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Hi, BI Dev team 
I'm Phu Le from aevn gaming community, one of the most active (if not the only) and biggest Arma community in Vietnam.
Recently our community and the game have attracted the attention of many Vietnamese gamers. Recruiting people that willing to play in such disciplines and hard environment, but there is also a problem that many Vietnamese gamers is not good at English. This creates a GAP for the newcomer that enjoys and interest in the Military simulation genre. 
To solve this problem our community goes up with the idea that we will make localization for Vietnamese. With some of us already have military experience, we really hope that we can create the localization for Vietnamese player. 
We hope that we can obtain a guideline and permission 
pls, contact our community via this topic or our email
AEVN Head of Development Phu Le: igihai@gmail.com
AEVN Human resource and Public affair: lynhan4530@gmail.com

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