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  1. Here you go. https://discord.gg/ucgVfY
  2. ski2060

    Zero Dark Thirty

    If we were to have Dedi support... I would vote for the FROGS and HALO stuff first. That is the easiest to integrate into Dedi servers and missions as it is mainly insertion and exfiltration avenues.
  3. If you change your interface scale it will make the MFD's smaller also. That's about it right now.
  4. I think it may have been due to an older mission file I didn't replace the modules on or something. I have it working correctly for the most part. Still having wierd multi-menu option issues. Good news is I was able to do both HALO and Sub infil on MP server last night. HALO has issue where after spawning in plane, it doesn't seem to want to finish drop script to open door and give countdown. We hung out in plane for like 15 minutes testing and never got it. We could jump just fine, but without the countdown, our wrist Altimeters wouldn't work. Sub infil, our dive computers wouldn't work either.
  5. Hey Von, got an error I think you need to look at. Attempting to use FROGS on my server and it was generating this error when we got to the last waypoint that we wanted to depart the sub from. It wouldn't engage the disembark trigger. Then it generated a 1.34GB RPT file with the below errors. > 7:16:43 Error Missing ; 7:16:43 File vqi_frogs\VQI-CombatDiver\LOC\vqi_frogs_loc_disembark_sub.sqf, line 71 7:16:43 Error in expression <SProteus, 1]"]], "addAction", true, true] call BIS_fnc_MP; > 7:16:43 Error position: <] call BIS_fnc_MP;
  6. ski2060

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Awesome! Maybe I can get my group to incorporate some stuff now. Especially the FROGs stuff for sea infiltration.
  7. ski2060

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are all the RHS Russian ATGM's lock on targeting? IE "R" key and then fire? Or are there any SACLOS missiles on the Attack Helis? My unit is messing around with the Russian stuff and I thought there were SACLOS missiles in now? Some sort of mod issue was causing problems with gunnery. Never mind the questions above.
  8. You need to raise your head position to get a better view of the HUD when doing level bombing runs like that. There is no CCRP in ACE or Vanilla. If you'd like CCRP as well as a ton of other enhancements for vanilla aircraft check out ITC Air mod. Technically you don't need to see the bomb drop if you have the target lased and drop in an envelope that will let the seeker acquire the laser. It should be LOAL and you won't get a lock on before.
  9. ski2060

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Try putting it in their feedback tracker. Which is the point of the new Dev builds and link to their extensive bug/feedback tracker.
  10. I'll try that. i could NOT find the damn Logistics area to get the flight plan filed. Maybe just not enough coffee this morning.
  11. I'll test some more myself. I got the Core fixed for the stand so that I can exit to SUB/HALO etc. Couple issues I noticed. When I have the stand down but have the LEAP module set to System only instead of placing down the XC-130 at the LEAP module location it does not give me a loadmaster to file a flight plan I have to set it for the XC-130 in order to file a flight plan, then run back inside the TOC to board the aircraft in flight. when I made it to the ground, my backpack was empty of gear. It was also showing on a ground container. I could drop my chute off by drag and drop, and put on my backpack which was now empty. There is no separate POA bottle for inventory. You have to get it from the Terminal slot or whatever, then you have to remember to move it to the rebreather to have air when you jump.
  12. On the outside of the sub, after you have left the LOC, there is a small car battery attached to the hull near the rear of the conning tower. That has the options menu attached to it for the CRRC and SDVs attached to the sub. I haven't had a chance to test the hotfix yet, but will do so ASAP.
  13. Von, I was messing around with some stuff today. The TOC #1 doesn't appear to have an Exit stand near the Weapons area you mentioned. I put down the composition and modules for CORE, LEAP, and FROGS as mentioned above, including the new Liberty composition you made. When I spawned in to MP test, there was no way to get to the Sub TOC. I found the Jumpaster, Arsenal etc.. but no exit stand. Issue on my end? Just running CBA, CORE, LEAP and FROGS. Edit: HAH posted above me while I was composing this apparently. Same issue as him ^^^
  14. No biggie man. Take your time. I think we're just all glad to see you back in action.
  15. Von. I am testing this out again and just using the example mission. I cannot seem to get a link to the Sub TOC in order to test that portion out. I see the laptop placed, I can access it with SHIFT+F, but it only shows me AO generation and Rebreather ON/DSV options. Do I need any other modules running in order to spawn the sub? Without SCAR, I am not getting any AO's showing and this error pops up. I assume that is intentional because you said you moved them all to SCAR now.
  16. He's referring to his Forum signature block that has the links to his mission and current projects.
  17. Von Quest. Have you thought about setting up a Discord for SpookWar? That way you can post updates, answer questions in a more real time forum, sneak peaks etc? And good to see you back at work on this!
  18. That's great news VQ! We use RHS and Project OpFor primarily so it would be awesome to have those available. Good to see you back.
  19. ski2060

    3den Enhanced

    For those of us that are slow... what does that do?
  20. ski2060

    Zero Dark Thirty

    So, you've been able to place the Sub as a load point, enter it from outside, then do SCUBA setup and water infiltration from a different point on the map?
  21. So what does the new road system do? Just allow AI to actually use them to drive on?
  22. ski2060


    Honestly, I couldn't tell you if I noticed it after the update. We just started playing on mission templates this past week really. I assume there is a known issue with the CUP terrains update? If so, then please disregard my request. The map is wonderful for patrol missions.
  23. ski2060


    Do you have any plans on optimization passes? We're running Anizay on our server and it's hindering FPS quite a bit. I am getting mid 30s down to 10 FPS or so during missions. Normally I get 60-90 FPS on my current settings on almost all maps.