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  1. Thanks alot i appreciate the detailed explanation. Theres so much to read into here it makes my head spin honestly but the more i crack open an idea the more i need,then the more i need to fully understand it/troubleshoot it. Arma is an absolute rabbit hole in every sense. Regarding ACE iv always avoided it on suspicion and word of mouth that it bogs things down,but without your explanation and links i wouldnt have truly known details. Your post got me very interested im going to look into the scheduler link. Thanks alot
  2. "when heavy code is executed there" are you referring to any "extra" code on the activation of the event? and so you mean this event handler is "simple enough" for it to be unnoticable . Think i can understand , just trying to better understand the impact of event handlers,didnt realise there were so many of them or what they really did till i looked at the wiki. So out of curiousity in your opinion,would an event handler the same as mine above cause significant impact if say it was run on "fire" instead of reloaded? and adding an extra bullet instead of a magazine?
  3. Hard to test this in actual gameplay. What im trying to do for all high command AI groups(since no rearm function exists in Arma for other groups or is broken mostly when they try rearm) is to add this line to EACH AI in order to ensure they have their ammo/mags/rockets/grenades replenish instantly(there may be between 40-60 AI with this in their init,and sporadic to intense combat with most units engaging at same time) this addEventHandler ["Reloaded",{ _unit = _this select 0 ; _mag = _this select 3 select 0 ; _unit addMagazine _mag ; }] ; quoted from a BI dev: And that the EH code is unscheduled and will drop fps Im unfamiliar with scripting language and if i had to guess,what im attemping will only add(heavily) to the work on the CPU during firefights. Would i be correct ? And if so is there a better general solution to keeping or through a trigger to rearm all AI squads with their initial loadouts during a scenario? Im quite frustrated with the limitations here coupled with the fact,an AI AA vic will HAPPILY fire all 4 AA missiles as quick as possible into a transport helo while the 1 would do,and an AT missile specialists will fire his 2nd missile at a f**king MRAP before the 1st one(which was overkill anyway) hits,while theres actual MBTs everywhere. ZEUS give me strength!
  4. Its not about firing at the enemy enableAttack determines if leader "can issue" attack commands to the soldiers in his group onto various individual enemy units in a way that if the unit he is ordering cant see the target,that he is ordered to move to a new position irrespective of the group formation(even with yellow combat mode/ keep formation behaviour). This is more noticable and amplified on vehicle AI who's new enable attack position may be a larger radius than infantry and get there quicker thus making it clear what is happening. EXAMPLE: NATO Hunter HMG that has been ordered by zeus/High command or regular editor WP to move to the centre of a crossroad and has vanilla "enable attack true" will most likely see that unit leave the crossroad in order to engage a target the group leader specifies to gunner. Now try again with Enable attack set to false,the leader wont issue order for AI driver to move whatsoever unless in a fleeing behaviour. Another way this is used by me is when i want a line formation infantry group to move to a low rock wall and firmly hold perfectly along the wall,this is how i do it. Because the groups movement is usually dictated by its formation,and unit who was "sent" to attack an enemy,the group will take longer to move forward in combat mode because squad leader wont resume moving until "unit 2 etc" hasn't returned to formation,once returned,group starts moving..new attack order appears again,group slows down. Enable attack absolutely still works and i couldnt make a mission without it. EDIT Also to keep in mind is suppression. Which takes "courage" into affect and When planning a path, the AI will try to avoid beaten zones and areas that are visibly within enemy's fire sectors. This can cause further more elaborate movements for individuals who are being told to move into an attack position and why you sometimes see AI go completely AWOL .
  5. What iv been doing until now is using , this enableAttack false; in each group leaders init. I now want to have such units respawn through out the mission but im assuming this wont handle respawned groups even if its correct: {enableAttack false} forEach allUnits side WEST; What is the correct way to call this ? as im trying to disallow blu group leaders issuing attack orders for units under them as player will be high commander and i need maximum control over groups and vehicles. Enable attack can see AI groups bog down and SL not move until various units HE ordered somewhere return to formation
  6. ah not to worry. Yes i had seen this issue back in 2015 sometime and it was terrible and somewhere along the line i figured BIS fixed it as i didnt notice it. Regardless i decided to keep things cleaner for scenario and only allow player group healing rights
  7. Hey again Pierremgi Was considering to run a scenario with a few BLU groups having the revive applied to them,but noticed a few issues(removed AI ragdoll mod and retested) and im not running any AI behaviour changing mods. I noticed that the healer (or being healed) while performing medic actions or being revived,afterwards,during combat is causing that AI unit to constantly go weapon up/weapon down animation while in a combat state. On top of that the group as a whole are only standing during combat,and cant couch,prone or take cover. Not seeing it happen on player group. Il add was using vanilla high command to issue move orders. im guessing during the animation for revive somewhere,its glitching out when group leaders re order subordanates. Its very reproducable as it happens all the time. Did you notice it?
  8. Best of luck on the next update. Tried JSRS since i heard it no longer contained scripts and am enjoying the sounds. Of course,we all have different taste,and i was wondering if you ever considered to make the mod sounds more modular? I believe the mod used to be(or i am miss remembering).
  9. Rather than making 20 tasks is it possible to have one task repeat? TASK: Pick up AI and drop them into an area. This group if it dies will respawn,player should pic up same group again(group name remembered) and repeat the insert,but i would like the task to also pop up again. The way im current activating task in first place,is that upon an even happening,the AI group needing transport spawn at a location,a trigger detects them and task is assigned to pick them up. Task completes when player s in the AO and an activation to get them out of my helo activates and they go on a scripted wp. Looking around for solutions to this brought nothing and im sure there must be a way as im fairly sure i heard of repeating tasks before.
  10. redarmy

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Yeah i hear ya,and i agree,im against "testing" . i feel BIS should have enough experience to hammer home a proper Arma4 title,and hope they will. But should reforger imapct 4 in any way? I have absolutely no interest in MP or console and hope that BIS arent going down the road DICE did with Battlefield,i would be really pissed and loose all respect for them,and wouldnt touch Arma4 if it was a by product of anything mentioned above thats "not" soley catering to the traditional values of the series. I still have faith in BIS and dont wana jump the gun though. Regardless,im not the type of person hanging off edge of my seat for 4, 3 has another ten plus years for me,too much stuff i can make and tonnes of mods. A solid game now and forever
  11. redarmy

    New informations or announcement soon?

    But Arma reforger and Arma4 are different things right? I cant imagine an Arma without AI...No editor? laughable thought. While dont hold my breath for any ground breaking AI improvements,im sure there will be AI. And if this "reforger" is MP only and directed for console,should we care? Wont Arma4 be the next real installment? or am i missing something?
  12. Theres no need..as i was setting up a simple test to upload for you(my mission isnt heavily modded but had 3 weeks of work in it,so was alot to disect down) I found the exact issue. And yes,it technically is a mod issue. More exactly,its a combination of the vanilla module "support requester" and the mod "Zeus enhanced". Totally confirmed now. I will ask the author whats up with it.
  13. sure,if you want to look,where can i post it? Are you running High command and zeus to check?
  14. redarmy

    Side chat question

    I salute you for that pretty dedicated testing lol. Yeah tbh honest since coming back to Arma3 iv abandoned all mods that add anything to the mission repeatedly,things like ALIVE etc which are constantly checking conditions...hammers my framerate. So when i make missions now,im using as few triggers as i can,deleting them after use is served,disabling sim on everything,and many other things and im running at a very healthy 50+ FPS "IN COMBAT" with 50-60 NATO infantry, 60-70 opfor infantry,CAS and around 7-10 vehicles. Arma3 can run smooth but it takes absolute dedication and understanding when designing a scenario. I think its the little things like triggers etc ppl neglect quite often,hence my wonderment of their actual impact. Thanks for your test il sleep well with my 30 trigger mission haha
  15. Tested with your example,didnt stop a gaurd unit straight away going to grid 0,0,0. my way stops the gaurd unit on mission start going there,so im gona run with that if i find any odd behaviour il come back let ya know and update the title. I ran deleteCenter east; in a trigger and it didnt delete the opfor HQ unit so perhaps it isnt representing the centre. Thanks anyway,i guess these thre little men at 0,0,0 will remain a mystery. My theory is they are high commanders or an entity needed by them to reference HC markers for other units.