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  1. KeyCat

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Ohhh no! Was the best source of ArmA addon since loooong before Workshop. Sad to see it gone :(
  2. Maybe bolt a "invisible target" with attachTo on players vehicle/s could solve the issue in an not so taxing way.... Just thinking out loud..... /KC
  3. KeyCat


    Very nice! Thanks for making and sharing.
  4. Thanks for the update! This addon is a must have IMO and being able to tweak effects to your personal liking made it perfect :)
  5. Thanks, .com works just fine ;) www.charliefoxtrotops.com
  6. Anyone else getting this when trying to connect to above link?
  7. Nice work! Any chance to see the small rubber dinghies on the side of the large boat (LCI) as separate objects? Would be nice to have a WWII style rubber dinghy along with Feint's nice paddle addon for smaller "commando style" co-op missions. The new plane sounds by LAxemann is totally awesome!
  8. Sorry my bad! Somehow got the link twice. Try this one... http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27454 It's called CH View Distance Addon and is made by a guy named Champ.
  9. VD and TD is set by the host. You can use this small addon to solve your problem.... http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27454
  10. KeyCat

    The nightmare code 0xC0000005

    What PC specs and OS? Have you checked your CPU/GPU/MB temps?
  11. KeyCat

    Arma freezing whole computer

    What PC specs and OS? Have you checked your CPU/GPU/MB temps?
  12. STRV103 rules and brings back good memories Awesome work all around granQ and Co!
  13. You are totally right! I was confusing the small icon to the right (very hard to see what they show) with FoW stuff. Sorry for the noice! Another thing....I found some of your other stuff by accident. Would be great to have those addons in the IFA3 pack as optional. I think lots of people miss them (like I did). Keep up your awesome work!