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  1. So if we're in a state where development basically is non-existent (which I can understand), but also the mod cannot be compiled by a normal human being, it's a bad state. Shay pls.
  2. Yes of course, initialize was probably the wrong term. I wonder how this can lead to the nearestObjects error message flooding "0 elements provided, 3 expected" when there is this code: private ["_group", "_buildings ","_max","_i","_wp","_pos"]; _group = _this select 0; _pos = _this select 1; _buildings = (nearestObjects [_pos, ["house"], 30]); I cannot find the call and cannot do testing (e.g. give _pos a fixed value), because I cannot compile.
  3. Well I was able to create a pbo this way, but it was not loaded then. No entry in the scroll menu, GAIA caching absent... I am so much dependent on GAIAs caching 😞 and also its bigger scale operations... but with the regular release I get flooded with error messages, i.e. it is not usable. Do you think private ["_buildings ", "_max"]; will not properly initialize the _buildings variable? OK I could test it. But currently I find myself so often fixing and coding and tinkering for HOURS, which run so fast... and then playing 5 minutes.
  4. I'd love to do error fixing on https://github.com/shaygman/MCC_sandbox_modDev because I cannot use MCC any more with GAIA, too many errors. But I cannot compile the repo. Have never been able to. With Mikeros pbo-tools. The file it cannot include (\mcc_sandbox_mod\definesMod.hpp) is exactly there. And editable. But it cannot be included. I also tried to fix a syntax error via hex editing the pbo file; but the mod won't just load then. config.cpp missing: "\mcc_sandbox_mod\definesMod.hpp" In File [bleh]\MCC_sandbox_modDev-master\config.cpp: Line 419 C annot include file Generalised lintcheck error Press the ANY key
  5. I think it seems to be because of an invalid variable definition and blank space here: "\@mcc_sandbox_a3\addons\mcc_sandbox_mod\gaia\functions\control\fn_generateBuildingPatrolWaypoints.sqf" Line 19, see "_buildings ". Line 19 has to be: private ["_group", "_buildings","_max","_i","_wp","_pos"];
  6. tortuosit

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    I just did a teleport script for my mission initialization. About the numbers [player, "n", 0.5] Would teleport to the northern part of the map, this was somewhat default mode [player, "n", 1] Northe edge of the map [player, "n", 0.1] Anywhere except the southern 10% [player, "nc", 0.5] Northern and horizontally more in the top center (horizontally). Get the idea? 0 or no args will teleport anywhere on map. c = center of map. The good part of the script is, if it only finds water spawns, it widens the search step by step. Still not sure about spawn distribution, should check with many spawns + markers once... I think there's too many coast spawns, but looking at the code, distrib towards coasts is not possible IMO. /* Teleport an object, by tortuosit, 201900806 [player, "n"] execVM teleport.sqf; Teleport player into northern part of the map [player, "nc"] execVM teleport.sqf; Teleport player into north of the map, narrows down to the middle [player, "nw", 0.8] execVM teleport.sqf; Teleport player somewhere between full north and 0.8*map [player, "s", 1] execVM teleport.sqf; Teleport player somewhere to the southern horizontal line [player] execVM hlp_teleport.sqf; Teleport player anywhere */ private _object = param [0, player]; waituntil {alive _object}; private _w = worldSize; private _area = param [1, ""]; private _f = param [2, 0.7]; private "_spawnPos"; private _goodPos = false; private _x = [0,_w]; _y = [0,_w]; _counter = 0; while {(_counter == 0) && (_f >=0)} do { switch (_area) do { case "n": {_x = [0,_w]; _y = [_f*_w, (1-_f)*_w]}; case "nc": {_x = [0.5*_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [_f*_w, (1-_f)*_w]}; case "s": {_x = [0,_w]; _y = [0,(1-_f)*_w]}; case "sc": {_x = [0.5*_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [0,(1-_f)*_w]}; case "w": {_x = [0,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [0,_w]}; case "wc": {_x = [0,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [0.5*_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]}; case "e": {_x = [_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [0,_w]}; case "ec": {_x = [_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [0.5*_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]}; case "c": {_x = [0.5*_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [0.5*_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]}; case "ne": {_x = [_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]}; case "se": {_x = [_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [0,(1-_f)*_w]}; case "sw": {_x = [0,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [0,(1-_f)*_w]}; case "nw": {_x = [0,(1-_f)*_w]; _y = [_f*_w,(1-_f)*_w]}; }; _f = _f - 0.05 - random 0.15; _overland = false; _counter = 1000; while {(!_overland) && (_counter > 0)} do { _spawnPos = [(_x#0) + random (_x#1), (_y#0) + random (_y#1), 0]; _overland = !(_spawnPos isFlatEmpty [-1, -1, -1, -1, 0, false] isEqualTo []); _counter = _counter - 1; }; }; if ((_counter == 0) && (_f < 0)) then { hint "No valid teleport position found"; } else { _spawnPos = _spawnPos findEmptyPosition [0,25,(typeof _object)]; _object setPosATL [_spawnPos select 0, _spawnPos select 1, (getPosATL _object) select 2]; _object setdir random 360; };
  7. Well, it does not seem to be dependent on MOVE, NOFOLLOW or FORTIFY. I have no idea, with GAIA controlled groups I always get the error.
  8. Hi guys, I spawned GAIA groups of all types (MOVE, NOFOLLOW and FORTIFY). GAIA loves to have problems on building/patrols. The below error message appears numerous times. I think it is area dependent... areas with few buildings? Anything you can do? I would have hunted for bugs, but for some reason, MCC, if I build a pbo does not run.
  9. Seeing them mostly hiding well behind bushes, suddenly running to next bush and properly hiding, and often shooting suppressive fire to me... is a real joy. Indeed feels like real players quite often.
  10. Looks like I solved the mod issue, no more errors. Your mentioning of CBA brought me there... What I just did was going into the CBA->Addon settings from inside the mission, toggled fore and back and saved settings. Thanks for your patience 🙂
  11. Hmm. Not like I do it: - Vanilla ArmA. - Eden, place some stuff. Preview mission in SP. - In mission, I start from the debug console: "[] execVM "\scripts\3rdParty\Vcom\vcominit.sqf"; - Errors appear My guess is I cannot use it as a script without messing in mission files (which I hate), because cfgFunctions or whatever. I guess I have to use the mod with my workflow.
  12. I cannot get this mod issue solved. No problem to me to start the script version. My remaining questions are: - How do I start your script from a debug console scope - Execvm the init.sqf? - Which settings file applies?
  13. Issue persists also with no other mods loaded, except cba. I also recognized, "Arma 3\userconfig\VCOM_AI\AISettingsV3.hpp" I set Aisnipers/Aisuppress to false, issue persists. I've set debug to true, no change. I wonder if the file is parsed.
  14. No time, but just quickly checked: Yes, class is there.