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  1. Ravage Mod

    Great work thus far mate,i would not have ever thought of including vanilla weapons into my mission till i saw the work you put into them.
  2. Ravage Mod

    @haleks i managed to get ravage AI to engage zombies again by removing a few mods and im using them with no issues anymore.Seems whatever mix of mods i had running was causing issues,so iv deleted alot for my own ravage mission. @tourist above just gave me an idea when referring to AI hunting players.For my mission i want to create a repeatable trigger with the Activiation... flrObj = "F_20mm_Red" createvehicle ((player) ModelToWorld [0,100,200]); flrObj setVelocity [0,0,-10]; (to create a red flare near players pos) is there anything i can put specificly into the Condition to detect the AI getting players position and hunting the player? I was thinking it would be a nice effect if im being hunted at night time,as the AI wont have flashlights.And i would love a heads up in order to deploy some trip mines for them ;)
  3. It seems Killzone kid's method listed on the wiki is working and the only way to ensure it carries over to the mission scenario... unit1 moveInCargo [helo1, 3]; unit1 assignAsCargoIndex [helo1, 3]; properly working now,thanks guys.
  4. cheers guys oh the merlin was vanilla,the AAF helo i just couldnt remember the name i will try the link and killzones recommendation
  5. Hi all i'v created a scenario,while in the editor,i have a three man squad(myself as player included),and a helo,the Merlin,named "helo1" in the player init i have "this moveInCargo [helo1,4];" WITHOUT QUOTES for the other two AI... the same,except where 4 is the seat position,they are 5 and 6 respectively... now upon mission preview in editor,all is fine,helo starts in flying position engine on etc,and my squad and me spawn in the seats..all good so far,the Helo has three WPs,the second is RHS paradrop waypoint,the third waypoint has a trigger to delete the crew and helo condition.. so all works ok,but when i export to mission single player scenario,me and the ai are not starting the mission in the helo...im not sure what the cause is,does anyone have a possible cause or solution?
  6. Ravage Mod

    yeah for sure,iv even enabled different damage settings for ryans zeds... but this is happening without those zeds,just ravage ambient ai and zeds when survivor faction is enabled.quite odd. Im guessing it must be an inherint incompatibility with another mod even if that mod is currently not in use at the specific moment
  7. Ravage Mod

    My post above relating to AI not engaging is also prevalent with Ravage zeds... it seems that if i have survivors faction enabled,they hostile AI show odd behavior towards zombies,if i disable survivor faction,the AI engage zombies on site. Perhaps someone else could confirm?
  8. Ravage Mod

    @haleks i am attempting to create trigger area on areas of the map with this activation ... {if (side _x == opfor) then {_x setBehaviour "COMBAT"}} foreach thislist Its working on NON Ravage Ambient AI, but ravage AI are ignoring the trigger...Im assuming Ravage AI ignore various behaviours in order to complete WPs and handle zombies etc... i might add the reason im looking to have this trigger affect is because im using Ryan zombies and demon mods for various military areas of the map,and Ravage AI will not engage those zeds "normally, (ie they target,but do not engage or change behaviour until attacked enought times) and they get wrecked before being able to return fire. Is there any work around for this?
  9. Is anyone having issues of Arma stopping working when attaching silencers for modded weapons ? Happens not so often but enough for me to narrow it down...Approximatley 1 second after a silencer is attached my game crashes.. One in ten times on average,and its not relative to a single weapons pack in testing
  10. I started reading your post but because of how obnoxious it was i switched back to the previous post and authors update video... Great job @sic-disaster
  11. Ravage Mod

    @haleks Thanks man :) i had one more question you answered earlier regarding traders,but could you clarify... if i place lets say,one trader via editor,in a safe location,go trade with him...will "his" inventory resupply and change to new items after a set time? or is it just spawned roaming traders that get this effect/benefit? and if so,what time frame/how often does their inventory change?
  12. Ravage Mod

    I believe Iron front and RHS cause this issue when used togather,did for me in past. do you use Iron front or Iron front lite?
  13. Ravage Mod

    @haleks is there a code i can put into a pre placed editor AI unit to make him a survivor? (ie recruitable) in the same way you can have an init line to make someone a trader? I havent seen it written here before and cant find anything on the wiki. Im gona need my recruitable AI "playable units" for a script to function on them in a future mission.
  14. @tpw awesome mate,thanks for the update,appreciate that change.