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  1. POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    No, there I pressed backspace only once at 0:56. The same as on the other times, and then I just waited the menus to hide. Now that I think of it, they would probably go away eventually every time, and not actually get stuck permanently like I suspected before.
  2. I've played with it the past, but if I recall correctly the effects were fairly non-existent. Have you gotten anything visible out of it?
  3. POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    This is recorded with just the Artwork Supporter and Enhanced Video Settings mods active. EVS doesn't have any active scripts running so it can't be mod conflict. Only the visible units and smokes placed in the editor. It's on the dev branch, but I've seen this happen on the stable too, IIRC.
  4. POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    I'm having a small issue with the menu in the splendid camera. It sometimes refuses to hide along with the vanilla camera controls when pressing backspace. I think it may be somehow related to really low fps (<10) and/or zero time acceleration, which both are common when taking screenshots. At times it takes nearly 10 seconds to disappear and sometimes it doesn't go away at all unless I press backspace multiple times. Could this be improved in some way?
  5. Hey I had exactly the same issue. Verified local cache a couple of times, deleted and redownloaded core files from the root and dta folders. No avail. I suspected it was just some glitch on my system as I've never had such problems before. I have both branches installed, so I copied everything from main to dev and updated it to dev, which finally fixed it. So a full reinstall or switching back and forth between dev and main might work too.
  6. They've always done something, the effect is just pretty small currently. I swear the actual formula was posted on the AI thread a while ago. May need some digging to find it.
  7. When the simulation is not running, what happens to the VR Entities? Do they sleep? Dream of virtual sheep? Visit our world in a sub-simulation? Are we in fact their dream? Mods: CUP
  8. ArmA 3 and Z-fighting

    If you play in first person it's not that bad. That's because there no objects near AND far from the camera. That also applies to every z-fighting situation.
  9. My bad! It turned out I had messed up the Dropbox download link in the previous update, and it had been pointing to the old bugged version for months. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience anyone may had with it. And thanks sammael for figuring it out for me.
  10. That's probably the same issue which was happening before with RHS. But by the time I got around to fix it, RHS had updated and the bug was already gone. If it's the same thing, I'll think I can fix it this weekend.
  11. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    You could make it public by uploading the texture somewhere, like Imgur, and link to it in your post.
  12. Arma 3 Banned by dev?

    I don't think deleting profile files will result in a ban. There aren't any such critical files there AFAIK. I know some people have gotten the "banned on behalf of the developer" for trying to obtain DLCs illegally. You also have multiple other game bans, right? Maybe you had some cheat programs running in the background while playing?
  13. Missing files

    Right-click Arma 3 in Steam library, select 'properties'. On the 'local files' tab, click 'verify integrity of game files'.
  14. Yeah, it was closed down on June 11th. Some of the mods have been transferred to Moddb apparently.
  15. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Even though the developer claims the new release has been ok'd by a BI forum admin?