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  1. Do you have the support waypoint working for logistical use? Its totally broken for me. Anyway ,why not add event handlers to the vehicles as well to handle their damage,and half taken damage.I do this for friendly AI vehicles to increase their "staying time" and because as said,support waypoint is totally not working for me.
  2. Do you have the support waypoint working for logistical use? Its totally broken for me. Anyway ,why not add event handlers to the vehicles as well to handle their damage.I do this for friendly AI vehicles to increase their "staying time" and because as said,support waypoint is totally not working for me.
  3. I believe unit inits are saved,as long as its infantry and not vehicle from my testing. For example adding "This forceFlagTexture "\IFA3Ex\flags\GerH_flag\GerH_flag.paa" ; to a vehicle causes a flag to attatch to vehicle,but as soon as jebus grabs it,flag dissapears on respawn.Infantry however have their init string saved(for example using custom gear). Is adding add action from their init not working on both infantry and vehicles?
  4. Hi @tpw Hope your well man. Just got back to Arma after a break.Cool new features and great to see you still adding new stuff and refining the mod. I use TPW fall lately,and iv noticed AI units who fall indoors,have a high chance of staying down indefenitely,and never getting up. I tested this on AI team mates,and set a trigger to teleport them to my position. So in testing,they often while indoors,once hit,fall and stay in that animation forever... As soon as i exit the building and use the trigger to teleport them to my position they get up rite away. This is Altis buildings,happens more on destroyed models.Using default settings from user config(minus the aim down sites sounds). Also,im just curious...in your time making TPW FALL,in your opinion is it CPU heavy?I have some scenarios with on hit event handlers on alot of AI(about 40-60 in combat) and just wondering if i will be making things considerably worse with FALL enabled. I know its a quite difficult question to give an exact answer,but just looking for your opinion since iv not been using TPW in recent iterations. Cheers man
  5. Haha sweet man,more authentic ,less hacks. Il put this to use. cheers
  6. Hey thanks man,i tested it but its causing errors.I can paste it into units init if i remove the "modify above/below behaviour" but its not working when testing. Just curious but i assume this way as opposed to Crazy_man's way would cause a hit on performance considering its doing visibility checks,correct?
  7. I was thinking it would needed to be done in a "cheaty" kind of way like this. But none the less it should suffice. Cheers mate
  8. Pretty sure no command menu was open. your talking about 0-9 command menus which are for ordering units etc? Yeah im certain they are closed,if open i would have noticed.
  9. Thanks but as i stated ,i do not want to reveal specific targets as they will be introduced dynamically.
  10. So iv got a scenario,iv made it so that my AI pilots in a unarmed helo will loiter at 500 or 1000 meter altitude. They are part of the sides High command ,and therefore,any enemy they spot,will become marked on the map for the side to see. Problem is ,even at an altitude of 250 meters,with spotting skills maxed out and set to combat mode for some extra awareness,they do not see the enemy rite below.The enemy in question are some NATO transport and fuel trucks(5 spread out,in open fields) and three rifle squads.If i set the pilots to fly at default height,they get shot at,and die. I cannot use set captive on them as they will be put on civilian side and therefor not relay enemy positions to rest of side. I understand theres a "knows about" command but i dont think it will work,as the enemy being spotted may be created dynamically and i therefore wouldnt be able to force he pilots to see a specific unit. Im sure theres a way to achieve getting the pilots to see enemy from a high altitude i just cant figure out how. Any advice on how to go about it?
  11. Hate to Necro a very old thread but i also have this issue and would very much like to remedy it. Does anyone know a workaround? When im commanding a vehicle,the AI driver will move to any part of the map i click on.Its bad design and shouldnt be like this by default considering the amount of reasons one may have to click on the map.
  12. Yes i can confirm.I repored this bug years ago. It has been in all iterations of the mod as far as i remember. I simply avoid using medic vehicles...small price to pay for such astounding sounds.
  13. Post deleted - issue solved.brain fart due to being away from Arma for too long.
  14. redarmy

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    After playing Battlefield Bad company 2 for years on XBOX(it being my first ever online shooter) and endig up ranked in the top 2% for total points in the world rankings,i moved on to BF3.... I then relocated to Asia for work,and in this country XBOX live was blocked,and BF4 was on the horizon...So i found out about this little thing called PC gaming and though,ah whats the worst that can happen? PC arrived with a GTX 610 LOL...still though anything above 60 FPS blew my mind.I got BF4 installed (AND THE "PREMIUM") I instalntly noticed how awful BF4 map design was and i basically fell out of love with the battlefield series,because of it being awful these days and the DEVS and EA being greedy anti consumer assholes. Feeling at a loss,a real loss as to what to do next(as the thought of becoming a COD player brought desires of suicide) i stumbled upon a cinematic trailer from shack tac's, Dyslexci . I thought it was amazing...his videos were so immersive and you felt like you were there.The gameplay was NOTHING like BF series.Being in the army from a younger age,i always wanted something more akin to realism...and what i saw with shack tac,sold me. I got Arma3 (having obviously never played 2 and must admit,was very overwhelmed with everything from binding so many keys to opening the editor. Four odd years later,and with the help from the best community iv ever met,im creating my own scenarios,learning scripting and still very much(maybe now more than ever) addicted to Arma3. It has given me my moneys worth(understatement of the century) and made me resent companies like EA. This is the game that cannot ever be replaced,and will only ever die with it being reborn with Arma 4. Cheers to you Bohemia.
  15. redarmy

    military simulator yet you die through walls

    Mate if you want people to read your rants,at least consider paragraphs.Im not about to read that wall of text. If you are being killed through a wall,its because even when you are out of sight,AI still estimate your POS and shoot at that estimated POS.If they have high enough caliber the round will penetrate. If your talking about the player model glitching through the wall,specify what building.Iv only noticed tin shacks having this issue(bullets go through them easy anyway so no biggie)Other than that the only glitching through walls i ever see is occassionaly the weapon glitches through,if your prone in a building(arma2 + 3 buildings) This game was not designed poorly...considering how many variables you take into account,and situations this game can throw at you,i'd say this game is designed very well and has been refined extremely well since launch.I'v now got about 3000hours in Arma3 and yes,odd glitches can happen,but if your looking for total realism with NO chance of glitches,go join the military.