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  1. deletevehicle (driver ship)
  2. @mrcurry I placed bobcat in editor at [6226.17,9742.87,-0.000793457] . Player is the driver
  3. EO already posted the script in this thread but I can't find where the code is different from mine
  4. Actually it seems to work, no collision problem with module. Now I just have to figure what the module does to make it work. Or place the module dynamically via createunit which I'm not sure is even possible (because of the parameters)...
  5. Running it in init.sqf SP just for testing In tanoa it can fall down most trees and make them invisible but there's this big tree that doesn't seem to take damage and if I hide it my vehicle still collides to it.
  6. Thx @EO It certainly seems to be using the hideObject command
  7. I assume that relies on the same hideobject command
  8. Hi I was trying to hide some trees via script but ran in to a problem. Here's my code: _vegs = nearestTerrainObjects [_pos, ["Tree","Bush"], 50]; { _x hideobjectglobal true; _x setDamage 1; } foreach _vegs; The problem is that some trees don't seem to take damage and when I hide them you can still hit them with vehicle! So I'm thinking I need either a better way of doing this than hideObject or a way to detect trees that cannot be damaged so that I wont hide them. Any ideas? thx!
  9. @7erra I Think I just found something.. not sure but the weapon configs have "baseWeapon" variable. So maybe you could try this: _testConf = configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> "arifle_Mk20_F"; if((configname _testConf) == (getText(_testConf >> "baseWeapon"))) then { systemchat "Base weapon!"; }; Find all base weapons: _weapons = configFile >> "CfgWeapons"; { if((configname _x) == (getText(_x >> "baseWeapon"))) then { diag_log format["Base weapon found: %1 - %2", configname _x,getText(_x >> "baseWeapon")]; }; } forEach ("(getNumber (_x >> 'scope')) > 0" configClasses _weapons);
  10. Hi in arma 2 there was artillery radar, does something like this exist for arma 3? I'm thinking of writing my own script that shows where the artillery is firing. thx!
  11. Something like: _man = player; _curw = currentWeapon _man; if(_curw != "") then // Has any weapon selected? { if(_curw == (primaryWeapon _man)) then // Primary weapon selected? { // Play animation here }; if(_curw == (secondaryWeapon _man)) then { // Play animation here }; if(_curw == (handgunWeapon _man)) then { // Play animation here }; };
  12. How about: primaryWeapon player == currentWeapon player
  13. Hi @7erra. I noticed that if I try to add non base class weapon like this: _costArray = ["LMG_Zafir_pointer_F", 77]; The base class "LMG_Zafir_F" is actually what get's added into arsenal. This is good but the price is still zero
  14. Thanks @7erra. I also made script that adds items to the arsenal depending on which side uses the items. So in this code items from east side units are added: And the link to prices.sqf The problem with this code is however that some weapons don't have price. I still need to figure a way to fix this :)