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  1. redarmy

    Adding Eventhandlers

    Tweaking their suseptability to being supressed thus making them innacurate can cause them to chew through ammo in literally one single engagement. Arma3 scenarios can be very diverse,in mine,i have a platoon attack more than one location/task,and dealing with alot of irregulars.No respawn,friendlies have a revive system.Hours you say? Good enough.
  2. redarmy

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Try put this in the group leaders init this enableAttack false; Now the mod may overide this,but this stops squad leader issuing move orders to individuals.By default if your squad is on a move WP and they have a line formation,make contact as they arrive to wp,they will all disperse or at least a few will whom squad leader tells to. With this in the leaders init they should stay in their line formation,all of them,and simply fire back at the enemy.There are other ways but again,if the mod decides something else,it will most likely take priority. EDIT: Just jumped in and tested.Can confirm this works well. If read this @nkenny would you mind considering for any future update,not adding anything that could overwrite "enable attack",or leaving it as an optional addition. The mod description does state that it doesnt interfere with waypoints or good mission design,etc,but having groups leave their designated waypoint to chase enemies up to 1km away will cause issues for mission makers. Incidently really looking forward to the next update.
  3. Man one of the best feelings in Arma isnt even when your playing,its when u figure your way around an issue u had PREVENTING u from playing lol
  4. Never messed with the spawn module but i would throw a guess that the best way to do it is simply a repeatable trigger calling all groups for side west to be added to HC. I use the show hide module to add groups as mission progresses and simply upon their "show" stage,add them to HC.
  5. I think this is a bug but please help confirm. I have custom made units(all using vanilla assets/FIA OPFOR) and on the leader i name him "gar1". The other units i have their probability of presence set to 100 but condition of presence set to "!(isNil "gar1")" (without external quotes) gar1,is set to 100% probability of spawn and condition:True. The result is three out of the 8 men spawn. I also tried "Alive gar1" without quotes. The thing is either of these two ways work fine if i use a default placed CSAT squad.Why isnt it working on custom made units?Their inits simply contain gear and weapon changes,no other settings set on these units and no mods affecting AI or spawning. Im baffled.This used to work but seemingly no longer does but i want to know why.Its a huge deal for designing missions. EDIT: By naming an object "gar1" it works.Still it seems like the original way should be working.Arma being Arma i guess
  6. redarmy

    Again, a bug.

    And did "HE" , "C", 'U" Backpack?😂 man i cant like my own post? Thats what i really all a bug.FIX IT BIS!
  7. redarmy

    Again, a bug.

    Are you a ghillie? Back packs dont show on snipers
  8. Are you running a mod that changes animations at all? This WILL most likely be what the issue is. When you say "removed all mods" Unticking is not removing. REMOVE AND DELETE THEM then verify game. You will have your issue fixed or your money back. have you ever used this mod: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/197893-smoother-animations-v4/
  9. In my ongoing struggle with this i found a solution to finally get logistic vehicles working...NOT THE SUPPORT WP* ,but logistic vehicles to do their job. So to me this confirms where abouts the bug of support not working originates. HOW TO MAKE AI REPAIR/REFUEL/REARM each other : Using Zeus or High command or any 3rd party mod,have the vehicle in question that needs supply / repairs,move to a WP,have also the logistic vehicle move to a point rite beside it,the damged or in need of logistics vehicle crew need to , upon reaching the WP, "Get out" .Then get them back in. This will complete the logistics vehicle repairing/refueling etc... No support WP needed,though it can also be there for automated AI travel(if they feel bloody bothered) Alternatively have the player or(perhaps) another AI enter the in need of logistics,vehicle and this will also trigger the logistics to function. Whats actually happening here is that when each AI enter the vehicle it is causing the logistic functions to work *as they are entering.So what you might see with a marshall with a broken turret and no wheels,is the 1st AI gets in,it fixes the wheels,2nd AI get in,it fixes the turret,3rd AI gets in ,it fixes another component if needed and so on. There you go, to anyone who especially is using High command and needs this to work in some way shape or form.BIS please address Support WP regardless.
  10. I had a general question regarding these.I basically want to know what if any impact they have on performance. im using this(since BIS still are yet to fix AI being unable to rearm) this addEventHandler ["Reloaded",{ _unit = _this select 0 ; _mag = _this select 3 select 0 ; _unit addMagazine _mag ; }] ; Which is essentially giving all units infinite ammo but still needing to reload as its actually adding mags when reloading and having at least 3 of said mags(works for missiles too) In my scenario i have about 16, 8 man groups all with this in their init. Im wondering if it will affect performance as im creating large combined arms missions and need every extra frame i can muster. Also would it be better to add this via an init sqf and apply it to all units of side west for example as opposed to each individual? Thanks for any thoughts on this.
  11. redarmy

    Rearming AI

    IS there any way to fix this? High command is alot more pointless with no ability to rearm squads. Come on BIS this was reported ages ago.Guns need ammo.Its like the most important thing in the entire game for the AI.
  12. redarmy

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    As a side note,this SHOULD be vanilla behaviour tied into the sentry WP imo. Give a spotter team sentry WP...other units on Gaurd WP..binocs affecting spotting positively = PROFIT. Slightly better AI.
  13. redarmy

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    its the first thing i did when creating custom factions for my scenarios. Made sure no SL had binoc's. Not only do they hold them constantly whispering "myyyy preciousssss" it also seems to have a serious effect on their pathing.Enabling them to move hundreds of meters away from the actual group,making any kind of marker system wether HC or other,completely useless and making the element act weaker because one man less.But also as a side effect,stronger as the SL sub skill courage effectevly affects the entire squad and if he is hundreds of meters away NOT getting suppressed but his subordinates are,well,you see how that mitigates suppression at least in a vanlla sense. TLDR This breaks missions in a light sense.
  14. redarmy

    general performance question

    Happy New year oldbear And thanks for the detailed feedback. The FPS limiter i was refering to is the method in which you hold shift and num pad minus,then type FPS and it locks FPS to 60,type fps again for 40,again for 20 and again for default/unlocked. Im running also with a 1060 6 GB vram / SSD 16GB RAM and i only play SP scenarios that *I MAKE.Very important imo to create your own scenarios catering to what you know your cpu can handle. I only plaay with vanilla assets though do use mods for gameplay purposes though keep it very light were possible,one and only one mod even is a dependency in any mission i make. Using the show hide module(so no external scripts) i am able to have 60 vehicles or more and 300-400 infantry in my combined arms mission,all "unhiding" at well thought out albiet random times,and at any one time having no more than 8 man squads (max number),3 or 4 per side(2 sides) and 3-6 vehicles.Using dynamic simulation on absolutely everything that isnt needed simulated and playing at a view dis of 2800 and obj dis of 1600 and im maintaining a healthy 45+ FPS under the most intense moments of combat and 60+ during minor skirmishes and no combat. YAAB without any mods shows me getting on average 35FPS and i ran test alot. With my mod list 31-32fps. For an i74790 3.6ghz i think thats quite decent comparing to others tests.My PC is never running anything when i play. However im always(like everyone) trying to figure out how to gain that little bit extra.I feel after 7 years iv come to a wall in terms of finding more ways to make the game run better without upgrades. I find it strangely enjoyable talking and learning about Arma3 and performance
  15. redarmy


    If your playing as side IND/RESISTENCE then BIS has a function that asigns random facewear on mission start to all units side GUER/IND/RESISTANCE. Its possibly the issue if Beno_83au's idea is the issue