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  1. Lovin the new EMR camo guys. Thanks for the update.
  2. First create a sqf file called "arty.sqf" in it place this... _mortar = arty1; _radius = 60; while {true} do { _center = markerPos "arty"; _pos = [ (_center select 0) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), (_center select 1) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), 0 ]; _mortar commandArtilleryFire [ _pos, getArtilleryAmmo [_mortar] select 0, 1 ]; sleep 6; _pos = [ (_center select 0) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), (_center select 1) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), 0 ]; _mortar commandArtilleryFire [ _pos, getArtilleryAmmo [_mortar] select 0, 1 ]; sleep 6; _pos = [ (_center select 0) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), (_center select 1) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), 0 ]; _mortar commandArtilleryFire [ _pos, getArtilleryAmmo [_mortar] select 0, 1 ]; sleep 6; }; Now go into game,place a mortar and name it "arty1" (no quotes) Next,create a marker name "arty" (no quotes) Create a trigger with your desired activation ie blufor present. In the on activation field call the script with " nul = execVM "arty.sqf"; " (no quotes) The mortar will fire a round with about 6 seconds pause(sleep6) in between.If you want to keep firing more rounds add this line after the last "sleep 6" .... _pos = [ (_center select 0) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), (_center select 1) - _radius + (2 * random _radius), 0 ]; _mortar commandArtilleryFire [ _pos, getArtilleryAmmo [_mortar] select 0, 1 ]; sleep 6; again and again depending on how many times you want it to fire.You can change "sleep 6" to "sleep 20" for example if you want 20 seconds between each shot. Place down a vehicle ammo box next to the mortar unit so it should have infinite ammo too if needed or use a fired event handler to give it infinite ammo.Also where radius is written,this is the radius rounds will hit,so increase or decrease depending on how accurate to the target you want shells to hit. i find setting it to 200 in an area that will be defended with cover is good as long as your not dropping round after round after round
  3. 2035: Russian Armed Forces and ArmA3 Aegis projects are joining forces! Wooooow this news on a day i upgraded to a Dual 1060 OC 6GB :) Could this day get better?..i think naye. Best of luck @Deathstruck and @Mindas highly looking forward to this,the 2035 setting in Arm3 has never looked better!
  4. seamless,astheticly pleasing and useful...really adds alot. I would like to be able for this raise weapon to happen automatically if im standing behind an AI about to breach and clear,is that possible? Much like the way it auto assigns the weapon up when walking against an object
  5. I finally figured a workable solution... dear lord Arma has alot of commands and iv never heard of this one before,its strange because its quite simple.. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableAttack setting _group enable attack false will keep the vehicle on its position even if it goes into a combat state. The commander wont issue orders of movement,but crew can still open fire. @HazJ thanks for the help,sent you friend request through steam
  6. il attempt by disabling auto combat and see how it goes
  7. cheers il add you when you say "engaging" do you mean firing or AI moving to a firing position?
  8. Thanks for the options mate To give more info: my vehicles are in individual groups.so its not related to formation. Set on aware(i cant use careless as they will not return fire if engaged randomly) i was considering ways to adjust skill to stop them moving to the combat area where friendly vehicle was engaged and destroyed. But as i said,they already have no line of sight to the first engagement,so i cannot understand how they even know about it(audible range?) ok... i just read that AI spot distance also affects AUDIBLE range... i will attempt to lower this significantly,though they are already on default 50%,its odd that they are hearing an enemy at 2KM or more...i can barely hear it and im standing near the vehicles at that distance i would prefer to use editor WPs also as its more straightforward for me making missions.
  9. hi all i am making a mission and hit a major snag... I have 5 vehicles(3 ifv and 2 tanks) reach a move WP ,they have more move waypoints synced to triggers so they are "holding" until condition of trigger is met. now 2 km down the road(5 units have no visual of this) an IFV engages enemy,it gets destroyed. now heres whats BAFFLING me...because this seem strange and its new AI vehicle behaviour to me... The five vehicles suddenly take on a mind of their own and start to drive to "support" or engage enemy threat.(i had to check twice to see if i had VCOM AI or GAIA running,both of which i removed from scenario already) So...i understand AI will move to locate enemies etc,but from TWO KM away with no LOS? ? If this is indeed vanilla behaviour,can someone advise a simple way to make them hold WITHOUT use of a "hold" WP? which btw doesnt work either keeping them still... they cannot be in careless and i already tweaked their behaviour to hold fire until fired upon.Im curious about AI vehicle behaviour now also,if anyone could direct me to an indepth information source on this i would be greatful,until then i really need help with a work around that is not complex if possible...i feel like im missing something obvious here as there should be a simpler way to achieve what i want WITHOUT disabling AI or removing driver/fuel. thanks alot
  10. I appreciate that mate thank you,il look when i get home.
  11. Great news on this, victory day! Den podebi , Ura!!!
  12. Smoother Animations v4

    I didnt realise AI naturally benefited,thats cool,thanks mate.
  13. Smoother Animations v4

    How about adding a small increase in speed to the AI when they are being shot at to simulate urgency on their part? I know this mod is focused around player but a nice "once over' to the AI would polish things out nicely
  14. Smoother Animations v4

    Good god man! Reminds me of my days in Battlefield 3 dolphin diving! hahahaha superb mod taro8,i didnt realise how clunky arma was since my early days being new to it.I guess i adapted over the years but this mod makes a core fundemental mechanic feel much nicer. really appreciate it