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  1. This is awesome, I'll fix mine, but please clarify which file this is about (where did you add the "widthRailWay = 4;" lines) ctab.pbo\config.cpp ? Since there's also the bamse ctab fix it's worth thinking about uploading a fixed pbo here by yourself.
  2. tortuosit

    Ravage Mod

    Because RL, just sporadically coming to ArmA. Must say, Chernarus_Redux is awesome (especially, they got the colors right) and it's working very well performance wise. Lot's of fun doing quick Ravage missions on it. Because of the increased and bigger foliage, the map feels different. In a good way.
  3. tortuosit

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hey, after solving my GPU crash problems which prevented me from playing every slightly demanding 3D game, now everything is solved and my GTX970 replacement works smooth AF (AMD now... RX-580). So great to revisit ArmA. Playing your mission, it is so much fun. Playing with some mods and scripts I wrote over time. E.g. - A script that automatically heals the player slowly. Well, I'm a bloody SP cheater. - A script which lets enemy units accidentally shoot at times. More life... and a way to notice them. - A script which alters AI units skills to low values, but also makes some of them super soldiers (which wear fancy VR uniforms) at times. etc Just here to thank you for your continuous mission support.
  4. tortuosit

    Dynamic Weather 3 by Tortuosit

    I double checked the download package, should be OK. The path has to be exactly this: "[ArmA3Dir]\@tort_DynamicWeather3\autostart.sqf" Also, did you start ArmA with "--filePatching" command line argument?
  5. tortuosit

    Dynamic Weather 3 by Tortuosit

    Sorry for replying late. It should not appear in your map menu any more, do you load my old mod as well? If you load the dynamicweather3 mod, dynamic weather processing starts as defined in "Arma 3\@tort_DynamicWeather3\autostart.sqf". While in mission, you can change the weather if you have access to the debug console. Then you need to call a command line, examples are in the autostart.sqf. I've not implemented the support of the map menu. Currently I am out of ArmA gaming, because my GTX970 stops working on slightly demanding games.
  6. tortuosit

    Dynamic Weather 3 by Tortuosit

    SP man here. I don't know what JIP servers are. The commands which the scripts use are: - setovercast - setfog (array) - setrain - setwind (array) and initially, for instant cloud coverage, the overcast.sqf executes "forceweatherchange" once. According to BI wiki, setfog, setrain, setwind are propagated to clients if executed on the server, since ArmA 3. But as for the overcast, it says "Multiplayer: Each client and the server can have differing overcast values." - My guess is, if a "0 setovercast 0.5" is executed on server and in case it is sent to clients (I don't know), clients overcast values (as can be seen by "hint str overcast;") will be the same amongst clients, but clouds may look different at the same world position. I guess.
  7. tortuosit

    What is your AI settings?

    I'd put a "sleep 0.05;" into the foreach loop just to be on the safe side (possibly lag when many units?) because you apply skill on all units every time. Also good practise when spawning units. Don't know if it presents lags at all. OTOH, ArmA people are used to detect unit spawns with help of lag :D The below script sets random skills (per side) and remembers units in arrays, i.e. can apply only once, may not be 100% perfect code (e.g., could use "params") and change of skill on spawn EH would be better, but hey. It may also be an idea to create seeded randomness per unit seed. Should be easy to get a number from the object name and with seeded randomness you can get the same pseudo randomness per unit. EDIT: The rotten forum software a) ate preceding blank spaces and b) added empty lines. I put the code here: https://pastebin.com/itgrjwmM
  8. tortuosit

    What is your AI settings?

    I don't care much about AI any more. I tend to make them dumb. I created stupid script which simply sets their skills randomly inside a defined range.
  9. tortuosit

    Dynamic Weather 3 by Tortuosit

    Version 3.0.4 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipemjd5evd9gazy/%40tort_DynamicWeather3_3.0.4.zip?dl=0 See thread starting posting. See autostart.sqf in mod. Beside mod autostart lines you find some presets there, feel free to paste them into debug console for quick application. No Zeus or Eden integration yet, needs time and comparison with how other modders did it... I made the controllability of the scripts easier and was able to take away some complexity and code, scripts are really short and readable meanwhile.
  10. OK, seems like I have to digest https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Modules
  11. Hi guys, I have a mod which basically is started/restarted and (re)configured by: handle = [arg1, arg2, .. argn] execVM "\@tortmod\tort_dothings.sqf"; A basic princible for me is, the code is also usable without being loaded as a mod and even if you paste it into a debug console. Now I'd like to, if not too difficult, have configurable Eden modules and Zeus modules. So what is being user configurable is the arguments and on use, they should simply do the execvm call. Can you bring me on the right track, URLs? I reckon I have to do some config magic, which is not my expertise :-D TIA
  12. tortuosit

    Dynamic Weather 3 by Tortuosit

    Maybe, I was wondering the same for Eden modules. but! i should have >0 experience with this, but I haven't.
  13. Guys, I was blind. Happily confused groups with units. As it seems, dyn. sim. has to be applied to groups. EDIT: it works.
  14. Well now I have set ""Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance 100;" And still, the group is in the north of Stratis, I am (player) in the south end, and I can see, all 3 members of the group move. Even after minutes.
  15. Hi guys, I am editing another guys code. It is about spawning units in houses and I want to test dynamic simulation. But it did not start, units happily moved even when I was miles away. enableDynamicSimulationSystem true; [...] _unit = _milGroup createUnit [_unitType, _newPos, [], 0, "NONE"]; _unit setpos _newPos; _unit enableDynamicSimulation true; hint str (dynamicSimulationEnabled _unit); Relevant code. The hint returns "false" - How is it possible?