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    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    BI is not focusing on VBS since it's not their product. You're confusing them with Bohemia Interactive Simulations which is a different company with a similar name because of historical reasons. What BI has lost interest in, though, is Arma 3's engine. They have a new one now, Enfusion, which they have already tried VR with. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean there will be VR in the next Arma, but it's certain it won't be added in A3.
  2. If you unbind the 1,2,3 keys you get the classic action menu entries back.
  3. The wheat flattens on my end...? At least with tanks, I haven't checked if it happens with all vehicles. I was just wondering about this the other day, will Contact use flattened clutter, a decal texture, or a special object for the crop circles. 🤔
  4. Greenfist

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    AI accuracy is affected by fatigue = TRUE First with full stamina, then forced to 0. Accuracy returns to normal only very near the full stamina. This was with 15% precision in the difficulty settings and zero (20%) unit skill. On higher skills the effect is small but still there..
  5. Greenfist

    Is there a way to limit framerate in Arma 3?

    My Battleye loves Statistics Server. Those two have always gotten along just fine. So it might be settings issue with your SS.
  6. Yes. For example: while {true} do { sleep 60; if (sunOrMoon <1) then {setTimeMultiplier 4} else {setTimeMultiplier 2} };
  7. If you want to take different lengths of day into account, you could check the daytime with if (sunOrMoon <1) then {setTimeMultiplier 4} else {setTimeMultiplier 2};
  8. Poster for the upcoming expansion Mods: Greenfist Anims 06 (publicly released below)
  9. I believe he meant how the devs have said Dayz won't ever be "fully" Enfusion the way Bohemia has envisioned the complete engine, as some elements are still RV legacy. It's just semantics though. The game runs on Enfusion but perhaps not the 1.0 of it, like Arma4 possibly will.
  10. No no don't touch to doors! Otherwise I'll never get these DDR made furniture inside!
  11. How about just a new config value for items, 'variantOf=parentClassName' or something? Then a new submenu and grouping logic to Arsenal. If the value is omitted or invalid, continue as before. No need to go more invasive than that and leave the engine out of it?
  12. Greenfist

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    The near future setting is kinda genius premise. I mean if BI had redone that same old cold war era USA/USSR again, we wouldn't have a solid official basis in the game for modern advanced technology. It's much easier for the community to create content backwards from 2035-ish than to go forwards from the ever-popular gunpowder era of M16s and T72s.
  13. I think I will add the audible and camo coefs as adjustable values. And add them in a way that the script won't forcibly change them without user's input, so you can also use it to debug your own script. I don't know when exactly I'll have the time for that though. You might want to do it yourself in the meantime.
  14. Here's a small script I initially made almost a year ago for a discussion regarding AI's detection skills and their alleged "x-ray vision". The topic became current again recently along with the release of the new jungly Tanoa map. And the script was even indirectly featured in the SITREP yesterday when BI highlighted a user made video utilising it. (The tweet with the huge red arrow. :D) So I decided to update it a bit and start an actual thread. Maybe it'll help to shed some light on AI's sense mechanics. How does it work? Extract the mission to your editor made missions folder, load it, and click preview. There's you and an enemy AI unit on the map. You try to get his attention while observing a couple of visual indicators and vital numbers about his spotting and target tracking. Can he see through bushes? Can you hide in tall grass? Can you flank and surprise him? How does the gear and AI skills affect all this? etc. Features: Some technical data in the corner of the screen. You can place down as many units as you want, all of them will have the detection symbols, but only one's numbers a shown. The enemy is marked with a colored circle which tells his state: â—‹ White = AI knows nothing about the target. â— Blue = AI has seen or heard the target, but doesn't know if it's hostile or friendly. â— Yellow = AI knows the target's side, but haven't seen it. This happens when a teammate has reported the target, or it has shot at the enemy. â— Green = The target has been spotted but not currently visible. â— Red = The AI currently sees or hears the target. I.e. knows its exact position. Big arrow floating around you indicating where the AI thinks you are. (in case he doesn't have a LOS to you.) Zeus module for controlling the units. Menu actions: Face target: Turns enemy units towards the target. Reset units: all units forget about eachother and turn away from their enemies. Camera: Starts the splendid cam right next to enemy's eyes. Enemy/target gear. Move AI: fly the AI guy around like a kite. Checking how they see through objects - is that treetop see-through? Set enemy stance and behaviour. + a few more handy actions To move this script to another map: (The default is Tanoa) Copy the init.sqf and functions.sqf to your mission folder. (Note: place and configure a zeus module named 'zeus1' to avoid an error message at mission start. Although the script will create the module anyway.) The monitored AI unit should be named 'enemy1'. If it doesn't exist, the script will select the closest enemy or spawn a generic one in front of you. The target should be named 'target1'. If it doesn't exist, you'll be the target. Downloads: On Tanoa or On Altis (Dropbox) Latest version: v1.20 July 20 2016 - Replaced the enemy camera with the splendid cam, which opens right next to the enemy - Added 'Freeze units' action - You can teamswitch to the enemy. A good way to check if what you see matches the AI vision. - some minor tweaks A short vid of it in action: (older v1.09) Note: this isn't any highly polished framework, just small toy/tool snippet for messing around with the AI in the editor. I don't think I'll develop this very actively but if you have any good suggestions or bug reports, please share them, and I'll see what I can do.
  15. I'm not really sure I follow. Report on audible how? Like indicate if the target is detected by sound or what is its noise level? I don't think either of them are directly available with scripting, right? One could guess and simulate how the engine does it but wouldn't be accurate unless we know exactly how the game handles it. Adding adjustable setUnitTrait values to the script is very possible though. I might do that. I haven't specified any license on this script but you're allowed to freely modify, incorporate in your mod and redistribute it non-commercially as long as you mention me as the original author.
  16. Greenfist

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    Aural detection of movement is based on speed. (I'm not sure if different stances have different noise coefficients). This was very obvious back when units had a slight offset between their actual position and the point they pivot around when turning. A quick turn in place could raise your "noise" level as if you were moving at 50km/h. Objects do occlude sounds though. Try running behind an AI with and without a wall between you two.
  17. By adding audio you mean adding an option to make AI blind to test the aural aspect separately? I'm not sure how functional this script is today, by the way. Apparently it works to some extent but if I recall correctly, at least the target's side indication was somehow messed up a few years back.
  18. Greenfist

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    Hey, one of my favourite Arma topics and a great compilation! 👍 A couple of things caught my eye though. "AI cannot see through any vegetation" Perhaps it would be worth to specify that they can not see through any solid vegetation. Many trees and bushes are partly semi-transparent and have holes in them. And the visual appearance doesn't always reflect the actual view geometry. You could mention AI's hearing works a lot like vision, as in solid objects will occlude the sound. "AI can still spot you if you are partially sticking out behind cover even if they haven't seen you initially" Unless this has changed in the last two years, AI can only see your "central nervous system" so to speak. They can't spot your limbs or sides of torso, only the head and spine. This is why you can hide behind traffic sign posts for example. One cool tidbit I didn't see here: AI has 120 degree field of view (IIRC) and will detect objects right in front of them more easily than on the edges. Although, since AI usually keeps looking around constantly, the effective field is almost 360.
  19. Greenfist

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    But yeah, my money's on a mysterious CBRN attack a la East Wind device. Has CSAT made 'contact' of a third kind, or is their technology just much more advanced than we thought? You better stay indoors until we know more.
  20. YAAB: Yet Another Arma Benchmark In short: About 2.5 minutes long scripted intro for measuring your average FPS. Emphasis on AI fighting performance, bullets, and explosions. Features: A small town with 40 AI soldiers in combat Lots of fire, smoke, explosions, and gunfire! Around 300 static objects + a goat. Relatively consistent results, despite the random nature of Arma AI. Expect about 2% variance. Up to 20 results can be saved. Useful when comparing the performance between different game versions, system tweaks and mods, for example. Saves a list of your running mods. Select multiple saved results to view their average score A short "preloading" sequence in the beginning to let the game load some of the assets to RAM before measuring. So you shouldn't have to run it twice to get better results. Changelog: Downloads: Steam Workshop Dropbox
  21. Greenfist

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    @Horus The dropbox link on the first post is now updated. It's been so long since I last touched this mission I didn't remember I even had DB download. 🙂 @oldbear You're right the test definitely runs different after some game updates, because most of AI actions aren't strictly forced by the mission. Instead it's mostly just basic waypoints and fire commands, so the outcome is sensitive to any updates to AI behaviour. Their effect on FPS is anyone's guess I suppose. There aren't any good tools to measure where the processing power goes on that deep level. Although I don't know if something like the Arma script Profiler or the vanilla frame diagnosis tool could provide more insight on the matter. These two might also be what you're looking for too, @LSValmont
  22. Greenfist

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    I would be surprised if skill didn't have an effect. Just the rate of fire alone on higher levels should create a lot more ballistic calculations to process. Although I doubt you'd be able to measure the difference with this test, the AI is just too random to begin with to see such (presumably) small change. Should be fairly easy to check though, just by testing.
  23. More recent and versatile particle/light editor: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613905318
  24. Greenfist

    Next DLC

    There's also an announced official "fairly unusual, yet sizeable Arma 3 DLC" which will "bring various bigger and smaller assets to the wider Arma 3 sandbox". It's likely not naval warfare though. A warship would be a "bigger asset" but not really unusual, unless it means something that BI hasn't done before. Also, naval systems might require some new engine features which we presumably won't be seeing in A3's lifetime.
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    It's in bin.pbo, data_f.pbo and also in Stratis, Altis, Tanoa and Malden. Ones on the terrains are the same but bin and data_f are different.