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  1. @Shepskii thx for reporting! i fixed the bug in unsung loading. there's still some error messages regarding unsung gear but I'll try to remember to fix those later
  2. yes, you have to use the admin menu to pick which save you want to load to enter admin menu you should be logged in as admin and when the mission starts the menu will be shown to you
  3. Quick fix! version 0.9.81c Fixed: Resistance AI (In 3 sides mode) was not buying units, etc
  4. 0.9.81b released! What's new: Three sided play mode (Mission parameter) Player can now play as resistance where resistance has active army (currently supported mod is apex 3 sides and Tanoa, Altis, Malden maps)
  5. sorry my bad i thought you were working with sliders unless its possible to set values greater than 1 with ctrlSetScrollValues then Idk
  6. have you used https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/sliderSetRange on it?
  7. I like your tool but there is this bug that -filepatching is set even when I try to disable it by setting "allowed file patching" to zero. its really nice tool so thanks for it. too bad I cant always use it due to this bug
  8. Lot's of changes lately. New performance tweaks and mission rules to kick team killers, idlers and side changers version 0.9.78
  9. New version is out! v0.9.75 Added ability to build defenses using repair truck Other small changes If anyone is interested to know more of what is happening with the project take a peek in our trello page: https://trello.com/b/oATg0kjT/fow
  10. Glad you figured it out. I was thinking I should keep a list of incompatible mods The way the AI currently works is that every squad is for them self, they don't pickup hitchhikers 😉
  11. Did it start working? I haven't got that issue my self sorry I forgot got to upload the latest version to google drive (0.9.74d) Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10kwmf92u_T0p0YzbeaFcCNDAX9oWIpeF/view?usp=sharing
  12. New version is out! (0.9.74) what's new: New commander menu that tells what the AI commander is doing Motorized and mechanized infantry now travels with the vehicle Other smaller changes
  13. I know. I thought you didn't play anymore 😀
  14. thx for your reply! yeah the google drive versions are bit outdated and I wrote there that I will update it upon request. But I will update it more often now that there's actually someone using the non-steam version 🙂 and I will add the version to the posts in future, thx for the tip! I don't always post here when there is new version because sometimes I make lot of releases in short time period and don't want to spam the forums...
  15. New release! Added destroyer ship that allows player to buy boats Other changes If you found bugs please report And new ideas are welcome! 🙂