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  1. If you unbind the 1,2,3 keys you get the classic action menu entries back.
  2. The wheat flattens on my end...? At least with tanks, I haven't checked if it happens with all vehicles. I was just wondering about this the other day, will Contact use flattened clutter, a decal texture, or a special object for the crop circles. 🤔
  3. Greenfist

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    AI accuracy is affected by fatigue = TRUE First with full stamina, then forced to 0. Accuracy returns to normal only very near the full stamina. This was with 15% precision in the difficulty settings and zero (20%) unit skill. On higher skills the effect is small but still there..
  4. Greenfist

    Is there a way to limit framerate in Arma 3?

    My Battleye loves Statistics Server. Those two have always gotten along just fine. So it might be settings issue with your SS.
  5. Yes. For example: while {true} do { sleep 60; if (sunOrMoon <1) then {setTimeMultiplier 4} else {setTimeMultiplier 2} };
  6. If you want to take different lengths of day into account, you could check the daytime with if (sunOrMoon <1) then {setTimeMultiplier 4} else {setTimeMultiplier 2};
  7. Poster for the upcoming expansion Mods: Greenfist Anims 06 (publicly released below)
  8. I believe he meant how the devs have said Dayz won't ever be "fully" Enfusion the way Bohemia has envisioned the complete engine, as some elements are still RV legacy. It's just semantics though. The game runs on Enfusion but perhaps not the 1.0 of it, like Arma4 possibly will.
  9. No no don't touch to doors! Otherwise I'll never get these DDR made furniture inside!
  10. How about just a new config value for items, 'variantOf=parentClassName' or something? Then a new submenu and grouping logic to Arsenal. If the value is omitted or invalid, continue as before. No need to go more invasive than that and leave the engine out of it?
  11. Greenfist

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    The near future setting is kinda genius premise. I mean if BI had redone that same old cold war era USA/USSR again, we wouldn't have a solid official basis in the game for modern advanced technology. It's much easier for the community to create content backwards from 2035-ish than to go forwards from the ever-popular gunpowder era of M16s and T72s.
  12. I think I will add the audible and camo coefs as adjustable values. And add them in a way that the script won't forcibly change them without user's input, so you can also use it to debug your own script. I don't know when exactly I'll have the time for that though. You might want to do it yourself in the meantime.
  13. I'm not really sure I follow. Report on audible how? Like indicate if the target is detected by sound or what is its noise level? I don't think either of them are directly available with scripting, right? One could guess and simulate how the engine does it but wouldn't be accurate unless we know exactly how the game handles it. Adding adjustable setUnitTrait values to the script is very possible though. I might do that. I haven't specified any license on this script but you're allowed to freely modify, incorporate in your mod and redistribute it non-commercially as long as you mention me as the original author.
  14. Greenfist

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    Aural detection of movement is based on speed. (I'm not sure if different stances have different noise coefficients). This was very obvious back when units had a slight offset between their actual position and the point they pivot around when turning. A quick turn in place could raise your "noise" level as if you were moving at 50km/h. Objects do occlude sounds though. Try running behind an AI with and without a wall between you two.
  15. By adding audio you mean adding an option to make AI blind to test the aural aspect separately? I'm not sure how functional this script is today, by the way. Apparently it works to some extent but if I recall correctly, at least the target's side indication was somehow messed up a few years back.