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  1. @Beerkan Try this in init.sqf: if (!(daytime > 4 && daytime < 19)) then {{[_x, 0.03] execVM "nvgoogle.sqf"} foreach allUnits}; Create a file called nvgoogle.sqf: this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; this removeItem "NVGoggles"; > 4 < 19 you can change this in your mission. Hope it works.Not testing it now. Cheers
  2. Valery

    DAC Arma 3

    @becubed is a good idea :-). Later I will speak with the master of DAC ;-). See you
  3. Valery

    DAC Arma 3

    He is not hiding ;-). He/me is working on it. Needs more time, cos we have a real life with family and so on ;-)
  4. Valery

    DAC Arma 3

    Hi mates is possible to play in the moment the new DAC for Arma 3. Little bit updated and some other features (e.g the loadout system and more) All this undefinied variable error are away. But we have no permission to make this stuff public. No answer from Silola at the moment. Cheers
  5. Valery

    Urban Patrol Script

    NP mate ;-)
  6. Valery

    Urban Patrol Script

    @Josche you will find the line in the UPS.sqf: Line 450: _lead setVehicleInit _initstr; Line 465: _newunit setVehicleInit _initstr;
  7. Valery

    [AhoyWorld.co.uk] co40 AW Invade & Annex

    You this script instead: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147890-Simple-Vehicle-Respawn-Script-Arma3&p=2387312&viewfull=1#post2387312 He updated a little bit.
  8. @Mikie if you can,make a tutorial about the new function of 'compileFinal' after the update. Maybe a short introducion about 'setVehicleInit, clearVehicleInit, processInitCommands' and how to implement in a script a new solution for it ;-).
  9. @Fred you need RAMMAP.exe from www.sysinternals.com All the tools are freeware.So cost nothing for you and can really helps you to indicated some computer problems.
  10. Next week he wrote. 'Pending how these changes work, we'll see about the logistics of making a default branch hotfix next week (not a matter of copy-paste!).'
  11. @Fred maybe he meant this link: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?153916-Fix-for-current-annoyance-hack-plague
  12. @Kremator is depending where you are living.... In Europe a known hacker will goes into prision or must pay high money for his 'action' at foreign servers or client. BUT: In China and Russia maybe is a paradise for hackers... So,but when games servers are hacked here ,maybe the court will be laughing about this. Other site: banking or goverment server hacking.
  13. A Loyalguard wrote..... So the best way is: put a car on the map and write the code from Loyalguard into the init line of the car. But do not forget to give the car a name (here in this case: respawn_west). The respawn point will goes now with the car. Is a real mobile respawn point now.
  14. Valery

    Zeus gaming Nights

    Hi mates it was a brilliant gaming night yesterday.Thanx for the good teamplay to all new players at Zeus and of course thank you to the Zeus members,too :-). And a big thanx to Weazel and Terox for the good mission commanders. See you at Zeus servers