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  1. Arma 2 also had a-star script somewhere...
  2. In the arma game steam publisher does not allow me to select any other images for the mission image than those in screenshots folder. I wonder if there's a fix to this? screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/RukeAH4 I put image in the E drive but it cant find it Also sorry mods if this is in wrong forum, should probably be in EDEN EDITOR forum
  3. Yeah thx that's what I did, I put the function in preinit. Good thing there was no other function dependencies so I didn't have to do a lot of extra work.
  4. I also set the distance high in the video menu but it seems to have no effect
  5. Yes I have and the view distance get commands return 10000 in the debug console
  6. Hi Does any one know that when you are flying in plane and set view distances to something like 10000 you still can't see infantry on ground until really close? I was testing in the VR map and these are the script commands I run at mission start: setObjectViewDistance [10000,100]; setViewDistance 10000; But it doesn't seem to work. any one know how to fix? thx
  7. gc8

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Small update: Gear level is now weapon level Gear menu with some info labels
  8. gc8

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Fixed: gear/unit buy menu did not work on dedicated server
  9. Figured it out, the function had not yet been created in client when it was called from server. I thought it had to be something simple 🙂 But how do you deal with these situations? Maybe I do some client register call on server when client is ready
  10. HI I'm trying to set a single variable on client by calling a function in the client with remoteExecCall. but for some reason the function never gets called on client. Here's my server code: ["SENDING VEHICLE LEVEL TO CLIENT %1 %2 %3 (%4)",_level,_side, format["VehResLvl_%1",_side], call getPlayers] call dbgmsg; // Prints! _level remoteExecCall ["setVehicleResearchLevel", _side, format["VehResLvl_%1",_side]]; I checked that all variables are ok This function (client) never gets called: setVehicleResearchLevel = { ["GOT VEHICLE LEVEL %1", _this] call dbgmsg; // Does not print vehicleResearchLevel = _this; }; as you can see I'm using custom debug print function dbgmsg I think the problem maybe with the fact that I run dedicated server and then join client (JIP) Any idea what's wrong with my code? thx!
  11. gc8

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    New version! What's new: The AI commander researches weapon and vehicle levels (Can be disabled) Mines are back on town roads (Can be disabled) Infantry unstuck code The mission is automatically saved and can be loaded by setting the load param (This feature is still highly experimental and may not work properly)
  12. Must be some setting in the trigger that's wrong. I created 100m trigger and set the trigger activation to BLUFOR. I think that's it And of course am playing on west so it triggers when I go to the trigger I'd also suggest that you put hint "TEST"; in the activation script to make sure you know when it triggers.
  13. Another script tested in trigger condition field and working: (ThisList findIf { (speed _x) > 50 && ((position _x) select 2) < 5 }) >= 0
  14. I tested the code in console and it worked... how are you testing? Maybe change the 50 to something like 1 to test it.
  15. Ok another attemp, some () around the code: (thislist findIf { vectorMagnitude (velocity _x) > 50 && ((position _x) select 2) < 5 }) > -1