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  1. MisterOth


    Thank you for the resurrection feature. But even if I select ''Only by Zombie''. Ai still resurrect when killed by me.
  2. MisterOth

    GF Blood Stains and SFX LITE Script

    Hello George ! This script is working. But I have some trouble with it. I see the blood flickering (I don't know the exact word). But it goes color red and transparent for a seconde. Like On\Off..On\Off... I want to precise that my PC system isn't verry powerfull. Also I play with Low quality. Do you think that the problem may come from my system power ? Or maybe something else ? Thank you
  3. Hi Just to let you know about the Scripts presentation post. "16.GF Vehicle Radio chatter script" - Can you replace with Armaholic link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34277 "38.GF Auto Loot Airdrops Script - Mod" - Give the wrong script, here is the right one : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34700 TY
  4. MisterOth

    GF Auto Loot Airdrops Script - Mod

    Thank you. It worked perfectly ! Also good luck with the Population script and all your work.
  5. MisterOth

    GF Auto Loot Airdrops Script - Mod

    Hello George ! Hope your doing well. I see you working on a ''dynamic simulation''. I did understand that this might save some FPS for the player. So I'm asking you: will you add the dynamic simulation to this script when ennemies is spawend and maybe the auto loot crash too ? One thing with the Auto loot airdrops is that I'm looking for a way to set the airdrops not far from the player. I did modifie this line: Line 60 : ''GF_ALA_Distanse_from_Players = 300; // Add here the distance from players'' Instead of 300 I put 10. But unfortunatly the airdrops continu to spawn far from the player. Thank you !
  6. MisterOth

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    Thank you. I'm really happy to see your compilation script growing. Please continue. Thank you !
  7. Thank you for you response Everything is clear now.
  8. Hello Vandeanson I have some questions if possible: - I don't find the ied.sqf in VDSSP v2.31. Is the sqf not needed anymore ? - So with your next building script, do we have to keep EDN Fortification mod ? - I see some EDN in VD_Arrays.sqf and in VD_Functions.sqf : VD_EDN_MatArray and VD_EDN_BPMover. Is this still needed ? - I see you disabled VD_LootboxSpawner.sqf in mission start. What was your goal for having a lootbox in mission start ? Because for me I don't see what I can do with it, if you can tell me your way to play. - Also their is two VD_LootboxSpawner.sqf, one in main mission folder, one in VD_Script_Pack. Is the second one related with the upcoming building script ? - Why did you disable the Random Player Equipment for this version? Just for curiosity - Last, I still don't understand what's the difference and why you use this in VD_Arrays instead of this Thank you verry much for your work and all your scripts. I didn't test your new infection script, I don't have to much time to play sorry. But I will !! Hope soon :)
  9. Thanks a lot. Also take your time. Really amazing scripts. Looking forward about infection, building, underground scripts.
  10. Hello VD. I was testing 2.31b and it seems for me that everything works great. So thank you for that. Only 3 things: 1- IEd script, tested with dbug false in the ied.sqf but the markers stays, It seems that I can't hide the ied marker on the map. 2- I didnt find information, but just for my knowledge, in VD_Arrays.sqf what is the difference between this part and this part I only understant that I should active just one of them. 3- Can you add a possibility to change color marker for the Trader Random spawn ? Thank you
  11. Vandeanson, What do the ''test.sqf'' in 2.31b script do? TY
  12. MisterOth


    You don't need to put the debug Module in your scenario Delete it and it will be OK
  13. Oh yeah it is working, I didn't see the icon on the map. Thanks. I also found how to edit the Icon in something else :) Also you're right about the Bandicamp, it is better to not know where it spawns. Thank you again.
  14. Can you possibly add a setting to let spawn markers that we can choose the type. For traders maybe or other. Because sometimes without markers the map is just blank. It is just for cosmetics. Or maybe with your idea about tasks that will give markers about bandicamp..traders..hiddeout.. you already thaught about that. Also about the idea of holding a base for ourselfs, is it possible to add like a box that you have to put some supplies or toolbox for the base and people their to live. Thank you Edit: Sorry I can already add markers with spawnmarkers for traders and bandicamp. So my suggestion is not good I think. It is just because the random spawn system is great I asked about them.