Vision, default Right Ctrl + N - Toggle laser from copilot seat (with ai or player in pilot seat) on Command Fire, default Ctrl + Left Mouse - CBA keybinds for pip slewing and entering scripted camera - sling load camera in MFD + Garage customization of textures and parts https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/236 + Turn In and Out for doorgunners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OXTd-KxXqk + TAC map functions https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/198 + JVMF features + MEDEVAC version with Turn-out-FFV, ViV space, and seats https://youtu.be/4H-7rK-_Uqg + Eden attribute to set door numbers https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/190 + Interaction to move between cockpit and cabin https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/204 + CBA setting to suppress debug messages Fixed: ^ Hoist hook teleporting to [0,0,0] (again) ^ GAU-21 now blocks cabin doors from closing https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/231 ^ FFV seats on MH-60S Knighthawk with GAU-21L now exit to right side https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/231 ^ Doorgun sights ADS is now centered https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/216#issuecomment-995445683 ^ UH-60M cabin seat get in/out mempoints are now split between both sides https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/224 ^ Flight Director keybinds only activate in AFM https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/202 Tweaked: * On HMD, moved VSI and rescaled radar alt for better low-level https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/219 * Removed empty vehicle ui box https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/235 * Kimi HMD actions are now hidden https://github.com/Project-Hatchet/H-60/pull/228
  9. ampersand38

    Arma3 Videos

  10. TGP Simple Cockpit Slew Slew the pilot camera from the cockpit view via simple controls: - Hold key and use mouse to slew. - Keybind to slew camera to HMD target or waypoint. - Toggle stabilization. Steam Workshop
  11. ampersand38

    Ride Where You Look

    1.4.0 Improved MP same-vehicle seat-switching at high-speed by using basegame moveToSeat actions when possible, instead of moving player out and back in. Fixed distance check when getting into a vehicle.
  12. It's all SFM with keyboard and mouse. I'm pretty sure the flight model hasn't been tweaked from the vanilla ghosthawk. If you're knowledgeable about that and want to help, please let us know!