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  1. kickbuttakis01

    Blackscreen on launch, have to force close

    I have played Arma 3 for years. A little over a year ago, it started black screen crashing on me, at random times. I replaced my older GPU with a newer one and it never happened again. My new card is not the newest card around, but I went from 3gb to 8gb vram and it never happened again.
  2. kickbuttakis01

    Changing Vehicle Steering

    Remove the keybinds for steering.
  3. kickbuttakis01

    Arma 3 Hard locking my pc

    Arma started crashing for me after I joined a milsim clan that used a lot of mods. Would just get a black screen, had to hard boot computer. I upgraded from a 280X gpu to a RX580 and never had that problem again. I think it was running out of vram. The RX580 is not that new, but went from 3gb to 8gb of vram.
  4. kickbuttakis01

    Horrible performance with AMD CPU

    Buy a FX 8xxx series cpu like warlord554 said. Can probably get a 4.0 ghz one for about $100, then u don't need new mb or ram.
  5. kickbuttakis01

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    51 years young here! Atari 2600 to Atari 400 to Atari 520ST. Added a memory board to it to bump ram up to 2.5 mb! Even built a programmable voice synthesizer from plans in a magazine. Bought a 1040ST and linked them together with the printer ports so me and my brother could play 'Falcon 1.0' . Still remember our first dogfight, coming head-on at each other, cannons blazing!! Those were the days! Then moved over to the dark side, (PC with Win 95), Apache, Air Warrior on AOL... I digress.
  6. Sure, just need to clean it up a bit. I'll let you know when its ready.
  7. I created a couple scripts: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/157177-preview-release-nimitz-for-arma3/?p=2821530 The 'Stations' script uses some signs that teleports you to those spots on the ship.
  8. kickbuttakis01

    ARMA3 and Opentrack

    I use FTNoIR with my DIY 3 LED and PS3 Eye Cam and seems to work fine. Am I missing something here? :mellow: Thanks,
  9. kickbuttakis01

    3 Volley Salute/ Missing Man Formation

    I did see this before, but one thing I was thinking I could do in the script is beable to spawn the jets and waypoints based on, for example, where the player is and what direction he is facing. When I placed the jets and waypoints using the editor, they fly pretty good, so I thought if I could script this, it should be pretty good, with the added bonus that I could spawn them anywhere on the map too.
  10. kickbuttakis01

    3 Volley Salute/ Missing Man Formation

    I used the editor, with waypoints, and have 4 F18's do a flyover with one jet climbing out of sight for the missing man formation. I want to script this, creating the jet and creating the waypoints, but it doesn't seem to follow all the waypoints. It seems to follow the the first 2 waypoints but doesnt follow the 3rd one. I put down 4 empty helo landing pad objects, at the proper positions and heights to use when I creat the waypoints. The 2nd waypoint height is set to 2500m and the jet starts to climb, but then stops climbing and comes back down to a low height before reaching the 3rd waypoint, which is also set at 2500m. Here is the code I am using: KK_fnc_setDirFLY = { private ["_veh","_dir","_v"]; _veh = _this select 0; _dir = _this select 1; _v = velocity _veh; _veh setDir _dir; _veh setVelocity [ (_v select 1) * sin _dir - (_v select 0) * cos _dir, (_v select 0) * sin _dir + (_v select 1) * cos _dir, _v select 2 ]; }; // All clients stop executing here, do not delete this line if (!isServer) exitWith {}; private ["_missingMan", "_spawnStart", "_wp"]; _spawnStart = MissingManStart; _missingMan = createVehicle [ "JS_JC_FA18E", _spawnStart,[], 0, "Fly" ]; [_missingMan, -225] call KK_fnc_setDirFly; createVehicleCrew _missingMan; _grp = group driver _missingMan; hint "Vehicle Spawned"; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [MOVE1, 0]; hint "WP1 created"; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "SLOW"; _wp setWaypointStatements ["true", "hint 'WP1 Reached';"]; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [MOVE2, 0]; hint "WP2 created"; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp setWaypointStatements ["true", " _missingMan FlyInHeight 2500; hint 'WP2 Reached'; diag_log ['GroupLeader: ', this];"]; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [MOVE3, 0]; hint "WP3 created"; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp setWaypointSpeed 'FULL'; _wp setWaypointStatements ["true", "hint 'WP3 Reached'; _missingMan FlyInHeight 2500; deleteVehicle this"]; I have tried using the 'FlyInHeight 2500, because this is worked in the editor. Any idea why this doesnt work? Thanks.
  11. kickbuttakis01

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I have tried the mission in the editor, and now want to restart the mission, hosted from my computer, but when I host a LAN game it starts from where I let off in the editor. Where do I find/how do I restart the mission. When I do a Restart from the launch screen it does not reset everything. Thanks,
  12. Burying my father today. Although not a military man per se, he always was fascinated with the 2 world wars, and me and my brother remember our dad telling stories when we were kids. My grandfather was a Veteran of WWI. I was wondering if anyone has scripts that I could use, in the Arma 3 mission that me and my brother are making, that I could put in our mission as a tribute to our dad. If I could script a Missing Man Formation with F18's and some ai solders doing the volley, that would be great. Thanks, Greenthunder
  13. When I try to fly an F/A18 (either the E/F Black Wasp), from the Nimitz, I get no throttle from my joystick (Logitech 3D Force Feedback). But if I move the aircraft to land, my throttle works fine. I am using the release version and also the experimental version on the ftp site. Is there something I have to do to get it to work off of the Nimitz? Thanks, Greenthunder
  14. TeTeT wrote: Thanks that worked, not sure why I couldn't get it to work before!? Of course, now that I am using the the updated Nimitz from the ftp site, with the boatroom that is broken... :) At least I will be ready when it gets fixed! :o Thanks,
  15. How do we use the rescue module for the Nimitz. I get an error in the rpt file: something about an undefined variable? Thanks,