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  1. gc8

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    It is what it is right now I'm afraid. When I run dedicated on my PC the game play is really smooth. I visioned if people would run public servers, people could join them to play so they don't have to run private dedi. Sorry kinda lost here what you mean by this. Personally I played first CTI in arma2 times Altis island supports part/full island
  2. I have 1.92.x That has to be the reason
  3. @wogz187 I don't know what could possibly be wrong, the mission is supposed to work as is..... Which version of arma you have?
  4. @wogz187 I uploaded the test mission with the code, you can take a look there how it's done. Hope that helps. Link: Download
  5. I don't think so but you can use the "HandleDisconnect" EH. addMissionEventHandler ["HandleDisconnect", { params ["_player", "_id", "_uid", "_name"]; // Your player save code here false }]; If you load the loadout with BIS_fnc_loadInventory then he should have all mags
  6. I was thinking if the sound was going to loop many times when the function was called multiple times anyway, it's late. talk to you tomorrow
  7. sure but I'm unsure if there needs to be more changed with playSound Edit: I modified my code again to include the alarm sound
  8. Yeah no problem there it doesn't matter if you put the code first or last thing in the init.sqf file but it kinda is separate, so it isn't messed up with rest of the code 🙂 One thing you can do is but the code I gave to new .sqf file, let's say "altWarn.sqf" and then in init.sqf execute that file: execVM "altWarn.sqf"; maybe that clears it up a little bit
  9. @wogz187 The script should be run from init.sqf. There's not much point making it run from init IMO. I chose init.sqf because it was the simplest way... Edit: I modified the script so that it stops if plane is destroyed
  10. @wogz187 The code I posted worked in my tests
  11. I was bored so I made this script for you: #define TOO_LOW_HEIGHT 100 altitudeWarning = { params ["_plane"]; _plane addEventHandler ["gear", { params ["_plane", "_gearState"]; _plane setVariable ["altWarn", !_gearState]; }]; _plane setVariable ["altWarn", !(isTouchingGround _plane)]; _plane spawn { params ["_plane"]; while { alive _plane } do { _warn = false; if(_plane getVariable "altWarn") then { _dist = (getposASL _plane # 2) min (getposATL _plane # 2); if(_dist < TOO_LOW_HEIGHT) then { _warn = true; }; }; if(_warn) then { hintsilent "Low terrain!"; playSound ["vtolalarm", true]; } else { hintsilent ""; }; sleep 1; }; }; }; jet call altitudeWarning; Put all that in init.sqf name your plane as "jet" default too low height is 100, can be changed works on water surface too
  12. This is what i use, hope it helps: _pid = getPlayerUID _player; [ _player, [ profilenamespace, _pid], [], false ] call BIS_fnc_saveInventory; And to load the inv call this on respawn: _pid = getPlayerUID _player; [_player, [profilenamespace, _pid]] call BIS_fnc_loadInventory;
  13. gc8

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Release a patch that fixes missing startup towns And other fixes / tweaks If you still find any bugs just please let me know, thx!
  14. Look keyup instead than keydown
  15. Think I found the reason my linking doesn't work. I forgot I had linked the user MpMissions folder to arma folder to replace the MPMissions there. So I can start server with TADST from my user files. Then when I create those links inside the linked folder arma gets confused and fails to load. So that's the theory. Anyone know how to solve? can symbolic links be relinked?