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  1. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    @Rydygier I had a few more general questions i wanted to ask about HETMAN that i cannot find in the PDF. First is...if i use "RydHQ_Excluded " array and add, say 10 groups,but each of those groups have a 50/50 chance to spawn at mission start,will anything get messed up if say "myAAteam1" do not spawn,but they were included in the array?I ask because it throws variable errors up in editor preview(normal). I just wana be sure it wont cause the general actions of HAL or reading of rest of init.sqf to be affected. Second question... Is there anything i can put on a trigger condition to check if an OBJ has been captured?I want to set up some custom sounds to play on captures and losses of OBJ areas. And third,do any of the debugging variables placed in init.sqf cause performance to run slower?I think generally debugging can increase CPU usage,so im just curious about how it may affect HAL. Cheers
  2. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    MCC has always been adding new features,possibly something in a new update broke compatibility. I had no modules down what so ever.
  3. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    They wont work so well together from a logical point of view,i beleive HAL and VCOM will be fighting over control of the groups.Performance may suffer in large scale envoirments. Vcom will be more active with WPs on individual groups than HAL i think.Best bet is to use one or the other. Or what you could do if you MUST have VCOM running with HAL is to exclude certain groups from HAL control or vice versa Run from INIT.SQF . This is the best practice though i really advise to not use both mods together as conflicts may arise. I am using advanced AI command to give move orders like in High command to a few groups whom i put in the excluded array,seems ok so far.
  4. @LordJarhead As i mention a few posts back,the bandage/heal sound,usually when healed by another unit(AI on AI too) results in the bandage sound looping indefinetly at the source of the bandager,ie the medic. I removed: jsrs_soundmod_snd_movement.pbo. AND JSRS_Soundmod_Cfg_Movement.pbo. And the issue is gone.I just want to report incase anyone else is having the issue.
  5. Hi @Psychobastard Is this a bug or considered normal? When i use a means to take control of a group as leader(in this case zues and FOK AI recruitment script) If the original group leader gets revived after being in a revivable state,i then loose control of the group to him(though im still shown as in the group) but not showing on group tab. i always have to re take control of the group,any way around this?
  6. Awesome stuff here,will definetly use this,thank GF.
  7. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Absolutely will do,i had it set in Eden editor attributes tab i believe , to make IND hostile to BLUFR,but just to be sure i have this code running about 10 seconds before HAL starts up ;) This is essential...i just got a rest and recover type WP...it was located in the other sides,leaders tent :p other side of map
  8. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    OK I finally sorted it...Thanks for the help man. I tested your demo mission,everything ran fine...my own mission version still didnt work on a clean game(no mods) I figured out it WAS mod causing the issue,the mod in question...MCC. I did remove the mod and test,HOWEVER it seems it was "baked into" my scenario(mission SQM) So what i did was copy paste all objects/units folders etc into a new mission,and tested.....the screenshot below shows the results...HAL working flawlessly. Sorry mate i had no idea a mod can become still active in your mission after you remove it and there are NO dependencie messages showing. To confirm it was MCC,i loaded up the mission you sent me(with debug init info) and ran it HAL + MCC...the result was IND getting some REC points,but BLUFOR getting only RES positions. Thanks again for the help. Its a shame i cant get MCC to work with HAL but happy this is resolved.
  9. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    I sent you a P.M with the mission.sqm Also forgot to mention every few minutes i am recieving errors while testing with HAL I also noticed HAL working fine the first time i tried a few days ago,and since that time CBA got updated,possibly something. EDIT: I reverted to CBA previous version,and attempted to put HAL script version in a totally new clean,scenario,the same things happening in that BLUFOR units ignore any OBJ trigger and only idle around leader,really odd.Also being met with the error above in script version test
  10. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Iv tested giving units wps and all seems ok. However for some reason now one of the leaders from the two opposing leaders in my scenario is not sending units to the objectives.. I have BLUFOR leader named LeaderHQB and his OBJs are RydHQB_Obj1 RydHQB_Obj2 RydHQB_Obj3 RydHQB_Obj4 . Using four empty triggers respectively. I have independant leader named LeaderHQ and his OBJs are RydHQ_Obj1....up to four aswell. when mission starts after 15 seconds things boot up(iv cleared my init .sqf of all changes i tested with HAL such as enabling rush movement,info and Cargo options. The independant groups get orders to move to RydHQ_Obj1(About 3 or 4 groups) all fine and normal. But looking at Blufor groups they only have move,move,move,cycle waypoints either at their start position,or a little distance away to leaders(LeaderHQB) position. I understand i think,fairley well how the script is supposed to work and i cannot see any reason why blufor are not moving to their objective.I have been testing for hours,evening removing any non HAL units/init settings,so basically following instructions to the letter to get this to work,but it will not work for blufor leader groups. Have i missed something obvious?If you need more in depth info plz ask,i dont think i left anything out,and the funny thing is that things were working ok yesterday,i cannot figure out what is causing the Blufor leader to not tell groups to move to objective areas. Thanks
  11. Ravage Mod

    Do not request or ask when updates are releasing,its against forum rules. Also try to understand content creators have lives outside of this HOBBY called modding.
  12. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Awesome,thanks for spelling it out for me. So many features and variables in this mod its hard to not get lost at first. Iv always wanted to play a mission just taxi-ing AI around in the transport choppers by night in the heavy rain,looking down at a very alive battlefield. with this mod,im often being tasked IF im in a chopper to transport/load a squad(so far for evac as i set that option) ,and drop them off.Its a lovely change of pace. The AI transport system works quite well too with helo's being the exception,helo's pick up and drop off units ok,but they then hover until given new orders(death sentence lol).Vanilla helo behaviour has improved particularly S&D in recent updates but it still aint as good as it could be. Oh i did have one more question,is it ok to take control of an AI group(issue it waypoints IN the mission) under the leaders control and give it some waypoints? Im guessing HAL will regain control of that group on the next cycle,and thats fine,i just dont want to be causing anything I DO,to break the script somehow. for an example as i mentioned helo's just hovering after transporting a group,i would like to give that helo a move/land WP back to base,and hopefully HAL can utilize it again at next cycle.
  13. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    @Rydygier Im tweaking a few settings,and looking at some variables i had a question regarding this line Does this mean the commander would send "more" units to take an OBJ? Or simply consider it taken?And if not enough units there,he sends more on the next cycle.. also : Can i use this somehow to make one sides commander defend 2 or 3 areas apart from each other without have 2 or 3 commanders for that side? What im looking to achieve idealy is a defending force that defend multiple areas,but still have all the benefits of movement orders. And is this also the best way to make units garrison?To my understanding,if i read correctly,garrisoning is dynamic and happens when a side is on defence,or pushed back to a recently captured objective. Am i about rite?
  14. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Thanks mate,theres tonnes of configurability here its awesome. One last qeustion,iv noticed the leader will also pick up spawned groups and assign them move orders.Would you see any issue with that? I briefly thought about the morale system possibly being affected but im hoping to impliment JEBUS respawn to keep performance levels as good as possible,though what i noticed so far with your mod is that(default settings) performance is quite good.
  15. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    I literally just figured out the way to define things through the INIT.SQF,i was attempting to place an incorrect code in groups init field before,all sorted,thanks! I would like to add one thing if i may,keep in mind iv only been using this for one hour but in limited testing,i noticed that groups that move to new locations to attack (even when enemies are located and known about in area they are moving to) do so in a aware state,BUT have weapons up,thus moving extremely slow.(Reminds me of AI issues from many updates ago). Is there anyway to get them to move with a "DoMove" command,as in full speed? I hesitate to change the variables to allow vehicles to transport,as this is usually unreliable in all AI scripts. Cheers EDIT Mate the algorythim of how units move forward is a perfect concert of realistic unit movement.Im observing the WPs being issued,the units reaction to unexpected enemies etc etc. Il be honest i was just about to give up making combined arms missions,i hit a wall this week with 5 days constantly in the editor trying to create a template of combined arms missions,this mod envisions EXACTLY what it is i was aiming to achieve,and alot more.Really enjoying simply reading the PDF and looking at all it offers. Simply the greatest macro AI mod iv used,period!