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  1. Can you test your own mission with the listed scripts and tell me which one works? Maybe I set the scripts wrong. How did you achieve that? Can you clarify?
  2. I just did that. I downloaded one sector control mission and played, after I reloaded, the mission is not working properly.
  3. I also tested it with the Warlords module, nor does it work properly after reloading. There seems to be a problem in the modules. If I make a mission with the modules, they immediately work perfectly only until I save the mission and then reload. Then the modules no longer work. Strange. I will try to download and test a sector control mission.
  4. In the last five days I have been researching and testing all possible scripts to reactivate these modules after reloading. I tried with addMissionEventHandler Loaded, setCaptive, triggerActivation etc. I have tried now with this enableSimulation true. But nothing reactivates. I have a headache from this, because this is very important to me.
  5. I want to make a big Sector Control mission in the editor and then export to Singleplayer to play. I put a lot of Sector Control Modules on the map in the editor, I set Spawn AI Modules for BLU and OPF and exported to Singleplayer, in the beginning everything worked as it should, AI spawns, moves, fights with each other and conquers Sector Controls by map, then after I clicked Save & Exit to continue this mission later. But after reloading the save game I noticed that me and the AI (BLU and OPF) can´t capture Sector Controls. Sector Controls do not change color, they remain gray. The modules seem to have stopped working after the reload and need to be reactivated via script? How can I reactivate this? I wish I could save this mission so I could easily reload and continue later. Not that I have to play the whole mission in one piece. This is very important to me! If anyone can help, I will be very grateful.