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  1. Hey Sparker ! Thanks for this mod ! It is so clean and so Awesome ! 😍 I am trying to make a mission with the "Advanced Diving Environment" Mod, and some map that goes under 100 meters. Is there a way to quickly modify the code (for my personnal use) to permit to scan at more than 100 meters? Or are you interested to publish in some way a sort of "military class sonar version" 😄 ?? Thanks in advance for your answer !
  2. Ok, thank you all for your answer ! Here was the nooby mistake I was calling a method on a non declared variable... And the engine wasn't triggering error so... it work now ! In a proper test environnement, everything work as is. In the mission, with a lot of spawned AI, managed by EOS, and VCOM, and Enigma, this is another stuff. But, its ok for the basics now! Thank you Pierre. @Dedmen : The pieces of code i was dumping in the topic was some previous part that i was having kept in commentary. I haven't checked them before drop, forgive me. Yeah, i have give it a try and work nice ( I was using entities to get vehicles too, allunits do the job aswell) So, here is the working (Not optimised) code : // Get actual alive West to marker //===================================================================== _side = WEST; _radius = 4000; // Or less if your CPU Fly around the room // getpos azimut is unclear. Multiple test with multiple value and inconsistent results. // 90 seems to be enough to make à 360 scan (The value seems to be check on all his axis. // But i let you all the fun to spawn units 360 around and play with the radius value.. _nearMen = allUnits inAreaArray [getPos player, _radius, 360]; // i've selected 360 to be sure // We declare the group array... _local_reinforc_raw = []; { if (side _x == _side) then { _grp = group _x; _local_reinforc_raw pushback _grp; // Following documentation, append and pushback seems to be the same, just better than "+" //Clean running task _allxTask = _x call BIS_fnc_tasksUnit; _allxTask apply { _x call BIS_fnc_deleteTask}; // Clean waypoint while {(count (waypoints group _x)) > 0} do { deleteWaypoint ((waypoints group _x) select 0); }; waypoint1 = (group _x) addwaypoint [getpos _x,0]; }; } foreach _nearmen; // Delete duplicate _local_reinforc = _local_reinforc_raw arrayIntersect _local_reinforc_raw; // Fire task assignment { [_x, getMarkerPos "intervention" ] call BIS_fnc_taskattack; [_x, 1] setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; [_x, 1 ] setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; [_x, 1 ] setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; } foreach _local_reinforc; Thank you guys !
  3. Hello all, I am running a project where kind of opfor is Gendarmerie that act like real. Patrolling, chilling, and shoot at armed people. (Player use Incon Incognito script, who's running well) Spawn people with enigma civ, that mix with Fleeing Civ run well. If i shoot near a civilian, EH create a marker, spawn two reinforcement that drive to the point. There is check exist condition, peremption condition, no problem with that. BUT I have too Gendarmerie vehicle spawned by a second instance of Enigma traffic. So, Im a trying to get all Gendarmes present, and set them to go to the same marker when the civilian EH is triggered. And no way. // Get actual alive west around //===================================================================== _side = WEST; _radius = 4000; _nearMen = nearestObjects [player, ["Man"], _radius]; //_nearMen = entities [[], [], true, true]; { if (side _x == _side) then { # INSERT YOUR FAIL HERE } } foreach _nearMen; }; //===================================================================== I have fail a lot of things, like add group to an array and give them new wayoint ( Fail because they never get the new WP, not because they dont execute it instantly ) { _grp = group _x; _local_reinforc append [_grp]; }; } forEach (_nearMen - [player]); // And then { if (side _x == _side) then { [_x, getMarkerPos "intervention", 1 ] call BIS_fnc_taskDefend; [_x, 1] setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; [_x , 1] setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; [_x , 1] setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; } foreach _local_reinforc; I have try to delete all WP prior to execute, I have try to get all task and delete before give a new one, but result is always the same : None reaction. Please. Help..
  4. Just here to say.... THANK YOU BOHEMIA I am a fanboy of radio-communication concept, and you give to guys like me, something like a BIG-birthday gift, with contact! And i appreciate the ambiance of the campaign ! I was thinking that livonia can't be fun after the Tanoa Master piece, But, omg, i am in. I won't get out of her !! I agree with @ISparkle to say it isn't easy to catch what to do with alien, But, HEY! That's a first Contact! Nobody knows what to do! So, if the operator play it really in immersion with this concept, i found that this is just perfect! (But i haven't ended the campaign atm, i will update this if i change my POV about this ) I've noticed the FPS drop as some other, but it is playable for me (not ultra setting on an old 750ti) I suppose there is a looooot of script running behind... One question @DnA, Is there some other secret plan designed for contact? I mean... Is it possible that one day you make all the Contact script stuff loaded by default on every concerned piece, outside of the campaign, with only some parameters to tweak ? Maybe outside of the DLC?😍 "Black Bonobo for Bohemia" "Go to North and Keep doing great things"
  5. To gain access to this, You must follow the scripting way of life padawan.... Or, You need to wait that some people unPbo the campaign, look at all script, and transmit them here
  6. Hi marcel ! How should i understand this : "find: ‘rename’: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type" (translate: no file or folder of that type) Is this an error, or is it just the ouput if there is no file that need to be lowercased? All the script seems to worked properly, but when i launch the server, mod doesn't load. Im trying to find from where come my fault.. Damn.. SOLVED : Rename is a packet. he wasn't installed on my distro. Apt-get install rename and now its all okay... Great script Marcel ! Thanks for this job !
  7. iWazaru

    MKY Sandstorm script

    Did you have give a try to set the "force wind" params to false in the init.sqf array, and see what happened? Im not sure to understand how the force wind works, (im not a scripter) but i think that the script will maybe follow the in-game wind, who will be drived by you're weather script.... Not sure :/ And can't test at the moment. Intel : in Sand_server in Sand_Client
  8. iWazaru

    MKY Sandstorm script

    Monkey have take a lot of time to document his script... Everything is explained in the files !! If the script doesn't work on a map, you should go to the MKY folder, then fnc, and edit MKY_fnc_getInfoWorld.sqf. If your map isn't inside this array : then add her. For kholm map, this become : if you're in a snow map, you make this in the varSnowWorld array. As commented by Monkey, think to lowercase the map name, and think to use the mapname used by arma: You save you're mission in editor, and look at his name in the folder. for kholm this is mygreatmission.kholm but for mogadishu this is : mygreatmission.mog so you need to add mog, to the array, not mogadishu. If you work on a simple solo mission, where you want a constant sand/ or snow value, you can just add this to the init.sqf : And you will have a random effect. but you can play with the array, like this You can read the MKY_Sand.txt tha's inside the example mission for understand how all of this work. And you can read every file and find tweak commented. You need to use the Description.ext, obviously, and another thing to know : if you activate the sound inside the array, you will not have music (if im remembering right) cause this use the same engine inside the game. Im asking to all of you one thing... Pray that the Great Monkey come back one day \o/
  9. iWazaru


    This is a great job ! I like to play Opex. Tried in SP and quickly in mp, and that was really immersiv ! But I have a question... How work the save system ? I rent an arma preconfigured instance in mutualized server, so, there is some trouble with persistance usually, cause lot of mission creators use a variable in arma profile that is not accessible on this sort of server. Is it the case for Opex ? Some french words: DU GROS BOULOT MEC ! J'admire. Un salut de Chambéry
  10. Yeah. Panic Firing. PANIC FIRING !!
  11. If this isn't ART, im not an ape ! I was searching for some Bears or Elks to add in arma, and what surprise is that work. At this state, it's already awsome to see that in the Arma engine. Some questions bumping my head right now. As i haven't read all post (but most of them) forgive me if my questions are out-dated or already answered... I've read that you plan to give him a state of unit more than animal, that seems to be, i agree, totally necessary. But, did you think to manage sharkmod-side, the behaviour, or state, of the human AI, faces to shark. I mean, i dive between island with some armed AI grouped to me, and they see the shark. If he have already the Enemy state, i will to have to deal with the non-fire/fire orders. If i miss the order, the shark who was maybe following his way as pacifist as a Banana tree, will be engaged at sight. So, maybe have you think about a sort of "dynamic" state managing. Shark is civi, and go enemy when engaging the prey ? (Addrating use or something else) Or did you think to let player's managed this like the usual way of "As I lead a group of retarded, I manage who gonna piss and who will hold her to him" ? That's an understandable choice from a modder. ( hope i've hurting nobody with this sentence...) Secondly, im aware that you have spend a lot of hour searching animal-mod in arma, but there is a combo of 3 things i see, and i need to share my tought... I've see a post of ineptaphid (if im right remembering) speaking about blood particule in water. Speaking about this mod by Charon i think : There is the blood, and the fact that crocodile keep the body attached to mouth, that is great... But keeping blood idea for the next. If a player is in a damaged state, i will have apparent blood on his body, that can be scripted for execute the blood trail. So a player hurted by a bullet, or zombie (yeah Aleks, i like your mod) gone in water for escape something, or join an island... at this moment, there is another stuff that pop in my head, from Rydygier : So, with your leveled hungry state of a shark, A big one who haven't eat banana since some day's will smell blood at some click from here, and decide to take the direction of the prey.... Us. There is what my imagination have construct today, Maybe did you have already think, search, and take some decision about this sort of idea, So, if it's the case, Just a BIG congratulation for this mod !
  12. Thanks for your Answere Skruis. This week-end, I will reproduce the error, and take all intel i found. I will test to manage metrics for find a workaround, in case another Athena's user meet the problem, But... At the moment, I think this is not an OS-side problem. Virtualization is a concept that growing a lot, and a lot of user do that at home now, and card always stay active as long as the computer is powered. Up card, down card, is something Lambda user dont like to do... (And its a pain to do that by the microsoft way) Managing network is my job, when i will get all my intel about the situation, i can maybe help you to find the better solution Athena-side... AKA, the better solution for keep Athena as simple as it is for user.... We'll see ! I will edit this post as test and research progress. ! EDIT = FOR USER THAT CANT LAUNCH ATHENA FROM AN OTHER PC, AND THAT USE VIRTUALISATION SOFTWARE ON THIS PC, SKRUIS WORKAROUND OK TAG : Virtual Card Eth Adaptater Host Athena Windows Option 1, aka "tiring option": Click start, and nothing happen ? right click on you're vitual adaptater in the network center => Deactivate. If Athena app settings ok, connection with arma instantly begin. Re-activate the card when connection is etablished seems to not create disturbance. Need to be done every time a new connection is started (after pressing stop or closing ath_app). You're link is the user-side solution. Test progression. Windows 10 : Windows 7: Oracle VB virtual adaptater : VmWare virtual adaptater : As the need to keep an intelligent/automatical switch between wireless/ethernet is an important thing for a lot of laptop user, and as virtualisation software seems to use his own card without checking windows settings, i give favor to the choice of highering the value of the Virtual adaptater created by virtualization software, than modify the metrics state of basic wireless/eth drivers. This is totally okay and tested with Oracle VirtualBox and windows 10. No disturbance observed on VM network communication. (This is for basical user's that just have one virtual adaptater, not tested for multiple v.nic from same software installed) Found the way where to modify metrics : http://www.online-tech-tips.com/windows-7/network-and-sharing-center-overview/ Information need to be sorted, but the objective is to reach the window you see in the "Change Adapter Settings" last chapter, corresponding to you're virtual adaptater, and then, you can use the link in the quote above for uncheck the automatic metric and give a value. I've set mine to 250, but that's a HIGH value. Can be less, maybe 30 is sufficiant. As far as i know, should be more or less the same on seven, or with a vmware product, as they should use the same way to manage vhost card. Test coming soon.
  13. Hell that's good! I'm using wireless between pc's, without trouble. Every communication LAN & WAN was okay from every point ... So, i wasn't thinking about network, BUT, In your debug files (or wireshark, im not sure to remember...) i've seen that relay trying to respond on the eth-adaptater card of the VirtualBox installed on my Windows10 pc ( those who just need to launch the app). I've just shutdown the virtual-card of this pc, and instantly athena-app communication switched on wireless, and things do what they should do. In the most case i dont need to have this card activated when i will look the app, but it can be some times. ( Yeah, im this kind of guy that watch game at work... :) ) This seems, or not, coming from the way you're app choose his communication device. I haven't keep files cause they was growing 1mo/s, and i was doing that inside family time, so one click by one click every 15minutes, But If you want, i can reproduce and send you debug files. Thanks for help Skruis !!
  14. Hi Skruis, that's a great job that you do with Athena ! Thanks for that ! Im using it without trouble since some week, on the same machine with a second screen. But recently was born the need to use it with another pc... And no way to have this working. - DownLoaded the folder from the first post, - Same used on ArmaPC, and the other (Windows 10) - Put IP from armapc in appsetting of my new machine. - Launch arma as always with the @athena. On my arma machine, everything is okay with the app. (on the loopback ip) On my other's machine, nothing happen when i push start. Tryed on a windows 10 ( she's under Domain, professionnal machine) and on a personnal windows 7. Nothing happen. Trying to down firewall on the 3 pc for test. all ip are static, ping & shared folder works. I see TCP connection between the two pc with wireshark. I've try to copy the map folder in the machine that dont have arma, try to give shared way to the app... try some indian incantation... but no way to have something shared to the app. Do i have missed somethings? What do i wrong...? Thanks Skruis
  15. Thanks JD i've download and test him without config for my project some days ago. I was searching for COS cause i've used him a lot of time. After some look at him, it seems he's cool for my use, but i need to re-test cause the first time i was having a BIIIIIG lag at mission begin (in Georgetown..), and i suspect him to be the cause... Test on the go !