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  1. Is there any update on when the Tac-Ops mission files will be changed from EBO to PBO?
  2. Just a quick update, tried reinstalling Arma, no change unfortunately.
  3. PUDDY300

    DLC Content use

    I have setup everything like this and i still receive the same error as OP. I also dont have any objects on my island so its extra confusing. Also worth mentioning, OP's fix didnt work for me
  4. So I've been trying my hand at map making, and ive been following the ultimate terrain tutorial on PMC editing website. I've been able to get my terrain in game without issues, but whenever i put a unit on the terrain and try to walk around, I get the message "mission terminated because its dependent on DLC". I've searched for an answer to this issue, the only result had the guy reinstall the game for it to work. I'm using the PBO project tool from mikero to pack my map and I have a suspicion i may have done something wrong there since all my other mods still work correctly. Has anybody experienced this before? I should also note I own all of the Arma 3 DLC.
  5. Here you go EDIT: I'm an idiot, the faction name in my CfgGroups is different than my faction classes. Changing it in the description.ext to the correct one has allowed for my units to spawn. I'll update my addon with the correct name and post here with the results. I haven't seen any threads with people trying to do it by addon so hopefully this will help someone in the future. Updated my addon and it all seems to be working now!
  6. Hi Everyone, So as the title says, I've created a new faction and one thing I'd like to do is get it to work with the Arma 3 modules without extra scripting in every mission I make. So I decided to create a replacement config that could add my faction into the list of factions on the module. I'll post that code below: Upon testing it out in game, I get an error message that points to this portion of BI's code in initSpawnpoints.sqf //filter out spawnpoints without any group type weight, or with wrong faction { if (true) then { _point = _x; _i = _forEachIndex; _faction = _point getVariable ["Faction",""]; //check if combination Side + Faction is valid if !((_cfgRoot >> _sideStr >> _faction) call Bis_fnc_getCfgIsClass) exitWith { ["[%3][%4] Combination | side=%1 + faction=%2 | is not valid!",_sideStr,_faction,_emitter,_point] call bis_fnc_error; _points set [_i, objNull]; }; From what I understand, it's telling me that my faction and side don't match up, or that my faction does not exist. Anybody have any clues as to what could be the issue? (The error in the code I posted is what shows up in game). Edit: Forgot, my Faction's cfgFactionClasses would probably be helpful. class cfgFactionClasses { class WWII_faction_DE_1939 { displayName = "[DE][1939] Wehrmacht"; //Faction name in-game priority = 1; //How far down it is on the menu side = West; }; };