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  1. New release! Improved the base wall script HQ does not create walls anymore Made more room for base entrances
  2. Looks like to me you got the grasp of it. i try to use configs much as possible in my missions, in my side mission script I have defined all the missions as config classes. Like this: https://pastebin.com/xMba1QfX so I can add new missions by adding a new class only
  3. gc8

    Role in dynamic groups

    what kind of role? the lobby role?
  4. classes are readonly and can be accessed anywhere from sqf script
  5. gc8


    typically you would populate the control group via ctrlCreate script command. Link (exampe 5): https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ctrlCreate
  6. i think you mean something like this (in description.ext): class Bases { class FOB1 { side = west; position[] = { 7000, 3000 }; // Etc }; }; then you can extract information from the classes with commands such as getArray, getText, getNumber _base = missionConfigFile >> "Bases" >> "FOB1"; _pos = getArray (_base >> "position");
  7. Make sure the code is running, put hint there somewhere before rest of the code
  8. are you sure "acex_intelitems_notepad" is correct item name? Ace loaded up?
  9. replace the do with then that should do it 🙂
  10. new release! Bases now have walls (experimental, toggleable) Fixed AI jump on stuck feature was broken Other fixes/changes
  11. i don't know much about orbats but you can't have white spaces in the class names. hope that helps a little
  12. Hmm , strange that you have to go all that way just to make them stay in. But glad you got it working!
  13. i guess it needs _unit assignAsGunner _veh; for the unit to stay in.. can't think of anything else right now Edit: there's also the allowCrewInImmobile command if needed
  14. something like this would work for the driver: _pos = getMarkerPos "marker01"; _drivers = createGroup EAST; _veh = "O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_v2_F" createVehicle _pos; // Create veh like this so it doesn't have crew _unit = _drivers createUnit ["Max_terminator_skeleton", _pos , [], 0, "FORM"]; _unit moveInDriver _veh; then just create gunner too if needed (moveInGunner)
  15. Update! What's new: Optimized frontline rendering The price of not only vehicles but also gear can be changed Bug fixes