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  1. I managed to split this script into three parts or three hints individually.
  2. How can I divide this script into three parts? Each side with its own hint? The hint doesn’t load whole because it’s too long, especially after a big battle.
  3. Hey, I don't want to argue. I wrote everything clearly here what I want in the game. So it's not clear to me what's not clear to you, lol. I asked something so if you don’t want to help, then you don’t have to. I put _entity in this script to recognize the vehicles when they spawn.
  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Mission_Event_Handlers#EntityRespawned Really? I speak English, not Chinese! I feel like I'm talking to an alien. As usual you avoid answering my questions directly.
  5. I think I have already solved this by incorporating _entity among the params. Now this looks like this: params ["_unit", "_entity"]; Which is the event among the addMissionEventHandler that helps count all living units? Can you help me?
  6. I have tested that with the vehicles. Scripts work when it comes to only vehicles that are already located in a terrain but do not recognize those that have spawned.
  7. It works, thanks! I'll get back later when I test that with the vehicles. If I’m not asking too much, can you embed a script about all living units in this existing script?
  8. The trigger is named by trigEnd, activation: type none, activation any player, activation type present, repeatable checked. Expression: condition this, on activation nothing, on deactivation also nothing.
  9. Only this in the condition.
  10. I made init.sqf, put a trigger named trigEnd in my mission to activate this script. But I can only activate once and I would like to activate repeatedly. How? All vehicles, from cars, tanks to helicopters, planes. Vessels, aircraft, everything.
  11. It works, thank you. I have to admit I was lost in your script. But I'm learning something new. But there is a small problem, I can activate this only once. I tried in the trigger to check repeatable but it doesn't work. Can you embed some vehicle destruction script in your existing script?
  12. Iam in a singleplayer. In one mission I use the Greek army. In fact, I haven't named Greek units yet, but I plan to name them with, for example, group1, group2 ... etc. Also I intend to extend the script to other units like spawned and enemy. What I want is to know in which group the soldier was killed, it would make it much easier for me to search for bodies on the terrain after the battle. Otherwise I wander on the terrain and I guess the soldier was killed maybe in this or that group, if you understand me. I run my own statistics in Excel outside the game. There’s my whole script about Greek army. I have also for the enemy army. I haven't installed that script for the groups yet.
  13. Does not work. Can you make a complete script out of this? I named the groups with _group1 and _group2.
  14. I want the hint to be displayed when I enter the trigger and to write similarly in the hint: DEAD NATO UNITS Group 1: Squad Leaders: 1, Riflemen: 1 Group 2: Grenadier: 2, Riflemen: 4 In group 1 there are two dead (1x Squad Leaders 1, 1x Riflemen), and in group 2 there are six dead (...). The reason why I want this is that after the battle I know how many soldiers were killed, what type of fighters but I don't know in which group, in which unit.
  15. For a couple of days I try to make a script that will show me the message usually after the battle, not only how many were killed and which soldier (rifleman, grenadier, heavy gunner etc.), but in which group (1-2 Bravo, 2-4 Charlie or _group1, _group2 etc. )? I have already solved the number of dead and the type of fighters, but I am not succeeding as far as the groups is concerned. private _sectionleaders = []; private _grenadiers = []; private _riflemen = []; private _aliveWest = allUnits select "_group1","_group2" {side _x isEqualTo WEST && {alive _x}}; { switch (typeOf _x) do { case "B_Soldier_SL_F": {_sectionleaders pushBackUnique _x}; case "B_Soldier_GL_F": {_grenadiers pushBackUnique _x}; case "B_Soldier_F": {_riflemen pushBackUnique _x}; }; } forEach allDeadMen; hint format [ ">>> DEAD UNITS <<< Section Leaders: %1 Grenadiers: %2 Riflemen: %3", count _sectionleaders,count _grenadiers,count _riflemen];