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  1. How to change that icon of group above icon of unit in Zeus? For example in BLUFOR, the icon or something is blue, and I would like to place a logo. I know about squad.xml but I would like to put custom logo regardless of whether it is player or AI. I believe it is possible by a script but how?
  2. I just tested. Does not work.
  3. So I did. Does not work. I don't understand why the group is automatically deleted when it is killed.
  4. Can you show where your code should be in my code? I tried it a couple of times and it doesn't work.
  5. Why haven't I received an answer yet? I hope they don't hold anything against me.
  6. It seems.hHow to save the results, especially after the battle? I would like that to always show the results once the whole group is killed. The same thing is also with individual vehicles
  7. This code works perfectly if only a couple of soldiers in one group are killed. But when an entire group is killed, the code doesn't work. Like as if that group had never been spawned. I'm trying to figure out where the problem is. I guess I might get an answer.
  8. viel.kuul.10

    Counting dead units

    It works. Thanks!
  9. viel.kuul.10

    Counting dead units

    Why I have no answers?
  10. viel.kuul.10

    Counting dead units

    All I want to know is simple, I would like to see the results of dead soldiers and destroyed vehicles after a battle but which I would activate myself, i.e. to see statistics whenever I want. I would also like to see the current number of living soldiers and vehicles. I have four triggers, every via radio (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta). First trigger: _count = {side _x == east} count allunits; hintSilent format ["Alive CSAT Units: %1", _count]; Second trigger: 0 = [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 0.1; _csatScore = {getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side") == 0} count allDeadMen; hintSilent format ["Dead CSAT Units: %1", _csatScore]; }; }; Third trigger: _count = {side _x == resistance} count allunits; hintSilent format ["Alive AAF Units: %1", _count]; Fourth trigger: 0 = [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 0.1; _aafScore = {getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side") == 2} count allDeadMen; hintSilent format ["Dead AAF Units: %1", _aafScore]; }; }; That's something I'm actually looking for. Men, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, on every side. I'm currently testing this your, I'm playing with mod Arma Commander, the trigger is synced with the main module of the mod. But after the mission, this briefing is not shown.
  11. viel.kuul.10

    Counting dead units

    Does not work. It shows the result nicely but when I activate another radio, it doesn't work anymore. I have four triggers.
  12. After trying for weeks with my scripting and googling everything to find some answers, I am still without success. The script should be small and simple, I knew scripting isn’t easy but I can’t believe this hurts so much. I'm trying to make a script that will count all the dead units and destroyed vehicles of one side and put it in the trigger and activate it via radio. _count = {side _x == resistance} count allunits; hintSilent format ["Alive AAF Units: %1", _count]; // Count all alive units of Resistance side, it works fine. 0 = [] spawn {while {true} do {sleep 0.1;} _aafScore = {getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side") == 2} count allDeadMen; hintSilent format ["Dead AAF Units: %1", _aafScore]}; // Count all dead units but it works not fine.
  13. Works this with a group. I gave you a trophy. Earlier I tested with a turret and a vehicle, every works with that code in the first posts. Only I would like the group to be together with the turret, not just one AI, I usually set up several more AI in the same group. To protect the turret or to replace staff if they die. I realized that any AI that is located in a turret or vehicle, spawns normally but an AI that is outside of a turret or vehicle has to run a long way to find its leader. I'm definitely still learning to scripting. Your codes can help me. I visit community.bistudio.com/wiki often to learn. Of course, I’m going to look at the other links they left here.
  14. How do that with a group, not just one AI? Along with some turret, for example: HMG?