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  1. Ravage also uses a system to double click to use inventory item,much like MCC,So they cannot both be used at the same time. Its a limitation,you have to either use ravages method or MCCs one.
  2. redarmy

    Ravage Mod

    Good god iv got the each to get back into ravage,i couldnt stay away after reading the updates of late.. is this what i think it is.....? Does this mean hordes will despawn if player is certain distance away?
  3. @shay_gman Not sure if you missed my post a few pages back regarding AAS module in MCC. There is an issue with independent forces not counting deaths via ticket loss information.Its still in the new version you released making AAS only viable with BLUFOR/OPFOR. There is also another issue with the setting on capture zone : If you select the flag option,then alot of the time the capture zones do not register(the dont show on HUD as (A) (B) (C) for example. im not sure why this is,i couldnt figure out in testing,its possibly location based or because the flag spawn position is not ideal. Other than that AAS is alot of fun and works great
  4. redarmy

    Tanoa Harbor Breaks AI

    "Objects fall through it when placing" " A man placed on the pier properly using alt " Can you elaborate?Arma3 AI pathfinding can be bad at times,however there are workarounds,and there are different ways to implement them depending on what way your setting up your scenario. I can help you but please be more specific about the above sentences.
  5. @Markkos26 try this event handler: Not sure its gona work on AI
  6. redarmy


    Why do i get the feeling that by checking this out, im gona get pulled back into the apocalypse realm of Arma3.
  7. As title says,while ingame i change my shadow draw distance(usually set at 80) EVERY time i exit the menu it resets to 200(max) Its like it simply is ignoring the change even though i hit "ok" to changes...really annoying as its dropping fps alot. My shadows quality dont make a difference.Is this a bug lately? EDIT: Map mod was the cause
  8. I stumbled across a bug.As far as i can tell iv set everything up correctly with AAS. The issue im having is that i have IND vs OPFOR, 222 tickets on each side,but the problem is that opfor tickets are being reduced when units are killed but IND units tickets are not reducing when they suffer casualties. each sector spawn module has the same settings for each side minus obviously the fction/enemy names. could you look at this? I have confirmed it works with blufor. so it seems to have some issues with independant side deaths.Ticket countdown from flag holding seems to be working fine on independant side.
  9. @goko-- i bought INS sandstorm and loved it.Im now setting u a push style game mode with security forces vs insurgents on Zargabad,and i gota say huge thank you for this mod.It adds hella alot to the scenarios. I wanted to ask if you plan to later add the new insurgency sandstorm voices as they are even better than the previous one,also including female voices,which would suit really really well people who are using "female soldier"mods,head mods,whatever you call them. Anyway thanks again
  10. Wow that's bloody fantastic. Seriously best news to start the day with.
  11. @goko-- Loving the mod ,however i just wanted to ask is there a way to make it compatible with modded units? It actually does work on certain modded units,some others not so much even though they are using vanilla helmets
  12. AI are using grenades fine on my end,both hand and underbarrel. But ye...really hope Genesis adds in smoke throwing for AI sometime.As far as i remember vanilla AI used smoke plenty of the time,so VCOM "breaks" that?Some function perhaps in the AI behaviour. Two things iv noticed AI are unpacking the UAV's but obviously not using them. Setting mine laying chance to 0 doesn't stop AI laying mines in combat. (EDIT:Tested on spawned in units if it matters) And a final question: Its mentioned that AI will take up building positions sometimes in combat.However im not seeing it alot(once in a few hours) Is there anyway of increasing this value?I would love some house clearing action.On the other hand the AI do a damn fine job of clearing the house im currently in,or other enemy AI for that matter
  13. @shay_gman Is it possible to add an option in the AAS Spawn AI module,to delay AI start spawn time? The reason being i simply want to load out my character and finish that before the AI go charging off without me to capture the first area. Also would it be possible/is their currently a way,to create an array of vehicles/units or to disallow certain vehicles or units from spawning in from the spawn module? It looks pretty funny when their is a really tough contest firefight going on for the middle capture zone while one faction storms up with a MBT...while the other one potters up the hill with fuel truck lol. Cheers
  14. redarmy

    All The Weapons

    Hi cool mod,im making an insurgency mission with it,however a have a serious issue...launchers are being removed from AI when new weapon is assigned. is this intentional? any way to fix it?
  15. Nice @genesis92x Didn't expect that much more stuff to be added / changed to Vcom . Lovely stuff!