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  1. Aww, I love conversation with pro's. Thank you, that's probably the reason. Yes, such a script is running in my SP and now I added some "max 0" and "min 1" to setdamage. It's doing auto healing depending on player stance and movement. More relaxed: faster healing. Have not touched scripting since ages. Felt like a virgin now 😄 Well, I'm touching ArmA only sporadically but this is how things go. Health script was 5 years untouched. All in all the old scripts and mods still run quite well. Still playing your Ravage as well. Script in question: https://www.paste.org/125136
  2. Hi guys, long time no see. Playing a bit SP, some MCC sandbox fun... In my sessions for unknown reasons my player character suddenly aims to the sky, or totally to the ground, so normal aiming is not possible any more. Orientation only via freelook. Anyone ever heard of that? Happend twice meanwhile, I could only resolve it via restart of mission. Ever heard of this? Otherwise I need to review my historic mod mix. Thx
  3. tortuosit

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    Instabuy. Need to gain experience in Enfusion - have zero. Don't know yet how much scripting/modding is possible in Reforger. Also, that ArmA itch. Longh time no see. I instantlich felt like I need to visit Altis or Chernarus badly.
  4. tortuosit

    Map names aren't shown in editor pick

    OK thanks. Technical problem behind it was that I forgot to load CUP_terrains_core.
  5. tortuosit

    Map names aren't shown in editor pick

    OK, it's totally Taviana related. Need to check that map.
  6. Hi guys, after long absence from ArmA, I wanted to do some casual play. Pretty complex mod setup here, so maybe, someone just having heard of an issue... a quick idea? I wanted to play on Taviana, I think script also loads CUP maps... You can see, the list is not properly populated. So, ideas? Thx.
  7. Hi, does it still work? I wanted a quick&dirty battlefield, failed with MCC, tried tpw_skirmish via script and your code line as mentioned in the script: 0 = [5,2,6,3,4,1,500,2000,1,1,1,[0,1,etc],[0,1,etc],[0,1,etc],30,["str1",etc],["str2",etc],["str3",etc],["str4,etc"],["str5",etc],["str6",etc],["cas_string",etc],["chs_string",etc],["uav_string",etc],["enemy_cas_string",etc],["enemy_chs_string",etc],["enemy_uav_string",etc],["resist_cas_string",etc],["resist_chs_string",etc],["resist_uav_string",etc],300] execvm "@tpw_mods\scripts\tpw_skirmish.sqf"; Some error in some line 1xxx, then no units spawned. Some absence of ArmA. I am asking because it is possible that lots of good old stuff is broken...? EDIT: Ugh, script files from 2019, I probably didn't update. I created symlinks to workshop folders a while ago but need to re-check.
  8. Does it still work, is it worth debugging on my side? Had some absence from ArmA; Ambient Warzone only generates question marks on the MCC map and that new? frontline generator generates nothing... thx.
  9. tortuosit


    Nice, thank you. Will look at Burning Rain and Lost. I remember those Escape missions, which are localhost MP, were always veeeeery heavy on CPU.
  10. tortuosit


    Guys, a stupid question, but I haven't got an overview any more due to long absence from ArmA - can you recommend some Ravage SP zombie mission, ideally targeted to bring old DayZ mod vibes back (I am e.g. thinking of Zombies at helicopters etc.) - on Chernarus ideally... I know I can DIY, but hey. Thx
  11. tortuosit


    Aren't official DLCs/Mods protected?
  12. tortuosit


    sup guys, long time no c Came here because currently I'm downloading the new creator/ nam dlc - I hope I can do some Ravage SP business on the new map. I'm ready to try such kind of map again. Unsung or Tanoa, never really loved those. Ugh, and FPS. Only Chernarus and Altis, after all, give me those cozy feels from a good past...
  13. tortuosit


    Haha, I uploaded my first gaming video which I just recorded with that Radeon driver functionality thingie. Was surprised how it almost didn't harm my FPS much. Totally uninteresting, I'm not a pro gamer... but Livonia is lovely. Just for fun, will not be a Youtuber.
  14. tortuosit


    Ah OK so this is the required action. Well I tried that. Nothing happens. Looks like I need to minimize mods and see what is breaking it... EDIT: Indeed some mod is breaking it, it's working with Vanilla+Ravage only. Also, it's a rather bad light source, I won't invest further time in it but put a lamp to my inventory, thx guys.