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  1. [WIP] Terrain - North Coast Germany

    If that is your plan I would not place an Aircraft carrier as an organic map item. You should leave that to mission makers, as having it placed already can limit mission making or immersion for groups.
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Doh! Completely missed that. These old eyes, etc...
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are those RHS settings in the menu area of Arma? Where can one find those extra RHS settings to extend TVM/MFD visual distance?
  4. Pook ARTY Pack

    Along with that Reload truck, can you make some Ammo crate configs for reloading from crates? For bunker settings with ammo crates piled up next to the weapons/SPGs?
  5. Patreon is supposed to be a good service for people to support work by artists of any stripe. You could check that out.
  6. I would love to see Spookwar back in one larger download for inclusiveness. But at the same time, having each available as a download is a good idea also. Steam Workshop would be great. I could possibly get my unit to test this out if it was on Steam Workshop. Do you plan on making components configurable in Editor or Parameters? EDIT: By that I mean, do you plan to incorporate CBA for settings ? Or will it still all be run by modules placed on mission files? I am really looking forward to MP compatible FROGS/SONAR and HALO for inclusion with my unit. CORE/and others will help fill in if someone doesn't want to run missions in Zeus. It's great to see you making progress with the different components of SpookWar. I really think that you should put together some videos detailing the different components and setup. And possibly a playthrough video showing us how your unit plays and YOU envision SpookWar being used for missions and Campaigns.
  7. Project Zenith

    Possible to get the holster on the CIRAS turned to a 45 degree angle? The current placement with barrel parallel to the body would make it hella hard to draw with the right arm. Maybe not even 45deg, but 25-30 would make for a much better draw angle. Great looking vests otherwise.
  8. Yes, you need to install the Firewill Air Weapon Systems mod (that provides ALL the weapon systems for Firewill's aircraft) on your server. It is a pre-requisite mod.
  9. Holee SHiiit.. I love those new Dual Use weapons! Thank you so much for getting those working. Stand off weapons for dayyyyyys now! If used in Dual use mode , do the GBU/EGBU have to have a GPS target point set or can they by dropped in a general area and pick up terminal guidance via Laser/IR? Is the GPS initial point mandatory?
  10. Eden>Attributes>Environment> Date. When you pick a date for your mission on the right side it shows the moon phase. You can scroll through the dates to see how close to a full moon you are, and then adjust backward or forwards on the day to get the desired moonlight level.
  11. Sorry, man I missed this due to holidays etc. It's been crazy here. I'll get this downloaded and see if I can set a mission up to test it out soon. Interesting design concepts. I'm really waiting on HALO and FROGS Dedi MP work so I can integrate that stuff into my Experimental server for the unit, as I really love the work you did with those.
  12. My unit is running the settings NVG at .5 or .4 and with at least a Half Moon. Anything darker on the moonand it is damn near impossible to see the ground. We've taken to using half moon or higher, and then adjusting with Overcast if we want to have it darker for NVGs.
  13. Anyone else having issues with ITGT not opening? I cannot get it to open regardless of Custom User key being bound, so it makes GPS weapons useless.
  14. Project Zenith

    Per his post "The flag will have hidden selections so you can swap nations etc. I'll probably have it completely hidden by default and use insignias, like i do on the g2's"
  15. https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/arsenal-framework.html The code to add ACE Arsenal to items is the first thing on that page.