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  1. Definitely good suggestions here, I'll see what I can do :) Since I'm primarily making this mission to get 'warmed up' with A3 editing before starting a campaign idea I have, I'll probably try to write an incognito script myself instead of borrowing from others. Shouldn't be too hard, I think. Being searched by police with possibly some dialogue does indeed seem like a cool idea. I'm thinking something along being asked questions with multiple possible answers, where some have a higher probability of getting you in trouble than others.
  2. I agree with the damage model. Another thing that I think Arma definitely should get right, but doesn't, is weapon handling mechanics. That should be quite simple (although they would need two reloading animations for each weapon instead of just one). I'm amazed that Arma, after so many years as a fairly authentic shooter, doesn't get such a simple detail right. If you keep a bullet in the chamber then reloading is a bit faster, because you only have to switch the mag. Except in Arma, of course, where it doesn't make a difference. The +1 bullet in the chamber can also make a significant difference for marksman rifles with few rounds per mag. Having spent so many hours in real life practicing not emptying a clip completely, it's weird to play a shooter where you're basically rewarded for emptying a clip, due to lack of mag repacking in the vanilla game. That said, for most other "realism" aspects: I value the feeling of authenticity over realism, and I think Arma 3 does a great job of balancing authenticity with fun.
  3. lstor

    Solutions for Apex malicious shareware

    Sorry, just had to comment: This made me think "I did not have sexual relations with that woman DLC."
  4. Thank you, that is very helpful. I'll give more detailed replies below. Glad to hear! Which version did you play on? 1.0.0 or 1.1.0? In 1.1.0 the police responds more dynamically if you're spotted, making them a much bigger threat. Balancing may not be perfect, though, and I may have to up the difficulty a bit. The shooting thing was actually more or less what I was going for, but with a different setting than the ubiquitous 'special forces go destroy something' scenario. Regarding replayability, I don't mean that there are infinite options (like in patrol ops kind of missions), but that there are several different approaches and places to see before you've 'exhausted' the mission. That's definitely interesting, and I considered trying to implement something like it. Since this is my first mission I decided to keep it simple and keep complexity down. The problem would be avoiding that you can just run away. I'm not sure how I would script the AI into trying to 'arrest' you rather than just shoot on sight. Besides, if you're colored and in America the shoot-on-sight is more realistic anyway :-) I also don't see car chases happening with the Arma AI in any interesting way. Good idea, I'll look into adding that. I actually considered cutting the boats altogether, as it's very hard to make the boat ride interesting. Ultimately I decided to leave them in to avoid forcing the player through the airport battle. Firefights with hand weapons from boats can only really be done from the big, armed boats which would kind of break immersion, and I don't really want to have the player shot at if he's unable to shoot back. Police placed on the bridge could be an exception, though.
  5. Thanks! Let me know if there's anything that's not working, or anything that is particularly cool :) I've just updated to version 1.1.0. This latest version comes with a few small tweaks and fixes, and adds briefing notes for getting the most out of replays. But most importantly: Dynamic police searches! A fairly sophisticated script creates police patrols to search for the player based on his last known location and the time elapsed since he was spotted. The script takes spotting time into account and emulates radio communications account to create an authentic police response. Road vehicles or helicopters are then dispatched from nearby* police station to drop off responders near the player's last known location. The patrols will also coordinate between themselves to fluidly move their search patterns if the player reemerges, and will cycle patrols if some patrols are too far away. The patrol intensity increases over time. * not that near, this is a fairly unsettled tropical island after all :)
  6. Overview: My first real mission has just come out of beta testing by a few friends, and is now available on the Steam workshop! I have put down a lot of effort into making it a high-quality mission, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The mission is designed to give the player a wide range of challenges, and careful consideration has gone into the setting and progression through the mission. The mission is also designed with replayability in mind, and there are several different ways to accomplish your objectives. Please let me know what you think! In this mission, you will assassinate the Tanoan governor and get away with it! You play as an operative of the Mireles cartel, tasked with taking out the popular and bothersome governor of Tanoa all by himself. This will not be easy, however, as the governor has a highly trained police escort. Getting away with murder on a small island crawling with police will not be easy either... Prepare. Kill. Escape. New! - The police will now employ a sophisticated response to your actions. The AI units will call in additional patrols to areas they believe you to be, based on when and where you were last spotted, and fluidly update these positions whenever their information is updated with new sightings. The dynamic response includes deploying responder units by car or helicopter from various police stations to an area near you, and also emulates radio communication between officers. Features: - A mission combining the best aspects of Arma 3: Carefully scripted story and open gameplay over a large area. - A unique setting, playing as the Mireles cartel. - Dynamic police response with roadblocks and searches. The police reaction will increase over time. - Guerilla tactics to evade and overcome a stronger enemy. - Randomizing key elements of the mission to ensure replay value. - Several viable approaches to completing the mission. Other information: - Required mods: None. - Playtime: 0.5 - 2 hours Changelog on Steam Play / Download: Steam Workshop
  7. Hi! I'm putting together a small team of Europe-based like-minded, mature players looking to play co-op and Zeus missions on a work-and-family-friendly schedule. Our key emphasis is having fun, and we achieve that by helping each other get an authentic military experience. We are serious and focused on a mission, and relaxed and casual out of mission. While we are constantly looking to improve our play, we are not a milsim unit -- when not on a mission, we have a flat structure where everyone is respected and everyone's input is valued. What does that mean? I have a full-time+ job. Many Arma 3 players have families. I simply don't have the time to be a productive member of a full-fledged realism unit -- and if you're reading this, then probably neither do you. However, playing in a team of dedicated and like-minded individuals is way more fun. So what do we do? We stay small. By having a small group, it's easier to find times to play that suit most members, making it easier to accommodate real life needs. Hopefully, we avoid needing a dedicated server and other expensive infrastructure. Short-term, I'm thinking 4-5 players. In the longer run, up towards 8 or 10. A smaller unit also means we get to know each other better, it makes it easier to help everyone have fun, and so on. How do we play? We focus primarily on special-forces style missions, either regular missions or Zeused. We will use a small, mobile team to do insertions and extractions behind enemy lines, performing Direct Action, sabotage and other SOF-themed missions. However, our primary goal is to have fun, so we might pop into a public Wasteland server together or whatever sizzles our bacon. We use Zeus and/or AI for supporting elements. We will use a set of mods. While not set in stone, it probably looks something like this: TFAR A subset of AGM and/or ACE3 MCC Tao's foldmap RH's M4 Euroforce uniforms Sometimes custom maps (Kunduz, Bornholm, Australia, A2MP, etc.) Why 'authenticity'? Don't you mean realism? While we are serious and dedicated in-game, we don't strive for realism just because that's the way something is in real life. We realize this is a game, and look for the most rewarding experience -- and we find authenticity rewarding. This means that we may do training sessions and drills, but always because we want to improve on something as a team -- not because of any rules or regulations. Who am I? I'm a 30-something old chap from Scandinavia. I have several years of in-the-field army experience, but I'm now more or less full-time geek. I love Arma 3, and have played it for 1000+ hours. I have also played Arma 2 and other military games a lot (and non-military, for that matter). Who are you? Since we are few players, we need to be strict about who we play with. The primary requirement is that you're a mature, likable guy or gal who shares our passion for Arma 3 and authentic play. You must: Know the game. Have at least 50+ hours playtime of Arma 3. While not a strict requirement, we're not here to teach you how to play the game. You should know at least the basics of most parts of the game -- being an infantryman, driver, gunner, heli pilot, aircraft pilot, AI commanding and so on. Also, we want to know that your love for Arma 3 won't suddenly go away. You don't have to play three times a week, but you should be able to play at least a couple of times a month in the foreseeable future. (Holidays, busy periods and so on are of course acceptable.) Be dependable. If we're four players who have agreed to play together at a given time, we can't lose 25 % of our mission participants just because you forgot it. Be mature. Not everyone above 20 is mature, and not everyone below 20 is immature -- far from it -- but you gotta run well with the old guys. If you think you are mature enough, give it a go -- but don't be disappointed if we turn you down after a try-out. Know how, and enjoy, to Zeus (or be willing to learn rapidly on your own). We don't have time to make missions, and we want more depth than what ALiVE and similar tools can offer. Most sessions will have a Zeus, and the role should rotate so that everyone can enjoy playing (and Zeusing). Remember that your role as Zeus is to make sure the players have a fun and authentic experience. Know how to install and use mods. While we of course will try to help out if you have problems, we're not here to be tech support. The obvious ones: Own Arma 3, have a microphone, speak English reasonably (understandably) well, have a decent ping and timezone to be compatible with EU players. It's also welcome if you: Can do modding and/or mission making. Can create cool videos of some of our missions together. Cann wriet dicentyl. You don't have to: Have previous military or milsim experience. Have über skillz. Be super active, dedicate your life to the unit or say 'Sir' to anyone. Finally, and most importably: You must understand what this community is about, and fit in. You must realize that this is not a service rendered to you, but rather a joint effort to get the most out of Arma 3 and have fun - together! So where do we go from here? If this tickled your fancy and you think this is great for you, go ahead and send me a PM. When we are four or five members we will agree on a format and way to do things that we think best serves our purpose, and then recruit a few more. Note that you will have to play a few missions with us before you are accepted, in order for us to see if the chemistry is right. In your PM, please write a little about yourself, your history with Arma and other military games. Please write a little about why you want to join us. Write how we will be a match made in heaven and what you can bring to the table, and how amazingly well you fit the description above. Also, don't forget to mention your age, where you live (including timezone) and so on. Looking forward to play with you!
  8. I understand, that's quite common. Don't be afraid to put your code on GitHub even though it's not perfect, though. It can be useful for you and others regardless, and the tone there is generally very friendly and constructive :) GitHub also has a ticket/issues tracker that I find very useful. The offer to review the code or help out with any other insights I might have is standing, just look me up on GitHub or Steam (same username as here in both places) if you want to take me up on it in the future and I don't reply on the forums. Nope, you just need to state that the content is licenced under APL-SA. Which is a good licence for Arma mods that fosters collaboration and contributions, I might add! I just realized that myself, sorry about that. You're obviously one step ahead :) Oh, by the way, I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but I find the helicopter pickup and dropoff icons to be a bit confusing. The pickup arrow is pointing down, and the dropoff arrow is pointing up. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  9. This looks amazing! :) I've enjoyed GTI a lot, and this looks even better -- although I haven't taken it for a spin yet. A few comments: How is the mod licenced? Is the code open source, e.g. on GitHub? If not, would you consider it? That way you could accept patches/contributions from others helping you out. I know you mentioned in a video that you're not a dev, so just give me a shout if you would like some pointers to get you started. Please please please consider adding a configuration dialog to set keybindings, or use the "Configure Addon" dialog. (Have a look at the code of Tao's folding map, for example, to see how to use it.) I use a lot of mods, and using User Controls will quickly lead to collisions. By biggest advice as a developer: Manage complexity closely. Think carefully before adding any features. Keep it simple and elegant, and focus on general purpose functionality rather than specifics and corner cases. For example: Don't add a "Green light for snipers" button -- but consider implementing a ROE system. Don't add a feature because a few users want it, or even because most users want it -- only add it if it makes sense and is genuinely useful. You seem to be doing fine on this point so far, just be careful not to get ahead of yourself in the future :) Oh, and finally: Writing clean, maintainable code that can be changed and improved without introducing bugs is something developers spend years trying to master. (I have at least a handfull of books in my bookshelf on this topic alone.) Again, let me know if you want me to have a look at the code and see if I can help you make the code easier to work with. (Btw: Your English is amazing for a German. I'm presuming you've lived in the US?) Edit: I just realized the latest version implements customizable controls the way I suggest. My bad!
  10. lstor

    CCIP script for aircrafts

    Once MP is implemented properly, that should work more or less out-of-the-box.
  11. lstor

    Norwegian Units

    'Svaberg-indianer' is an Army-teasing-Navy-joke. Svaberg roughly translates to 'coast-rock', and indianer is the same as in German :) There's just one 'a' in English: Carbine, unlike the German Karabiner and the Norwegian karabin.
  12. lstor

    Norwegian Units

    Known in Norwegian as 'svabergindianere'.
  13. lstor

    Norwegian Units

    Keep up the great work, Vasilyevich! I added some first and last names that you can use if you want to, and fixed a few minor errors with the existing ones (Svendsenr -> Svendsen, Jans -> Jan, Bjorn -> Bjørn). Now there's 48 first names and 48 last names. I sorted the list alphabetically to make sure there were no duplicates. I've tested that it works with non-ASCII, Norwegian letters (ÆØÅ/æøå). (Look at #4 in my team there and guess what 'stor' in 'Lstor' is short for. You already had the L in the list ;) ) You can find the updated list of names here: http://pastebin.com/HGdcTjcM By the way, there's a small typo in unit selection in the editor. Under Norwegian units, 'Infantry' is spelled 'Infantery'.
  14. lstor

    CCIP script for aircrafts

    The current version (linked to above) works sufficiently for singleplayer, and hopefully I'll have a fully working addon version that works in multiplayer too within a week :) Any testing of the addon version is very welcome, please let me know if you find any bugs. I think Xendance is quite busy these days, but since he was nice and released arma-ccip under a reasonable license, I can release addon versions in the meantime regardless.
  15. lstor

    CCIP script for aircrafts

    Ah, yes, we're definitely in the same mindset here :) Simply checking for whether the player is still in the plane, like you do, is an interesting idea. I'll have to look into that further. That could solve the issue for changing player unit in SP too, I think. To break it down, the script just needs to handle two states and their transitions: 1. Player not in supported vehicle, or in supported vehicle with engine off. 2. Player in supported vehicle with engine on. I think approaching from that angle could simplify the code a bit. You've already done a great start :) I like that you added a list of supported vehicles instead of just checking isKindOf "plane" - I had a mental note to do the same. A quick tip for your script: Store a handle to the event handlers, and remove only that EH. Otherwise you risk interfering with other code. Something like: private "_getoutHandle"; _getoutHandle = _plane addEventHandler ["GetOut", {_this spawn ccip_shutdown}]; // ... _plane removeEventHandler ["GetOut", _getoutHandle];