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  1. I tweaked the values so that only one door opens with claymore, by reducing the splash damage. It's a bit difficult to work with these values as claymore for example is anti-personel explosive but IMO could be used to open one door. Missiles always do the same damage Not atm
  2. New release! What's new: Added parameter to enable the admin start dialog , if needed Added rappelling from helicopters Fixed FOB markers were not removed when FOB was destroyed Other small changes/tweaks Also added two new maps, Sefrou Ramal and Malden
  3. That's something I forgot to look into. will check it out now, thx! shouldn't matter too much though
  4. Great, ty 🙂
  5. Cool, all works now? thx kremator 🙂
  6. Did you give it some time? The new admin menu postpones some of the load stuff so you might need to wait for it at start
  7. gc8

    selectRandom problem

    first () -> {} then _code = selectRandom ... call _code; should do it
  8. New release! What's new: Firing lines of group can be seen in map Different AI coms prefer different types of units which they buy (regular,CAS,Special) New parameters to allow random amount of town and patrol forces
  9. Another update, the door damage code was bit undone, it's better now. I hope that was all that needed fixing 🙄
  10. Rewrote the client init to something better , that part should be good now
  11. Actually there was a glitch in the script dedi startup, fixed that
  12. Yeah tested in dedi, should work.
  13. Hi This is a release of a door breaching script. The script is still work in progress. What the script allows you to do: Place an explosive on door to open it Use any other explosive (grenade,rocket etc) to open the door Shoot the door to open it Kick the door to open it (Action menu) Additional info: The door kick action doesn't currently use any animation, I was hoping that some one could help making such an animation The door strength can be changed via the MAX_DOOR_DAMAGE define In order to make houses doors locked and breachable a lockHouse function must be called on the house (see init.sqf) In the demo mission only the house in front of you is locked Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18RQvfVR4rkOlKWE9hFbp-2aW3ikRqmcl/view?usp=sharing Like I said this script is still WIP and I haven't tested firing the doors with every weapon in the game. All suggestions are welcome 🙂
  14. I noticed that JIP was broken with the new admin menu. fixed now. The new admin menu sure is tricky to get working but I hope there aren't many more bugs left 🙂
  15. Had to patch up the admin menu as it did not work in dedi. Hopefully it works now 😕 and please let me know if something doesn't, thx!