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  1. I know very little about server administration but to my understanding the terrain setting comes from server's 'xxx.Arma3Profile' file. It has a line "terrainGrid=25;" where 25 means standard level and ultra would be 3.125. So lower number is better. The proper forum would probably be: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/159-arma-3-servers-administration/ Or if you want a quicker answer, try the official Arma 3 Discord: https://discord.gg/arma and its server_admins channel.
  2. Increase the terrain detail setting in the video options. It's usually forced by the server, so the server owner may be the only one who can fix it for you. Although some missions have a custom options menu for players which might include the detail setting too. Also you posted this in a very wrong forums category btw.
  3. Greenfist

    Preview lamps in Eden editor

    Or if you have a whole bunch of lamps: {_x enablesimulation true} foreach ((all3DENEntities #0) select {_x iskindof "Lamps_base_F"}) Assuming they inherit from the lamps base, like many of them do. A drawback is that the light source stays around even when the object is deleted. You can work around this by moving the object away from area you're working on before deleting it, or restarting/previewing the mission.
  4. Greenfist

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I assume all this has been mentioned before in the thread, but regarding the recent comments: Their new flagship engine does dynamic shadows already, has (seemingly) much more efficient resource usage, and does expose a lot more of the previously engine-side functionality to modders. Arma 3, on the other hand, won't see any major changes or official content anymore. I mean, the downsized team first came up two years ago already, and just the other day BI said there's only a few guys left keeping eye on the life support.
  5. Greenfist

    PLP Containers

    This is an eerie coincidence; just today I was thinking of making something fun out this mod and boom!, an excellent update. 👍
  6. Greenfist

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    I think that's intentional. The Syndikat likes you but they don't like you touching all their toys. I've seen the same happen in one situation where they had apparently captured a Gendarmerie van. They should give some time to leave the area before shooting though.
  7. You could type in the values to Recolor manually. [0.88, 0.88, 0, [0.2, 0.29, 0.4, -0.22], [1, 1, 1, 1.3], [0.15, 0.09, 0.09, 0.0]]; The first part is the "brightness" section in Recolor, the next four values go into the "Blend color", then "Colorize" and "weights". In the mod, the numbers are multiplied by 100, so you need to input 88 instead of 0.88; The very last 0.0 is always zero so it's not visible in the mod. You can also import presets into the mod. Copy this line: // "Realistic",0.88,0.88,0,0.2,0.29,0.4,-0.22,1,1,1,1.3,0.15,0.09,0.09,0, 0,0.5,0,0.2,0.1 And then click "Import preset" function in the tools menu of the mod.
  8. Not to mention none of this is any way related to the thread we're in. (BTW, there is one engine with that new engine smell, but we don't know when and where it will appear next. And we certainly won't hear about it here.)
  9. I don't know about xphone but googling every one of the pbos you listed will lead you to their author's Steam/Armaholic/BI forum page. In addition to the three mentioned in the previous comment, here's "mm_": And "Catalina": The modder credits the catalina objects to "_gotdead_", who seems to be this fellow: The mod has been removed from Workshop since then, as well as the trailer from YouTube. So your best and probably the only bet is to message them through this forum. Edit. Searching for Xphone brings up this site selling the script: https://armaservices.net/product/xphone-calling/ And apparently its creator (or one of the 20) is "ItsLeigham". See if you can contact the seller via the store or look around if there's a person of the same name involved with Arma elsewhere.
  10. When you googled those names you listed, weren't the authors you found not the actual rights holders?
  11. Here's a small script I initially made almost a year ago for a discussion regarding AI's detection skills and their alleged "x-ray vision". The topic became current again recently along with the release of the new jungly Tanoa map. And the script was even indirectly featured in the SITREP yesterday when BI highlighted a user made video utilising it. (The tweet with the huge red arrow. :D) So I decided to update it a bit and start an actual thread. Maybe it'll help to shed some light on AI's sense mechanics. How does it work? Extract the mission to your editor made missions folder, load it, and click preview. There's you and an enemy AI unit on the map. You try to get his attention while observing a couple of visual indicators and vital numbers about his spotting and target tracking. Can he see through bushes? Can you hide in tall grass? Can you flank and surprise him? How does the gear and AI skills affect all this? etc. Features: Some technical data in the corner of the screen. You can place down as many units as you want, all of them will have the detection symbols, but only one's numbers a shown. The enemy is marked with a colored circle which tells his state: â—‹ White = AI knows nothing about the target. â— Blue = AI has seen or heard the target, but doesn't know if it's hostile or friendly. â— Yellow = AI knows the target's side, but haven't seen it. This happens when a teammate has reported the target, or it has shot at the enemy. â— Green = The target has been spotted but not currently visible. â— Red = The AI currently sees or hears the target. I.e. knows its exact position. Big arrow floating around you indicating where the AI thinks you are. (in case he doesn't have a LOS to you.) Zeus module for controlling the units. Menu actions: Face target: Turns enemy units towards the target. Reset units: all units forget about eachother and turn away from their enemies. Camera: Starts the splendid cam right next to enemy's eyes. Enemy/target gear. Move AI: fly the AI guy around like a kite. Checking how they see through objects - is that treetop see-through? Set enemy stance and behaviour. + a few more handy actions To move this script to another map: (The default is Tanoa) Copy the init.sqf and functions.sqf to your mission folder. (Note: place and configure a zeus module named 'zeus1' to avoid an error message at mission start. Although the script will create the module anyway.) The monitored AI unit should be named 'enemy1'. If it doesn't exist, the script will select the closest enemy or spawn a generic one in front of you. The target should be named 'target1'. If it doesn't exist, you'll be the target. Downloads: On Tanoa or On Altis (Dropbox) Latest version: v1.20 July 20 2016 - Replaced the enemy camera with the splendid cam, which opens right next to the enemy - Added 'Freeze units' action - You can teamswitch to the enemy. A good way to check if what you see matches the AI vision. - some minor tweaks A short vid of it in action: (older v1.09) Note: this isn't any highly polished framework, just small toy/tool snippet for messing around with the AI in the editor. I don't think I'll develop this very actively but if you have any good suggestions or bug reports, please share them, and I'll see what I can do.
  12. Greenfist

    Vigor Font

    Very similiar to this: But my guess is it's a custom design.
  13. Greenfist

    Arma 3 Contact "ISDone.dll" error

    Did you try installing straight from Steam or did you get the game from somewhere else?
  14. Greenfist

    Arma 3 Contact "ISDone.dll" error

    It may be the way you start the installation. How exactly do you it?
  15. Well nearly 7 m/s speed for a 15cm wide thing is supposed to look pretty fast, right? edit. Wait, aren't the cups spinning in the wrong direction..?
  16. Yes they will. The folder acts like a real folder.
  17. It's not visible in the editor, but you can...
  18. Greenfist

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Or simply don't make it into a mod at all, but just put a jpg in the mission folder and use setobjecttexture. Hence, it's not a private addon.
  19. Greenfist

    stuck on missioan 2 "going Dark"

    I think the expected key is the next weapon (or fire mode?) bind. And it apparently needs to be F specifically. Some people have had problems when it's bound to some other key.
  20. Greenfist

    Contact DLC - stuck with bloody communications...

    Yes it worked and everything looked exactly like the first time, except for the big ass alien right in front of me.
  21. Greenfist

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    If I'm not mistaken Project Lucie uses some iteration of Enfusion. Doesn't really prove much of its capabilities though. Source: https://teamsfsmilsim.com/2018/10/09/original-interview-with-bohemia-interactive-english-version/ It sounds like BISIM and BI don't have common engine developers.
  22. Greenfist

    Contact DLC - stuck with bloody communications...

    My problem, and apparently OP's too, was that the drone never appeared. I reverted back to a save before arriving at the hill and then it properly spawned right next to the tower.
  23. Greenfist

    Contact DLC - stuck with bloody communications...

    I'm stuck there too. I believe there's supposed to be another ship somewhere near the tower and communicating with the mothership isn't required. I think I'll try to load from earlier saves and see if I can get the second alien to spawn.
  24. Greenfist

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    BI is not focusing on VBS since it's not their product. You're confusing them with Bohemia Interactive Simulations which is a different company with a similar name because of historical reasons. What BI has lost interest in, though, is Arma 3's engine. They have a new one now, Enfusion, which they have already tried VR with. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean there will be VR in the next Arma, but it's certain it won't be added in A3.