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  1. Great work on this latest update!
  2. sv5000

    Tier 1 Weapons

    You sir, are a machine! Thanks for your hard work!
  3. sv5000

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Amazeballs! many thanks!👍
  4. I loved CSLA in the OFP days and I'm happy to support them now. Oh, and maybe we need to get an 'Old Farts' forum achievement?
  5. sv5000

    EricJ Release thread

    Good to see you back
  6. Looks Fantastic!! Gives me Tonal flashbacks!!
  7. What about a parachute for the Jet, its far to good looking to crash!
  8. The SU22 is Such a Beast of an aircraft! mate i just need to get my head around the way A3 config's and Im happy to help
  9. Very nice ,the set is complete!
  10. Wow! Those Russians know how to make some bardarse looking kit! Nice work
  11. Very nice, such a robust unit, and enduring!
  12. More then one way to skin a cat!
  13. just been doing some thinking about the back story... back stabbing and not so legitmate behind the scenes leadership changes are a common thing in Sahrani's past, labour camps, PMC's, covert operations. The 'unification' of Sahrani was built on very shady, bloody ground. Would the thinking still be that the RACS are still a NATO backed member of the UN? If for example RACS went it alone, left NATO and withdrew from the UN then perhaps the newly re-equipped SLA might see it as an opportunity to, address some old wrongs? Whats the mood of the people of Sahrani? would they welcome a new SLA govt, a new 'Peoples Republic'?.....or would the ranks of the RACS be swelled by 'home gaurd', vets from the 06 war, keen to fight to maintain the current way? Who has backed the new SLA? The DPRK would like nothing better then seeing a once Western backed country fall....Perhaps China, always looking to the future, would like a foothold beween Europe and the US and well, modern war chews up equipment like never before and Rosoboronexport is always willing to turn a dollar...
  14. WOW!!! I have little interst in A3, I spend most of my arma time playing A2 PRACS Domination solo! (long time fanboy ) Great to see you bringing you work and imagination to A3 wld427!