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  1. kickbuttakis01

    Disable TacticalView

    Here, it says that 3rd person view must be enabled: https://community.bohemia.net/wiki/Arma_3:_Field_Manual_-_View Then there is this:
  2. kickbuttakis01

    Exile bikey/bisign problem!

    Is the version of the @ExileMod on your server updated to the newest one? If your client is updated, but the server isn't, then the server will not let you join.
  3. kickbuttakis01

    smoke particles fail

    Yes, you are misunderstanding what he means 🙂 . Start the game, go to 'Tutorials' menu, at the top, 'VIRTUAL ARSENAL'. It is part of Arma, not any mission. I haven't tried this myself as I don't have/haven't seen, this issue.
  4. kickbuttakis01

    I freeze everytime

    I started playing with a milsim group that used quite a few mods, and my computer would freeze, requiring a reboot. It would seem to happen at random times. I upgraded from a 4gb gpu to a 8gb gpu and it never crashed after that.
  5. I had hayfever since I was a kid. I started eating local, unpasteurized honey. After a year, it went away. I tried shots before and didn't work for me. Been good for probably 8 years or so.
  6. kickbuttakis01

    AI not working

    I had the same issue too, with controlling AI, also on the performance profiling build. Was driving me crazy! The v9 build seemed to be ok, but I also switched back to main branch and is all good again!
  7. kickbuttakis01

    I cannot Join any servers in ARMA 3

    Do you have a 'Enoch' folder in your Arma 3 install folder? How about a 'Contact' folder? When I join that server, with no mods or DLC's selected, I have a lot more 'yes' in the DLC's in my report: Maybe you need APEX to play on that server?
  8. kickbuttakis01

    2.06 Update messing with TrackIR5.

    If you have access to a 3d printer, you could print a new and/or improved one. Search yeggi.com for 'trackir clip' and you will find some. Here is one that uses batteries to get rid of the power cord: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4633131
  9. kickbuttakis01

    Blackscreen on launch, have to force close

    I have played Arma 3 for years. A little over a year ago, it started black screen crashing on me, at random times. I replaced my older GPU with a newer one and it never happened again. My new card is not the newest card around, but I went from 3gb to 8gb vram and it never happened again.
  10. kickbuttakis01

    Changing Vehicle Steering

    Remove the keybinds for steering.
  11. kickbuttakis01

    Arma 3 Hard locking my pc

    Arma started crashing for me after I joined a milsim clan that used a lot of mods. Would just get a black screen, had to hard boot computer. I upgraded from a 280X gpu to a RX580 and never had that problem again. I think it was running out of vram. The RX580 is not that new, but went from 3gb to 8gb of vram.
  12. kickbuttakis01

    Horrible performance with AMD CPU

    Buy a FX 8xxx series cpu like warlord554 said. Can probably get a 4.0 ghz one for about $100, then u don't need new mb or ram.
  13. kickbuttakis01

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    51 years young here! Atari 2600 to Atari 400 to Atari 520ST. Added a memory board to it to bump ram up to 2.5 mb! Even built a programmable voice synthesizer from plans in a magazine. Bought a 1040ST and linked them together with the printer ports so me and my brother could play 'Falcon 1.0' . Still remember our first dogfight, coming head-on at each other, cannons blazing!! Those were the days! Then moved over to the dark side, (PC with Win 95), Apache, Air Warrior on AOL... I digress.
  14. Sure, just need to clean it up a bit. I'll let you know when its ready.
  15. I created a couple scripts: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/157177-preview-release-nimitz-for-arma3/?p=2821530 The 'Stations' script uses some signs that teleports you to those spots on the ship.