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  1. Debug console broken

    delete entry ["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; and execute empty code line in console should get rid of that command
  2. No more downloads for CUP Terrains Complete ?
  3. 1-10 FPS at High-end laptop

    .... no miracle you get bad FPS ... your viewdistances way too high use these settings as a reference: with above settings I get on my 6700K with a GTX 980 TI arround 60 FPS stable in singleplayer/multiplayer
  4. Forums Upgrade

    same here since a few weeks lot of "502 bad gateway" errors, I use Firefox ESR 52.4.0 32bit.
  5. I need fix lag

    Burmese ... lol, Have you ever heard about Vietnam?
  6. looks like you search for them on the wrong place and with the wrong tool ... do NOT use browser for search and install, use steams own client go menu tab LIBRARY, then menu Tools and you will find Arma 3 Samples, Arma 3 Server, Arma 3 Tools
  7. disable stupid windows firewall or generate rule for 64bit.exe required ports defined on router/firewall ?
  8. Broken Zeus causing crashes

    how about a hotfix officially released on steam and not be pushed to use experimental branches? not everybody do read in this forums and this error is quite a game breaking bug for all zeus users
  9. with a 6700K and upwards you can expect stable 60 FPS in arma3. with your CPU you may expect arround 30-40 FPS
  10. windows taskmanager open menu processes right click on the arma executable and choose set affinity... done
  11. Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    Section "Gaze tracking settings" - Gaze tracking mode: Extended View - Responsiveness 20% - Sensitivity Speed 2.00 Exponent: 2.50 Inflection point: 0.80 Start point: 0.00 End point: 1.00 Section "Head tracking settings" - Head tracking mode: Direct - Responsiveness 20% - Sensitivity Speed 10.00 Exponent 1.50 Inflection point: 0.20 Start point: 0.00 End point: 1.00 Section "Control features" Enable/Disable key: Toggle, Oem102 Center view on disable: On Center view key: Mouse Right I do use these settings not only in Arma3, use this also in DCS World and Elite Dangerous
  12. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    sorry, I never played and will never play KOTH ... there are also other players arround that had once fun with arma3, but these changes the latest few years did erase most of the cool parts of the game I can list a few of them: - audio overhaul, was arround march, april 2015 very good but got messed up later - fatigue/stamina, no comment here or I risk a forum ban - weapon sway, same as above - visual upgrade, night missions are now just a bad joke - Jet's DLC, VTOL's now just pain in the ass to fly and other overdone changes specially with the sensors and so on...
  13. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    wow militarism fanboys with pink glasses because of guys like you constant whining for realism, we have now in arma3 the most ridiculous stupid fatigue/stamina system and weapon sway I experienced in any shooter I ever played... the OP has really some debatable reasons, these new Jet's DLC flight dynamics and other changes that did come with the DLC are just overdone, a game should make fun and not generate frust. if you like so much realism go and commit for army services in your country, arma3 is STILL a game !
  14. 64-bit Executables Feedback

    leave pagefile system managed, if you mess arround with pagefile this your fault and no bug of 64bit executable
  15. wish you good luck... asked BattlEye Support few months ago to unblock/support EVGA PrecisionX 16 On Screen Display guess what it still get's blocked