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  1. maquez

    Port forward question

    security reasons .... portrange 2302-2305, 2x02-2x05... UDP Steam related ports port 2306, 2x06... UDP Battleye related port (different server location) do not open any non needed ports "TCP" (security reasons too) sure you could open the entire portrange from 0 up to 64738 TCP/UDP but this would be a very stupid idea Getting a Close Look at Firewalls what is a firewall (do work as a Cyber Security Consultant)
  2. maquez

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    this advice is a very stupid one your server would NOT be protectet against any cheats/cheaters... don't do that !!!!
  3. maquez

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    common BI, you serious ? you manage to break game (servers) for several customers and all what you do is tell us to use this shady "performance build" or rollback to previous build, to fix this problem... question, what about all steam costumers that NEVER will visit this forum? kind regards a customer
  4. maquez

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    how about a official released hotfix or rollback to 1.88 !?
  5. maquez

    Port forward question

    do NOT open portrange 2302-2306 TCP/UDP .... server wont show on serverbrowswer you need to open follow ports: portrange 2302-2305 UDP and port 2306 UDP
  6. maquez

    Pls help game crash 0x000000FF

    0x000000ff Error Codes are caused in one way or another by misconfigured system files in your windows operating system. make sure you don't have any viruses, trojans or any other malware in your system read this: How to fix 0x000000ff Error? (do NOT USE the (0x000000ff) repair utility tool) !!! and System File Checker tool use this method instead !
  7. maquez

    createPeer Failed No Severs Showing

    you need open portrange 2302-2305 UDP and singleport 2306 UDP on router
  8. open ports not needed or just because of inexperience can be risky... you need open portrange 2302-2305 UDP and singleport 2306 UDP on your router and make sure that UPnP is enabled and disable not needed windows firewall (a way more safe firewall already installed as a standard on most modern routers) or create a firewall rule for the arma3.exe
  9. maquez

    Arma lags too much, pelase help

    if you use arma 3 on a normal HD then make sure that you defragment that drive every time a arma patch is released this can and will help also for the problem you describe
  10. maquez

    Battleeye connection issues

    disable stupid windows firewall make sure you opened UDP port range 2302-2305 and port 2306 on your router
  11. buy a X-Box controller, a HOTAS Joystick for arma... is way exaggerated, this game not DCS World
  12. maquez

    Debug console broken

    delete entry ["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; and execute empty code line in console should get rid of that command
  13. No more downloads for CUP Terrains Complete ?
  14. maquez

    1-10 FPS at High-end laptop

    .... no miracle you get bad FPS ... your viewdistances way too high use these settings as a reference: with above settings I get on my 6700K with a GTX 980 TI arround 60 FPS stable in singleplayer/multiplayer
  15. maquez

    Forums Upgrade

    same here since a few weeks lot of "502 bad gateway" errors, I use Firefox ESR 52.4.0 32bit.