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  1. So I posted on reddit about this, but was told to post it here. Basically have you guys thought about porting the Project: Agro assets into Arma 3 with the Contact update. You have Space Station Debris, terminals, radio dishes, and other items and equipment. 2 PMC factions and their vehicle skins. But the aliens could easily fit that the aliens shot down the space station, which caused the mercenaries to fight over it. Examples of the electronic Sci-fi equipment that is in argo and would fit perfectly for contact https://imgur.com/a/BochW3k anyways, I was told to bring it up here and would like to see it considered. Reddit post where the idea came up https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/bym17d/so_with_the_contact_dlc_coming_and_project_argo/
  2. I think the Colonial malitia was going to be under independent. But that could work too. Because the Innies teamed up with the UNSC to fight to covies. But this isnt for me to say
  3. This is true, Though playing it, the vanilla mines still work fairly well, in my honest opinion. On the other Side note: The Devs should check out this video. It's 17 minute gameplay of Halo 5's Warzone from green skull. There could be some interesting Ideas that could be taken from this. like Base layout. or the fact that the base in on the OCEAN FLOOR but the water is being held back by energy fields. stuff like that
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    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    neddlier sights can be seen here
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    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    found your CQB carbine sight
  6. What it says on halopedia "Its secondary ability deploys it into a 'lockdown' mode like that of the Cobra and the Elephant, giving the Rhino a more powerful attack with increased range." Basically Saying it can shoot without locking down, just that the rounds are weaker. but i'll replay the level again to verify Edit: So to be used as artillery, it needs to lock down. But it can be used like a tank and provide close fire support with out needing to lock down, though the plasma rounds are super weak compared to the arty version rounds. But it Is not a issue with steel rounds. You just use less powder to reduce the recoil while moving, though the rounds won't fly as far. Just needs to go as far as a regular tank round Extra edit: and with the ability to be picked up by the pelicans. It can easily join a armored advance and provide percession 320mm cannon fire on targets with the ability to provide quick arty support. (That way your not waiting 2 freaking minutes for the rounds to land like if the arty was 15+ km out)
  7. Yep, the 175mm the fox has is great for Assault focused units, For the fox's gun only Aims forward and you use it when you know you'll never be retreating. But the 320mm Cannon the Rhino Has gives the rhino it's reason why its so huge, but fits really well for armored and Mechanized units that are also conducting sieges on enemy strong holds or has the ability to defend itself it the Unit gets flank (which is one of the worst things to happen to a arty unit following a advance. Why they train us to direct fire, but the Rhino on Halo wars was able to shoot and move at the same time so it most likely had a targeting package that the Scorpion has. In the M109's we literally had to aim down the tube with a Iron sight attachment we placed in the Tube to aim, then remove it and load the round) , the blast of that cannon is so powerful that it needs that stabilization. But they best way to test the Usage of the Types is Play Wargame: Red Dragon. and use the 2 types and you can really get the feel of the use of the Fixed and turret arty. It's on sale of steam, if you don't have it, I have no problem snagging a copy for you, it's a great great game that gives you a feel of large scale combined arms Unit tactics In my Honest opinion, I wouldn't mind having both, but of given a choice of only 1, I would choose a earlier B or C variant M-145 Rhino Added edit: So looking at the original concept art for Halo Wars. I starting to think the original Innie armor, (The ones based off the AAF armor) would be great for colonial militia Maybe add in some customized look a bit so they look all rag tag like these guys
  8. True, but you have to compare the 2. Basically the Fox Cannon is like the French Caesar While the M-145 Rhino is like the M109A6 Paladin The The Fox is fast and can move from one slot to another. That is it's main advantage. But it can not/does not -fire and move. (Rhino can and with great accuracy direct fire, just not as far or powerful as if they stake themselves down) -Traverse it's turret 360 degrees, Only 90. and once a target is out of it's 90, you have to raise stakes and move the whole gun -Direct fire -Traverse very rough terrain -large internal Ammo storage So basically Fox Canon is great if you are on purely the offensive. But if you ever find yourself on the defensive or in a holding action, it falls really short and your screwed. That is why I'm in preference of the Mechanized Rhino over the Motorized Fox Cannon. The Fox cannon is great for Light motorized warthog units or fast aggressive units. But the Rhino will easily find itself at home at any Armored or Mechanized unit or in a Fire base providing 360 arty cover with the ability to engage targets at close range.
  9. True. The M-145D Rhino had a 320mm Plasma canon. But the about the M-145 through M-145C varriants. The D varriant has been clearly stated to be a prototype for the the plasma technology. But it's possible that the original M145 - M145C could most likely fired 155mm - 230mm. ( or even 320mm) High Explosive, fuse Point Detonate, Charge 12 Hotel. Bring the rain. Steel Rain. Fire missions Former 13B here. (Though I was to tall for the M109A6s, so I was in the Infantry platoons kicking doors)
  10. Now Imangine this picture. But with Rhinos
  11. Won't lie. Been talking about them making a B varriant of the Rhino or somethimg. Firing steel rain sense TEI
  12. Won't lie. Adding the Grizzly would be like adding a baneblade from the W40k series Example
  13. You should look at my detailed explanation to post above yours, I have close ups of the actual fatigues and more
  14. Halo Reach ODST http://i.imgur.com/fjd6iS0.jpg ODST "Bullfrog" http://i.imgur.com/80MmiWr.jpg (Same Camo I know, but the Bullfrogs replace the White with dark green) Halo 2 Anniversary http://i.imgur.com/tedKftQ.png But I could be mistaken and he possibly means the Thigh and Forarm guards with color markings designating troopers from sgts on the Halo 3 ODSTs http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131026214140/halo/images/6/66/Halo3-odst_spartans.jpg (Based off the Original Black and white fatigues from the Original Halo 2 which is no longer canon armor as stated by Bungie for halo 3 and 343I for H2A http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130625152424/halo/es/images/8/88/ODST_H2.png) Or possibly the Class based color scheme for Halo 3: ODST which still have the Black and white Thigh and Forarms, with ONI being a bit more blueish http://img.game.co.uk/images/wk34/HaloFigures.jpg And in Halo New blood, The Insurrection wore Rust Color of some early generation ODST armor to match their desert environment that their base was at Quote from book. So spoiler then you have the dark green that the SPECWAR/ Group 3 wore in this trialer Of course the Halo 3 trailer of the 2nd BN who fought in Pakistan-Afghanistan wore all black http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/0/7473/411887-odst2.jpg And the All Hungarian Unit of the 19thBN /105th MUE wore Yellow markings http://i.ytimg.com/vi/pmP-ppPg-3s/maxresdefault.jpg
  15. Well The latest version of Halo Canon basically stated that All versions of the ODST armor is canon, Meaning Reach, Halo 2 Anniversary (Not 2 Original, Bungie stated the true versions of the 2 armor was suppose to look like 3's but the xbox original had limitations. and 343I/ Saber for Anniversary replaced them with the Insurrection Era models from Halo Wars) , 3, 3: ODST, Halo 4. This includes the Spartan variants. So they have a lot of kit to choose from.