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  1. velzevul

    Interiors for CUP buildings

    met small glitch in Krasnostav.
  2. hI, NinjaRider! very impressed with your progress in work on HAL and other modules! have a question about caching script. is it possible to make it not player-centric, but camera-centric? to allow spectate even far-from-player units correctly.
  3. velzevul

    Pook ARTY Pack: v4

    it seems to me that FFE uses Pook arty assets without additional editing of configs. it worked, at least for 2S7 and the TOS, which I have tried in test mission.
  4. glad to read it. 🙂 seems, FFE is ready and good solution and it is wise to just integrate it. thanks, and keep up the good work!
  5. hi, Snkman! what conditions of using arty by AIs? does TCL "recognise" 3rd party addons arty? i've tryed to see arty supporting in simple test mission (two fireteams of 6 AI moves towards each other and starts firefight. one side has arty support in the form of one mortar, placed ~1km away), but had no success. in same test mission, VCOM due to integrated Rydygier's FFE uses that mortar pretty actively.
  6. have been tested with that two. didn't notice any issues.
  7. velzevul

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    sorry, still doesn't work. tryed on vanilla game without mods, on local comp. don't know what i doing wrong if this problem occurs only on my side. upd: my bad. it works. but takes some time for initialization. and this time is quite long on my shitty hardware. sorry for disinformation.
  8. thank you for answer. it is sad. maybe is it possible lock vehicle dynamically while it in route to prevent this unnessesary disembarks? it seems, there are only three cases when vehicle must be unlocked to let out passengers: 1. reaching destination; 2. taking fire; 3. getting damages that prevents further moving. of course, i'm not scripter at all. so, please, let me know if I'm talking complete bullshit. :)
  9. velzevul

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    seems, doesn't work for me. i spawns at predefined position and nothing happens. also, got messages: 19:24:00 "CNQ ERROR: Unknown item category B_IR_Grenade >> [""Magazine"",""UnknownMagazine""]"
  10. Hi all! i have a report about vehicle assigning AI behaviour. when area is clear, AI units uses vehicles flawless. (it is perfectly visible at the start of any BeCTI mission, with VCOM activated - all units boards to all free vehicles and moves to nearest town on wheels, not by feet). but in other circumstances i've watched many times strange acting of AI vehicles on route. they unload/load passengers every few meters, even if vehicle doesn't taking fire at the moment. it happens a lot of times, and thus the advance of this unit to its destination is delaying greatly. i can't exactly describe the conditions when it happens. maybe it caused by setted combat mode for this group, maybe by known enemy presence near. has anyone seen anything like this?
  11. really? seems, i missed that thing. does it mean that if i'll place two AI groups (red and blue) and will watch this fight as greenfor unit (friendly to both sides), i'll see fight of two vanilla ai groups?
  12. velzevul

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    yes. ok. should i set it "disable" if i don't want change anything with wounded AI?
  13. velzevul

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    yes. after start, my army appeared at differ place and me at old one :). it is not big problem, as after dying i respawned normally at main base. yes. is it connected on "reviving" option for AIs somehow?
  14. velzevul

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    thanks for update. 🙂 tried yesterday. yes, armies started from other places. but my first spawn occured at old starting place. also, "flag" markers on the map remained at old starting positoins. can you clarify a bit about new option "wounded AI behaviour"? how does it affect AIs when it disabled? i think, there is several ways to provide support for friendly vehicles. sending support trucks to nearest town is good idea too. as a variants: build at FOBs some kind of support stations to repair/reammo/refuel friendly vehs. also, a towing script would be suitable for transporting damaged vehicles to these stations (don't know who the author is, but I've seen it included in other missions: Dissension, UWRE); make support trucks and units (engineer, medic) available for buying at towns.