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  1. Hi I am wondering how much it costs to run arma3 server? The prices seem to go from 5-300 $ month and I got no clue how many players they can support? So can someone shed some light of how much you need to pay for x amount of players? thx! Edit: Answering my own question with the link I found: http://nazeboo.com/server-hosting/arma-3-server-hosting/ Still would be nice to hear how big servers everyone is running and at what price
  2. That's cool but is there standalone version, exe, etc? would be lot of work to put all your code through that file by file after every edit
  3. Yes they can still change the author name. The only thing obfuscating does is that none can make their own version... And I'm trying to figure way to protect the ownership thanks for the tip! However I think it's possible for people to upload the mission outside steam because it gets cached when played so they can grab the file from cache folder
  4. Lot of things has been said in this thread but I'm going to just say one thing. It's not that when I obfuscate the code that I don't release it for free. People can play as much as they want my missions for free. The only thing I'm trying to avoid is that some one takes my mission and change the author name and releases it as his own without even mentioning the original author. This is pretty much the only thing I'm trying to avoid. I don't mind sharing my scripts it's just the stealing of whole mission why I want to secure the code.
  5. Hey I'm looking for free script obfuscating tool, does anyone know if such exists? I need that so no one can steal my mission. thx!
  6. RPG - Demo

    You are able to save... But if you die yes there's respawn
  7. RPG - Demo

    @neofit in the main menu you need to goto Multiplayer -> Server browser -> Host server And select LAN if you want to play alone. From there you should be able to select the mission.
  8. RPG - Demo

    Released new version. What's new: Hireable companions (total 3) Multiplayer support (Not yet fully tested and may contain bugs) Another trader in town and more...
  9. How did you figure it was non local command?
  10. Ah I didn't know that! This is very useful, thanks :) But not every page has that info, like https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addVest page However seems like I got my scripts working
  11. @KC Grimes Thanks for your reply. What I'm most concerned is what is the best place to call addVest, removeAllWeapons, removeAllItems etc. the wiki does not tell. should I call them where object is local? or server? or all clients? thx
  12. HI I'm making my mission multiplayer compatible and problem I found was that addItem command doesn't seem to be able to give weapon clips to player when ran from server. So I did this to fix it: [_man,"11Rnd_45ACP_Mag"] remoteExecCall ["addItem",_man]; But my question is will it work properly when more players join the server than just me? Will everything be synced? Also my question is, is there a list or something where you can tell what's the proper way to call these commands such as addItem, addvest etc? thx!
  13. sorry don't understand the question. Here's example: server: missionNamespace setVariable["array", _players, true ]; client: _players = missionNamespace getVariable["array",[]]; that should work
  14. Try setting the third parameter of setVariable to true. this will send the variable over network.
  15. RPG - Demo

    Thanks guys, nice to hear you like the mission!