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  1. Little friend don't re-start the model, just import it to zbrush and sculpt details ---------- Post added at 15:05 ---------- Previous post was at 15:03 ---------- Wacom Bamboo is good and is less then 150 dollars
  2. which program are you using ?
  3. Rainey just one thing about plate carriers, it should be above the belly buton, and should not reach the belt area, should be in the sternum, and over 3 or 4 inches above the belly button i can't link you a few videos explaining that if you want
  4. Go to steam show me the pics there
  5. Pics are not showing to me
  6. Ckrauslo

    RH Pistol pack

    That's strange, In mine it have the recoil and muzzle flip where the front sight rises due to the pivot effect... Are you using the recoil fix mod?
  7. Can you people think on adding the Arma 3 pistols animation to your pistols? the muzzle flip when firing? when you fire in real life the gun doesn't just jump up, but the muzzle and the front sight of the gun will flip up, due to the force and a pivot effect
  8. Ckrauslo

    Arma 3 - Marksmen DLC First Look Livestream

    Is it me or some of the guns in the artworks are a bit out of proportion?
  9. Ckrauslo

    Long range engagement.

    Again surface of the hit, the power of scope you are using, in this case it's a camera...
  10. Ckrauslo

    Long range engagement.

    You know as much as you are really close from him you might be in a different angle... about being able to see impacts from "miles" i know you are trying to make a point but don't exaggerate that much with a 16x50mm scope you have problems even seeing your target over 1400 meters , and scopes in this magnification are a bit more common than the 25 or 24x scopes, as for my previous comment i was meaning in game, i could see the bullet "Splash" depending much on the surface, sand or dirt surface will always give more splash, but that also depends on what scope you are using in game, and if your sniper that makes the 2k shot have more draw distance, object view distance and shadow view distance than you
  11. Hey toadie will you include the BI standard pistol animation of the muzzle fliping when the pistol shoots? like the ones in robert hammer pack? Would you be kind of doing the PARA USA 1911 Black Ops Combat pistol with their new extended mags of 14+1 .45 ACP, they have one of the best double stack 1911's http://para-usa.com/2013/firearms/tactical/combat.php Reason of the editing: had to leave the page to get the link... my cell phone sucks :D
  12. Ckrauslo

    Long range engagement.

    I used to make sniper shots over 1200 meters and would be able to see the splash depending on the surface the bullet would hit
  13. Ckrauslo

    Long range engagement.

    I'm aware, i actually was one of the first to congrat rutherberg, and i also pointed out few things to him, and he done brilliantly well to figure things out from pointers that came from shooters in the community, as well as his researches. But thanks brisse, you were kind
  14. Ckrauslo

    Long range engagement.

    In real life the bullet spread happens do to recoil and a more rapid pace fire, since the muzzle moves the first point of aim would shift up and down, and that don't actually gives a variation in the bullet ballistic coefficient to cause a realistic manner for which would be able to accurately re-create a transonic problem, and it would either not happen, or happen all the times with engaging targets over a certain distance, and not be something that can or cannot happen ---------- Post added at 03:58 ---------- Previous post was at 03:51 ---------- Been a while since i could actually debate something and i feel refreshed now, thank you folks
  15. Ckrauslo

    Long range engagement.

    Yeah,but that would only dramatically affect "affect enough to deviate from target" if the bullet had a Ballistic coefficient that is not enough for the type of engagement, and if it is un-balanced, with more weight in some point along the bore length axis, causing as the speed decreases a shift forward or backwards in the bullet direction, you may read stuff about this and think it's the bogey man, but actually this would affect as much as the spin drift or the Coriolis effect ---------- Post added at 03:40 ---------- Previous post was at 03:35 ---------- And since all the bullet's in the game are the same, and not subject's to tiny flaws or variations, that would pretty much be eliminated, or affect in every case, and that would not be realistic at all... If only they could create a a script that every bullet fired in game had tiny differences and fluctuating trough behaviors ...would be optimal but i think that is hard to do in a game