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  1. Also it's useful to learn how to do NTFS links for maximum flexibility. I do the traditional ArmA command line call via batch files (with "-mod=@mod1;@mod2") and as for workshop mods, I NTFS link them into the ArmA dir.
  2. Hi, I could do divide and conquer on all used mods and scripts, but first I ask here, maybe someone experienced the same... My player character stops, sits down, starts to do an injection animation every 15 seconds - this starts at some point into mission. I guess after the first shootout. It does not heal the character though ("damage player" value remains the same). I use an auto healing script in SP which heals depending on how the player rests. But this does no animations. Only "player setdamage x". Anybody seen this? Basically I spawn many units and have them controlled with GAIA/MCC and VCom AI and start playing starting from the Editor.
  3. Interesting thread, I like this stuff. - I often use quite a few "[] spawn {}" with "while {alive player}" loops. In order to avoid them starting their business after the sleep almost at the same time, I use like "private _sleep = 10 + random 10;" and the "sleep _sleep" inside the loop. - Avoid regular/intensive assignments, use variables - Small sleeps between unit spawns Currently I am testing dynamic caching distance for MCCs GAIA, not sure if it is a good idea, because some AI scripts do not like units suddenly ...disappearing/simulation off... and start spamming script errors. Basically the script regularly checks fps (here average over 5 seconds): _fps = 0; for "_i" from 1 to 10 do {_fps = _fps + diag_fps; sleep 0.5}; _fps = 0.1*_fps; ...and changes the GAIA caching distance (GAIA_CACHE_STAGE_1 - 100) accordingly with some MIN and MAX of course. Which may also cost FPS at the moment after execution. https://pastebin.com/S3RicpJ1 - Technically, it works. But have not done much testing yet. I am interested in what you think about it. If dynamic engine side caching may be a good idea? I.e., dynamic use of setDynamicSimulationDistance?
  4. tortuosit

    Linear execution, how?

    I never did. So basically, is it about registering my own functions into ArmA for... easier... use?
  5. tortuosit

    Linear execution, how?

    Thanks that clears things up perfectly. My old brain should have remembered waituntil/scriptdone, because I regularly use it 😄 2nd solution is quite beautiful. I wish I could use "#define ccp call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers" in a debug console or logic, for saving space inside the ArmA UI, but hey.
  6. Hey guys... [] execvm "code1.sqf"; [] execvm "code2.sqf"; I start this from inside the debug console. Let's say code1.sqf is not an endless loop, ie. does terminate. How can I call the scripts in a way that code2.sqf starts AFTER code1.sqf has been finished? In a gosub/return kind of way? I'm not at my rig but I guess a preprocessor would not work in a debug console.. Thx.
  7. tortuosit

    Global Mobilization - To higher price to pay

    It has a lot of content - still EUR 20 is a "hard pill to swallow". I bought it.
  8. I bought it for the assets and terrain and so far I like the terrain quite much. On daytime with not so many cloud, there's spring/summer feelings. It's lush, colors are spot on. I'm saying that with only 2h of experience with it. Will maybe play the campaign, but I'm more of a tinkerer. Thanks for the teams hard work!
  9. Thanks for looking into it. The permanent toggle between columns and wedge is the problem, not that it always issues the same commands. I think. To me it looks like the wedge fallback, which always applies if no other formations are set, is a problem. @ the people who use it with GAIA: My impression is, if a group gets into a firefight and the firefight is done, it will not receive GAIA commands any more... Not sure yet. Because the group I was member of first got their MOVE (they are set to move to a zone) commands to like kilometers away, after a firefight they just walk around in the area of firefight.
  10. tortuosit

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I don't see any hints we'll see that in the Armaverse. The whole creator DLC thing is not a problem for me.
  11. @genesis92x I am in a VCOM + GAIA controlled group and it is VCOM (and not GAIA) which too often commands to "Form wedge" and "Form column" - Maybe you add a timecheck to not make it happen too often? When we move along a road, the commander asks to change formation every 5 seconds. The units actually do not change anything visible btw. It's related to @VcomAI\addons\vcomai\Vcom\Functions\VCM_Functions\fn_FrmChnge.sqf To have it more silent, I've put a "if (0.8 > random 1) exitwith {};" into it. Since the variable is local and not needed otherwise, can't you just write down the return value? true instead of _VCOM_CHANGEDFORMATION = true; _VCOM_CHANGEDFORMATION
  12. Thx - Seen it, but silencing them all is too much for me.
  13. tortuosit


    @Haleks, can you do something about formation commands? I use AI mods which every few seconds command me to form wedge/form column... It is no problem for me not to receive such commands... Thx.
  14. It's working for me for the first time. Must say, it is awesome to see how now my soldiers attacked, searched for bushes, after they supposedly cleared the area they at first moved very carefully. Awesome. Also the enemy, did not just stand there and wait for subsequent bullets... Good fun. Question: I am using it together with MCC/GAIA. I am often in a group led by AI. Your mod or GAIA do continously command me to "Form wedge"/"Form column" like every 5 seconds. I do not need such reports. Anyone knowing of a possibility/mod to filter those commands? I just don't want to hear formation related stuff. EDIT: I already use @Discipline from Haleks and also asked him if he can do something. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/175734-discipline/?page=2
  15. Erm well, sounds right, I think on complex stuff everybody is on his own 🙂 Of course a) as few comparisons as possible and b) use (native) functions as few as possible, put their output into variables and prefer to do comparisons with the variables then. I can share with you my construction of creating looped scripts, which can then be later overridden or killed. So, if you re-call them, the prior instance will be killed. With a "stop" or "false" argument it is killed without being replaced by a new instance. This is called with an execVM and I prefix lots of my endless looped spawned code with it: if (!isNil "tort_myScript") then { if (!scriptDone tort_myscript) then { terminate tort_myscript; waitUntil {scriptDone tort_myscript}; }; }; if (tolower(str(_this#0)) find "stop" >= 0) exitWith {systemchat "tort_myScript has been terminated"}; if (tolower(str(_this#0)) find "false" >= 0) exitWith {systemchat "tort_myScript has been terminated"}; tort_myScript = _this spawn { DAT ENDLESS LOOP CODE; };