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  1. That's fantastic. RIP tree though. :P
  2. Oh hello concept boner! We meet again. In all seriousness- GET HYPED.
  3. thank you. Thank you so much for putting it into words. Thank you. ---------- Post added at 17:01 ---------- Previous post was at 17:00 ---------- No, most of the Spartans went planet-side to help. Chief, Linda, and two others I don't remember went to the space station.
  4. I think he means making it compatiable. Like you dl this mod and then when a grenade goes off your helmet gets cracked. If you have the green eye piece, the Tactical Glasses mod would mount onto that. I think.
  5. Do you hear that? THAT WAS MY CONcEPT BONER!
  6. Yeah, the 9th is almost done making their official op as well. I hope in the future that the 405th and 5th fleet can do a massive scale op with us. Or at the very least TvT.
  7. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIT THAT HUD IS SEXY. The visor is more transparent, the NVGs work, there is color, and that's awesome.
  8. Yeah. Besides, this mod is supposed to predate the CvH war. I assume that the implants probably would have made it in during it. I feel like I need to say as a side note, despite my constant bitching, I fucking love this mod and have faith you guys will create it as faithfully as possible. Nobody wants it to fail and everyone (or at least the loud and annoying ones like me) wants it to be as accurate and awesome as possible. SIDENOTE - http://www.reddit.com/r/EridanusInsurrection/comments/2zfu9t/playing_on_the_9th_meu_when_we_happen_across_an/ New video! :D
  9. I figured the HUD and NVGs/LLV came from the helmet and attached green thingy, not from Neural Links. I thought the neural implants were for solely Spartans and the Marines/Army/ODST got a Neural Chip that was basically a tracking device.
  10. Someone promote this man! He knows his lore! Nevermind. ONI has spoken.
  11. Speaking of neural implants, can it be possible to remove the weird black circle hud that comes when you turn it on? I know it is from the standard NVGs but now that there are neural implants (which I'm not sure are lore-friendly for the marines - I don't remember reading about it anywhere for them. I'm pretty sure it's only for Spartans...) can it be removed?
  12. Yeah, I agree. Unfortunately, I can't code/script/model for shit so I'm SOL.
  13. Get hype ---------- Post added at 10:50 ---------- Previous post was at 10:50 ---------- Aaaaaaand it's been dashed.
  14. That would be really fucking neat.