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  1. @gabberxxl I changed the mission so that it wont allow running two different versions. Not that I know for sure if this is the problem but at least that can be ruled out. Also fixed player not getting reward on doing missions and few other small things but haven't yet proceed to fix rest of the bugs because they maybe because of something not matching with versions Link to new mod file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rE3PfUyq-bMA7wOA6p7WolJurAdvY6o9/view?usp=sharing
  2. No. This is very strange because the reason behind these errors is because of different version in client-server. At least everytime this bug has happened in my PC wrong version has been the reason. I'm thinking of implementing version check to see if that's in fact the problem Also I believe pretty all of the bugs is caused by this same thing...
  3. HI I read from remoteExecCall wiki that "The JIP parameter can only be used if the targets parameter is 0 or a negative number." is this true? I have often given side as target and this seems to work..... The same isn't said In remoteExec wiki anyone knows what's the deal here? thx!
  4. Has anyone else noticed TADST to load files from arma3 folder even if file patching is off? I had symbolic link from my mod folder to arma3 folder and that got loaded. I had to delete the link to make TADST only load from inside the .pbo I don't know why was this but TADST is a good tool so thanks for that!
  5. I had this issue in my dedi because there was symbolic link to the fow mod files which messed eveything up and once I deleted that link everything worked. I didnt have file patching on but it still messed up. Why you get this error also I don't know yet. could you have loaded the fow mod twice with different versions or something? maybe server/client version miss match? Also when you were not able to buy gear were you still able to buy vehicles/men? And when the player started on island did his side have any bases? ty vm!
  6. just couple of more questions please. when player joined in progress did they not have the [menu] action? Were you at any point able to buy gear?
  7. @gabberxxl wow I did not know there were so many issues. thank you so much reporting! Will start fixing those bugs... but couple of questions. Which side you played in? Which mod you played with (Apex,RHS,etc)? Did the "CNQ Error: invalid item in shop" error not print the item name? when player joined in progress did they not have the [menu] action? thx again. will look into this.
  8. It's the mod required to play, should be on server and client. Yeah the release candidate that you downloaded isn't signed so you have to disable signature verifying if you want to run that. Only the latest version from steam is signed. The RC is meant for those who wish to help me testing the mission before releases 🙂
  9. Now is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QtNj-RUSRocx0oGJwxMwLEtPL7DsAi-M/view?usp=sharing I hope that works for you, not sure what non-steam pbos need
  10. hmm joinSilent needs array so correct code would be: _exp = [_selection]; _exp joinSilent _virus; make sure the script is only called once
  11. I think you meant >= 4 createCenter is not necessary It's best to remove player from the unit list so selectRandom wont select that also group not necessary _playergrp = (units player) - [player]; _selection = selectRandom _playergrp;
  12. This is where there has been some confusion before... the "fow 0.9.13 RC1.pbo" file is mod, not the mission. you need to load that as mod and then select one mission from list in here and start that mission everything is in steam but if you don't use steam the missions are also here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1343tTm1uRRgHp28hjtZiLVSqqRbLm1DF/view
  13. Hi I'm working on some RTS stuff and I have a question. what is the best RTS camera script for arma3? It doesn't have to have lot of features, just basic camera movement would be ok. (But of course some extra features are ok) thx!
  14. In my CTI mission the way I did unit spawning was to first create only empty groups and give them position where they are at, like defending town etc. And once enemy force like for example player get's near one of these groups then the group is spawned (units are created). And once there is no longer enemy near then the group despawns (units are deleted). This helps to keep the lag in minimum... Also when the group needs to move only single unit/vehicle is spawned so that the group can move.
  15. this should do it: _marker1 = createMarker ["Marker1", position player]; _marker1 setMarkerShape "RECTANGLE"; _marker1 setMarkerBrush "Border"; more info: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerShape https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerBrush