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  1. velzevul


    outstanding work! is FireFrom(Vehicle)Horse available? 🙂
  2. velzevul

    PMC Ukraine Kharkiv

    just to note. homepages of Ukrainian terrains contains some "conflict hystory" text, providing point of view of one side of conflict. didn't find same on other terrains homepages.
  3. velzevul

    Soviet AF Pack

    also, texture looks transparent at 5:20. same effect exists at BPM-97 from AFV pack.
  4. Hi, RCA3! Thanks for your mod! it does great improvement of dumb vanilla A3 driving AI. very appretiate your work on it! Is there any chance to get version of your mod with completely disabled "setting_fuel_to_0" workaround? sorry, but it seems, in large scenarios in heavy modded game it doesnt work 100% relyable. and it is better get a one or thwo dead pedestrians than one disabled tank. :) besides, there is Rydygier`s small mod "Liability Insurance" that really helps in such situations. maybe, you even could include its code in your mod as it is a kind of "open source".
  5. velzevul

    Arma 3 death animations mod

    probably, you could release your mod on Patreon site. and post here video and download link from there.
  6. as it seems to me, it will take two steps: 1. form garrison pool: place Asset Compiler module, type some "Name" in "Array Variable" field in its attributes. place and link to compiler all units you want to be in garrison. 2. spawn pool: i guess, Site module will be suitable for you task. place it in town, type in "Name" in the "Pool" field and other attributes, link to side HAL Commander.
  7. Totally agree. Random battle locations + easy configuration of participant factions + easy mission portability on any map + NR6 PACK fatures = infinite replayability. i saw Ninja`s answer somewhere in workshop comments that he had some RL issues in proffessional sphere cause of covid situation. really hope that everything will be fine for him and he will be able to find time for his brilliant mod again.
  8. yep. mentioned it too. hope, sometime, author will found time to give some love to "dragging" feature to make it a bit more intelligent. :)
  9. connecting to the "HAL RHQ Artillery", seems, working too.
  10. hi, Ninja! been testing and playing aroung with demo missions and very enjoyed of HAL working. battles are very interesting. comm provides logistic and fire support for players and AI well. thanks again for your hard work on NR6 PACK. i've notices a few things while testing NR Tools: 1. sometimes, at the start of mission, predefined Arty units (spawned from custom pool and sync-ed with NR6_RHQ_Art_Module or NR6_RHQ_RocketArty_Module) gets order "Seek-and-destroy", sending them to the frontline, even before reconnaissance units. 2. a few times destruction of some vehicle caused call for support trucks (ammo, fuel) to its position. RPT file spams with followed msg at that moment: and one more question. Is it possible to realize some kind of simple logic by means of NR6 modules in mission? i mean, for example, make spawning of Site or Reinforcement point dependant on Dynamic Marker state?
  11. velzevul

    Pook ARTY Pack

    haven't any problems with arty, but found some model glitches with "Uragans". https://postimg.cc/bSXddCPz https://postimg.cc/Z03CXSP0
  12. yes, sad to hear. as W0lle announsed his project, maybe all your work can see the light in CWR3?
  13. velzevul

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    seems, it is acceptable solution. as far as i know, author of PiR tryed to get rid of jumping and flying effects too. so, if your mod workarounds this problem better, there is no need to use PiR`s pbo in case of using both mods together. thanks.
  14. velzevul

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    can it be solved by load order? or does physics behaviour changed anyway, if both mods activated, no matter which loaded last?
  15. velzevul

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    hi! should i deactivate VEN_SP if i want to play on the server that have VEN_MP insalled?