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  1. Yes this is still in development. How ever it is currently haulted due to other commitments. I will be coming back to this soon
  2. testing new tone mapping, tweaking of vanilla tone mapping, its subtle but its there
  3. Always mate it’s a monster big project
  4. The interaction system is well a 1st alpha draft so is in no way optimized but it basically uses a nearObjects search to detect and then runs the results past a check script that then uses 3dIcons at the position of that desired object. (model center by default (origin)) and for buildings and vehicles its attaching to mem points. After that its using a lot of BI command to activate inventory and take and put animations. The inventory. Well thats one big hack! so the vanilla classes for the inventory have been adjusted a lot! to display as you see them but with no ui background. Then there is a small script that runs on inventoryOpen EH that spanws the unit avatar on screen ssets cam positions etc and apply uniform equal to that of the player. and then uses keyDown EH to rotate that avatar behind the Ui.
  5. Latest shots from the terrain including new sat map and river tech. Sat map and clutter color blending Overcast lighting tweaks and custom rain
  6. Character creation ui first build. Hopefully aiming to apply age variation with new faces.
  7. small update on the interaction system. Adapted it to now handle ammo crates and vehicles, vehicles still needs work to allow for options.
  8. DL++

    Mask tiel ColorCalculator

    Always been an issue with image size limitations. I have a 32k mask so being able to process that without having to down scale it first would be good otherwise looks like a real neat little tool mate
  9. Some more test with rain this time on refraction. Still WIP
  10. Yes there it designed/planned Im building it in to difficulty settings so at the hardest difficulty you will loose everything on your charecter But it will also auto save at that moment to so you cannot go back again (subject to testing ). Lower difficulty levels will not auto save so youll be able to go back and re load the save file. Might also add a number of death counts wich might effect things in game such as the speed you heal and or something like that but I havent planned much beyond the difficutly area yet. If you have some ideas please hit me jup on discord all ideas are welcome. No Cure Discord in my signature below
  11. Testing improvments with rain particles.