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  1. Some more test with rain this time on refraction. Still WIP
  2. Yes there it designed/planned Im building it in to difficulty settings so at the hardest difficulty you will loose everything on your charecter But it will also auto save at that moment to so you cannot go back again (subject to testing ). Lower difficulty levels will not auto save so youll be able to go back and re load the save file. Might also add a number of death counts wich might effect things in game such as the speed you heal and or something like that but I havent planned much beyond the difficutly area yet. If you have some ideas please hit me jup on discord all ideas are welcome. No Cure Discord in my signature below
  3. Testing improvments with rain particles.
  4. DL++

    Welcome to Glasgow

    How have I only just come accross this!. Looks amazing. Keep it up we need this!! Ive always wanted to visit Glasgow and now I can ;)
  5. Melee sword. Standard issue secondary melee weapon for the H.E.L (human extinction league ) Fighter units. Materials still to be tweaked. Animations still to be made for it. This will be built into my melee systrem seen here.
  6. Hi all, Some more work on trees. 2 different models here. Had some issue with the lods and texture but thats fixed now. Still need to re make the bark texture currrently their using A3 pine trees bark as a placeholder. Testing with different terrain lighting Altis Lighting And Ulak my own terrains lighting
  7. This is cool, I could defo make use of this! Good stuff
  8. Inventory build 4. This build shows basic actions like eating integrated into the system. Along with some cleaning of the UI.
  9. This is brilliant ! keep it up !
  10. Inventory Build 3, changed the layout somewhat. Still need to smooth the unit rotation out and re apply item description text since I managed to loose it.