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  1. You are totally right! I was confusing the small icon to the right (very hard to see what they show) with FoW stuff. Sorry for the noice! Another thing....I found some of your other stuff by accident. Would be great to have those addons in the IFA3 pack as optional. I think lots of people miss them (like I did). Keep up your awesome work!
  2. I was using the editor in 2D mode when I looked for the objects.
  3. Will find my glasses and try again
  4. I only found the CUP stuff but couldn't find winter trees/bushes/fences/etc... FoW also have their specific objects showing up in editor. Maybe I'm just blind - LOL
  5. Haven't tried UPnP but a workaround would be to open the following port range in your router. 2302-2306 UDP (or both UDP/TCP if you can't select only UDP)
  6. Wonder if you have any plans to make it possible for the to add any of the included objects like houses/trees/bushes/rocks/etc... in the editor like Eden Extended Objects does? Understand that it may clutter down the object list but it could be an optional addon. It would be nice to be able to do some variation with WWII props on the maps for different missions.
  7. Finally had time to test this addon and all I can say is... It's awesome, thanks for making and sharing! Will not be able to play without this one combined with CHVD's view distance addon :)
  8. Potential new player with questions

    100% agree, use it myself but I recommend new players to start playing without any mods and not complicate things when they start out with A3 but as you say ASR-AI is awesome addon!
  9. Question on new tank dlc

    It's a bit cryptic to understand what you are asking?
  10. Potential new player with questions

    Don't be afraid to turn down AI skills and AI precision in setup when you are new. It's better to do that and increase while you go instead of getting frustrated by AI head shots from far distance ;)
  11. Client Linux version?

    Agree, there are a bit learning curve but as you say lots of help to get. I do run Debian on a couple of systems already but it would be nice to break free from MS lock-in chains when it comes to gaming (mainly play A3 and DCS) and now there is Vulkan to replace DX12 and it works on all OS'es.
  12. Client Linux version?

    You are not alone on this one :) If MS continue the way they are heading with W10 I'm jumping ship when I can't run W7 anymore and I've been running Windows since Windows 2.11 days. Really happy BIS is offering a Linux version already even if I haven't tried it yet.
  13. Looking forward to test the new tank stuff. You guys are on the roll Thanks for the update!
  14. ASR AI 3

    Yea I already know I misunderstood the "asr_ai3_main_factions" array. Will read up on your link. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction as well as the update! Can not play A3 without your mod :)
  15. Faces of War [WW2]

    Thanks for the "lesson", didn't know that. Very interesting and you learn something new each day :)