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  1. Interesting, I would have to investigate. It's been a really long time since I have played/ worked on the mission. PM me your details if you have a Teamspeak or Discord and I can jump on one night and hear your guys thoughts. I'll look into getting it fixed up again. Wouldn't mind jumping into a few games either if you guys have room. -Hazey
  2. Hey guy's, I saw a few users asking if I did in-fact lift the restrictions. I did, however all I ask is that you give me a little bit of credit and the AliveDevTeam. Hope the mission is still working and that you guy's are having a great time with it. Cheers -Hazey
  3. I just tried twice myself and was unable to see the same thing. Do you have any scripts running in the mission as well?
  4. I'm back, and I am also back working with the alive team although I never really left. I will get this mission working again asap.
  5. Hey everyone, Sorry I have not been around lately, I have been dealing with some medical issues that I won't go into detail on. I do plan on making a full recovery but that's looking like another 2-4 weeks. I understand the inconvenience of having a broken mission and I really do apologize. It pains me that I have not been able to further develop this game mode or even work on Alive mod. I have so many good idea's but my body just doesn't want to work with me. We'll get through it! Thanks so much for your kind words and I am glad that some of you have had a really good time playing the mission. I will return... Very soon... Much love nerds. -Hazey
  6. It shouldn't require anything special to update it. Just replace the modules in your mission and profit. I will update the official mission by the end of the week. Been in a new state every week this month, my time has been limited but I am still active.
  7. hazey

    OFP in internet browser

    Could be another elaborate April first joke.
  8. Yeah, I will get a video on the official channel by the weekend. Link is in my signature.
  9. { if (_x call _fnc_between) exitwith { if(ins_debug) then { ["fn_prayerLoop:: Prayer time called: %1", _x] call ALIVE_fnc_dumpR; }; _x call _fnc_prayer; }; } foreach [[4.25,4.5],[5.25,5.75],[11.75,12],[15.25,15.5],[17.75,18.25],[19,19.25]]; Times are between the sets. [4.25,4.5],[5.25,5.75],[11.75,12],[15.25,15.5],[17.75,18.25],[19,19.25]
  10. When the fuck did we get icecream?
  11. This is because of BIS engine when it comes to weather sync. Also waiting for BIS to correct a few issues they caused in 1.40 before I keep working on the mission. They are really burning me out introducing more problems than fixes it seems, but who cares about performance when we can give you another modeled M14.
  12. Mash only really works in an MP environment. The Mash is placed down by a medic and can be used as a spawn point if members die via the BIS respawn menu dialog. However the medic CANNOT spawn on his own medical tent. When the medic dies the tent goes along with him. This is to avoid abuse. Also a player cannot die, and wait for a medic to place the Mash. This is a separate system than the MHQ. If you want a teleport back and forth system use the MHQ. The mash is built as a system for you to protect and respect your medic, as you would in real life. You let your medic die, your teams die.
  13. You must take the mission from the demo folders and either place it into your MPMissions folder or DePBO the mission and run from editor.
  14. This should be reported on the Alive thread itself. The mission is working as it should at the moment but you might have having an issue with the DB locking up on you. Nothing mission dependent is locking you up. Sounds like a new issue with 1.40. I know that when you have modded content and save a loadout and try to load it later not using the same mods that it will give you this effect. It could be that gear inside the save is not being called right on-reload. Nothing in the mission alters virtual arsenal in anyway besides the MHQ.