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    Oh that makes things so much better. Thanks for all the continued hard work on the mod.Gona fire it up asap.
  2. redarmy


    @haleks Hi man hope your keeping well. I just looked at ravage after a year,so many new changes,its fantastic. I was dabbling with the modules,but didnt geta chance to test,and i saw the "gear pool" module....Does this replace the init.sqf way of adding modded item and weapons into user made missions? IE can i add the classnames in the module and as long as the mod is running,such loot will spawn? Sorry may be obvious question but iv been away for a long time and theres alot of info to narrow down.
  3. redarmy

    Arma3 Ragdolls...your thoughts?

    I think thats probably a side effect of a mod to be honest. Though yeah,armor hitting armor can certainly cause them to flip upside down.....just like real li....video gam....ok a military themed demolition derby.
  4. You could use HETMAN or the newer version of HETMAN edited Both work ok with JEBUS as i remember,groups spawned in get picked up by the artificial leader(mil commander) and used. Spufins work is good thoughmaybe old now. Personally i use ALIVE(Strictly SP) and it has just what i need while being the most performance friendly and up to date,with a big team behind it.It is more than i patrol script but nothing prevents you using it for that feature..Hetman is also more than a patrol script i may add.They are both good,take a weekend to look at both and see which one works.JEBUS spawning units CAN be given to ALIVE,though you may need to manually do it via the ALIVE interface.
  5. give it a shot...upload it and make it private so only u can see it,then download it.In your scenario menu it should appear under subscribed scenarios,below your own actual version you moved into mission folder. From there if you see the title/pic and description your good to go. oh and to remove the "busted duplicate",just return to your missions folder,copy the mission,delete original and reload the mission in new scenario but DO NOT export it.Save is still ok obviously.This way u can continually edit the mission,then copy and paste it from documents folder,to Arma directory.Its my way of doing it
  6. OK to keep it simple,simply take your mission folder that you have saved in eden editor...by default,located in your Documents/missions...or Documents/Arma3/(your profile name)/missions/mission name folder(which contains your Description.ext,init.sqf and your mission.sqm as well as any other script/music/sounds etc folders... copy the entire folder then navigate to where arma is installed...steam/steamapps/common/arma3/missions and in that missions folder,paste the mission folder you just copied. Now go into game,look at SP scenarios.and your intro pic and description should show.The PBO doesnt need to be in the mission folder from my understanding and in practice,mine only contains a mission.sqm within the mission folder and it works fine.
  7. Heres a work around i found... simply go to your documents,arma3,profiles and find your mission...Then simply copy the mission PBO or entire mission folder over to your Arma3 directory/mission's folder...(Where you have Arma3 Installed-so steam/steam apps/common etc) I think export is broken recently.This shouldwork.Just remember to repeat the process every time you update the mission in Eden.
  8. redarmy

    ACE and ALIVE relative Civilian Help

    Highly doubt it can be done without collaberation between the ACE3 team and ALIVE team.
  9. I stopped using GAIA sometime ago for this reason(and a few others) The helo transportation never worked for me either. Is it vanilla factions?MCC or GAA script? The script version is a few updates behind MCC version,but even at that it was the MCC version which i had issues with.As far as im concerned it doesnt work as intended,infact many ariel functions included in MCC are quite buggy as.
  10. Just chiming in here,probably completely unrelated,but when i remove the mod from my load order and load a scenario i made,with a faction i made(made the faction/mission when JSRS was laoded),i get config errors upon reloading the mission with JSRS disabled. In my modded faction PBO there are references to JSRS_air sounds
  11. redarmy

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    This system is amazing,it makes a huge difference... when i assign a unit a role,such as MG,i get a audible confirmation in a robotic voice saying "MG1 assigned",how do i disable this?
  12. redarmy

    Arma3 Ragdolls...your thoughts?

    Looks like he picked a fight with an Orca tail rotar and lost. Yeah the leg bending isnt something that bothers me personally ,as i tend to run a pretty vicious clean up script on large battles,so i dont get to appreciate the pretzel poses that often.Though funnily enough your not the 1st erson to mention that Arma2 ragdolls were better.I had seen a mod that ported A2's running anim into A3,would the death anim also be possible then?
  13. I felt like asking others for their opinion on this... I recently spent some time in Insurgency Sandstorm(fantastic shooter) and one thing which stood out,particularly with a recent patch was how utterly viceral,and jaw droppingly gruesome the AI ragdolls were. And upon returning to Arma3 to continue working on some scenarios,i wanted to include something just as visceral as INS sandstorm delivered with its gritty CQB.And the one thing i thought of that could deliver that were AI ragdolls.... So i went looking for Ragdoll mods and to my suprise,i only found a handfull,most are outdated and dont function anymore,some add "extra" effects such as unconciousness or "time on ground" which i dont want. Then i took the time after testing some of these to actually look at vanilla ragdolls...AI hit/killed while standing,crouching,running,headshoted etc etc. I found that the ragdolls are actually pretty awesome in Arma vanilla.And i wonder what others think about them,are they satisfactory?Do you use a mod for ragdolls,if so plz share.And if you could improve them,how would you?I personally would like to see AI who get shot in the legs at least ragdoll to the ground,and a fix for prone ragdolls would be good too. After sandstorm,i feel ragdoll AI is one of the most important aspects to any shooter. I have found one mod which adds the gruesomeness i need btw...http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33704 couldnt play Arma without it now.Thanks Goko
  14. Nice to still see Jebus getting updates. Thanks Dreadpirate,variable names saved are very welcome.
  15. I found an odd issue with MACC... If i have it paused via trigger at mission start,and then unpause it later,ATO's are given by MACC/Mil commander but they are never carried out by pilots(whom are spawned in). NO error message about unavailable assets either,both CAS and Fighter vanilla planes are up and ready on the carrier,synced to virtualize.If i dont pause/unpause MACC,theres no issue except the one written below. Also after a while of figuring how to set up jets on USS Freedom,i noticed respawning(bcr's) jets are spawning in one position ,every 60 odd seconds,just causing an instant explosion.I have not tested this on an airfield yet,its probably something to do with the carrier but just wanted to point it out. EDIT Bit more info,these are hand plced and virtual profile synced assets (Buzzard/Gryphon's) ,respawning where i hand placed them but respawning on ONE position where i placed the initial jet down.