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  1. Vidda

    It is for some of the people I game with ;) I'll already have it downloaded. Unit member said that currently there's no Day/Night cycle? Is that true or does he just need to adjust his date appropriately?
  2. Vidda

    Nice to see it's out. But jebus..... 3.4 GB? I hope that can come down some.
  3. You Rock! Thanks to you and your team! We love the MELB's and can't wait to see these new versions.
  4. Will the RHS donated birds be updated to this standard?
  5. So yeah, this happened just now in Dev: Tweaked: AI is no longer able to see through fallen trees (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216507-17-years-old-bug-in-a3-a-fallen-static-objects-geometries-bug/) Hurrah!
  6. So, if I'm updating to 3.0 I should just wipe my old 2.x folder on server, and install full 3.0 @VCOM folder to server. We use CBA, so do I need to include any of the USERCONFIG folders like normal?
  7. Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    EDIT: I'm an idiot and did not see the 3.0 Thread all of it's own. Move along!
  8. Does PO4 have an integral earplugs script or is that something that will have to be edited in?
  9. You need to have a MICRO-DAGR, not a DAGR. It has to be in Clothing or Vest inventory. MICRO-DAGR, not DAGR Then you can use END to enter Waypoint/STRPTs into your system. Set your SOI to HMCS with ACE interaction, and where you look is where you can set a waypoint. SOI to TAD MFD and then SI Action to allow Cursor movement in the MFD. Then you can again set STRPTs under the cursor.
  10. A26Mike already updated the ITC Compat to include F16D, F14, F15 and F15SE with WSO seats to work with ITC.
  11. So I found out the issue with the Laser designator, Firewill. It seems that you cannot use any form of Pylon loadout system other than your AMS to change weapon systems. If you use Achilles or ACE Pylon Module as a Zeus curator it removes the LAser Designator and you cannot choose it. As long as someone uses the AMS system, it works. So it's working as intended on your end. It just broke on those other mods end.
  12. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    How many passengers can the subs carry? I'd like to look at using the subs as an insertion platform. But There is no indication of how many passengers each can carry, or how long you can be under water in order to get your force off the sub. Any info?
  13. I'll see if I can get some guys on the server to test it out again today. It was the Pacific CSAT Self Propelled Artillery piece, Sochor. I just tried again. It took at least 8 direct hits at 400 meters to get crew to dismount. HEAT and AP rounds. It never did explode or catch fire. Checking with Zeus it was down to about 10-15% of hitpoints.
  14. Holy crap. On release nothing wants to die. Using T140 we were having to hit CSAT artillery pieces like 8-10 times to disable them. One piece we were never able to fully disable. We had to ram it and send it into orbit to kill it. Anyone else experiencing these issues?