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  1. Not to mention none of this is any way related to the thread we're in. (BTW, there is one engine with that new engine smell, but we don't know when and where it will appear next. And we certainly won't hear about it here.)
  2. I don't know about xphone but googling every one of the pbos you listed will lead you to their author's Steam/Armaholic/BI forum page. In addition to the three mentioned in the previous comment, here's "mm_": And "Catalina": The modder credits the catalina objects to "_gotdead_", who seems to be this fellow: The mod has been removed from Workshop since then, as well as the trailer from YouTube. So your best and probably the only bet is to message them through this forum. Edit. Searching for Xphone brings up this site selling the script: https://armaservices.net/product/xphone-calling/ And apparently its creator (or one of the 20) is "ItsLeigham". See if you can contact the seller via the store or look around if there's a person of the same name involved with Arma elsewhere.
  3. When you googled those names you listed, weren't the authors you found not the actual rights holders?
  4. Greenfist

    Vigor Font

    Very similiar to this: But my guess is it's a custom design.
  5. Greenfist

    Arma 3 Contact "ISDone.dll" error

    Did you try installing straight from Steam or did you get the game from somewhere else?
  6. Greenfist

    Arma 3 Contact "ISDone.dll" error

    It may be the way you start the installation. How exactly do you it?
  7. Well nearly 7 m/s speed for a 15cm wide thing is supposed to look pretty fast, right? edit. Wait, aren't the cups spinning in the wrong direction..?
  8. Yes they will. The folder acts like a real folder.
  9. It's not visible in the editor, but you can...
  10. Greenfist

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Or simply don't make it into a mod at all, but just put a jpg in the mission folder and use setobjecttexture. Hence, it's not a private addon.
  11. Greenfist

    stuck on missioan 2 "going Dark"

    I think the expected key is the next weapon (or fire mode?) bind. And it apparently needs to be F specifically. Some people have had problems when it's bound to some other key.
  12. Greenfist

    Contact DLC - stuck with bloody communications...

    Yes it worked and everything looked exactly like the first time, except for the big ass alien right in front of me.
  13. Greenfist

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    If I'm not mistaken Project Lucie uses some iteration of Enfusion. Doesn't really prove much of its capabilities though. Source: https://teamsfsmilsim.com/2018/10/09/original-interview-with-bohemia-interactive-english-version/ It sounds like BISIM and BI don't have common engine developers.
  14. Greenfist

    Contact DLC - stuck with bloody communications...

    My problem, and apparently OP's too, was that the drone never appeared. I reverted back to a save before arriving at the hill and then it properly spawned right next to the tower.
  15. Greenfist

    Contact DLC - stuck with bloody communications...

    I'm stuck there too. I believe there's supposed to be another ship somewhere near the tower and communicating with the mothership isn't required. I think I'll try to load from earlier saves and see if I can get the second alien to spawn.