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  1. Any ideas on this one? I think there should be some kind of loading state command to get the info on what arma is currently loading. Quite similar to getClientState but for server. Anyone know if such exist? If not maybe BIS could introduce such command, to help with the loading screens...
  2. Hmm, looking at the wiki there does not seem to be player object passed to the EH. I need that
  3. Hi Using initPlayerServer.sqf is not best option for my mission and the wiki says "initPlayerServer.sqf should be avoided.". So my question is , is there any other way to achieve same result as with the initPlayerServer.sqf? (Maybe some kind of EH) thx!
  4. It would be great to have more unit symbols. The ones arma has are quite limited. There's new graphics here but those are markers and not group icons. And I don't know if it's ok to take those graphics for mod. Also haven't been able to contact the author. So it would probably be best to create new graphics. I did some graphics my self but my skills are very limited.
  5. Yeah I have used it before and had some problems and I don't remember if checking even terrain worked. I made my own little function for finding even terrain, no big deal
  6. Hi I ran to bit of math problem when I wanted the check if terrain is flat enough for helicopter to land. I am trying to get the terrain's angle (at players position) like this: _angle = [0,0,1] vectorCos (surfaceNormal getpos player) But I'm unsure if that math is valid? then I would like to convert the angle to degress. I tried this: _degrees = _angle * (180 / pi) Any help is appreciated 🙂 thx
  7. Ok figured it out. The control type comes from the IDC. so 16XX = button, etc
  8. Hi I wanted to change the root class of some GUI controls in my mission but I cannot find where the class types are set. For example (GUI editor output): $[ 1.063, ["dbgStats",[["safezoneX","safezoneY","safezoneW","safeZoneH"],"5 * 0.5 * pixelW * pixelGrid","5 * 0.5 * pixelH * pixelGrid","UI_GRID"],0,0,0], [1800,"",[2,"Side",["16 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","8 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","22 * UI_GRID_W","4.5 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1801,"",[2,"All",["16 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","14.5 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","16 * UI_GRID_W","11.5 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1201,"UsedArmyBar : RscProgress",[2,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,1,1,1)",["16.5 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","10.5 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","11 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1600,"",[2,"Close",["28.5 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","27 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","5.5 * UI_GRID_W","2 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],["action = |call closeDbgStatsDlg|;"]], [1000,"",[2,"Response time",["25 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","6.5 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","13 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1001,"",[2,"0 / 0",["18 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","9 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","9 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1002,"",[2,"Num men spawned: 0",["17 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","15.5 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","10 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1003,"",[2,"Total groups: 0",["17 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","17 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","7.5 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1004,"",[2,"Num veh spawned: 0",["17 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","18.5 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","10 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [2100,"",[2,"",["28.5 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","10 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","9 * UI_GRID_W","1.5 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],["onLBSelChanged = |call dbgSelectSide|;"]], [1005,"",[2,"Vehs in use:",["18 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","20 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","6 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1006,"",[2,"Static weapons:",["17.5 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","24.5 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","7 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],["idc = 1670;"]], [1007,"",[2,"Num air:",["18 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","21 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","8 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1008,"",[2,"Num land:",["18 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","22 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","8 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]], [1009,"",[2,"Num water:",["18 * UI_GRID_W + UI_GRID_X","23 * UI_GRID_H + UI_GRID_Y","8 * UI_GRID_W","1 * UI_GRID_H"],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],[-1,-1,-1,-1],"","-1"],[]] ] I cant see where the control types are defined. Except for "UsedArmyBar : RscProgress" etc. But where are the rest defined? thx!
  9. Ok I got the include working same way as with unpacked data. Don't know what I did wrong first but it works now.
  10. Hi @Melody_Mike I think that page is for mission file path. I am looking for path to file inside a mod. The wiki has some examples but I haven't got it working. yet. Except with unpacked data in arma folder
  11. Ok finally got the parameter include working: class Params { #include "\tm\inc.h" class Teeest3 { title = "Teeeest3"; values[] = {0,1,2}; default = 1; }; }; inc.h: class RespawnMoney { title = "How much money the player has at respawn"; values[] = {123,0}; default = 0; }; class Teeest2 { title = "Teeeest"; values[] = {0,1,2}; default = 1; }; Tested also in dedicated server and it works Edit: But that only works with tm being folder in arma3 directory. How do I write the path to the addon .pbo ?
  12. @pierremgi Thanks, it's mostly those server Parameters that I am interested to give several missions, without having to manually copy them
  13. Ok well I was able to include a file from addon to description.ext and the mission is in missions folder and I am running it as multiplayer. The included class exists but inheritance has no effect (Params : TestParams) Edit: ok inheritance works but MP Params menu remains empty
  14. gc8

    Detect sea

    @Grumpy Old Man I was thinking the same. It works, unless there is a map where there is water in the center. A lake or something. But such map probably don't exist in Arma... I have seen those kind of maps in some strategy games though