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  1. redarmy

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Had this issue with and without lambs...looks like they are running in place?
  2. Im considering getting some extra content in because i want a few extra options but i had a question. Does the CDLC assets work in combination with vanilla Arma3 content? vehicles etc,how would a T-72 compare against a slammer? I cant find any info on this and would prefer holding off on purchasing unless the content fits my particular needs. Cheers
  3. If i recall correctly facewear randomization is set for Factions such as FIA/guerrilla .For reference im using CSAT units/groups and Blufor NATO groups and it is happening on them.Which is why i thought its something in the script.And its not exactly applying anything random or replacing anything,its more just straight up not spawning units with these face wear items,but a different unit of same type,in same group,may actually spawn with it applied correctly.Just to be clear. For unit shoulder patches,as nfar as i understand the insignia get overwritten on mission load and the default virtual arsenal does not have access to the insignias,if this is at all relevant.
  4. I think as @dreadpirate said,its best to keep it simplistic.Simply have different groups of the same type you need for your scenario,spawn them in when needed via trigger(use another trigger to delete initial groups in need be) and then spawn the next identical groups in as desired. Also DreadPirate infantry spawning in are sometimes(not sure why) loosing their custom init face wear such as balaclavas or masks.Is there also a way i can tweak it so that unit insignia on shoulder patch is remembered?
  5. might be an issue with that as im not sure the respawn will save the info in group leaders init @WarhammerActual still looking into it just in the middle of something,friday night here.Theres a way to do this im sure but the link @sarogahtyp posted is worth looking at.I think Jebus can save an init line via a script call. Also you could modify the waypoint condition to something else that could be viable such as a unit present in a location/repeatable etc.Wouldnt have any text on screen
  6. Im sorry i forgot to mention. I the trigger condition field you also need to write Trigger1_Con let me know if it works. if not i do have another solution that will work. Sorry my mind is rusty today just spent a few hours in editor myself fixing stuff Other solution... Add an add action to the player or an object. In init field type this addaction ["moveWP",{Trigger1_Con = true; publicVariable "Trigger_Con";}]; Then like i said before,in the original trigger condition add the line Trigger1_Con Now when you activate the add action,the units will move from waypoint...That will work Honestly there may be an easier way to do it but this will work
  7. i posted just before you did a clear explanation.do you understand it? if not tell me which part
  8. double click the mech groups waypoint that you want them to hold at,in the attributes condition box of that waypoint,paste: Trigger1_Con now make a trigger,with radio alpha repeatable as the condition.Name that trigger Trigger1 now everytime that trigger fires,the mech group will continue along the waypoint as the condition is checked then considered activated.
  9. All you gotta do is set a condition in the condition box on the first waypoint of the mechanized groups,in order to delay them.It could be anything you want,even the condition of another trigger firing. Just do not sync the trigger to the waypoint as it will unsync on groups respawning. For example,a blufor present conition in a trigger,named Trigger1 with a radius of whatever, will then activate the waypoint of mech groups if in the condition box of 1st waypoint you write Trigger1_Con test that. You can also change that trigger condition to radio Alpha/repeatable if you wish.
  10. its always the little things 😉
  11. Use the script and ensure radio alpha is set to repeatable. It might be the issue,otherwise try a different way of calling the trigger. My best guess.As i am doing pretty much what your doing on an infantry group,their condition to move is in the waypoint condition box,try the condition box Yes im now pretty certain my way will work.Jebus saves WP's info,but synced modules maybe not
  12. Im not sure what you mean by "disabling" the script can you explain? If anything,it could be the issue
  13. This should work fine if you sync the trigger to the waypoint via a waypoint activation link. No need to disable the script,you can call the units to spawn on a trigger,give them two waypoints,sync the first waypoint to a trigger-radio alpha,and that should be fine. Im not sure if thats what you said you did but i did that and know it works okay least with infantry. Might be a bit of Arma'ing going on.Check the distance of vehicles to waypoints to make sure they are not completing the trigger upon spawning.
  14. redarmy

    MP-T rounds bugged

    This is not something i ever noticed as normal in Arma3 after thousands of hours. I cant find any documentation relating to MP-T rounds in Arma3 that describe this and it seems/looks not correct. Shooting a bell tower on Livonia,my shells phase though it entirely in the centre of the tall thin in width building,then to the left and right of the structure(albeit with reinforced concrete from model look) the rounds explode in a very small area. The thing is im seeing APSDFS rounds impact and create a particle,which are impacting at a higher velocity(both shell types shot from 300 meters so AP isnt loosing any speed),but no impact from HE what soever. Just looks odd to me and never saw this happening in the past
  15. Discovered a strange issue tonight that happened when using the Mora AAF APC. MP-T rounds are penetrating straight through buildings and only exploding on terrain on the other side. This isnt how HE rounds work unless iv lost my marbles. At first i thought it was a mod issue so tried without any mods and issue still there,validated game files,and issue is still there. Whats happening is the MP-T rounds phase through buildings completely ,unless you shoot the roof o a building,there they explode as normal. This is also happening on some walls.Tested this on Altis.No im not shooting through windows.AP rounds penetrate as expected however i see the particle effect of their initial impact on entrance hit.MP-T just literally act like the building isnt there.Vehicles with GP-T like the Marshal work fine,tanks HE work fine. Again NO mods installed,blank mission editor with player commanding an Mora APC. Very bizarre issue.I cannot find a single thing online about it but cannot understand how it could be happening to just me. It seems that building is taking damage,however their is zero feedback of this....also,their is no shell splash...testing this with AI infantry in a half destroyed building,i shot an MP-T round less than a meter to his side and he didnt die or take any damage."Sometimes" the building collapses sometimes it doesnt. From wiki MP 90 -0.00036 1,070 APFSDS 120 -0.0001 1,430 HE Can load Multi-Purpose (MP) rounds which have a muzzle velocity of 1,070 m/s and a blast radius of 3 metres The three meters parts convinced me this is a bug. A curious symptom..the Altis gaurd towers,shooting them side on sees my MP-T rounds phase through the exterior then explode on the interior walls.