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  1. Nice @genesis92x Didn't expect that much more stuff to be added / changed to Vcom . Lovely stuff!
  2. VCOM runs on all spawned groups..without the variable to disable a side from VCOM inclusion,what you want isnt really possible i think. What you could do,is have the units / groups pre placed and hidden / spawnable, at mission start and call them as needed.(SHOW/HIDE MODULE works well) If groups spawn in,their usable as zues....if "shown" in,from show/hide module,you will need Ares mod,which has a function to add objects/units to zues control.
  3. Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    BIS have their reasons for being vague about the future,it would seem. I for one can only speculate.But i feel that they understand the importance of Arma4...what it will mean for an ever growing,constantly more popular franchise that is constantly reaching out to new people.The more you are in a spotlight,the more you are reluctant to say much as it carries alot more weight than it did before. I feel they have handled Arma3's life quite well,with some exceptions.I believe that they have had an amazing relation with the player base,when compared especially to some other publisher/developers out there. As was said above,there was many bug fixes and polishing that could and really should have been done on the current engine. There were some "basic" and "expected" things that either didnt make it into Arma3 or made it in late(too late for some peoples liking)...such as vehicle interiors...which are fantastic btw...finally. How in the world they never implimented a SP revive or semi fleshed out medical system is beyond me..To me THAT is so basic,and basic systems like this should be included into Arma3 now(better late than never) and utilized in such a way that it is polished and ready for Arma4. The fact they made a revive system for MP and ignored SP really pissed me off-as it made me feel as if they didnt want to "deal with" the AI...look,AI gets alot of stick in Arma3,but i find it acceptable as this is unscripted and no game out there iv played comes close to Arma3's AI,which also have improved in the last few updates...was taking the MP revive and applying it to AI so hard?It would have made many people who are easily annoyed at the AI system in Arma3 a little more forgiving and appeased... Why,in the game files there are weapon acc mounting animations,but they were left out of final release?These immersive,and mechanical functions as well as others like female faces are what should be defining Arma ,to be another feature/function in a already open sandbox where the terrain is believable , and immersive.(accurate star map at night for example) BIS you can align the cosmos...But you cant get my medic to do the only job i need him to do?! I think its a side effect,that a game that offers so much,delivers so much,causes us to EXPECT so much more...because at the end of the day,this game drives our imagination,wether creating a script,mission or whatever,we are always tweaking,looking for a new effect,a new plot,a new something,in a title that believe it or not already offers so danm much,that i personaly could wait half a decade or more for Arma4.
  4. No problem,thanks for taking the time to look into it.
  5. Hi @Freddo3000 or @genesis92x I had another question. Is this normal in VCOM 3.0... I disabled resistance side from VCOM totally via the addon configuration ingame,and all is ok with that,they do not generate waypoints,flank or use VCOMs combat functions(was really fun testing vcom blufor vs IND side vanilla in urban setting) However i also noticed that now BLUFOR(who do have VCOM on) will no longer respond to resistant sides engaging other BLUFOR.Infact they wont even have the audible range setting apply to them if it is resistant who are firing weapons....I spawned in some OPFOR,they fired and blue responded to that. Is this intentional or a bug? I was hoping to keep Resistance side not generating waypoints or using anything VCOM,while still having BLUFOR use responsive manouvers and have audible range of enemies. Cheers
  6. Thanks Freddo3000 so you mean there is a fix internally already for this and it will be released in next update?
  7. @genesis92x I did alot of further testing.In regards to units going AWOL- I have found that units upon finishing contact with an enemy,will alot of the time move by themselves(no waypoints/squad leader sometimes static) to a building that has infantry in it....wether or not they know about the enemy there.They then clear the building and proceed to the next building(anywhere one the map,i had a few squads travel 5KM to three locations,clear it and finally then return back to its original position. I have been testing about 4 hours now and this behaviour happens 50% or more of the time...usually followed OR preceeded by an error message regarding garrison Light function of Vcom. This is the part of script the error shows This behaviour also happens even if i place enemy in buildings either with Vcom hold WP,CBA defend(which uses garison feature) both ways assign units positions inside structures...but it also happens even if I place units in the building and disable pathing ((group this) setVariable ["VCM_NORESCUE",true]; in their init also doesnt stop them attempting to generate a move WP). currently its breaking alot of scenarios on my end,i hope someone can reproduce or you can take a look.In the meantime is there anyway to disable VCOMs building clearing type functions on certain sides/groups or altogether? Taking a look at the script version(issues occur on mod version) if i remove this line from the cfgFunctions.hpp... ...Will VCOM simply not execute any garrison behaviour?(Thus fixing the issue i have above?) ..or could it break something else vital to other functionality?
  8. Setting ammo levels from unit attributes will affect current mag,not over all count of mags i believe. Rearm is working,with a few quirks but thats vanilla related i would say. That leader approaching thing does happen to me too however.
  9. I would really hate it if i wasnt able to play all the mission content(and use some scripts) iv created in my current time,and alot more time to come,in Arma4. Its a long way off though.I just hope more consideration goes into AI. There needs to be a player/AI revive system and rearming for SP use.Im suprised after all this time these two fundamental abilities dont exist in Arma3.
  10. Oh so its different from the previous version? In previous version of this mod i called it from init.sqf and it worked on AAF ok.
  11. @Titi Im using independant faction,(AAF)and trying to change them to use Russian language.. iv placed down a game logic and in its init wrote In the array the third option is meant to be Resistance side,rite? As described here: However all units speak english still.
  12. @genesis92x I have been looking at VCOM 3.0 as i planned to use it for some infantry features.I sent you a PM with some issues regarding flank feature. I have since discovered another issue with the init variable : It does indeed work as intended,however,it also causes the group who has it applied to them from being able to call for back up. This command will stop the AI squad from calling for backup. This commands effect seems to also somehow incorporate into the "no flank" command variable. Iv tested it repeatedly with a backup call distance default and customised. If anyone here wants to test to confirm,you can replicate by setting (group this) setVariable ["VCM_NOFLANK",true]; in a groups init,and spawn some enemies or pre placed enemies next to them.Have a group of infantry within the backup radius and watch if they actually come to assist.In my tests they will not,until i remove the no flank variable from the group under attack and requesting support.
  13. Thanks for the update Titi. Nice to have this mod kept alive this long,adds much-mersion.
  14. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Thanks Ryd , i cannot fool Hetman by using someGroupName setVariable [("Resting" + (str someGroupName)),true]; as groups respawn(at mission start) . So,they loose group names. It seems too much of an issue so i am going to use a work around of involving all rest units who go to certain rest areas to get them combat effective again. Cheers
  15. Place this in the init of the desired vehicle You may see the tire get destroyed for a fraction of a frame depending on whats going on but it works(I.E crew wont dismount)