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  1. gc8

    Arma RTS

    Added some long wanted features such as invisible enemy: Changes: The enemy infantry is now invisible at start New group morale system, effects surrendering New unit stance buttons ctrl + right mouse places waypoint with group rotation AI should fire artillery (2 supports) other improvements
  2. remove this from the picture: type = CT_STRUCTURED_TEXT;
  3. You should put RscPicture inside the ControlsBackground. that should be able to load your texture
  4. gc8

    Arma RTS

    Added option to save the game, you can now continue the campaign later. (very beta 😉 ) I wanted also to ask if there's any graphic artists reading this stuff who could help making UI graphics for this mission? All the graphics atm are basically undone. please let me know if you want to help and all suggestions/comments are also welcome 🙂
  5. Why not simply set the module position when creating it? _pos = getpos triggernameHere; _item0 = createUnit ["ModuleCivilianPresence_F",_pos ,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; also make sure you have errors turned on from the launcher
  6. you are creating all the modules at [0,0,0] position
  7. personally I dont create anything at first but only when player comes near enough to the desired location then I create the enemy groups. if you use hideobject the game engine will probably do some stuff with the units even they are hidden and that can cause some lag. you would need to also disable their AI
  8. first set the variable and the loop condition: vatsstop = true while {_timeLeft >= 0 && vatsstop } do then in your keydown EH you set the variable to false: vatsstop = false that's it
  9. sounds like a good way imo you can do that in the KeyDown EH
  10. nvm that I misread your code. I have new stuff you to check out in my post
  11. the breakout wont work because its inside another scope (in the EH) also you have quotes inside quotes, that wont work. use ' instead of other quotes
  12. gc8

    Arma RTS

    Just noticed that the enemies were missing from the campaign battles, that's fixed now. sorry about that 🙂 also new morale bars in the makings. battle should now end if morale drops too low. but this is all wip
  13. sorry my bad, it's more like: _groupCfg = configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfAssault"; for "_i" from 0 to 100 do { _unitCfg = _groupCfg >> (format["unit%1",_i]); if(isnull _unitCfg) then { break; }; systemchat format["Unit type: %1", getText (_unitCfg >> "vehicle")]; };