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  1. Hello QuickDagger! First of all: awesome work!! I am new to Arma 3 and I am currently trying to setup a realistic sniper simulator in my own small and privat scenario. I downloaded a number of mods so far: of cause your DaggerMod as well as the "Bundeswehr"-Mod. My Setup is the German G29 in .338 + your DGR 25x H59 Scope, because I like the reticle of the scope. Now I noticed a propblem: I setup all data in the ATragMx. For example the 1000m result is 11.5Mil. But the adjustment in the scope is in MRAD. Is there a way to change the scope adjustment from MRAD to Mil increments? Or do I need to switch the scope? Maybe you have a recomendation for that? Your answer would be highly appreciated! Best regards Gromskar