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    I started designing small games and then proceeded to design 3d models and then proceeded to design additions to games and gaming amendment.
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    Game development - 3D modeling - make a dlc for games - design a games

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  1. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    Thank you for your reply As i said i have only problem with arma 3 physical in trailer, I have looked all these, Thank you for your reply, and the information you provide to me, very helpful
  2. Abd El Rahman

    Dark Sky

    Hello, My Config I use in all my map: Link Pictures with my config : Sky Sea Full view I hope my comment help you. Regards, Abd-El-Rahman.
  3. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    First , Thank you for your reply As i said, I don't care about new or old version, I don't rob models, I'm only learning Are all is clear ?
  4. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    Sorry for this mistake, I mean If you have any another opinion, say to me. and sorry again.
  5. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    I understand it, I never said i will rib model and upload the mode for free or make people pay to get model, All i want is learn not rob model created by another designers, I tired contact with designer to learn, and after all that, I offer him and he didn't respond, What should i do, And when i make a topic in bis forum to one help me, no one help me after all that, I don't think what i make, I don't think that now is thief for me because i tired to try make all is legal, If you have another dissemble, say to me, I interested to talk with you. In the end Thank you for your reply
  6. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    I don't have any problem with this step, I appreciate it and I understand it, Thank you for your reply.
  7. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    That's right, I don't know why people always guess it wrong.
  8. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    in the first, I would like to know if you finished your message without forget write something Second, I didn't say it, I will open a store and sell a models unbinarize. I have created a model and I have knowledge of design models like buildings. Third, I need to know how joinze make it a trailer physics , Jonize not apply it my add , How can I get a permission ? in the end, Thanks for your reply
  9. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    hello, First thanks for your reply The website is working but it export p3d with model destroy it, And i don't know how can i fix it Regards, abd-El-Rahman
  10. Abd El Rahman

    Arma 3 - unbinarize p3d

    hello, I tired to get a tool to unbinarize p3d. Excally, i don't want a tool to steal a p3d file, no, I want to learn how he design that Pls if you have any idea - keep comment Regards, Abd-El-Rahman
  11. Hello, I have idea but I tried to make my idea My idea is when one go to location and choose a color, The car change color for player choose it. Now to make my idea, There cars have a selection called camo1, I want when one choose a color, Camo1 change to color player choose it, I finished make a dialog, All I need is what the script I need to make that Pls if you have any idea, how can I make that, keep a reply Regards, Abd-El-Rahman
  12. Abd El Rahman

    Geometry problem- pls help me

    Thanks all for your reply
  13. Hello, I have problem with geometry When object is small geometry work , When i make a object bigger geometry not work Config.cpp: #define private 0 #define protected 1 #define public 4 #define TEast 0 #define TWest 1 #define TGuerrila 4 #define TCivilian 4 #define TSideUnknown 14 #define TEnemy 14 #define TFriendly 14 #define TLogic 14 class CfgPatches { class Abd_Skyscraper_2 { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1; }; }; class CfgVehicleClasses { class Abd_Skyscraper_2 { displayName = "[AbdElrahman] Skyscraper 2"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class All {}; class Static : All {}; class Building : Static {}; class Abd_Skyscraper_2 : Building { scope = public; model = "\Abd_Skyscraper_2\skyscraper"; displayName = "Skyscraper 2"; animated = false; vehicleClass = "AbdElrahman_a4_buildings"; destrType = "DestructNo"; mapSize = 4; author = "AbdElrahman"; armor = 14000000; }; }; Object on oxgen pic: Video when object small : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8Lz6dBxCvo Video when object bigger : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2W464PRmI0 If you have any idea , how can i fix it , pls say
  14. Abd El Rahman

    Error with mysql and extDB

    Hello, I bought a dedicated server, However , I do it you say it but problem still, Pls say to me what to you need , To know what the problem. Regards,Abd-El-Rahman
  15. Abd El Rahman

    Error with mysql and extDB

    Thank you very much I use nitrado host for that i cant use arma3server , on nitrado host no accsess windows control , do you have other solve?