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  1. Pandemic4444

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Im suffering from a similar issue. Ive got a high end system and im used to anywhere from around 75 to 120 fps right? well every so often i get such a massive fps drop that it makes it microstutter/lag for a split second which has been driving me up the wall for a while. After the jets update but before the tanks update is when it started. i have quite literally tried EVERYTHING and i cant seem to solve it. Plus it doesnt matter whether its on a HDD or an SSD, it still happens. Iv'e even upgraded from the 4790k too and its still going on.
  2. After downloading the new TAC-OPS DLC i started the game and proceeded to try and play it. However anytime i try and start one of the new campaigns it starts "Drawdown 2035" which is NOT the mission i selected. No mods are activated and i have verified the files with steam. i cannot find any conflicts that would cause this issue.
  3. Pandemic4444


    yea breaking point was good in that regard of being able to secure existing structures. i liked that.
  4. Pandemic4444


    That might actually work. lemme try that and see if i can build or at least secure existing structures. i was editing this military area into my FOB with zeus. kinda fun i guess.
  5. Pandemic4444


    Hey @haleks the new jets DLC is out. Would updating Ravage be necessary? Just curious. Also are you planning adding building bases at some point (like dayZ mod had) ? i don't mean to bug ya about it.
  6. Pandemic4444


    thanks for the mod suggestion. im gonna go nuke altis!!!!
  7. Pandemic4444


    Well i seem to be getting a weird issue that i can't narrow down. every so often i will see my frames drop (usually while driving) from about 60-90 at res 3840x2160 down to about 20-30 for a split second which is enough to see a very momentary lag spike. not sure what is causing it. iv'e been swaping mods in and out, using different settings but its not stopping it. weird.
  8. Pandemic4444


    well my micro-stutter is in the whole game. single player and multi. no idea why and i havent been having the issue b4. :p
  9. Pandemic4444


    Dang, i havent been here in a while and ravage is up to 1.43? last i played it was on 1.39. im excited to try this out again. However i seem to be having a weird microstutter in game. it drops from around 60-70fps (res is 3840x2160) to around 30 (sometimes lower) and that's enough to cause momentary lag/microstutter and i can't figure out why! gonna give the game a re-install and see what that does cause i think ive tried everything else.
  10. thanks. i was actually referring to a campaign or something included in the mod but ill check out some of that stuff.
  11. This might be a stupid question but is there an SP for or in this mod?
  12. Pandemic4444


    what i mean is to edit the ini file you included for altis. i know how to edit it in the eden editor when i create my own ravage mission.
  13. Pandemic4444

    Everon2013 for @A3MP

    i have a random question. is this by chance an edit on chernarus cause i swear it looks exactly like it. EDIT: actually i went into the editor and found out its just a tiny island. (skies and clouds are black btw)
  14. @cosmic10r: hey is there a chance of a Winter cherno edit from ya? or possibly an Australia map? (im trying to create an Australia ravage map but its not working)