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  1. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Congrats on Release! New Physx On all tanks looks outstanding - recoild, suspension physics, overall vehicle feeling - it really should be vanilla content, and all that is vanilla now, should be a mod ;) 2 small issues; - T-72/T-90 tracks are not moving/moving in right direction/opposite track is moving when making turn on stop - Humvee is making instand 180 at handbrake at speed 90km/s (just like in NFS 2016) Besides that, everything on the highest level as allways. I wasnt however up-to-date and the Xmas gift for USAF are the new faction - Island defenders (or something similar - sorry i played it too short) with old M113 variants?
  2. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Yep, currently i'm using this all the time. Setting "night" is the best Its activating automaticly, no need to re-set anything on every launch.
  3. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Guys, i can see the light... Nvidia Freestyle: 390 WHQL "Gaming Technology Adds support for NVIDIA Freestyle which lets you apply post-processing filters to your games while you play."
  4. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Thunders must be loud, i remember when it was way to quiet.
  5. IRL you got wipers that can clear vision ports. That can be nice solution for texture transition
  6. Tanks DLC Feedback

    Its just Arma man ;) This tactics werent even used in WWII, undless tankc rew were panic, desperated, or losed self control :D I really wish they could programm tanks pathfinding for searching for "tank cover" (some dith, barrier covering whole hull etc) and standing front to it, so enemy would hit front of uncovered part.... but its arma - tank crews cant see through cover : With repairing - what i suggested was only suggest, but fixing wheels/tracks/engine could be fine, as complex repair support in arma 3.... is almost impossible. I cant imagine enginering tracked vehicle to come, deploy its footrests and use crain animation to change damaged engine. At last it could only stand by damaged vehicle and repair status could start (just like for now, when you move to repair, refuel or rearm point, and stand next to it). But nothing is impossible - behavior i have subscribed as last is possible as calling support vehicle as taxi just next to your vehicle. All that is needed is damaged vehicle, support repair vehicle, and 2 modules of support in editor. But as we all know pathfinding of tracked vehicles may lead to situation when support vehicle will not stop next to damaged vehicle, will start braking too late and move too far (which is standard for tracked vehicles). So as we all see, long standing bugs is making progress very hard and should be fixed.
  7. Tanks DLC Feedback

    allowcrewinimmobile keep crew in immobilised vehicle - if its damage reach critical level (vehicle gonna explode) crew is disembarking. Addon of mine (and community) is checking if there is enemy in distance setted in config (now the hardest part - for tank battles best distance for check would be 1500M, but for normal fights - infantry mostly - 400M is enough - hard to find compromise, specially with "sniper militias"). Also when there is clear around, driver is disembarking and start repairing broken parts, but in resoult whole vehicle is fixed (dont know how to set only tracks/wheels/engine to be fixed) - BIS with its motion capture studio could record finally some goot repairing animation, instead 4 years old tire changing animation that need to be looped, which sometimes in this game is not working (also phrone with launcher animation by the way please ;) )
  8. Tanks DLC Feedback

    You can allways force gunner to fire - push ctr + left mouse button. If you are talking about "dual mode" then i'm signing under this idea.
  9. Tanks DLC Feedback

    I tested it very deep, they baiil out if they know enemy position (and can respond with fire) and if enemy location is unknown. Knowing how enemy detection in Arma 3 works, i would keep crew in vehicles even if they dont know enemy position, beacuse sometimes they dont see enemy vehicle standing 100M in front of them. Leaving tank that can be easly fixed is irractional, it gives no chance to this crew to survive as they bail out even when surrounded by grenadiers without AT weapon (under barrel grenade launchers only). It definetly need change. Also, the best option to somehow simulate tank crew is to make driver an enginer - so he could get off immobilised tank (tank would not drive out after repair) and fix tracks/wheels/engine). Off course all is in my addon, may people have helped me creating it, and its very flexible, developers can improve it a lot.
  10. Tanks DLC Feedback

    So, as someone say about FLIR some words automaticly comes to wriite, as too small contrast - you can see enemy bright as torch, while you cant see terrain you are moving on - thats not right. You should be able to see terrain pretty good : Also what was writed long time ago and can be missed in development - Ai behavior on damaging tracks/wheels/engine. Please make them not disembarking vehicle, it looks really silly if facing armor head-to-head with your own tank, you get hit in track (tank is still able to defend, noone from crew has died) and you are forced out of tank with rest of crew. Same with revert situation - you hit AI tank into tracks, and watch how them disembarking workable vehicle - thats must be changed in order to make tanks fully effective. I see physx changes, and i love that, there is not much to get done, i can count it all on my one hand fingers. - Pathfinding - bypassing infantry (and not make tank stupid like it was with reversing issue) - Proper Infra-red contrasting (all vehicles and optics with thermals get profit) - Changing behavior of Disembarking crew on track/wheel/engine (again, You (Developers) can make use of my addon) Thats not that much considering how long that list was before touching tanks DLC changes.
  11. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    Turret servo sound for tanks, ifv's is still louder than overall vehicle sounds :(
  12. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    It seems to be... predictable, but dont know what factor dirreclty is they issue AI get binocs in hands in few circumstates i have observed. - if they lost enemy from their eyes and dont see any more enemies (scaning are for those who escaped?) - if they are low on ammo - and in random actions, even in firefight, when they are in group, single etc. It definetly need further testing, as temponrary fix i would put binocs in their inwentory, but NOT on binocs slot (just in vest, or in uniform)
  13. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Yes, but BIS havent added any single color correction (green, red, blue) and ready presets, so you can set up A2 OA look.
  14. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    HOLY SH.....T! Finally one guy, overtaken whole team of developers and fixed (sort of it) main issue since last 10 updates...... Without documentation, just with his faith it can be done. Great job Bohemia, or maybe shame? It pity that this mod broke RHS optics :/ I cant play A3 without RHS.....
  15. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    This..... I have reported this some time ago (month?) after i saw in changelog it has been fixed. Just to be precise dear developers - NO, its not fixed;